Information System for Heavy Vehicle Weighing



1.1. Topic Discussion

The examination consider boon to enunciate a conceptualisation of an consolidated instruction classification. In this examination consider an consolidated instruction classification refers to a computerised classification that shares postulates from a vestibuleible postulatesvile or among multiple postulatesbases. Exchange repress capitals refers to laborious deportment weighbridges that compel authentication of computerised classification to detain and rate deportment bodyes.

1.2. Background

There are nine territorys in the Republic of South Africa and Free Bisecticularize Territory is the vestibuleible territory of the nine territorys and most laborious deportments from the other point territorys frequently instigate through the Free Bisecticularize Territory. Anecdotal replyance has shadmit that there are shortcomings in instructoring; repress; decomposition; and reverberationing of the results of activities in proportion to the surfeit repress agencys at Exchange Repress Capitals in the territory.

Coercion any rendering to discharge uprightly in ordinary competitive and continually changing bargains best cognizant profession determinations keep to be made and organisations are troublesome to ascertain record of loose potently and in most require potent cems. Traditional competitive coercionms are no longer dependable and organisations keep to come up to duration with the technologies and this applies to synod projects and agencys as polite (Abeysekera 2005).

Organizations authentication divergent strategies and record to finish profession goals, and reapments is individual of the momentous record in ordinary profession actions. Renderings canreferable supply referable to contrive reapments uprightly and coercion-this-reason the authentication of Reapments Contrivement (KM) classifications and technologies to secondance designives of the rendering is of preeminent consequence (Aggestam 2008).

Acquirements contrivement is defined as: the raise-on of selectively applying reapments from coercionegoing proofs of determination making to ordinary and advenient determination making activities with the mind of proper the rendering’s potentness (Alavi, Leidner 2001). The authentication of reapments contrivement standards and instruction classifications has shadmit prosperity as a cat's-paw coercion reapments fabrication. The progress coercion gleaning, storing, retrieving, and transforming postulates into reapments-fixed media can be calculated and munimented (Wade, Hulland 2004).

Classification integration is edifice authenticationd as an discretion coercion solving these examples by other renderings. When computers became common as a cat's-paw in strategic planning arrangement, classification integration was individualsided to technical aspects such as connecting computer hardware components. Referable attributable attributablewithstanding of-late instruction technology has confirmed so abundant that reapments fabrication is as relevant, and integration is edifice authenticationd in software, postulates and message as polite (Abeysekera 2005).

This examination completeure capital on using classification integration as a cem coercion postulates and reapments contrivement; and completeure so conceive message arrangementes and postulates integration coercionms. Postulates integration is the arrangement of add postulates residing at divergent sources and providing the authenticationr with a ropy point of the postulates (Lenzerini 2002). The examinationer feels it completeure be worthtimeliness to brave the ordinary agencys at weighbridges with the guard edifice to second in discourseing the examples edifice skilled by exchange repress capitals and determination compelrs.


2.1. Example Bisecticularizement

Free Bisecticularize Territory is individual of the nine territorys in South Africa and has three exchange repress capitals that are authenticationd coercion laborious deportment sentiment (conceive Appendix A) as recitative on the “South African Long Term Surfeit repress Statistics (1995 to 2009)” (Republic of South Africa. Section of Rapture July, 2010).

The ocean example is that thereare shortcomings in instructoring; repress; decomposition;and reverberationing of the results of activities and agencys in the surfeit repress arrangementes at Exchange Repress Capitals coercion laborious deportment sentiment. During prelusory examination the examinationer endow that the examples are origind oceanly by exchange repress capitals loose defiant of each other which raise begets examples as scheduleed below:

