Globalized Homogeneous Society And Culture In Nepal Cultural Studies Essay

The vocablebook of sociology defined the tidings, ‘homogeneous’ as the congruous in texture, property absence of wonder.; congruous or selfidentical or secure of congruous or selfidentical elements or parts; symmetrical. Theobald (1994) intimateed that etymologically, the vocconducive “tour” is moderate from the Latin ‘tornare’ and the Greek ‘tornos,’ significance ‘a lathe or divergence; the exchange-of-assign abquenched a mediate object or axis.’ This significance fantasticfangled in fantastic English to portray ‘one’s shape.’ The suffix -ism is defined as ‘an resuscitation or course; natural conduct or property’ inasmuch-as the suffix -ist denotes sole that performs a ardent resuscitation. When the vocconducive quencheding and the suffixes -ism and -ist are entirely, they intimate the resuscitation of exchange-of-assign abquenched a divergence. Sole can demonstrate that a divergence portrays a starting object, which ultimately produce to its setation. Accordingly, relish a divergence, a quencheding portrays a tour that is a entire stumble, i.e., the rule of leaving and then minor to the primordial starting object, and accordingly, sole who takes such a tour can be named a quenchedingist and gross course unconcealed as quenchedingism.

In a rudimentary vocable, globalization is a course by which fruit and consummate markets, economies and ameliorations are procureting progressively integrated on global flake. There are abundant ways of globalization abquenched the universe and no doubt; quenchedingism is a media of globalization. Quenchedingism is an dignified transmitter of globalization in Nepal. It has expressive collisions on societies and ameliorations in the destinations. It looks a course of acculturation or westernization or Americanization and administers globalized homogenous collection and amelioration. It has been a senior origin of intercultural continuity. Globalization administers to socio-economic and cultural exchanges in Nepal. Regarding quenchedingism, the imprule is incongruousiated culturally, politically and economically on globalization. According to Robinson, there has been trivial sign that quenchedingism brings the universe coincidently. Further, he aimizes, “tourism is sole globalization rule that can inaugurate gesticulatory and unalterconducive exchanges amid the ameliorations of army communities” (Robinson, 1999, p.22). Space there is obligation that amelioration has befit increasingly global (Hannerz, 1987; Lechner, 1989; Featherstone, 1990; Robertson 1992), lacking scholars prudencess the thesis of a global amelioration (McLuhan, 1964; Schiller, 1976; Levitt, 1983; Sklair, 1991). Most sociologists (Guillén, 2001) discard the referableion that a homogenizing global amelioration is in the making (Mazlish, 1993; Friedman, 1994; Appadurai, 1996; Geertz, 1998; Held et al., 1999; Inglehart and Baker, 2000). It is absolved that a globalization of amelioration does referconducive necessarily administer to global cultural kinsman. Micro-phenomenological and customary cultural models strain the legend-installed hindrance of persomal vitality to the exogenous pressures of fantasticization (Meyeret al., 1997). Others object towards shifting in the devise of hybridization (Nederveen Pieterse, 1995) or glocalization (Robertson, 1992) of universe amelioration. However, they disregard the quantity to which, in the synchronous universe, the persomal is itself rural (Hannerz, 1987). Anew, some scholars strongly demonstrate that globalization administers to a homogenization of amelioration control pattern, Giddens (1997:64), who sees it in tidingss of growing economic and cultural intercommunity.

In Public, it is very troublesome to furnish quenched what course is there (in Nepalese amelioration and collection), acculturation or Westernization or congruous or globalised congruous? Respondents’ views were incongruous according to geographic portions, villages and cities. Populace from cities relish Kathmandu, Chitwan, Janakpur and Lumbini keep incongruous experiences than Khumbu, Annapurna and Pokhara. A respondent neighboringby Bouddhanath in Kathmandu said:

“Everything has fantasticfangled; you procure referconducive procure any natural persomal ameliorations in this area. Populace are at-once united to quenchedingist and keep to aim the require of quenchedingist. Accordingly, they has been using controleign dictions, constant help and quaffs (pointing to the Coca Cola in garner) excluding now it shapeed to behavior and referconducive lenient to license these things at grant.”

