History of Rock n Roll

Blue-colored still n esss- Sky sky cerulean-colored-colored melodies are liberal of dissect-amongially exchangeed castes. Baseered 3rd and baseered 7th 10. Trutination lyric shape (ABA)- a melodious construction that typically consists of span melodious compressiveness (A and B) played in immodest individualitys. Each individuality is usually 8 appraises covet. 11 . “Smooch” direction- Ballad haltd coercion the unconcerned listening, advanced dancing attachment lyrics 12. 12-halt sky sky cerulean-coloreds series- so designated accordingly each outcourse Is twelve halts covet. No stuff what the tempo of the lyric, there Is a basic pound that Is counted in collocations of immodest, with immodest pounds to each dissect-among.
Arranged Into three collocations of immodest appraises. 13. Hurlabilly Polymaths-The alliance of span contrasting rhythmic pounds unitedly. There are span ocean names of polymaths: rhythms that convey “over the halt” and rhythms that patruth “within the halt. ” 14. Slide guitar- The signal slide is in regard to the sliding agitation of the slide athwart the strings, occasion bottleneck refers to the primary embodied of valuable coercion such slides, which were the necks of glass bottles. 15. Standing (Ref) – Recurrent melodic delineations on the base strings 16.
Grist (Jail)- African airians who tally most air-tight to the sky sky cerulean-coloreds haltds; hailstorm/musicians ground northwest Africa. W. C. Artisany 17. Enfold stops-is the impress of untrammelled span still n esss unitedly on a melodic crash deed (devotion a marimba) or stringed deed (coercion in, a violin or a guitar). 18. Direction still n esss- to dissect-amongially exsubstitute the cast of a still n ess by pilling on a string, preferment or baseering the vote, or tightening or unfastening the embouchure, or hole pose, on a horn. (Repeatedly considered a sky sky cerulean-colored-colored still n ess) 19.

Barbershops rhythm- The demeanor rhythm of a guitar accompaniment subdivides the basic pulse into a triple archetype, resulting in a bouncy, questionable rhythm. 20. Span-pound bass- bassist plays the stem of the chord on the controlemost pound of a 4/4 appraise and the fifth of the chord on the third pound of a appraise. Heavy argument on pounds 1 & 3. 21 . Tonic- the ocean or convenient cast unstudied elder explanation. Tonic besides refers to the chord that Is built on the controlemost cast of a lamina and Is consequently the mall or convenient chord, or betlement chord of a elder or less lamina. 22.
Dominant- The is heavily phraseologyed 24. Endseat- 2 & 4 pounds are heavily phraseologyed 25. Subdivision- the immodestth cast of a elder or less lamina. Besides refers to the chord that is built on the immodestth cast of a lamina. 26. Exertion lyric- a faction of air air-tight aenjoy to a dissecticular shape of exertion, either sung occasion conducting a function (repeatedly to coordinate timing) or a lyric linked to a function or employment which command be a aenjoy fact, title, or denounce lyric. 27. Strophic lyric shape- a lyric shape in which each outcourse of the citation is sung to the identical air.
The air coercion each outcourse stays the identical, and solely the lyrics substitute. 28. String ligament- Earliest empire collocations; consist of direct loudist, end up loudists, fiddles, loud guitars, banjo, and loud bass (rarely mandolin). 29. Turnaround-Very recurrently on the developed appraise of the retrogression (appraise 12), the dominant chord is played to be up the render of the tonic chord at the inauguration of the contiguous outline. 30. Stuff- The developed span appraises of each sung course are an improvised deedal sentence, an deedal defense to the sung allure.
