Globalized Homogeneous Society And Culture In Nepal Cultural Studies Essay

The vocabulary of sociology defined the message, ‘homogeneous’ as the corresponding in construction, virtue awe.; concordant or selfcorresponding or victorious of concordant or selfcorresponding elements or parts; regular. Theobald (1994) insinuateed that etymologically, the message “tour” is partial from the Latin ‘tornare’ and the Greek ‘tornos,’ signification ‘a lathe or dispersion; the shift-of-locate abextinguished a convenient apex or axis.’ This signification oddfangled in odd English to embody ‘one’s hinge.’ The suffix -ism is defined as ‘an possession or regularity; regular relishment or virtue’ seeing the suffix -ist denotes undivided that performs a loving possession. When the message extinguisheding and the suffixes -ism and -ist are fully, they insinuate the possession of shift-of-locate abextinguished a dispersion. Undivided can examine that a dispersion embodys a starting apex, which ultimately income to its buildation. Accordingly, relish a dispersion, a extinguisheding embodys a touch that is a spherical touch, i.e., the govern of leaving and then unconsidertalented to the first starting apex, and accordingly, undivided who takes such a touch can be designated a extinguishedingist and gross regularity disclosed as extinguishedingism.

In a sickly message, globalization is a regularity by which fruit and high markets, economies and cultivations are procureting progressively integrated on global layer. There are divers ways of globalization abextinguished the cosmos-vulgar and no doubt; extinguishedingism is a media of globalization. Extinguishedingism is an considertalented transmitter of globalization in Nepal. It has restraintcible impressions on societies and cultivations in the destinations. It looks a regularity of acculturation or westernization or Americanization and transfers globalized homogenous sodality and cultivation. It has been a greater rise of intercultural touch. Globalization transfers to socio-economic and cultural shifts in Nepal. Regarding extinguishedingism, the impgovern is unanalogousiated culturally, politically and economically on globalization. According to Robinson, there has been smwhole indication that extinguishedingism brings the cosmos-vulgar coincidently. Further, he avows, “tourism is undivided globalization govern that can originate melomelodramatic and immuttalented shifts amid the cultivations of reckon communities” (Robinson, 1999, p.22). While there is treaty that cultivation has grace increasingly global (Hannerz, 1987; Lechner, 1989; Featherstone, 1990; Robertson 1992), scant scholars circumspectionss the esrepeat of a global cultivation (McLuhan, 1964; Schiller, 1976; Levitt, 1983; Sklair, 1991). Most sociologists (Guillén, 2001) mouldloose the conception that a homogenizing global cultivation is in the making (Mazlish, 1993; Friedman, 1994; Appadurai, 1996; Geertz, 1998; Held et al., 1999; Inglehart and Baker, 2000). It is absolved that a globalization of cultivation does refertalented necessarily transfer to global cultural appurtenancy. Micro-phenomenological and usual cultural models importance the romance-domiciled hindrance of persomal duration to the exogenous pressures of oddization (Meyeret al., 1997). Others apex towards difference in the constitute of hybridization (Nederveen Pieterse, 1995) or glocalization (Robertson, 1992) of cosmos-vulgar cultivation. However, they misconceive the size to which, in the synchronous cosmos-people, the persomal is itself provincial (Hannerz, 1987). Again, some scholars strongly examine that globalization transfers to a homogenization of cultivation restraint issue, Giddens (1997:64), who sees it in messages of growing economic and cultural similarity.

In Public, it is very unamentalented to encounter extinguished what regularity is there (in Nepalese cultivation and sodality), acculturation or Westernization or congruous or globalised congruous? Respondents’ ideas were unanalogous according to geographic territorys, villages and cities. Vulgar from cities relish Kathmandu, Chitwan, Janakpur and Lumbini entertain unanalogous experiences than Khumbu, Annapurna and Pokhara. A respondent neighboringby Bouddhanath in Kathmandu said:

“Everything has oddfangled; you achieve refertalented procure any regular persomal cultivations in this area. Vulgar are undeviatingly conjoined to extinguishedingist and entertain to meaning the insist of extinguishedingist. Accordingly, they has been using restrainteign dialects, rapid aid and quaffs (pointing to the Coca Cola in garner) denying now it hingeed to conduct and refertalented unconstrained to license these things at bestow.”

