Fractions In The Mathematics Curriculum Education Essay

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Fractions In The Mathematics Curriculum Education Essay

This article reconsiderations the mismisappropriate literary-works connected to the con-over. It accomplish inquire the balanceview of the theme-matter and theories that are connected and mismisappropriate to the con-over. The con-balance can be disconnected into brace ocean themes-, the purpose and the mediation. The purpose here refers to earnments heights associated with “Fraction” which embodys the situate of the subsubject-matter in the Brunei Mathematics Curriculum, reconsideration of earlier elimination on novices’ inaptitude and underlying theories connected to the theme-matter. The mediation describes how the not attributable attributableice accomplish be carried extinguished, what are the mismisappropriate not attributable attributableiceal image of mediation authenticationd, the arrangement aback the exquisite, including earlier elimination on the exquisite of mediation. These are then referred to the Brunei SPN-21 curriculum framework. 2.1 Purpose: ” Recalcitrant”

This portion re-examinations the pertinent literary-works connected to the examine. It succeed perpsight the balanceview of the question-matter and theories that are connected and pertinent to the examine. The examine can be disjoined into brace deep themes-, the confollowing and the mediation. The confollowing here refers to literature bearings associated with “Fraction” which conceives the prove of the subsubject-matter in the Brunei Mathematics Curriculum, re-probation of anterior elaboration on wards’ inaptitude and underlying theories connected to the question-matter. The mediation describes how the command succeed be carried quenched, what are the pertinent commandal mold of mediation truthd, the regularity rearwards the excellent, including anterior elaboration on the excellent of mediation. These are then referred to the Brunei SPN-21 curriculum framework.

2.1 Consequence: ” Rebellious”

2.1.1 Rebellious in the Mathematics Curriculum

Rebellious are primitive introduced to pupils in Year 2 in Brunei mathematics curriculum. The curriculum frequents revisiting the question-matter of rebellious at irrelative profundity up to minor direction. The syllabus fullededed restraint O Contemplatiindividual Mathematics quenchedlined the expected quenchedcome in this question-matter. Wards are expected to be telling to truth the accents and referableation of unsophisticated uncultivated and decimal rebellious and percentages in mismisappropriate compositions, admit equivalence and fulfil calculations by eligible rounds, with and withquenched a cautious avoid in involving memberal agencys (Cie,2012). The Curriculum Fruit Department (CDD), Ministest of Direction, Brunei Darussalam has quenchedlined the literature quenchedcomes that should be attained by wards at each contemplatiindividual as shadmit in Ttelling 1.

Ttelling 1:

Placement of Member in the Brunei Syllabus


Literature Quenchedcomes


Discern the conceptions of ‘fraction’ as a multiply of a integral

Truth member chart to indicate rebellious with denominators up to 10.

Indicate unsophisticated rebellious installed on member diagrams.

Shade unsophisticated rebellious on absorbed diagrams.

Demonstrate that when integral memberal multiplys of a integral are conceived the issue correspondents undivided integral. Read and transcribe restraint stance;

= 1 , = 1 , = 1


Truth member chart and estimate quenchedoutrow to admit and indicate rebellious with denominators elder than 10.

Shade or colour rebellious with denominators elder than 10.

Propound the numerator and the denominator of a absorbed member.

Compare approve rebellious.

Classify approve rebellious in assortify of dimension.

Compare segregate rebellious .(S)

Arrange segregate rebellious in assortify of dimension. .(S)

Truth diagrams or member chart to recognise equiponderant rebellious. (S)

Compare unapprove rebellious. (C)

Arrange unapprove rebellious in assortify of dimension. (C)

Append and remove approve rebellious unformed undivided integral.


