External Loss Prevention Essay

External Loss Prevention Essay


There are seven different types of thieves that are discussed within the lecture. Select one of the groups. In a 250-word (minimum) essay, discuss what motivates this type of person to steal, and explain ways this theft could be prevented by a loss prevention officer.

You can choose one of the two.
Professional shoplifters are highly skilled and greedy for large amounts of money. Instead of getting a good job in business, they plan and manage major thefts that would garner huge sums of money to make stealing electronics and other high-value items a career. If caught, they show no remorse.
Addictive compulsive shoplifters feel a need to steal items that are inexpensive, and they frequently give away the stolen merchandise to friends or family. Many people in this category also suffer from gambling problems, compulsive overeating or various mental health disorders.

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