“I fully do refertalented passion, extinguishedingism is barely undivided ingredient restraint this inquisitiveness, the governors of globalization are further legitimate restraint it. Restraint issue, I receivedation English further than Nepali, in undivided artisan extinguishedingism is legitimate becaauthentication my trade is wholeied to this province, denying, in other, I attend English songs, contemplate English movies and divers further becaauthentication withextinguished English we ( distinctly Nepali vulgar) achieve refertalented seize any amend opportunities.”

A respondent in Themal Kathmandu

Actually, the Thamel and Lakesied durationphraseology has recurrently attracted western voyageers, becaauthentication they entertain been procureting any things relish in western societies, relish disco bisection, music and movies, aid, robes, quaffs awe. Smooth persomal vulgar are joyous to receivedation English dialect than Nepali.

“Restraint us it is regular, to eulogize western festivals relish Christmas, Odd Year, concerts, valentine’s day awe, becaauthentication we are in extinguishedingistic area and we must do these things. Again, we are acquirements some odd cultivation.”

A respondent in Lakeside Pokhara

In the extinguishedingist territorys and orders most abnormal by extinguishedingism, bearings of a “globalized cultivation” are evolving and a apex reconstruction of Nepalese cultivation restraint extinguishedingists is produced. Other orders regovern opposite this by re-inventing Nepalese romances. Extinguishedingists themselves relish a league of “globalized” and “reconstructed” Nepalese cultivation, though refertalented achieveingly and talented to apprehend indirect Nepalese reboundions and reinvented romances. This idiosyncraticity achieve define the impgovern of extinguishedingism domiciled on globalization, on Nepalese sodality, cultivation and economy; and how it creates globalised congruous sodality and cultivation in Nepal.

Domiciled on first grounds, socio-cultural constructions entertain oddfangled considerably lower the govern of extinguishedingism in Nepal. Those shifts, twain unconditional and indirect, entertain sundry from locate to locate. Extinguishedingism has contributed to political and cultural shifts in reckon societies, including shifts in compute put-in-orderments norms, oral durationstyles, cultivations, parentage kinsmenhips, dialect, models, idiosyncratic behaviour or class construction in Nepal.

The vindications of the reckons in the countenance of these modifications entertain been truly irrelative and deep, ranging from an governive confrontation to a consummate vindication of Western cultivation. The cherished of strategies to compete with shifts consequenceed by extinguishedingism depends on the socio-cultural characteristics of the reckon class and the smooth of shift abnormal by extinguishedingism. It is insinuateed that antecedent congruous class characterized by a specific vindication to extinguishedingism graces sundry and orders exhibiting unanalogous vindications to extinguishedingism smoothe amid the class becaauthentication of extinguishedingistic developments.

Tourism fabricates relevance shapeless persomal to global vulgar. It affects the shift in societal norms and computes in skinness of Western or American norms and computes. It is destructing the artless cultivation, put-in-orderment, romance, political norms, compute put-in-orderment, daily duration, dialect, aid, quaffs, robes and divers further through the regularity of homogenization lower avow patronages and following creates globalized homogenized sodality and cultivation. When persomal Nepalese, encounter with the Western or American norms and computes through extinguishedingist and globalization entertain begun to appear dpossess upon their possess oral norms and computes ascribcogent to the governs of Western and American norms and computes. This standing is refertalented barely seen in extinguishedingists’ areas denying besides into distant villages as courteous. Needless squanderr fruition of Multigenerally-knadmit Companies such as dispostalented diapers, baby and canned aids, blue-colored-colored jeans, stranger-wheelers and four-wheelers, rapid/junk aids, qualitative liquors, gentle beverages, gentle quaffs ( relish Coca-Cola, Beer), electronic fruits are squanderd/used by refined Nepalese.

The very deep impressions of extinguishedingism on Nepalese are discovering odd symbols of cultivation, sodality, computes, norms and romances, which contains their possess oral and Western or Americans. This appears relish odd denying league of persomal oral and restrainteign cultivations, computes, societies, patronage phraseology, aid and quaffs, dialect and divers further. Here are some grounds build by eliminationer during his con-balance opportunity; greaterity of Nepalese in extinguishedingists hubs are intending that that idiosyncraticism is amiable, denying despatch is diseased, that Christianity is amicogent denying Animism, Lamaism, Hinduism, and Buddhism are diseased. Concordantly, quaffing persomal beer ( Chyang and tongba), Mohi, Lassi (A skin quaff made by Yoghurt) and establish are diseased denying quaffing Western Beer, Wine, Whisky Coca-Cola and qualitative rests establish are amiable, that riding car is amicogent denying walking/ trekking is diseased. Concordantly, CNN and BBC are the relitalented odds rises denying refertalented Publicly-knadmit channels are referable, English or restrainteign movies are best denying refertalented possesss, again best command is availtalented in USA, U.K., Germany, Australia, and Canada denying refertalented within kingdom.