  1. When deportments are weighed instruction such as fraternity names; deportment registration numbers; instigaters licence details expectation. should be calm and munimented coercion annals custody and coercion raise decomsituation of surfeiting trends in the territory. Becaauthentication of the defiant agencys there is no density when this instruction is detaind and in other circumstances it is referable detaind at complete. This usually begets examples among laborious deportment instigaters/owners; exchange officers and weighbridge operators as it’s era consuming coercion instigaters when they keep to abide continuallyy era this instruction is detaind.
  2. In the Free Bisecticularize Territory there are three agencyal weighbridges that are using computerised classifications coercion laborious deportment sentiment, referable attributable attributablewithstanding these weighbridges are loose defiant of each other using predicament fixed postulates storage classifications. This standard of agency origins a example as command enforcement officers at individual weighbridge keep no effect of what is going on at the other weighbridges and compels it troublesome to appliance an potent command enforcement policy.
  3. Authorities enunciate policies and compel strategic and agencyal determinations fixed on the political agencyal reverberations; which are effected fixed on the postulates calm from the exchange repress capitals. As postulates is calm defiantly and referable coercionthcoming a measure progress, the effected reverberations do referable communicate a penny reconduct-in of the surfeiting trends and coercion-this-reason the determinations that the authorities completeure compel are usually fixed on fallible instruction.

2.2. The Examination Question

What is the bisecticularize of the surfeit repress arrangementes at exchange repress capitals coercion laborious deportment sentiment in the Free Bisecticularize Territory in provisos of instructoring; repress and decomsituation of the results of sentiment activities?

2.2.1. Sub-Questions:

To discourse the 3 sub-problems the coercionthcoming sub-question must be replyed lucidly during the examination arrangement.

  1. What are the postulates assemblage arrangementes and technologies ordinaryly edifice authenticationd at each Exchange Repress Capital?
  2. What are the convenient integration coercionms that can be authenticationd to consolidate the calm postulates from the three exchange repress capitals?
  3. How can these postulates be made beneficial to authorities coercion reverberationing and determination making arrangementes?


3.1. Why surfeit repress?

Overloaded laborious deportments are binding coercion approximately 60% of the injury to the public-action network, in comparison to legally loaded laborious deportments that caauthentication badepend environing 40% of the injury (CSIR, Public-ways and Rapture Technology 1997) and this record that laborious deportments surfeited or referable keep a telling collision on public-action injury. Surfeited laborious deportments decorder the history two of the public-action constitution with ascititious requires coercion oceantenance and rehabilitation of the public-action foot. The contrivement and refuge of the public-action netexertion is expedient, timeliness oceantaining the economic vile of the frpoint perseverance. Timeliness laborious deportment operators gain from wishy-washy command enforcement, surfeited deportments are hurtful public-ways, the annual public-action budget in existent provisos is reprieved, and the proviso of public-ways is deteriorating (Pillay, Bosman 2001).

Roads and streets are the most relevant rapture message average in South Africa and are authenticationd by continuallyyindividual on a daily account. Public-ways so illustrate an relevant role in promoting economic enlargement and the measure of influence coercion the population and by record of public-ways it is conductable coercion the communities to vestibule bargains, situates of exertion, vigor facilities and educational science (CSIR, Public-ways and Rapture Technology 1997). The sixth annual bisecticularize of logistics reverberation 2009, shows that the interior logistics require attributable to illmatched public-action provisos is skilled by most raptureation companies in the section. This affects the competitiveness of the section, becaauthentication as the logistics requires extension, the require of products in the global bargain extensions as polite (CSIR, Imperial Logistics, Stellenbosch University 2009).

South Africa has 118static weighbridges utilised coercion laborious deportment sentiment, quenched of which badepend 78 are agencyal; 30 are referable feasible and 10 are feasible referable attributable attributablewithstanding ordinaryly referable agencyal as recitative on the “South African Long Term Surfeit repress Statistics (1995 to 2009)”. These conceive annexed weighbridges, municipal weighbridges at testing stations that are so utilised coercion surfeit repress, weighbridges that are operated by tax public-action concessionaires in coagency with annexed public-action authorities and individual weighbridges that are utilised coercion surfeit repress (Republic of South Africa. Section of Rapture July, 2010). The open laborious deportment sentiment arrangementes is shadmit on (Appendix B)

In the Free Bisecticularize Territory there are three agencyal weighbridges that are using computerised classifications coercion laborious deportment sentiment, referable attributable attributablewithstanding these weighbridges are loose defiant of each other using predicament fixed postulates storage classifications. This standard of agency origins a example as command enforcement officers at individual weighbridge keep no effect of what is going on at the other weighbridges and compels it troublesome to appliance an potent command enforcement policy.

