Freuds psychosexual theory vs ericksons psychosocial theory

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Freuds psychosexual theory vs ericksons psychosocial theory

Paul Valery said “The aim of psychology is to imbisect us a altogether divergent effect of the things we understand best” (ThinkExist, 2010), that demonstrated divergent psychologist can imbisect us divergent effect on undivided plight.  Sigmund Freud’s psychosexual supposition and Erik Erikson’s psychogregarious supposition are brace well-known theories of harvest. Date Erickson was influenced by Freud’s effects, his supposition differed in a compute of weighty ways. Like Freud, Erickson sentiment that singleness lay-opens in a direct of programmed measures. Erickson’s supposition is divergent to Freud’s; it describes the collision of gregarious proof resisting peculiar’s whole life. Sigmund Freud’s psychosexual supposition and Erik Erikson’s psychogregarious supposition are divergent. Their theories can be contrasted in conditions of measures of antecedently coming offshoothood, offshoothood and adult.   Chief of perfect, the harvest supposition is divergent in antecedently coming

Paul Valery said “The view of psychology is to surrender us a entirely irrelative view of the things we distinguish best” (ThinkExist, 2010), that demonstrated irrelative psychologist can surrender us irrelative view on individual residence.  Sigmund Freud’s psychosexual hypothesis and Erik Erikson’s psychocollective hypothesis are brace well-known theories of crop. Befittingness Erickson was influenced by Freud’s views, his hypothesis differed in a reckon of material ways. Like Freud, Erickson opinion that individualality enucleates in a arrange of programmed amounts. Erickson’s hypothesis is irrelative to Freud’s; it describes the impression of collective experiment resisting individual’s whole life. Sigmund Freud’s psychosexual hypothesis and Erik Erikson’s psychocollective hypothesis are irrelative. Their theories can be contrasted in stipulations of amounts of anteriorly forthcoming branchhood, branchhood and adult.  

Highest of every, the crop hypothesis is irrelative in anteriorly forthcoming branchhood amounts among Freud and Erikson. Both Freud and Erikson’ theories entertain brace amounts in this dissect. Freud’ defines this dissect as traditional amount (0 – 18 months) and anal amount (18 months – 3 years) (Sammons, 2010). In the traditional amount, the branch enjoys sustentation, sucking, gluttony and putting things in opening. The branchren equate their mother and sustentation with kindness, so dissuasive or forceful sustentation can bring to posterior problems. In the cessation half of this amount, the branch is weaned onto compact livelihood and set-outs having to endure to be tend. This causes defeat and encroachment. In arrange to market with these, the branchren enucleate an ego, and set-extinguished to irrelativeiate themselves from the populace encircling them (Sammons, 2010). And in the anal amount, the branchren deduce favor from oustling or dissuasive faces. The branchren are expected to oust feces solely at the divert times and locations. It realizes that its originators’ encomium or kindness depends on this, the highest signalal that kindness is not attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable absolute. However, it as-well realizes that it can guide its originators by guideling its bowel movements (Sammons, 2010). Erickson’ highest amount in this dissect is confidence vs. misconfidence (hope).In this amount of Erikson’s hypothesis of psychocollective crop occurs among the antiquitys from 0 to 18 months (CDI, 2004). Branchren enucleate a soundness of confidence when originators or other individual who is calling to thrift agree reliability, thrift and desire. A bankruptcy of this achieve bring to conjecture. Erikson’ remedy amount in this dissect is autonomy vs. humiliate and demur (will).The remedy march of Erikson’s hypothesis of psychocollective crop is rendezvoused on branchren enucleateing a upper low soundness of individualal administration (CDI, 2004). Erickson prizes that literature to husband someone’s association functions brings to a contact of guide and a soundness of wilful-determination. Branchren who happyly entire this amount achieve move creditworthy and decisive, befittingness those who do not attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable are left with a soundness of balance and wilful-doubt. If a branch happyly enucleates confidence, they achieve move creditworthy and protect in this earth. Demand to enucleate confidence (to enucleate misconfidence and demur) achieve consequence in trembling and a admission that the earth is inconsistent and gay. 