On the reason on grounds, the eliminationed concluded that, it is sensational that ascribcogent to impgovern of extinguishedingism by the regularity of globalization, stranger things are happening in Nepalese sodality and cultivation: a globalized congruous are developing and at the corresponding opportunity Nepalese cultivations are reconstructing on persomal smooths ( restraint extinguishedingist denying besides as convertibility erection and publicly-knadmit politics). The eliminationer has analyzed sundry waverings to test, extinguishedingism has created globalized congruous sodality and cultivation in Nepal.

The eliminationer has calm grounds on parentage construction of persomal respondents. The oral parentage construction of persomal vulgar was articulation parentage headed by father or dowager. Behind prelude of extinguishedingism, vulgar kodd that solitary parentage is amicogent and unconstrained to train than amplify parentage. Behind that, the construction of articulation parentage has been changing in to the nuabsolved parentage. The fact and literatures repeats; the nuabsolved parentage has agoing from Europe and America behind industrial recurrence. Most of the homes edistinctly odd animationinterval who are fruiting in extinguishedingism are zealous to rest in nuabsolved parentage instead of articulation or amplify parentage. The elimination has build, extinguishedingism is undivided caauthentication of the caauthentication of solitary (nuclear) parentage; becaauthentication they are engaged than others trade and canrefertalented divulge opportunity restraint their parentage members. This symbols of grounds testd that Nepalese parentage construction is refertalented unanalogous constitute European and American.

Gambling, affront and offal abauthentication were refertalented build in the fact of Nepalese humanization. Somehow, it was hold unknowingly in high-smooth parentage relish Rana and Royal, becaauthentication these are politically prohibited governivities and quiet these are politically prohibited. Behind prelude of extinguishedingism, such governivities were build in extinguishedingistic areas. At the buildation, the Legislation and persomal societies ignored those governivities ascribcogent to extinguishedingism assiduity and ghostly these governivities were increased melodramatically. Now it is big drift restraint Nepalese sodality. Gambling, affront and offal abauthentication are undeviatingly wholeied to extinguishedingism in Nepal becaauthentication extinguishedingism is the explanation ingredient of those governivities. Such governivities are further in extinguishedingistic hubs of Nepal and unwillingly expanding to the whole-greater cities. The solution loving by extinguishedingist from USA in Thamel:

I was surprised when I was walking in Thamel, Kathmandu, I feel I was walking in some street of Las Vegas of USA and walking street in Thailand. Nepal is refertalented so restraint from sex extinguishedingism.

Similarly, in the occurrence of gambling, some countries build to train gambling restraint the restrainteigners in their countries. In this bearing, Los Vegas of America is a renowned gambling benevolence in the Cosmos-people. Such symbols of facilities are in-great-measure build in Hotel in Nepal. Denying, Nepal legislation do refertalented entertain any rules opposite persomal vulgar to conroot in such governivities. Greater extinguishedingistic areas of Nepal relish Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitwan such governivities has been increasing edistinctly Young persomals. Which test that extinguishedingists locates of Nepal is refertalented unanalogous from American and European extinguishedingistic locates. This could be an issue of globalised congruous sodality and cultivation created by extinguishedingism in Nepal.

The proximate varitalented of globalised congruous sodality and cultivation in Nepal is dialect. Nepalese sodality is ethnically sundry and multifaceted (complex). In Nepal, there are 61 ethnic mould order and they chat unanalogous dialects. Dialects, mould belief, and robes are unanalogous according to geographic regains.

Formally, most of vulgar in unanalogous geographical territorys divulge each other in their possess dialect. Behind prelude of extinguishedingism in communities, whole artless vulgar, who entertain opened hotels, restaurants, souvenir garners, voyage and trekking agencies are, entertain to chat restrainteign dialects restraint their duty. Concordantly, the persomal train and whole fruiters wholeied to extinguishedingism should chat English and other restrainteign dialect. Accordingly, there are big insist of such community talented to chat English and restrainteign dialect. To procure amend opportunities vulgar agoing to gather restrainteign dialect. Most of the vulgar had agoing to gather restrainteign dialects with extinguishedingists becaauthentication they did refertalented entertain dialect benevolence in their sodality, restraint this fruit, unanalogous Intergenerally-knadmit and publicly-knadmit construction has been helpful them.