3.2. Instruction classifications

On a consider dindividual by the Council coercion Scientific and Industrial Examination (CSIR) coercion the Republic of Senegal computer classifications where to be the regulate of complete the weigh bridges implicated in laborious deportment surfeiting repress and computer classifications are to be authenticationd at complete weighbridges coercion postulates assemblage and instruction contrivement. An consolidated computer and contrivement instruction classification was applianceed, it was recommended that a computer classification should be conjoined to complete sentiment equipment inveterate at the weighbridge coercion an automatic assemblage of postulates effected by this equipment (Nordengen et al. 2006)

Most instruction classifications are made quenched of sundry components classified in three divergent standards: collision programs, instruction record affect postulatesbases and reapments viles, and authenticationr interfaces. These components are consolidated in such a cem as to end a consolidated (business) mind (Guarino, (Roma) Consiglio nazionale delle ricerc, Istituto 1998) and instruction record conceive sane record and literal reapments with the ocean mind of secondanceing the fabrication, remove, and collision of reapments in renderings and referableably is the certainty that classifications calculated to secondance reapments in sundry organisations may referable reply alconcertedly divergent from other coercionms of instruction classifications, referable attributable attributablewithstanding their ocean capital is on completeowing authenticationrs to communicate a import to instruction and to detain some of their reapments in instruction and postulates (Alavi, Leidner 2001).

Acquirements is referable a “thing” or a classification and coercion-this-reason canreferable be stockd or contrived. It is an locomotive uniform arrangement of touching (Snowden 2002). The mind of this pamphlet is referable to enunciate a reapments contrivement classification resembling to those authenticationd by organisations which are capitaled on maximising gains by using competitive tidings coercion competitive action in the bargain situate. Referable attributable attributablewithstanding to enunciate a concept of an instruction classification that can be authenticationd to beget, stock, analyse and conduct-in instruction using the satisfactory reapments contrivement standards coercion reapments fabrication and sharing.

The thinking of reapments contrivement was authenticationd by Nonaka and Takeuchi in 1995, making arguments that coercion organisation to surpass they keep to capital on reapments fabrication and disposal (Nonaka, Takeuchi 1995). Nonaka raise in 2000 elaborated that reapments confounds a proportionship among unexpressed and open reapments, which gave parentage to a standard coercion the dynamic arrangement of organisational reapments fabrication, oceantaining, and exploitation. The standard secondanceed the foul-mouthed reapments arrangement namely: 1 – Interiorisation; 2 – Visibleisation; 3 – Gregariousisation; and 4 – Coalition (Nonaka, Toyama & Konno 2000).

Organisations authentication instruction classifications coercion sundry reasons and minds referable attributable attributablewithstanding coercion reapments contrivement complete classifications are fixed on the Open Reapments Standard as pictorial by Brian Innovatingman on his pamphlet “A Frameexertion coercion Characterizing Reapments Contrivement Coercionms, Actions, and Technologies”. The standard organizes reapments progresss into foul-mouthed first energy areas: reapments fabrication, appropriation, remove, and utilization (Newman, Conrad 2000) as represented in ( Figure 1 ).

Acquirements Fabrication – This comprises activities perfectyd with the minute of innovating reapments into the classification, and conceives reapments enunciatement, thread, and detain.

Acquirements Appropriation – This conceives complete activities that protect reapments and completeow it to reocean in the classification unintermittently conduct-ind. It so conceives those activities that oceantain the viability of reapments amid the classification.

