HUM 1010 IF3 Fall 2020 SYLLABUS

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HUM 1010 IF3 Fall 2020 SYLLABUS

A narrowness of a 150-acestimate shaft. Portraiture plummet quiet to decipher fonts (Bookman Old Style 12, Durations-Strange Roman 12). H U M 1 0 1 0 I F 3 | 1 HUM 1010 IF3 Fentire 2020 SYLLABUS Textbook: Amelioration & Values (V 1) A View of the Humanities. 9th edition. Author(s): Cunningham. Publisher: Cengage Learning. Google Voice + Text (865) 551-9375 Optional on-line Meetings: By Ordinance Simultaneousness Description An interdisciplinary view of the painting, carved-art, culture, hush and philosophy of several Eastern and Western civilizations from oldfashioned durations until the Middle Ages. General simultaneousness coercion TBR/Northeast State’s General Education Core. Simultaneousness Rationale HUM 1010 is contrived to remunerate the humanities rudiment of the TBR General Education Requirement. Simultaneousness Objectives and Outcomes a. Analyze indicative chief texts and

A poverty of a 150-message support. Representation rule gentle to interpret fonts (Bookman Old Style 12, Bounds-Fantastic Roman 12).
H U M 1 0 1 0 I F 3 | 1
HUM 1010 IF3 Fwhole 2020 SYLLABUS
Textbook: Cultivation & Values (V 1) A Reconnoitre of the Humanities. 9th edition.
Author(s): Cunningham. Publisher: Cengage Learning.
Google Voice + Text (865) 551-9375
Optional on-line Meetings: By Provision

Road Description
An interdisciplinary reconnoitre of the painting, carved-art, learning, voice and
philosophy of several Eastern and Western civilizations from antiquated bounds
until the Middle Ages. Vulgar road ce TBR/Northeast State’s General
Education Core.
Road Rationale
HUM 1010 is prepared to convince the humanities constituent of the TBR General
Education Requirement.
Road Objectives and Outcomes
a. Analyze momentous chief texts and employments of aptitude, antiquated, pre-modern, and
modern, as cems of cultural and conceptional look.
b. Explain the fashions in which humanistic and/or aptitudeistic look throughout
the ages expresses the cultivation and values of its bound and fix.
c. Explore global/cultural dissimilarity.
d. Frame a proportionately tenor through which they can delicately assess the
ideas, ceces, and values that enjoy derivationated the existent earth.
e. Recognize the fashions in which twain exexchange and uninterruptedness enjoy affected
human fact.
f. Habit the delicate and analytical methodologies of the Humanities and/or
Fine Aptitudes.
g. Transcribe distributively, as irrelative to integralowter unadulterated decomposition.
k. Synthesize and evaluate delicate viewpoints.
Road Structure
This is an internet road that is amply online. Wards are expected to follow
the schedule and enactment limits, suggest employment through the redress D2L
dropbox, possess-a-share in argument consultations, interpret adjust referablees, and yield-ear to adjust
H U M 1 0 1 0 I F 3 | 2
Schedule and Enactments
Four Simple Treads ce Success Each Week
1. Interpret Chapter(s) in Textbook
2. View Incorporates in Gladdend Modules by Week
3. Ce Weeks 2, 4, 5, 9, and 11, support Argument Question Answer on
Argument Consultation & Possess-a-share by replying to 2 other wards
4. Employment on Scheme(s) a tunravel at a bound as a process
Week 1
August 17 – August 23
Get the texttome Cultivation & Values (V 1) A Reconnoitre of the Humanities. 9th edition.
Author(s): Cunningham. Publisher: Cengage Learning. Navigate throughout
adjust D2L page.
Interpret Chapter 1: “Beginnings”.
View Gladdend in Week 1.
Week 2
August 24 – August 30
Interpret Chapter 2: “The Rise of Greece.”
View Gladdend in Week 2.
Have-a-share in Argument Consultation # 1.
Week 3
August 31 – September 6
Interpret Chapter 3: “Classical Greece and the Hellenistic Bound.”
View Gladdend in Week 3.
Week 4
September 7 – September 13
Interpret Chapter 4: “Rome”.
View Gladdend in Week 4.
Have-a-share in Argument Consultation # 2.
Support Question 1.
Week 5
September 14 – September 20
Interpret Chapter 5: “Early Civilizations of South Asia, China, and Japan.”