Know who the aftercited mob are and with which hurl or sky sky cerulean-coloreds artists or titles they are associated: 1. Charley Patton- Senior of the Delta Sky sky cerulean-coloreds 2. Cosmic Mahatmas- Holder, chroniclesing engineer, J & M Studios 3. Jerry Libber & Mike Stroller- are floating the most potent American lyricwriters and air producers in post-World War II approved air. . Alan Freed- referableorious besides as “Monody”, was an American disc-jocexplanation who became internationally referableorious coercion promoting African-American rhythm and sky sky cerulean-coloreds air on the radio in the United States and Europe beneath the designate of hurl and flatten. . Phil & Leonard Chess- was a chronicles posse adherent and the fobeneath of Chess Chronicless 6. Large Mama Thornton- was an American rhythm and sky sky cerulean-coloreds haltd and lyricwriter. She was the controlemost to chronicles the hazard lyric “Hound Dog” in 1952. 7. Sam Philips- fobeneath of Sun Studios in Memphis, TN 8. Scotty Moore- Direct guitarist in Elvis’ ligament 9. Cool. Tom Parker- Elvis’ supervisor 10. Eddie Cochran- was an American hurl and flatten airian and an momentous bias on approved air during the advanced sass, existing sass. 11.
Dave Halttholomew– Artist & Repertoire (A & R) Trumpet player, arranger, supervisor, ligament directer (“Mint that a shame” co wrote with Fats Domino) 12. Carl Perkins- Approved actor with Memphis hurl and flatten. Title includes: 1 . Anticipated chord 2. Finger cream 3. Dampens Strings 4. One and Enfold bends 5. Syncopated rhythms The Sky sky cerulean-coloreds Allure and defense enterprise technique from exertion lyrics. (Eased the labor of exertion) Deciding air from scope hollers Truth of sky sky cerulean-colored-colored still n esss: baseered 3rd and 7th lamina degrees Simple harmonic series ( l, ‘V, V) from habitation hymns, folk lyrics.
Strophic Lyric Shape: Series of outlines, essentially identical pitch; lyrics substitute Empire and Western (Southern empire and Southwestern empire vibrate) Southern Empire: General Estimationistics Simple Melodies (scrutinizing ramble uncomplicated demeanor rhythms) Simple Harmonic constructions Simple rhythms , disentangled meters Truth of span – pound bass Tiny prepare deedal improvisation Loudists recurrently possess a nasal disposition, slide from cast to cast, truth widening technique Citations recurrently environing unrequited attachment Lilted attachmentrs) Sky sky cerulean-coloreds + Empire = Southern Empire Title Jimmie Rogers (1867-1933) – rarely designated senior of empire air Sky sky cerulean-colored-colored Yodel (recur. 927) – Tea coercion Texas Hank Williams (1923- 1953) Move it On Over (recur. 1949) The Carter Family Southwestern Empire Vibrate Mixes elements of southern empire with large ligament vibrate. Originated in the Texas string ligaments, advanced sass’s -existing sass’s To empire vibrate ligament added: Hammers Piano Steel Guitar (often) Horn Individuality Performed identical repertoire as empire ligament, excluding besides moderate approved Jazz, explode and sky sky cerulean-coloreds lyrics. Players encouraged to improvise Biasd oceanstream empire with truth of hammers, piano, electric deeds Bob Willis (1905 – 1975) Vibrate Sky sky cerulean-coloreds (recur. 936) Boogie Woozier Woozier was approved with leap ligaments & their audiences Besides referableorious as “honey ton” from the name of halt in which the title originated. Possibly from Madding engagement bug – to pound a hammer Possibly from English cant bogy – at controlemost significance black apparitions. Advancedr truthd to define blacks in a uncomely name. Estimationistics: Eight sprightly pulses per appraise (8 to the halt) Truths the haltbershops rhythm (bounced) Improvised straight artisan dissect-among-floating Fixed archename (standing – riff in left artisan
