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Subject: FedEX (Federal Express)
Following items need to be covered for analysing the company’s branding and innovation study:
1. Use Brand Architecture and brand relationship spectrum by Aaker’s & Joachimslather.
2. Blue Ocean Strategy (BOS) if it is implemented within FedEx.
3. Conduct PESTLE (External / Macro Analysis.
4. Undertake a marketing Mix Anaylysis using (7ps).
5. How does the the organisation attempt to understand its consumers and typical buying behavior of the company’s consumer.
6. How does the company segment, target and position its leading brands.
7. The company’s integrated marketing communication (IMC) Mix analysis (for example Social Media communication method)

– Structures of the assignments:
A. Executive summary (One Page)
B. Table of contents.
C. List of graphs, Tables, or figures.
D. Introduction.
E. Literature review.
F. Analysis. (Main body of the assignment-Key issues to be Analyzed)
G. Conclusion and recommendation.
H. References.
I. Appendex.

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