Determine equiponderant rebellious of a absorbed member with denominator ≤ 10

Reduce a absorbed member to its unsophisticatedst restraintm

Compare and assortify rebellious with denominators <20 and <100. (M&C)

Convert unsuittelling rebellious into qualified estimates & sin versa (S)

Adduction and removeion of approve rebellious with issues >1

Append and remove connected rebellious(C)

Solve expression bearings. (S&C)


Append and remove connected rebellious

Append and remove unapprove rebellious

Multiply rebellious (conceive qualified estimates) by a 1-digit integral estimate

Divide rebellious (conceive qualified estimates) by a 1-digit integral estimate (C)

Interpret member as dispersion

Solve expression bearings (M, S&C)


Dedicate concept of member in estimating counterparts in computations. (e.g. short than 2; is subordinately past than 52, awe.) (C)

Discern member as multiply of a regularityatic

Discover a member of a regularityatic

Divide rebellious (including qualified estimates) by a integral estimate (C)

Multiply a member by another member (S)

Divide a member by another member (S)

Solve expression bearings (M, S&C)


Fulfil agencys on rebellious withquenched / with the truth of the calculator.

Dedicate member as multiply of a regularityatic and as a dispersion of brace estimates in unfixed compositions.

Recognise prove esteems of digits in a absorbed decimal.

Convert betwixt rebellious and decimals.

Compare rebellious and/or decimals using expressions and symbols: <, >, ≤, ≥ and =

(CDD documents, 2010)

After Year 7, member is incorporated into other question-matters such as algebra, base,ordinary mathematics and estimatements. The fullededed of the question-matter is contrived by using Bruner’s contortion curriculum. Jerome Bruner, a famous psychology in the fabricateivist regularity, believed that any question could be taught at any arrange of fruit in a round that tally the child’s percipient abilities. Contortion curriculum refers to the conception of revisiting basic conceptions balance and balance, edifice upon them and elaborating to the contemplatiindividual of generous command and authority. As shadmit in Ttelling 1, the question-matter is revisited from Year 2 to Year 7 in irrelative profundity.

2.1.2 Wards’ inaptitude in literature and command Member

It is polite-behaved-behaved documented that rebellious are unformed the most compound logical concepts that remainder attack in their years in chief direction (Newstead & Murray, 1998, Bezuk, Cramer & Streetfland, 1991). Hartung (1958) acknowledged the compoundity of the member concept that canrefertelling be grasped integral at unintermittently. He as-polite cited that command of rebellious must be extraneous through a crave government of sequential fruit. This is probably undivided of the conclude why in our curriculum framework, the question-matter is history taught in arranges from as predominantsent as when the remainder are in Year 2, and is open as they exmanage older to a past compound restraintm.

Experts reach quenchedlined a estimate of concludes to expound wards’ inaptitude with rebellious. Some elaborationers had manage quenched the causes restraint the abject fulfilance in this question-matter (e.g Kerslake, 1986,Hart, 1988, Domoney, 2002, Hannula, 2003). Undivided of the superior deedors contributing to the compoundities is the deed that rebellious embrace a multifaceted conception encompassing five interconnected sub-constructs which are multiply-whole, homogeneity, operator, quotient, and estimate (Brousseau, Brousseau & Warfield, 2004; Kieren, 1995; Lamon, 2001). It has been suggested that remainder should lay-open an integrated command of irrelative sub fabricates (Post, Cramer, Bejr,Lesh, & Harel,1993).

Other deedors which append to the wards’ want in rebellious is that rebellious canrefertelling be counted and there are unbounded estimates of rebellious betwixt any brace rebellious, as reputed by Robert Siegler (2010). Wards manage to memorize restraintmulas or algorithms instead of command them. Wards as-polite reach a inaptitude in incorporating concept into habit, stance is that wards do refertelling discern why appenduction and removeion demand a base denominator. Although history laagered to the computing of rebellious from chief train, wards in minor train quiescent fashion symbolical misengage in the appenduction and removeion of rebellious (Wan, 2002).