“I fully do referconducive judge, quenchedingism is solely sole element control this interest, the ruleors of globalization are elapsed lawful control it. Control pattern, I representation English elapsed than Nepali, in sole swing quenchedingism is lawful becarepresentation my trade is peelred to this province, excluding, in other, I hearken English songs, guard English movies and abundant elapsed becarepresentation withquenched English we ( restrictedly Nepali populace) procure referconducive snatch any regoods opportunities.”

A respondent in Themal Kathmandu

Actually, the Thamel and Lakesied vitalitydiction has regularly attracted western trampers, becarepresentation they keep been procureting any things relish in western societies, relish disco moiety, controllessness and movies, help, clothing, quaffs absence of wonder. Smooth persomal populace are cetunate to representation English diction than Nepali.

“Control us it is regular, to celebrate western festivals relish Christmas, Fantastic Year, concerts, valentine’s day absence of wonder, becarepresentation we are in quenchedingistic area and we must do these things. Anew, we are knowledge some fantastic amelioration.”

A respondent in Lakeside Pokhara

In the quenchedingist portions and clusters most abnormal by quenchedingism, miens of a “globalized amelioration” are evolving and a restricted reconstruction of Nepalese amelioration control quenchedingists is produced. Other clusters rerule across this by re-inventing Nepalese legends. Quenchedingists themselves passion a fulliance of “globalized” and “reconstructed” Nepalese amelioration, though referconducive procureingly and conducive to perceive denying Nepalese counteractions and reinvented legends. This minority procure define the imprule of quenchedingism installed on globalization, on Nepalese collection, amelioration and economy; and how it creates globalised congruous collection and amelioration in Nepal.

Installed on principal grounds, socio-cultural textures keep fantasticfangled considerably lower the rule of quenchedingism in Nepal. Those exchanges, twain actual and denying, keep multigoods from assign to assign. Quenchedingism has contributed to political and cultural exchanges in army societies, including exchanges in treasure plans norms, oral vitalitystyles, ameliorations, source kinsfolkhips, diction, models, aim behaviour or contemptiblelucre texture in Nepal.

The confutations of the armys in the countenance of these modifications keep been entirely sundry and obscure, ranging from an ruleive confrontation to a full confutation of Western amelioration. The valucogent of strategies to contend with exchanges produced by quenchedingism depends on the socio-cultural characteristics of the army contemptiblelucre and the roll of exexmodify abnormal by quenchedingism. It is intimateed that precedent congruous contemptiblelucre characterized by a restricted confutation to quenchedingism befits multigoods and clusters exhibiting incongruous confutations to quenchedingism issue amid the contemptiblelucre becarepresentation of quenchedingistic developments.

Tourism goodss intercourse betwixt persomal to global populace. It affects the exexmodify in societal norms and treasures in grace of Western or American norms and treasures. It is destructing the vernacular amelioration, plan, legend, political norms, treasure plan, daily vitality, diction, help, quaffs, clothing and abundant elapsed through the course of homogenization lower aimize patronages and later creates globalized homogenized collection and amelioration. When persomal Nepalese, confront with the Western or American norms and treasures through quenchedingist and globalization keep begun to face davow upon their avow oral norms and treasures attributcogent to the rules of Western and American norms and treasures. This top is referconducive solely seen in quenchedingists’ areas excluding besides into contingent villages as polite. Needless appropriater fruition of Multipublic Companies such as disposconducive diapers, baby and canned helps, cerulean jeans, span-wheelers and four-wheelers, constant/junk helps, leading liquors, yielding beverages, yielding quaffs ( relish Coca-Cola, Beer), electronic fruits are appropriated/used by sophisticated Nepalese.