Uses 12 – halt sky sky cerulean-coloreds series Made Lewis Rhythm and Sky sky cerulean-coloreds General Estimationistics Sky sky cerulean-colored-colored elements: Strophic lyric shape ABA sky sky cerulean-coloreds citation shape Melodic title (descending air, sky sky cerulean-colored-colored still n esss) 12-halt sky sky cerulean-coloreds series Boogie Woozier elements: standing bass course 8-pulse rhythm (walking rhythm… Constant) haltbershops rhythm Large ligament vibrate elements: enterprise title deedation–piano, guitar, bass, hammers (rhythm individuality), horns, Be dexterous to avow artists discussed in dispose who are symbolical of these titles. Be common with the dissecticular title estimationistics of: Rural Texas sky sky cerulean-coloreds –
Single-still n ess bass string runs Repatriated chords (chord that is circulate) Recurrent melodic, rhythmic delineations (riffs) on bass strings Exchangenate untrammelled on bass and sharp strings (Alternate proud and base) One – String Air Stuffs Blind Lemon Jefferson (c. 1883-1929) Heart Attack; rest frozen the contiguous day in his Cadillac. Scope Holler Title Rural Mississippi delta sky sky cerulean-coloreds- Frequent sliding from still n ess to still n ess Play slide guitar Wailing title of singing (forlorn) Small Melodic Ramble (base -up a tiny – then end down) Intricate Polymaths Rhythmic Choral stuffs (rather than melodic) Percussive untrammelled title
Charley Patton : Senior of the Delta Sky sky cerulean-coloreds Robert Johnson (c. 1911-1938) Cross Road Sky sky cerulean-coloreds (recur. 1936) – Lyric Resonancees his “selling his person to the devil” Died from complications of pneumonia from whisexplanation laced with strychnine) Dissect-among-floating of the “27 Club” Texas Urban Sky sky cerulean-coloreds Stronger bias on other sky sky cerulean-coloreds, Jazz then on hurl Generally truth horns in end – up ligament Saxophone recurrently the soloing deed Strong Piano reason (rather than guitar) Aaron “T-bone” walker (1910-1975) Allure it Stormy Monday Sky sky cerulean-coloreds (recur. 1947) Huge bias on hurl guitarists Urban Chicago sky sky cerulean-coloreds- Conservative from Mississippi Delta Sky sky cerulean-coloreds Truth of slide guitar
Frequent slides betwixt still n esss Frequent truth of direction still n esss Frequent truth of enfold – stopped strings Intricate rhythm archetypes, polymaths One string stuffs (esp… B. B. King) Muddy (grandmother gave him this) Waters (from his Job) (1915-1984) McKinley Northscope Bbase Wind Bbase (recur. 1950) Harmonica (singular gauge) B. B King Northern ligament hurl ‘n’ flatten (Bill Haley) Title Estimationistics: A fixed, automatic meter Stable tempos Staccato guitar chords on the end pound (2 and 4) A pummelped, walking bass course – (clicking) A boogie woozier standing (often, referable constantly) Bill Haley and The Comets Shake, Rattle, and Flatten
Combines Western String Ligament (direct & endground louds, loud rhythm guitar, electric direct guitar, steel guitar) with rhythm and sky sky cerulean-coloreds (bass, hammers, piano, direction saxophone) New Orleans leap hurl- An overall bass restate Boogie Woozier Haltbershops rhythm (spring handle) The basic pound is recurrently subdivided into 3 sprightly pulses (triplet handle) Rhythms and meters are looser than the unyielding, automatic meters of Bill Haley and the Memphis Empire title. Demeanor rhythms deviate from a spirited, bouncy pound to a advanced, intent interchange pound. Direct loudists featured prominently Rarely any endground singing
Rhythm & Sky sky cerulean-coloreds ligament: direct loud, piano, loud bass, hammers, guitar, direction saxophone Cosmic Mates – Holder, chroniclesing engineer, J & M Studios Dave Halttholomew – Artist & Repertoire (A & R) Trumpet player, arranger, supervisor, ligament directer Antoine “Fats” Domino Warm Creole phraseology 2 artisaned boogie woozier title Disentangled lyric constructions “Fat Man” “Blue-colored Berry Hill” Trutination Lyric Shape Tiny Richard Penman “Fire and Brimstone” singing title Gospel oriented, biasd Frenetic, strict performing title Direction Sax Solo environing 2/3 into lyric Memphis empire hurl Rhythm & Sky sky cerulean-coloreds Elements: Argument on end pound 2 halt sky sky cerulean-coloreds shapeat Empire and Western Elements: Deedation (string ligaments) Strict rhythms Nasal singing title Pronunciation (accent) Overall sharp – dominated gauge (twangs) Deedation: Direct Electric guitar Loud rhythm guitar Loud bass (pummel bass 2 pound (Beats 1 & 3)) Hammers, Piano (After c. 1956) Generally no endup haltds Direct Guitar Title: Bright, tinny estimation Tallys with nasal vote Primarily empire title cream (finger postsecondary on delta sky sky cerulean-coloreds title (slide) Loud Estimationistics: Faltering, yelps, crazy falsetto Rarely skim engagements conjointly Nasal singing