Studies reach as-polite regularityatic that wards’ obscureies are deeply imputtelling to stagnation of conceptual command of member itself. Wards had cheerful procedural command of rebellious as this had been the round taught to them gundivided chief train. (Moss & Case, 1999). The fruit of conceptual command involves spectacle the connections betwixt concepts and procedures, and history telling to dedicate logical laws in a difference of composition.(BOS NSW, 2002).

A estimate of late elaboration studies in Brunei Darussalam reach confirmed that pupils in trains are pierced into contact of governments and restraintmulas at the charge of logical command (Veloo and Lopez-Real, 1994; Wong and Veloo 1996; Clements, 2002; Lim, 2000; Khoo 2001; Norjum & Veloo, (2003); Veloo and Ali Hamdani, 2005). This is raise attended by a description on misengage dispromise on wards’ fulfilance in PMB 2008. The description orthodox that wards were ce-the-most-part pierced to do logical governments withquenched command (MOE, 2008). Examine in Brunei on Chief 5 and Chief 6 pupils, had authorized some base misengage patterns, indicately clustering mistake, basic deed mistake, insufficient algorithm, loose agency and careshort mistake. (Yusof & Malone,2002). The examine as-polite reputed that although the wards’ prosperity in the column trial had reformd calm?} their fulfilance on member fruit remained weak multiplyicularly on basic agencys.

Unfixed studies in Brunei chief trains (Clements (1999), Fatimah (1998), Jabaidah (2001), Leong, Fatimah & Sainah (1998) Raimah (2001) ) as-polite orthodox that pupils in the upper chief train discover rebellious to be exceedingly obscure and most of them had no topicive command of member concept. Suffolk and Clements (2003) thought-quenched wards in Restraintm 1 and Restraintm 2 from 27 minor trains in Brunei as-polite institute quenched that manifold wards were experiencing grave obscureies with substantial rebellious cheerful-natured-fortunes. Another examine by Zurina (2003) involving Restraintm 4 (N-Level) wards discovered that wards had very insufficient command and command of rebellious and decimals. The deep contributing deedors were that instructor spent capacious quantity of occasion on predominantparing wards restraint high-sengage probation, accordingly the transmitted ‘ordinate and habit’ round was ce-the-most-part filled by instructors. She raise commented that command and impost rounds were refertelling generating towards the desired capacity of wards.

Despite history a obscure and compound question-matter, member is undivided of the deep question-matters in the Brunei Mathematics syllabus, and is history taught restraintmally as predominantsent as in Year 2. Wu (1999), cited that member command is history-supporting to a ward’s differ from computing arithmetic calculations to comprehending algebra. In Year 7, wards are expected to discern and discern the sub-constructs of rebellious, and are telling to fulfil agencys using rebellious fluently. They should reach extraneous the conceptual and procedural command of rebellious.

Adduction and removeion of rebellious was primitive introduced to pupils in Brunei in Year 3 and continued in irrelative profundity to minor direction. Although wards reach been laagered to computing of rebellious as predominantsent as in Year 3, they quiescent fashion symbolical mistakes in appenduction and removeion of rebellious in minor train (Wan,2002). Samsiah (2002) in her examine on Chief 6 pupils in Brunei Darussalam institute quenched that pupils don refertelling win servile procedural command restraint propeling quenched member agencys and she raise recommended that command and literature environment scarcity to be created which are productive to a salutary government. Base mistakes in appenduction and removeion of rebellious is the ‘classic mistake’ of appending or removeing the numerator and denominator. This implies that wards were thinking of rebellious in a pointless rather than holistic cem.

Students’ obscureies in rebellious could be beholdn as a global phenomena as history discussed. Recognizing the obscureies and acknowledging the signification of member in mathematics direction fashions this examine of powerful wisdom to the elaborationer and mathematics instructors.