The very obscure collisions of quenchedingism on Nepalese are discovering fantastic molds of amelioration, collection, treasures, norms and legends, which contains their avow oral and Western or Americans. This faces relish fantastic excluding fulliance of persomal oral and controleign ameliorations, treasures, societies, feedlihood diction, help and quaffs, diction and abundant elapsed. Here are some facts set by elaborationer during his examine period; seniority of Nepalese in quenchedingists hubs are intending that that aimism is cheerful, excluding despatch is sick, that Christianity is cheerful excluding Animism, Lamaism, Hinduism, and Buddhism are sick. Congruously, quaffing persomal beer ( Chyang and tongba), Mohi, Lassi (A peel quaff made by Yoghurt) and abate are sick excluding quaffing Western Beer, Wine, Whisky Coca-Cola and leading carcass abate are cheerful, that riding car is cheerful excluding walking/ trekking is sick. Congruously, CNN and BBC are the reliconducive fantastics origins excluding referconducive Public channels are referable, English or controleign movies are best excluding referconducive avows, aupstart best command is availconducive in USA, U.K., Germany, Australia, and Canada excluding referconducive within empire.

On the plea on grounds, the elaborationed concluded that, it is animated that attributcogent to imprule of quenchedingism by the course of globalization, span things are falling in Nepalese collection and amelioration: a globalized congruous are developing and at the congruous period Nepalese ameliorations are reconstructing on persomal rolls ( control quenchedingist excluding besides as personality erection and public politics). The elaborationer has analyzed multigoods fickles to confirm, quenchedingism has created globalized congruous collection and amelioration in Nepal.

The elaborationer has placid grounds on source texture of persomal respondents. The oral source texture of persomal populace was articulation source headed by father or dame. Following preamble of quenchedingism, populace kfantastic that sole source is cheerful and lenient to train than prolong source. Following that, the texture of articulation source has been changing in to the nuabsolved source. The truth and literatures affirms; the nuabsolved source has inaugurated from Europe and America following industrial treatment. Most of the suitables specially fantastic period who are launched in quenchedingism are animated to alight in nuabsolved source instead of articulation or prolong source. The elaboration has set, quenchedingism is sole prudencepresentation of the prudencepresentation of sole (nuclear) source; becarepresentation they are diligent than others trade and canreferconducive grant period control their source members. This molds of grounds confirmd that Nepalese source texture is referconducive incongruous devise European and American.

Gambling, perversion and refreason abrepresentation were referconducive set in the truth of Nepalese cultivation. Somehow, it was exist unknowingly in high-roll source relish Rana and Royal, becarepresentation these are politically prohibited ruleivities and quiet these are politically prohibited. Following preamble of quenchedingism, such ruleivities were set in quenchedingistic areas. At the setation, the Empire and persomal societies ignored those ruleivities attributcogent to quenchedingism diligence and fragmentarily these ruleivities were increased gesticulatoryally. Now it is arrogant height control Nepalese collection. Gambling, perversion and refreason abrepresentation are at-once peelred to quenchedingism in Nepal becarepresentation quenchedingism is the explanation element of those ruleivities. Such ruleivities are elapsed in quenchedingistic hubs of Nepal and sloth expanding to the full-senior cities. The acceptance ardent by quenchedingist from USA in Thamel:

I was surprised when I was walking in Thamel, Kathmandu, I feel I was walking in some street of Las Vegas of USA and walking street in Thailand. Nepal is referconducive so control from sex quenchedingism.

Similarly, in the occurrence of gambling, some countries set to train gambling control the controleigners in their countries. In this mien, Los Vegas of America is a glorious gambling character in the Universe. Such molds of facilities are mainly set in Hotel in Nepal. Excluding, Nepal empire do referconducive keep any rules across persomal populace to coninstitute in such ruleivities. Senior quenchedingistic areas of Nepal relish Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitwan such ruleivities has been increasing specially Young persomals. Which confirm that quenchedingists assigns of Nepal is referconducive incongruous from American and European quenchedingistic assigns. This could be an pattern of globalised congruous collection and amelioration created by quenchedingism in Nepal.

The direct variconducive of globalised congruous collection and amelioration in Nepal is diction. Nepalese collection is ethnically multigoods and multifaceted (complex). In Nepal, there are 61 ethnic mien cluster and they converse incongruous dictions. Dictions, mien creed, and clothing are incongruous according to geographic regains.

Formally, most of populace in incongruous geographical portions attach each other in their avow diction. Following preamble of quenchedingism in communities, full vernacular populace, who keep opened hotels, restaurants, reminiscence garners, tramp and trekking agencies are, keep to converse controleign dictions control their vocation. Congruously, the persomal pilot and full operationers peelred to quenchedingism should converse English and other controleign diction. Accordingly, there are colossal require of such mob conducive to converse English and controleign diction. To procure regoods opportunities populace inaugurated to glean controleign diction. Most of the populace had inaugurated to glean controleign dictions with quenchedingists becarepresentation they did referconducive keep diction character in their collection, control this operation, incongruous Interpublic and public constituency has been conducive them.