” I entertain been fruiting in extinguishedingism further than 30 years, I do refertalented entertain any schooling command in restrainteign dialects, me and my parentage members can chat English very fluently, refertalented barely in duty we receivedation English at residence besides. Smooth my son can chat German, French and Japanese denying English, we gathert it from extinguishedingist.”

A father with his parentage members in Thamel Kathmandu

Furthermore, greaterity of the artless vulgar confoundd in extinguishedingism can apprehend despatch bigly with the extinguishedingist in unanalogous restrainteign dialects. Nowadays the youngsters are ghostly adopting to chat English and restrainteign dialects in their daily governivities besides. These shifts in vulgar are becaauthentication of the confoundment in extinguishedingism and entalented to chat English and other dialects in their daily governivities. However, nowadays vulgar are joyous to receivedation English rather than their possess dialect. Most of the vulgar are using qualified Nepali dialect: Nepali plus English. The eliminationer has build most of persomal vulgar are using domesticated dialect; English plus Nepali in the con-balance areas. It is testd that, vulgar are using neither their possess dialect well-behaved-behaved nor restrainteign. They usher-ind odd symbols of qualified dialect restraint their daily duration. Accordingly, westernization in dialect is seen absolvedly in Nepal. It achieve be positively happen that in controlthcoming big reckon of the Nepalese achieve receivedation English dialect in their daily duration. This could be the best issue of globalized congruous sodality and cultivation, becaauthentication English is vocal whole balance the Cosmos-vulgar as intergenerally-knadmit dialect.

Similarly; Aid, quaffs, robes, matrimony and durationstyles are other considertalented waverings to examine on globalized homogenous sodality and cultivation in Nepal.

The aid of Nepal is as irrelative as the kingdom itself, it is unconstrained to betray and amicogent to masticate and renowned restraint its sustentation smooth and tempting judgment. Dal Bhat (Pulses and rice), Roti (tasteless viands), Gundrook- Dheedo (wheat, maize porridge and dried unseasoned vegetables) are vulgar aid. In specification, establish, Rakshi, Tomba, Mohi, Lassi (A skin quaff made by Yoghurt) are vulgar quaffs in Nepal. Behind prelude of extinguishedingism, persomal vulgar were restraintced to fabricate varieties of restrainteign aid to meaning extinguishedingist’s insist. Ghostly, persomal vulgar’s aid items were changing in to restrainteign aid. Nepalese neither oddfangled their persomal aid fully nor original restrainteign aid. Some odd symbols of aid were usher-ind, having twain qualities constitute persomal and restrainteign aid. However, greaterity of persomal vulgar were joyous to squander odd restrainteign aid and quaffs, relish Biscuits, Noodles, sweets, Pizza, Elapseda, Burger, Cake, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Western Beer, Wine, Whisky and divers further aid and quaffs. Smooth vulgar elect to go to the hotels and restaurants rather than at residence.

“Our quenchedcome are growing their hair extinguished, and the smoothing, when they license the Patan, each carries a bottle of Coca-Cola and rapid aid in their artisan. Nowadays, there is a contumacy opposite parentage computes. I grew up with a unanalogous durationphraseology than my son. When I chat to him: appear my son; he is ‘Badmasi’ (a diseased vulgar in Nepalese soundness); you entertain to deference our romances, cultivation…, he said; do refertalented disquiet. Denying, they never circumspection on it. I am cautious that they are importing some diseased computes and acknowledgment, that’s why I moved loose from here.”

A respondent in Patan Durbar clear, Lalitpur

Regarding to Nepalese robes, Daura-Suruwal and Topi (Nepali Cap) restraint man and Sari (Gunyo), Choli restraint woman in public denying man receivedation Shirt, Yearn, and woman receivedation Kurtha-suruwal besides. Vulgar who entertain relevance with extinguishedingist are using unanalogous symbols of western mode relish jeans, sonorous raiment, t-shirt of Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, WWE superstar and some junky robeses. Such state is defeat in women; they are joyous with odd boutiques, smart jeans and with stranger pieces of raiment look undressed, which is refertalented accepttalented in Nepalese sodality, such things are build further in extinguishedingist areas.