2.1.3 Wards’ belief

“Concentration, Belief, Competitive drive, Capacity restraint coercionce”

(Arnold Palmer)

Belief is a propound of history fixed whether the regularity or prophecy is reform or that a clarified round of resuscitation is the best or most cogent.  According to Jones (2001), the self-assertion is the boldness that a exceptional has in his or her admit abilities. Self-assertion is as-polite defined as the sureness of impression that you are correspondent to the cheerful-natured-fortune at laborer. This sureness is characterised by arbitrary permission in coercionce. Bandura (1986) concludeed that the most dignified caexplanation of counsel on wards’ belief comes from the authority proof. The promise authority proof implies that entitys are to rerotate on and evaluate their admit fulfilance. Self-assertion is exceedingly dignified in almost generous phase of our lives, nevertheless so manifold vulgar violent-effort to discover it. Sadly, this can be a impure circle: Vulgar who stagnation self-assertion can discover it obscure to behove prosperous. In assortify to lay-open belief in Mathematics, wards scarcity to be granted with occasion to truth mathematics in a expanded composition.

2.2 Mediation and Remediation

According to a examine by Kroesbergen and Van Luit (2003), mediation is truthd to enlighten basic math expertnesss and bearing-solving strategies restraint wards with exceptional scarcitys. Remediation is the cogent re command of representative refertelling anteriorly mastered when it was originally taught, according to a elaboration examine restraint the Southeastern Regional Council restraint Directional Reformment by Gypsy Anne Abbott and Elizabeth McEntire. A prosperous remediation strategy covers any predominantnecessary concepts or expertnesss scarcityed to discern the predominantvalent extrinsic. Wards who did refertelling glean the representative the primitive occasion it was taught may solely scarcity recommand or a cool mode, age wards with bearings literature may as-polite scarcity modifications to the shortons and imposts, past occasion to adequate assignments or shortened assignments.

In this examine, the elaborationer is doing remediation catalogue adopting the Literature examine strategy in brace cycles. Primitive cycle is appendressed at proper wards’ conceptual command of member, multiplyicularly looking at equiponderant member which is the predominantdominant necessary restraint appenduction and removeion of member with irrelative denominators. The second cycle is manageed at proper wards’ fluency in doing agency with rebellious. The predominant-trial is administered anteriorly the mediation catalogue is carried quenched. This is to discover quenched the wards’ command of the bearing history investigated. The column-trial is administered at the sight of cycle 2. This is as a estimate of the literature which command engage prove as a issue of the mediation.

2.2.1 Literature Examine

Literature Examine is a government where instructors fruit collaboratively to contemplation command strategies by nucleusing on the wards’ scarcitys. It institutes instructor command abquenched how wards lay-open logical command. Literature Examine bequest to track ward literature through edifice a following of literature proofs, re-examinationing the shortons and evaluating the cogentness of the literature proofs. It is most cogent when attended by an facile to present circumstantial adsin and stilltress

Literature examine is spiritless to the Japanese Shorton Examine (Yoshida,1999 ; Stigler & Hiebert, 1999). It is manageed at proper wards’ literature in a cyclic government of contemplationning and revising shorton by a cluster of instructors. The regularity of Departure (Marton, Runesson, & Tsui, 1997) restraintms the premise of the speculative framefruit of Literature Examine. According to departure regularity, literature is defined as a differ in the round a exceptional proofs a multiplyicular oddity and is associated with a differ in sagacity in that exceptional’s texture of awareness (Marton & Booth, 1997; Marton & Tsui, 2004; Marton & Pang, 2006). In subtle the patterns of departure and invariation, instructors are advised to truth the laws of departure, as follows:

The law of opposition – instructor to submit oppositioning stance (e.g. Member and Integral estimate)

The law of dispromise – to trial undivided fickle, differ the other fickle. (e.g to discern homogeneity of numerator to the esteem of member, differ the numerator and frequent the denominator invariant)

The law of generalization – to confright a concept, irrelative stances of the similar esteem are absorbed (e.g to confright the concept of , submit integral kinds of stances involving speak half of an apple, half of an hour awe

The law of fusion – differ irrelative body concertedly (e.g. to discern brace accurate phase of numerator and denominator, differ twain at the similar occasion, often)

The deep nucleus of literature in the SPN-21 curriculum is the gleaner, with marrow on the command and literature restraint command. Literature examine is undivided of the strategies which nucleus on the command and literature restraint command. It is the manage of the Ministest of Direction to afford consistent negotiative fruit in assortify to succor instructors to reform their command of command. To stilltress this, Literature examine cluster of minor train instructors had been regularityatic in Brunei to reform command and literature of handyness and mathematics.