Acquirements Remove – This refers to activities perfectyd with the progress of reapments from individual margin to another. This conceives message, translation, change, filtering and account.

Acquirements Utilization – This conceives the activities and events conjoined with the collision of reapments to profession arrangementes.

3.3. Innate examination

Innate examination coercionms confound the classificationatic assemblage, organisation, and solution of textual esthetic reapd from interviews, remarks and in muniments (Malterud 2001). Innate examination coercionms are edifice authenticationd increasingly in evaluation of studies, including evaluation of computer classifications and instruction technology and innate postulates gleaned primarily from remark, interviews, and muniments are analysed by a medley of classificationatic techniques.


This examination consider boon to subscribe to the examination area of profession enlightenatics, with the ocean capital edifice on the instruction contrivement and instruction classifications conceptualisation. and gluts a flexuosity in that instruction classifications are referable a first regret coercion rapture examinationers. Rapture examinationers capital most of their examination on rapture economics and engineering, timeliness neglecting the goods that instruction classifications can adduce to the perseverance and this consider completeure glut that flexuosity. Basing the consider to the reapments contrivement theories and standards, this consider completeure conduct-in the consequence of using instruction classifications to reresolve weighbridge agencyal examples and determination making arrangementes by authorities.

Acquirements contrivement theories and standards cater a cem to contrive postulates assemblage and instruction sharing, which adds appraise to the organisation and perseverance as a perfect (Barclay, Murray 1997). Reapments remove in renderings is the arrangement through which individual ace (e.g., a section, removal, and a assembly) is monstrous by the proof of another (Argote, Ingram 2000). In the circumstance of this consider the sundry rapture sections; exchange authorities; agencies and stakeholders implicated with surfeit repress in the section.

The consider completeure acceleration cater manage to the regreted bisecties on the convenient cems to plan and appliance an instruction classification that would be proper coercion reapments contrivement minds, which can be authenticationd coercion determination secondance. This completeure good exchange authorities doing command enforcement coercion surfeit repress; agencies managing the laborious deportment weighbridges and determination making authorities such as the section of rapture.


The convenient examination paradigm coercion this examination consider is the interpretivist examination paradigm using the innate examination coercionm. The interpretivist paradigm enunciateed as a delicacy of positivism in the gregarious sciences and shares the coercionthcoming beliefs environing the edifice of accomplished and existentity (Cohen D. 2006): Relativist ontology; appropriates that existentity as we apprehend it is manufactured intersubjectively through the imports enunciateed gregariously and experientially. Subjectivist epistemology; appropriates that we canreferable severed ourselves from what we apprehend. The examinationer and the examinationed design are linked such that who we are and how we comprehend the earth is a vestibuleible bisect of how we comprehend ourselves others and the earth.

Interpretive studies appropriate that peculiars beget and perfecty their admit mental and intermental imports as they interact with the earth abextinguished them (Orlikowski, Baroudi 1991). This coercionm of examination disunitee the situation that our reapments of existentity is a gregarious rendering by sane actors and the examinationer authentications preconceptions in arrange to regulate the arrangement of examinationing and raisemore interacts with the sane subjects of the examinationed arena (Walsham 1995).

Coercion the mind of this consider, two assemblys completeure be implicated, namely the contrivement team from divergent authorities who are binding coercion strategic planning when it comes to surfeit repress arrangementes and the open authenticationrs who are operators at the weighbridges such as exchange officers and computer operators. The coercionmology completeure confound interviews, remark and decomsituation of the ordinary agencyal progresss written in embodied muniments. This is in order with the interpretive modees that depend heavily on naturalistic coercionms (Cohen D. 2006).

The coercionthcoming activities compel up the important tasks of the consider and the coercionmology that completeure be authenticationd to discourse them:

5.1. Hypothetical Framework

The hypothetical frameexertion coercion the examination consider completeure be fixed on theories from instruction classifications enunciatement and reapments contrivement. The ocean scheme completeure be the energy scheme, which completeure be secondanceed by theories from the reapments contrivement standards.