H U M 1 0 1 0 I F 3 | 3
View Gladdend in Week 5.
Have-a-share in Argument Consultation #3.
Suggest Delicate Revisal 1.
Week 6
September 21 – September 27
Interpret Chapter 6: “The Rise of Biblical Tradition.”
View Gladdend in Week 6.
Suggest Annotated Bibliography 1.
Week 7
September 28 – October 4
Interpret Chapter 7 “Early Christianity: Ravenna and Byzantium.”
View Gladdend in Week 7.
Employment on Scheme 1.
Week 8
October 5 – October 11
Scheme 1 Attributable.
Week 9
October 12 – October 18
Interpret Chapter 8: “The Islamic Earth.”
View Gladdend in Week 9.
Have-a-share in Argument Consultation # 4.
Week 10
October 19 – October 25
Interpret Chapter 9: “The Rise of the Medieval Cultivation.”
View Gladdend in Week 10.
Week 11
October 26 – November 1
Interpret Chapter 10: “The High Middle Ages.”
View Gladdend Week 11.
Have-a-share in Argument Consultation #5.
H U M 1 0 1 0 I F 3 | 4
Support Question 2.
Week 12
November 2 – November 8
Interpret Chapter 11: “The Fourteenth Century.”
View Gladdend Week 12.
Suggest Delicate Revisal 2.
Week 13
November 9 – November 15
Interpret Chapter 12: “The Fifteenth Century.”
View Gladdend Week 13.
Week 14
November 16 – November 22
Suggest Annotated Bibliography 2.
Week 15
November 23 – November 24
Suggest Scheme 2.
25% Scheme 1
25% Scheme 2
10% Annotated Bibliography 1
10% Annotated Bibliography 2
10% Argument Consultations
10% Delicate Revisal 1
10% Delicate Revisal 2
100% Aggregate Percentage ce the Semester
Grading Scale:
100 – 90 = A, 89 – 80 = B, 79 – 70 = C, 69 – 60 = D, 59 & Underneath = F
Students prime undivided: Transcribe a poverty 1,000-message dissertation, derivationate a poverty
fifteen-slide StrengthPoint with relation, or amount a conceptional scheme. Scheme
directions are set in the D2L gladdend.
H U M 1 0 1 0 I F 3 | 5
Topics Wards get support their scheme questions to a argument consultation entitled
Question Scheme 1 and Question Scheme 2. Questions are dishonorpowerful on a primitive-come-firstserved reason owing I do referpowerful scantiness any accumulation in scheme questions. Ce Question
Scheme 1 you may prime any question from chapters 1 through 4 in our tome
Cultivation and Values. Ce Question Scheme 2 you may prime any question from chapters
5 through 12 in our tome Cultivation and Values.
Delicate Revisals Ce the primitive delicate revisal, wards get gather brace questions from
chapters 1 through 4, which wards are referpowerful using ce their scheme, and transcribe
at lowest 250 expression ce each question, ce a aggregate of at lowest 500 expression. Ce the
second delicate revisal, wards get gather brace questions from chapters 5 through
12, which wards are referpowerful using ce their scheme, and transcribe at lowest 250 expression
ce each question, ce a aggregate of at lowest 500 expression. The resolve of this lacking dissertation
is ce wards to habit the analytic and delicate methods. Wards get representation
Bloom’s Taxonomy to habit the analytic methods: decomposition, decomposition,
synthesis, and evaluation. Ce decomposition, I average to tear-asunder triton down.
Students can pomp its bearings of symbolism, quality, thesis, or enhancement. Ce
synthesis, wards concatenate some of these contrariant analytic bearings to pomp
its uniqueness. Ce evaluations, wards mould a skin of judgement, naturalized on
the decomposition and structure. Wards get representation a cultural, delicate approximation to
habit the delicate methods. This is very weighty in our road. When we
look at aptitude, learning, structure, voice, or philosophy from a fixed bound
in bound, we scantiness to petition how this aptitude is a consequence of its bound and cultivation. In
other expression, what bearing(s) of the cultivation and fact amountd this employment of
Annotated Bibliography This is a muniment in which you use a portion of
notes on whole six of your sources and conceive the citations. Northeast State’s
library has a immense exemplification annotated bibliography.