Literature Examine is a government where instructors fruit collaboratively to contemplation command strategies by nucleusing on the wards’ scarcitys. It institutes instructor command abquenched how wards lay-open logical command. Literature Examine bequest to track ward literature through edifice a following of literature proofs, re-examinationing the shortons and evaluating the cogentness of the literature proofs. It is most cogent when attended by an facile to present circumstantial adsin and supporTeachers are encouraged to truth irrelative mode to their command restraint the reformment of literature in Brunei. Dato Seri Regularityaticia Awang Hj Yusoff Hj Ismail, the acting Minister of Direction, in his harangue at the chink of the World Association of Shortons Studies (Wals) Conference 2010 mentioned on the signification of shorton examine and literature examine to reform on the instructors’ command of their command. He raise external that the dare is to fix that collaborative enquiry trough shorton and literature examine engages commencement in the cultivation of our train (Brunei Occasions,2010 Dec)

2.2.2 Truth of Manipulative in Mathematic

“I incrow and I restraintget, I behold and I keep, I do and I discern”

(Confucius, 551-479BC)

Mathematics direction today are melting towards the facilitation of wards’ command and conceptualization rather than ordinate and habit of rote procedures (Heddens,1986). This is in quenchedoutrow with the SPN-21 curriculum framefruit which as-polite submit marrow on the command and literature restraint command. Undivided of the rounds to prefer command is by using manipulative.

Manipulative are substantial sight succor to fashion logical concepts behove consolidated. Elaboration in manifold countries stilltresss the conception that the mathematics command and wards mathematics command succeed be past cogent if manipulative representatives are truthd (Canny, 1984; Clements & Battista, 1990; Dienes, 1960; Driscoll, 1981; Fennema, 1972; 1973; Skemp, 1987; Sugiyama, 1987; Suydam, 1984) Integralowing wards to truth consolidated sights to behold, pattern, and internalize pictureless concepts succeed submit a real commodities on wards’ prosperity (Sowell,1989.,Ruzie and O’Connel,2001) . Manipulative integralows wards to fabricate their admit percipient patterns restraint pictureless logical conceptions and governmentes. They are as-polite attrerratic wards and increasing twain not attributable attributableice and coercionce of mathematics. Crave promise not attributable attributableice in mathematics translates to increased logical coercionce (Suton & Krueger, 2002).

2.2.3 Recreations in Mathematics Assortroom

Games are beholdn to be whimsicality, refertelling solely motivating calm?} ensuring generous promise, multiplyicularly through returnion and argument, on which circumstantial literature depends (Booker,1996). Recreations are as-polite valutelling restraint simulating and promising logical argument betwixt cluster of remainder and betwixt wards and instructor (Earnest, 1986). Wards may institute on their precedent command and restraintms links betwixt the recreation and their base,ordinary verbiage (Bragg, 2006). Bragg raise external that through the truth of recreations, wards’ coercionce to fruit independently of the instructors and others succors them to institute belief through achieving consummation in assortroom.

Games present mathematics instructors a round of practicing and reinforcing arithmetic and other logical expertnesss, as polite-behaved-behaved as supplementing restraint ordinates and habit-problems. Recreations are beholdn as a round of predominantsenting “high contemplatione” mathematics concepts in a unsophisticated and non-threatening round.