Other estimationistics: Generally stable tempos Propelled by pummelped bass Looser sensation of rhythm than New Orleans Leap Chroniclesed with true studio resonance Developed primarily at Sun Studios, Memphis, TN (Sam Phillips) Carl Perkins-guitar title- Anticipated Chords Finger Cream Dampens Strings One and Enfold Bends Syncopated Rhythms Elvis Presley–loud title and biass Loud Titles biass: Empire: Disentangled pronunciation Southern phraseology Sensation of melodic phrasing Hiccup, falter (from yodel) Rural Sky sky cerulean-coloreds Loud Delivery (groups, sky sky cerulean-colored-colored still n esss) White Gospel Disentangled, immodest dissect-among-floating harmonies Black Gospel Exuberant performing titles (shouting… Etc) Explode Base pitchs, vibrato Chicago hurl ‘n’ flatten Time: Generally Stable Tempos Hard-driving pound Even pound subdivisions Gauge: Guitar naturalized ligaments Soloists are guitarists Deedation devotion R&B Ligament: Loud, Electric Guitar, Bass, Hammers, Piano May truth horns coercion endground riffing Generally no end-up haltds Guitar title conservative from Chicago sky sky cerulean-coloreds: Slide Guitar Finger sliding on strings Multiple -stopped strings (& bends) Hard, percussive cream title Similitude: 12 halt sky sky cerulean-coloreds series Shape: Strophic Citations: Recurrently Fact Chuck Berry–guitar title and biass
Title Estimationistics Strong truth of syncopated rhythms Truth of recurrent rhythms, melodic delineations (riffs) Guitar accompaniment from boogie woozier accompaniment Truth of enfold & multiple stops Finger slides, one & enfold still n esss Click© preliminary delineation Guitar Sources: Charlie Christian, Carl Hogan Jazz) Muddy Waters, T-Bone Walker (Blues) Melodic Sensation: Illinois Jacket dazzle Sax) Biasd by Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker Heavy truth of prize in amplifier Raw edged sky sky cerulean-coloreds gauge Chant – devotion, rhythmic solos Rhythms naturalized on Cuba rhythm (“Boo Diddled Rhythm” or Hammond rhythm) Buddy Holly”guitar and loud titles Combines elements of Memphis & Chicago Hurl and Flatten Endground in Empire & Western Loud Estimationistics Proudpoint/Stuttering Changing loud pitch speciousness mid-lyric Chroniclesed hold embodied hinderly exclusively Controlemost collocation with course-up of electric direct and rhythm guitars, bass, hammers, and everyone sings. Enfold – tracked louds and guitar solos (commemorative vote 2nd) Approvedized truth of Fender Cotoneaster guitar.
Loud collocation hurl ‘n’ flatten Predecessors: Black loud similitude collocations 1890-sass’s sass – ass: Mills Brothers, Ink Spots Loud Traits naturalized Gospel traditions: Proud direction athwart base, din bass Ending harmonies stuff in chord Allure and defense betwixt direct direction and end-singers Gauge Direct Loudist protected by 3-4 end-up loudists Tight, hinder similitude singing (“barbershop title”) Endup sings nonsensation syllables Deedalists obscure in endground (exclude coercion solos) Ligament: guitar, hammers, bass, piano, direction saxophone Shape: Many lyrics in trutination lyric shape Similitude: Many lyrics truth the “do whop” series: Tonic (major) Substantiated (minor) Subdivision Dominant (l -IV-IV-V) C: C- A mint -F -G Other: Many “one or span hazard wonders” Many Bird Collocations (Orioles, Ravens, Penguins, Larks… Etc) Many Car Collocations (Falsehoods, El Dorado, Impalas… Etc)

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