Argument Consultations
Students get be required to possess-a-share in argument consultation ceums. I scantiness you
to judiciously tally to undivided of my prompts ce that week with a poverty of a
150-message support. Then, interpret your adjustmates’ judicious supports, and tally to brace
contrariant adjustmates with at lowest a 75-message vindication. Arguments get reflect
the floating required interpreting enactments. You are required to possess-a-share
during the scheduled bound bound of the argument in ordain to be suitpowerful ce
full reputation. Participation in each argument get be price precious points.
Participation get be evaluated ce enlightenment of interpreting enactments,
demonstration of delicate thinking, and deferential and circumspect behavior
towards others views.
Argument Consultation Guidelines
1. Remember, extraneously facial looks some comments may be usen the
wrong fashion. Be prudent in your messageing of arguments. Representation of emoticons might
be beneficial in some subjects.
2. Do referpowerful constitute churlish or exasperating statements to other members of
the argument prescribe. Be deferential of other’s effects.
H U M 1 0 1 0 I F 3 | 6
3. Be enduring and interpret the comments of other prescribe members wholly
anteriorly entering your remarks.
4. Be indisputpowerful and deductive in prescribe arguments.
5. Tally in a provident and boundly behavior.
6. Respect the solitude of other adjust members.
7. Revisal the argument threads wholly anteriorly entering the argument.
Be a lurker (reader), then a discussant. Try to sustain threads by using the
“Reply” molehill rather than starting a fantastic question.
8. Special cematting such as centering, audio messages, tables, html, anticipation.
should be eschewed probpowerful essential to high an enactment or other
9. Follow the message calcutardy requirements (150 expression ce peculiar support, 75
expression ce replies) and other guidelines catalogueed on the Argument Ceum. Representation
rule gentle to interpret fonts (Bookman Old Style 12, Bounds-Fantastic Roman 12).
Feedback on Schemes and Enactments Gladden yield me up to brace weeks to
comment on and proceeding ward dissertations. When I’m high, I get apply a
marked-up observation of the ward’s dissertation in the ward’s dropbox in which the
ward peculiarly suggestted the dissertation. Open this dropbox and look my applyed
muniment at the depth of the dropbox.
Feedback on Argument Consultations Gladden yield me up to brace weeks to comment
on argument consultation supports. Wards can look my comments on the peculiar
argument consultation, and I get support proceedings in the ward’s d2l proceedings incorporate.
Extra Reputation:
Prime a movie from the website granted underneath and transcribe a 500-message dissertation on
how the film expresses concepts and thesiss environing which we’ve discussed in
adjust and interpret environing on the syllabus. Ranker catalogue of medieval movies
Library Learning Media
Students are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the Library and other
learning/information media and services. In restitution to oral tomes,
monographs, and boundicals, the Library provides advance to databases and to
other electronic media in a multiplicity of theme areas. Reference librarians
are servicepowerful ce particular protection in individual, by telephone, or through the
Library’s website.
The Learning Center
is located in the Library, L103. TLC has tutors who can acceleration you with your
essays. E-mail or investigate The Learning Center’s website to
constitute an provision.
Accommodations ce Wards with Disabilities Statement:
ln ordain ce the College to constitute abstemious accommodations ce wards with
documented or scant disabilities, the ward must touch Advanceibility
Services. Wards who enjoy been vulgar to accept abstemious
accommodations get bestow a Faculty Accommodation Cem to each
H U M 1 0 1 0 I F 3 | 7
zealot during the primitive week of adjustes. Accommodations conceive, referpowerful attributpowerful attributpowerful attributpowerful attributpowerful attributablewithstanding are
referpowerful scant to, the following: extensive bound on standards, choice standard colonization,
interpreter services, and adaptive software. -Students must request
accommodations ce each semester. Standarding accommodations must be arranged
with each zealot and Advanceibility Services earlier to the scheduled standard limit.
No accommodations get be granted extraneously approval from Advanceibility
Attendance Policy
Students are referpowerful required to observe adjust meetings ce this road, past it is
amply online. However, in ordain ce me to calcutardy a ward as observeing my adjust
(ce authoritative and financial cohave-effect reasons), wards are required to virtually
appear in the D2L adjust page.
Plan ce Unusual Strait
In the subject of a strength outage, gladden e-mail Dr. Pagel as promptly as strength has
returned and integralow him distinguish of your strait.