” I keep been launched in quenchedingism elapsed than 30 years, I do referconducive keep any schooling command in controleign dictions, me and my source members can converse English very fluently, referconducive solely in vocation we representation English at settlement besides. Smooth my son can converse German, French and Japanese save English, we gleant it from quenchedingist.”

A father with his source members in Thamel Kathmandu

Furthermore, seniority of the vernacular populace confoundd in quenchedingism can perceive despatch abundantly with the quenchedingist in incongruous controleign dictions. Nowadays the youngsters are fragmentarily adopting to converse English and controleign dictions in their daily ruleivities too. These exchanges in populace are becarepresentation of the confoundment in quenchedingism and enconducive to converse English and other dictions in their daily ruleivities. However, nowadays populace are cetunate to representation English rather than their avow diction. Most of the populace are using adulterated Nepali diction: Nepali plus English. The elaborationer has set most of persomal populace are using broken diction; English plus Nepali in the examine areas. It is confirmd that, populace are using neither their avow diction unexceptionably nor controleign. They prefaced fantastic molds of adulterated diction control their daily vitality. Accordingly, westernization in diction is seen absolvedly in Nepal. It procure be positively fperfect that in coming enlightened sum of the Nepalese procure representation English diction in their daily vitality. This could be the best pattern of globalized congruous collection and amelioration, becarepresentation English is unwritten full aggravate the Universe as interpublic diction.

Similarly; Help, quaffs, clothing, wedlock and vitalitystyles are other dignified fickles to debate on globalized homogenous collection and amelioration in Nepal.

The help of Nepal is as sundry as the empire itself, it is lenient to garble and cheerful to eat and glorious control its feeding roll and engaging choice. Dal Bhat (Pulses and rice), Roti (vapid repast), Gundrook- Dheedo (wheat, maize porridge and dried untried vegetables) are contemptible help. In restitution, abate, Rakshi, Tomba, Mohi, Lassi (A peel quaff made by Yoghurt) are contemptible quaffs in Nepal. Following preamble of quenchedingism, persomal populace were controlced to goods varieties of controleign help to aim quenchedingist’s require. Fragmentarily, persomal populace’s help items were changing in to controleign help. Nepalese neither fantasticfangled their persomal help fully nor accepted controleign help. Some fantastic molds of help were prefaced, having twain qualities devise persomal and controleign help. However, seniority of persomal populace were cetunate to appropriate fantastic controleign help and quaffs, relish Biscuits, Noodles, sweets, Pizza, Elapseda, Burger, Cake, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Western Beer, Wine, Whisky and abundant elapsed help and quaffs. Smooth populace fancy to go to the hotels and restaurants rather than at settlement.

“Our consequence are growing their hair quenched, and the slumbering, when they license the Patan, each carries a bottle of Coca-Cola and constant help in their swing. Nowadays, there is a vindication across source treasures. I grew up with a incongruous vitalitydiction than my son. When I dialogue to him: face my son; he is ‘Badmasi’ (a sick populace in Nepalese signification); you keep to i-elation our legends, amelioration…, he said; do referconducive torment. Excluding, they never prudence on it. I am timorous that they are importing some sick treasures and impost, that’s why I moved afar from here.”

A respondent in Patan Durbar clear, Lalitpur

Regarding to Nepalese clothing, Daura-Suruwal and Topi (Nepali Cap) control humanity and Sari (Gunyo), Choli control wohumanity in public excluding humanity representation Shirt, Palpitate, and wohumanity representation Kurtha-suruwal besides. Populace who keep intercourse with quenchedingist are using incongruous molds of western style relish jeans, resounding caparison, t-shirt of Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, WWE superstar and some junky clothinges. Such stipulation is thrash in women; they are cetunate with fantastic boutiques, firm jeans and with span pieces of caparison look undressed, which is referconducive acceptconducive in Nepalese collection, such things are set elapsed in quenchedingist areas.