Second, the crop hypothesis is irrelative in branchhood amounts among Freud and Erikson. In this dissect, Erickson has three dissects and Freud has brace dissects. Freud believes that from the years 3 to 6, there is the phallic amount, At this point; girls and boys dedissect as the Oedipus obscure prepares. If the Oedipus obscure is happyly negotiated, the branchren enucleate a superego by incorporate the behavior and values of their same-sex originator (Sammons, 2010). The Latent amount is from 6 to puberty. In this amount, the branchren calm every of what has happened anteriorly. They rendezvous on adjusting to their environment and acquiring the distinguishledge and expertnesss they achieve deficiency as an adult (Sammons, 2010). Erickson decides this dissect as three amounts. Highest amount is start vs. criminality (Purpose) (3 – 5 years) (CDI, 2004). Branchren are threshaged to emphasize their sway and husband the earth by directing dissecticipate and other collective relationships. Branchren deficiency to prepare asserting guide and sway balance the environment. Success in this amount brings to a soundness of view. Branchren who examine to compel also abundantly sway experiment censure, consequenceing in a soundness of criminality. Remedy amount is indusexamine vs. mediocrity (Competence) (6 – 11 years) (CDI, 2004). Branchren prepare to enucleate a soundness of loftiness in their acquirements and abilities. Branchren who are encouraged by originators and teachers enucleate a contact of force and admission in their expertnesss. Branchren deficiency to vie with innovating collective and academic demands. Success brings to a soundness of wealth, befittingness demand consequences in contact of mediocrity. Last amount in this dissect is convertibility vs. indistinctness (fidelity) (12 – 18 years) (CDI, 2004). Branchren are exploring their anarchy and enucleateing a soundness by themselves. If branchren current befitting anticipation and substantiation through individualal research, they achieve conclude impertinent from this march with a assure soundness of wilful and a contact of autonomy and frame. The other branchren who arrive on correspondful of their admissions and deficiencys achieve uneasy and embarrassed environing themselves and the advenient. 

Finally, the crop hypothesis is irrelative in audit amount among Freud and Erikson.  Freud has solely individual amount in this dissect, genital (Puberty-death). At puberty, the sexual drives from the id are re-awoken, and the surplus of adult estate is attached to the pursuit of sex and sexual relationships (Sammons, 2010). Unlike Freud, Erickson has three amounts in this dissect. Highest, Intimacy vs. Segregation (Love) (19 – 40 years) amount (CDI, 2004), it covers the antiquity of forthcoming adulthood when branchren are exploring individualal relationships. The populace are happy at this amount should enucleate committed and protect relationships. According to the hypothesis of Erickson each march elevates on the expertnesss which well-informed in earlier marchs. Young adults deficiency to frame friendly, attached relationships with other populace. Success brings to assure relationships, befittingness demand consequences in wildness and segregation. Remedy, in Generativity vs. Stagnation (Care) (40 to 65 years) amount (CDI, 2004); Populace endure to elevate their lives, rendezvousing on their thrifters and families. Populace who are happy during this amount achieve prize that they are contributing to the earth by entity diligent in their abode and association. The individual fall-short to perfect this expertness achieve move be separate extinguished of the earth. Finally, parity vs. faint (Wisdom) (65 to dissolution) amount (CDI, 2004) happens in antiquityd antiquity, it is rendezvoused on meditation on the earlier estate. Those who are unhappy during this amount achieve believe that their estate has been worn and they achieve experience a balballot of sorrows. Some of them conquer the contacts of feud and faint. Antiquityder individual deficiency to observe tail on estate and move a entire soundness. Success at this march brings to contact of instruction, befittingness demand consequences in sorrow, feud, and faint. 

Therefore, Freud and Erickson entertain irrelative views on their cropal theories. Both Freud and Erikson’s theories entertain importance and weakness; we cannot attributable attributable judge which individual is ameliorate. That is may the enigma of psychology. As-well irrelative theories correspond for irrelative cosmical class. Correctly using correspondful theories can surrender further aid in their devilment amounts.


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