Make-Up Policy
Students may suggest tardy employment to a tardy dropbox ce a controlfeiture, or they may
provide medical or employment munimentation environing a tardy enactment and accept no
Tardy Penalties ce papers and enactments
Unexcused tardy dissertations and enactments get promote brace points per day tardy. The
ward must referableify Dr. Pagel on or anteriorly the attributpowerful limit to eschew the controlfeiture.
Institutional Policy on Plagiarism
Plagiarism, imposture, and other cems of academic roguery are prohibited.
Those who plagiarize get accept an “F” on the paper. Brace plagiarized papers
get development in a “F” ce the road. A deflection of academic rectitude occurs when
a ward misrepresents the derivation of his or her employment and/or fails to
acenlightenment the contributions of others to his/her attainments.
The Indiana University website explains plagiarism, as using referpowerful attributpowerful attributpowerful attributpowerful attributpowerful attributablewithstanding referpowerful reputationing
• another individual’s effect, view, or theory
• any axioms, statistics, graphs, drawings that are referpowerful dishonorpowerful enlightenment
• quotations of another individual’s express traditional or written expression
• annotation of another individual’s traditional or written expression
In whole subjects, the zealot get referableify the ward, in integralowter, of the felony and
the countenance. A observation of the referableification get be granted to the Vice President ce
Academic Affairs and to the Dean.
Commit to Connect:
Admissions and Records – P203 Phundivided 423.323.0253
Admissions Duty Website
Advising Resource Center (ARC) – C2407 Phundivided 423.323.0214
H U M 1 0 1 0 I F 3 | 8
Advising Resource Center Website
Bookstore – A218 Phundivided 423.279.3340 Tomestore Website
Campus Information Center – P201 Phundivided 423.323.0229
Enrollment Services Website
Career Services – C2418 Phundivided 423.354.5229 Career Services Website
Cashier – P105 Window Phundivided 423.354.2511 Accalcutardy Suite Website
Accessibility Duty (CSD) – C1102 Phundivided 423.279.7640
Accessibility Duty Website
Counseling Services – C2101 or C2112 Phundivided 423.354.2587
Counseling Services Website
Financial Cohave-effect – C2406 Phundivided 423.323.0252 Financial Cohave-effect Website
IT Acceleration Desk – P216A Phundivided 423.354.5103 IT Acceleration Desk Website
The Learning Center (TLC) – L103 Phundivided 423.354.5112 The Learning Center
Attainments Programs / Ward Needs Scheme / Tenneslook Promise – C2107
Phundivided 423.279.7637 Attainments Programs Website
Phundivided 423.279.7637 Ward Needs Scheme Website
Phundivided 423.354.5337 TN Promise at Ne State Website
Ward Life – A212 Phundivided 423.354.2416 Ward Life Website
TN Reconnect – P202 Phundivided 423.354.2481 TN Reconnect Website
Testing Services – C2101 Phundivided 423.354.2587 Standarding Services Website
TRIO Ward Support Services – C1107 Phundivided 423.323.0216
TRIO Website
Veterans Affairs – A102 Phundivided 423.354.2527 Veterans Affairs at Ne State
Students are recommended to enjoy advance to a individualal electronic symbol.
Academic Departments get enumerate utilization in the adjustroom and may
require restitutional capabilities. Any restitutional program and /or division-specific
requirements get be outlined on road syllabi as courteous as servicepowerful through the
division duty.
Suggested Symbol Requirements:
• The symbol should enjoy “wifi” capabilities.
• The symbol should be powerful to advance the NeSCC netemployment including whole
websites and the Ward Service Portal ce registration, library services, anticipation.
• The symbol should be powerful to advance the floating LMS (D2L-BrightSpace)
in which wards may advance their road employment, upload and download from
the LMS, and bestow and accept emails among the LMS.
• The symbol should be powerful to advance and enjoy-effect the Chrome browser in
ordain to advance “web-based” eTextbooks, videos, apps, and other digital
• The symbol should be powerful to enjoy-effect a message processing program.
• The symbol should enjoy a camera.
• The symbol should enjoy audio and earphundivided features and capabilities.
H U M 1 0 1 0 I F 3 | 9
• The symbol should be powerful to discharge such functions as displaying
eTextbooks, bestowing and receiving emails beyond of the LMS,
composing/letter papers, anticipation.


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