Similarly, array wedlock has been regarding as the best wedlock plan in Nepal in the elapsed smooth today. However, the referableion of fictitious passion has seeped into the humanitytality of youngsters. This is a upshot of quencheder rules, unarranged them quenchedingism and movies. They fancy passion wedlocks, where they can appropriate their avow mates. Sometimes their avow choosing upshots in inter-caste and inter-commonlucre wedlocks. Save control sole reputeed occurrence, cross-cultural wedlocks are expensive in Ghandruk, Khumbu, Chitwan, Kathmandu and Jankpur as compared to the Armapuma portion and Lumbini, where such wedlocks are elapsed repeated. Aggravateall, quenchedingists endure a fascination control youngsters, concurrently with their representative lucre and referableions abquenched matrimonial matters. In other occurrences, the quenchedingist ends up marrying suitable populace in Khumbu, Annapuran, Kathamndu, Pokhara, and Chitwan absence of wonder. The fantastic period of such cockney has twain adulterated amelioration; controleign and persomal, which is sole of the explanation element to preface a fantastic mold of globalised homogenized collection and amelioration in Nepal.

The influxes of quenchedingists keep had senior goods on the persomal communities, distinctly on the vernacular populace relish Sherpas Rai, Gurung, Tamang, Tharu (a Nepalese ethnic cluster), who feed abquenched the trekking routes of Khumbu, Annapurna portion and Chitwan. The amelioration of those vernacular populace has been fantasticfangled as polite as the texture of the persomal economies. Here is a proportionately chart betwixt oral and globalised Nepalese amelioration precedently and following quenchedingism.

Precedently quenchedingism (Traditional)

Following quenchedingism (Globalised)

Source texture ( Articulation or prolong source)

Gambling, perversion and refreason abrepresentation were referconducive set.

Oral Nepali and other Dictions according to Portion and mien.

Oral help and quaffs; Dal Bhat, Roti, Gundrook- Dheedoand abate, Rakshi, Tomba, Mohi, Lassietc.

Dress; Daura-Suruwal, Topi, Shirt, palpitate control humanity and Sari (Gunyo), Choli and Kurtha-suruwal control women.

Nuabsolved source

Gambling, perversion and refreason abrepresentation can be set everywhere specially elapsed in quenchedingist assigns.

Adulterated (Nepali and other controleign) dictions, and seniority of populace converse English in their daily vitality.

Globalised help and quaffs; Biscuits, Noodles, Chocolates, Pizza, Elapseda, Burger, Cake, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Western Beer, Wine, Whisky and abundant elapsed.

Dress; western style relish jeans, resounding caparison, t-shirt of Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, WWE superstar.

Tourism quiet has imprule on persomal collection and amelioration in Nepal. Participants repute that quenchedingism has elapsed contradicted creed and legends, space some of them developed the fright of possible imprule on younger periods. Such sentiments were charactered neighboring Khumbu and Annapurna, where the imprule on collection and amelioration are elapsed grant than in the other sites. Unarranged the denying collisions reputeed in examine, areas are; the lessening of alcohol, the image of quenchedingist behaviour and sexual kinsfolk with quenchedingists, increasing controleign help, clothing, refuse, diction, gambling and unwanted vitalitydiction exchange.

Yet, as we keep already seen, if anything characterizes developments such as those humanitytions over, it is their aimism. In my view, it would be a hazard to peruse this aim occurrence as an pattern of global cultural independence. As portraying some elapsed reliable cultural control, that has its roots somewhere quenchedside global amelioration. A sum of theories of the global stipulation are sharp to object quenched that the exoteric exposure of cultural globalization neither implies that we are barely witnessing a fantastic peel of cultural imperialism referconducive media that universe cultural is improving elapsed congruous. If anything, the exoteric exposure of globalization is characterized as plenteous by cultural incongruousiation as it is by homogenizing course. Accordingly, I can affirm by faceing acceptances ardent by respondents, quenchedingism is an dignified transmitter of globalization in Nepal, attributcogent to quenchedingism span things falled in Nepalese collection and amelioration: a globalized congruous amelioration develops excluding the congruous period Nepalese ameliorations are reconstructed on persomal rolls.

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