5.1.1. Energy Scheme

Energy scheme is a gregarious-psychological scheme that has its roots in the exertion dindividual by the Russian psychologist Vygotsky during the commencement of the 20th date and this scheme has been disuniteeed by instruction classifications examinationers (Crawford, Hasan 2006). Raise the identical examination consider Dr. Kate Crawford and Helen Hasan shows that examinationers in instruction classifications keep recognised the scheme as edifice able to cater a fruitful holistic comprehending of how peculiars do things concertedly with the secondance of rough cat's-paws in the tangled dynamic environment.

The scheme is a accurate frameexertion coercion considering sane interactions as a enunciatement arrangement. The indispensable ace of decomsituation is the energy which has tree characteristics; esthetic design; which is accessibled by artifacts (tools, tongue expectation.) and it is amid a culture (Figure 1) and computer artifacts accessible sane energy amid a action (Bardram 1997).

Junction of the energy scheme to the examination consider

The design of the examination energy

This consider braves the activities of assemblys of peculiars who are implicated in the weighbridge agencys coercion surfeit repress command enforcement. The assemblys are using a coalition of visage to visage and computer fixed interactions in raiseing quenched their duties.

The Subjects of the energy edifice studied

Members of organisations and agencies that are using the weighbridge classification or weighbridge predicament mangers; surfeit repress determination compelrs; command enforcement officers, and exchange regulatory body.

The cat's-paws of the examination energy

The examinationer completeure glean postulates immediately from the subjects, by making an remark of the activities and interviewing the determination compelrs peculiarly.

The first inferior and tertiary cat's-paws authenticationd

The cat's-paws of casuitable here are weighbridge arena sheets, peculiar computers, server postulatesbases and other gadgets authenticationd to authenticate deportment annalss.

The mind of the activities and the motives of the subjects

The ocean guard of the activities completeure be to instructor the divergent agencys, the possibility of integrating this agencys and foundation of the beneficial cat's-paws ordinaryly edifice authenticationd by sundry authorities and weighbridges.

5.1.2. Reapments contrivement standards

The designive of the examination consider conceives the progress of the determination arrangementes by authorities implicated and reapments standards are the preferred discretion coercion reapments fabrication and coercion determination making minds.

The clarified KM standard to vile the consider on completeure be the Nonaka and Takeuchi Contortion Standard. KM Contortion is fixed on a scheme that reapments fabrication consists of a gregarious arrangement among individuals in which reapments intercharge is referable reasonable a unidirectional arrangement referable attributable attributablewithstanding it is interlocomotive and contortion, these confounds the foul-mouthed arrangement of: Gregariousization (from unexpressed to unexpressed reapments); Visibleization (from unexpressed to open reapments); Coalition (from open to open reapments); and Interiorization (from open to unexpressed reapments) (Nicosord ).

This standard was clarified becaauthentication coercion the examination results to compel an collision the coercionthcoming assemblys completeure keep to considered; (1) the laborious deportment operators and instigaters who are the visible assembly; (2) the proportionship among the exchange repress capital staff and the instigaters, which coercionms bisect of the gregariousisation; the sentiment classification authenticationrs and exchange officers at the TCC who are (interior assembly); and the coalition completeure discourse issues cognate to authentication of the postulates and how the postulates completeure be shared amongst complete stakeholders.

5.1.3. Postulates Assemblage and Decomsituation Cat's-paws

The examination consider completeure authentication innate examination coercionms and coercion-this-reason completeure conceive unstructured interviews; remark and muniment decomposition. The examinationer is the ocean record coercion postulates assemblage and decomsituation and completeure compel authentication of arena referablees and audio annalsing as those authenticationd by examinationers coercionthcoming a initiated scheme coercionm (Savenye, Robinson 1996). Arena referablees completeure be authenticationd during remark and interviews and postulates completeure be assemblyed according to the KM cycles as involved on (Table 1).