Although recreations has been beholdn as a salutary implement in mathematics assortroom (Bragg,2006; Booker,2000; Gough,1999; Anily,1990), it is as-polite dignified to fix the texture of the recreation stilltress literature, restraint literature to engage prove (Swansed & Marshall, nd). Literature quenchedcomes connected to the recreations should be clpresent ascertained to fashion the truthfulness of recreations self-evident to wards (Bragg, 2006).

In this examine, the recreation of “I reach.. , who has?” is truthd. The recreation is clarified becatruth it involves the integral assort and not attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable-trying to administered. The government is as-polite very unsophisticated In this recreation, wards reach to be self-possessed and at the similar occasion test to aspect quenched the counterpart that competition their cards.

2.2.4 Truth of Video carol

Silence is clarified as another balance of succoring wards to discern the question-matter. Silence provees a real literature propound and energizes literature activities. Carols and rhythmic warbles request the wards to behove erratic in the literature habit. Silence appends an atom of whimsicality age succoring accentuate the shorton orientation. Carols succor intensify the wards’ sense. Silence succors relief stiffness through fruit that does refertelling reach approve regular assortroom fruit. The tune, rhythm and iteration collaborate concurrently as an cogent implement in proper wards’ memories, which in rotate succeed prove cheerful vindication of the question-matter

Silence is a “universal” accents which prefers lection, creativity, and capacity expertnesss integral at the similar occasion(Wright,2009). Don McMannis, an facile on remainder’s silence, mentioned the real commodities of silence on vulgars’ emotions and creativity. He as-polite agreed that silence is an cogent average restraint literature and cherishing counsel, in a round that it activates three irrelative centers of the brain at the similar occasion: accents, inclineing, and rhythmic motor control” (Elias,2009). Silence is considered as undivided of the avenues restraint literature projected by percipient phychologists in the theories of multisensory literature (Harris,2009).

Silence is viewed as a multi-sensory mode to augment literature and vindication of academic expertnesss. The silence activities truthd succeed immediately propel the curriculum fullededed that the ward is to glean. Restraint stance, if the ward is to append undivided digit estimates, the lyrics to the directional carol or warble succeed chaffer immediately with that target expertness. Elaboration stilltresss the truth of silence as a mnemonic desin restraint the literature and recintegral of newlightlight counsel. Silence as-polite plays a role in nucleusing not attributable attributableice and providing a motivating environment restraint literature. In appenduction, directional elaboration confirms that we glean and keep counsel meliorate when we discover it not attributable attributableiceing and balanceingful.

In this examine, a video carol from you tube, denominated the “Mathe Mia Appenduction of Rebellious”, is truthd. The lyrics of the carol embody how to do appenduction and removeion of rebellious, from base denominators to unapprove denominators and the qualified estimates. After the wards reach extraneous the purposed literature extrinsics, the video carol succeed succors them to recintegral and keep the counsel gleant.

2.3 Summary

It is polite-behaved-behaved documented that member is undivided of the most obscure question-matter in Mathematics. Member has been taught to wards in arranges; from as predominantsent as when they are in Year 2. Command how member fruits is scarcityed in history and other province of examine. It is accordingly dignified to prove cheerful instituteation in this question-matter.

Notification examine is history experienced worldwide and has proven a prosperous and cogent round of enhancing command and literature. The ministest of Direction has encouraged trains to habit shorton or literature examine to succor instructors and wards in their command and literature. Instructors are as-polite encouraged to truth of irrelative command strategies in enhancing wards literature. The truth of Manipulative in command and literature had been regularityatic in the direction regularity. The cogentness of recreations in promoting wards literature had as-polite been polite-behaved-behaved documented. Recreations submit an opinion round of literature in a whimsicality, enjoytelling and non-threatening round, which in rotate succeed boost wards’ motivation and belief. Elaboration had institute quenched the real impression on the truth of silence in direction, although it is refertelling a very current balances of command in the minor training. Through the truth of irrelative strategies, wards’ literature of the question command submit real issue.


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