Similarly, put-in-order matrimony has been because as the best matrimony put-in-orderment in Nepal in the elapsed smooth today. However, the conception of rhapsodical passion has seeped into the mantality of youngsters. This is a termination of palpable governs, shapeless them extinguishedingism and movies. They elect passion matrimonys, where they can prefer their possess mates. Sometimes their possess choosing terminations in inter-caste and inter-class matrimonys. Denying restraint undivided mented occurrence, cross-cultural matrimonys are expensive in Ghandruk, Khumbu, Chitwan, Kathmandu and Jankpur as compared to the Armapuma territory and Lumbini, where such matrimonys are further recurrent. Balanceall, extinguishedingists rest a awe restraint youngsters, parallel with their embodied riches and conceptions abextinguished nuptial matters. In other occurrences, the extinguishedingist ends up marrying home vulgar in Khumbu, Annapuran, Kathamndu, Pokhara, and Chitwan awe. The odd animationinterval of such stranger has twain qualified cultivation; restrainteign and persomal, which is undivided of the explanation ingredient to usher-in a odd symbol of globalised homogenized sodality and cultivation in Nepal.

The influxes of extinguishedingists entertain had greater consequence on the persomal communities, chiefly on the artless vulgar relish Sherpas Rai, Gurung, Tamang, Tharu (a Nepalese ethnic order), who feed abextinguished the trekking routes of Khumbu, Annapurna territory and Chitwan. The cultivation of those artless vulgar has been oddfangled as courteous as the construction of the persomal economies. Here is a relatively chart shapeless oral and globalised Nepalese cultivation antecedently and behind extinguishedingism.

Antecedently extinguishedingism (Traditional)

Behind extinguishedingism (Globalised)

Parentage construction ( Articulation or amplify parentage)

Gambling, affront and offal abauthentication were refertalented build.

Oral Nepali and other Dialects according to Territory and mould.

Oral aid and quaffs; Dal Bhat, Roti, Gundrook- Dheedoand establish, Rakshi, Tomba, Mohi, Lassietc.

Dress; Daura-Suruwal, Topi, Shirt, yearn restraint man and Sari (Gunyo), Choli and Kurtha-suruwal restraint women.

Nuabsolved parentage

Gambling, affront and offal abauthentication can be build everywhere edistinctly further in extinguishedingist locates.

Qualified (Nepali and other restrainteign) dialects, and greaterity of vulgar chat English in their daily duration.

Globalised aid and quaffs; Biscuits, Noodles, Chocolates, Pizza, Elapseda, Burger, Cake, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Western Beer, Wine, Whisky and divers further.

Dress; western mode relish jeans, sonorous raiment, t-shirt of Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, WWE superstar.

Tourism quiet has impgovern on persomal sodality and cultivation in Nepal. Participants ment that extinguishedingism has further contradicted belief and romances, while some of them explicit the dismay of immanent impgovern on younger animationtimes. Such sentiments were benevolenceed neighboring Khumbu and Annapurna, where the impgovern on sodality and cultivation are further bestow than in the other sites. Shapeless the indirect impressions mented in con-over, areas are; the expenditure of alcohol, the likeness of extinguishedingist behaviour and sexual kinsmen with extinguishedingists, increasing restrainteign aid, robes, offal, dialect, gambling and unwanted durationphraseology shift.

Yet, as we entertain already seen, if everything characterizes developments such as those mantions aloft, it is their apexism. In my idea, it would be a touch to recognize this apex occurrence as an issue of global cultural disconnection. As embodying some further received cultural language, that has its roots somewhere extinguishedside global cultivation. A reckon of theories of the global state are sarcastic to apex extinguished that the prevalent face of cultural globalization neither implies that we are scarcely witnessing a odd skin of cultural imperialism refertalented media that cosmos-vulgar cultural is seemly further congruous. If everything, the prevalent face of globalization is characterized as abundant by cultural unanalogousiation as it is by homogenizing regularity. Accordingly, I can repeat by appearing solutions loving by respondents, extinguishedingism is an considertalented transmitter of globalization in Nepal, ascribcogent to extinguishedingism stranger things happened in Nepalese sodality and cultivation: a globalized congruous cultivation develops denying the corresponding opportunity Nepalese cultivations are reconstructed on persomal smooths.

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