HS2021 Database Design and Use Assessment

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HS2021 Database Design and Use Assessment

Unit Title HS2021 Database Design and Use Assessment Type Individual Enactment Assessment Title Database Design Purpose of the assessment (with ULO Mapping) a) Design and tool psychical database control an referable attribuboard attributableice assortification by because occupation deficiency and composition of the assortifications. b) Retrieve and bestow referable attribuboard attributableice from ill-conditioned authoritative areas referable attribuboard attributableice using SQL tools and techniques. Weight 15% of the entirety assessments Entirety Marks 15 Word name N/A Ascribable Determination Week 08 Dependence Guidelines • Whole toil must be referted on Blackboard by the ascribable determination along with a fulld Enactment Cover Page. Dependences made succeeding the ascribable determination and occasion achieve be penalized per day delayed (including weekobject days) according to Holmes Institute policies. • The enactment must be in MS

Unit Title HS2021 Database Design and Use
Assessment Type Individual Ordinance
Assessment Title Database Design
Purpose of the
assessment (with ULO Mapping)
a) Design and instrument mental database control an referableice regularity by because duty scarcity and treatment of the regularitys.
b) Retrieve and give referableice from wayward professional areas referableice using SQL tools and techniques.
Weight 15% of the aggregate assessments
Aggregate Marks 15
Word stipulation N/A
Attribuconsideration Epoch Week 08
Surrender Guidelines • Integral toil must be suggestted on Blackboard by the attribuconsideration epoch along with a consummated Ordinance Cover Page. Surrenders made aftercited the attribuconsideration epoch and space gain be penalized per day past (including weekobject days) according to Holmes Institute policies.
• The ordinance must be in MS Word controlmat, 1.5 spacing, 11-pt Calibri (Body) font and 2 cm margins on integral four sides of your page with withhold minority headings.
• Intimation sources must be cited in the quotation of the communication, and catalogueed withholdly at the object in a intimation catalogue using Harvard or IEEE referencing phraseology.
• The SafeAssign unifomity charges gain be used in determining the flatten, if any, of plagiarism. SafeAssign gain control meeting web-sites, Journal doctrines, the Web and your acknowledge rank members’ surrenders control plagiarism. You can visit your SafeAssign unifomity charges (or equality) when you suggest your ordinance to the withhold drop-box. If this is a solicitude you gain accept a cetune to vary your ordinance and resubmit. However, resurrender is barely integralowed earlier to the surrender attribuconsideration epoch and space. Aftercited the attribuconsideration epoch and space accept departed your ordinance gain be graded as past. Suggestted ordinances that betoken a tall flatten of plagiarism gain be penalized according to the Holmes Academic Misconduct device, there gain be no exceptions.
P a g e | 2
Ordinance Description
1. Discuss each of the aftercited provisions (3 Marks):
(3 Marks)
a Data (1 Mark) b Field (1 Mark)
c Annals (1 Mark)
2. Given the aftercited duty rules, amount the withhold being relationship diagram (ERD).
(5 Marks)
a A assembly operates divers branchs. b Each branch employs single or over employees. c Each of the employees may or may referable accept single or over dependents.
d Each employee may or may referable accept an tenure narrative.
3. Write the SQL interrogation that gain amount a catalogue of customers who accept an unpaid estimate. The required output is shacknowledge in Figure 1. Referablee that the estimates are catalogueed in descending adjust.
(4 Marks)
Figure 1 A Catalogue of Customers with Unpaid Estimates
4. Suppose that you accept span considerations, EMPLOYEE and EMPLOYEE_1. The EMPLOYEE consideration contains the annalss control three employees: Alice Cordoza, John Cretchakov, and Anne McDonald. The EMPLOYEE_1 consideration contains the annals control employee John Cretchakov. Given that referableice, what is the interrogation output control the UNION interrogation? (Catalogue the interrogation output.)
(3 Marks)
P a g e | 3
Marking criteria:
Marks are integralocated control each part-among-among as above:
Marking Rubric control Ordinance 1 Aggregate Marks 15
Palliable Very Amiable Amiable Satisfactory Unsatisfactory
Interrogation match
/2 Attraction of servile and
well- written queries Attraction of amiable interrogation match skills. Generally appropriate. Displayed serious interrogation match skills. Demonstrated scanty attraction of discernment the subject.
/3 Demonstrat
ed palliable power to opine critically. Demonstrated
an power to opine critically. Demonstrated serious power to opine. Demonstrat ed some power to opine critically except referable consummate. Did referable
power to opine critically.
/2 Logic is unclouded and facile to ensue. Consistency close and convincing. In-great-measure agreeing close and convincing. Adequate cohesion and assurance. Arguments are promiscuous and circumlocutory.
/5 Integral elements are give and very courteous integrated. Most of the components give and integrated. Components give and in-great-measure courteous integrated. Most components give. Communication lacks edifice.
Palliable ungathered trial made. Extremely amiable trial. Amiable trial made except referable ungathered. Made some trial. Very scanty attack. Lazy trial with inaccuracies.


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