Innate postulates can be analysed using interpretive coercionms; the examinationer completeure compel authentication of the interpretive mode to conduct-in a holistic point of the postulates. Arena referablees from remarks and interviews completeure be interpreted and assemblyed according to assemblyings in (Table 1). Official muniments completeure calm from authorities completeure be analysed as unfinished postulates and then analysed the identical cem as arena referablees postulates.

Table 1: Arena referablees assemblying constitution

Acquisition of postulates

Refinement of postulates

Storage and Retrieval of postulates

Disposal of instruction

Grant and Authentication of instruction

This completeure schedule complete the arrangementes and progresss followed to reap and detain postulates at the weighbridge agencys raze.

This completeure schedule complete the arrangementes and progresss authenticationd to unclogged and genteel the postulates.

This completeure be a assemblying of complete classifications authenticationd to stockd and restore postulates either manual or computerised.

This completeure so conceive the filing classification or postulatesvile standards authenticationd. (e.g. SQL postulatesbase)

This completeure assembly items that are discourseing:

How postulates is transformed into instruction

How instruction is delivered to sundry stakeholders

This completeure assembly issues discourseing the rules and progresss coercion the overcomplete postulates constitutions and the conduct-ination coercionmats. As polite as how postulates completeure be shared.


This examination consider is scant to badepend the organisations and synod sections that are implicated in projects that deals with surfeit repress in the Free Bisecticularize territory and the examination completeure capital on the static agencyal weighbridges as scheduleed on the South African Long Term Surfeit Repress Statistics (1995 – 2009) and Annexed authorities on the identical schedule (Republic of South Africa. Section of Rapture July, 2010), and raise limiting it badepend to Bothaville; Senekal and Kroonstad weighbridges that are implicated in surfeit repress using computerised classifications coercion laborious deportment body calculations.


This examination appropriates that:

  • The regreted authorities keep given peculiars who are capitaled on surfeit repress and that they keep the extensive reapments to justify and reply questions touching to the weighbridge agencys and progresss authenticationd coercion making determination environing the regulatory issues and command enforcement collision.
  • The agencies loose the weighbridges keep a given peculiar who is reapmentsable in the sundry Exchange Regulations coercion surfeit repress
  • The technical peculiars at weighbridges keep a disengaged comprehending of the arrangementes followed on the assemblage of postulates, from unfinished postulates to computerised capturing and how this postulates is removered to the authorities.


Ethics examines the sane reasonableification of what is probablely suitable or injustice by involving a classificationatic collision of probable rules, measures, or principles to examinationers (Davison 2000). Ethics discoursees issues of dignity; suitable to retreat; cognizant consent; honor with negotiative colleagues; and prophylactic.

This examination consider is capitaled on considering the classifications authenticationd coercion agencys at exchange repress capitals and completeure badepend implicated sane candidates as they are implicated in the classification. As sane candidates completeure referable be the subjects of the consider, divine considerations are referable required as such. Referable attributable attributablewithstanding the examinationer completeure enlighten the bisecticipants environing the edifice of the examination in progression and the retreat of bisecticipants completeure be coerciontified as no names completeure be mentioned on the results of the consider.


The examination reverberation completeure inclose provisions as quenchedlined in ( Table 2 ) and a pigmy patronymic of what each provision incloses is conceived

Table 2: Provisions constitution and pigmy overview




Provision 1


Summary overpoint of complete provisions

Provision 2

Examination Coercionm

The coercionms authenticationd to raise quenched the consider completeure be deciphered here.

Provision 3

Hypothetical Framework

This incloses an interpretation of the required scheme coercion the consider.

Provision 4

Empirical Consider

Results from the consider completeure conduct-ined and deciphered.

Provision 5


Empirical consider and hypothetical frameexertion completeure be conjoined here to decipher the decomsituation of the consider.

Provision 6


Grant of conclusions

Provision 7

Recommendation and Advenient Examination

Examination consider recommendations and area coercion advenient examination completeure be shadmit here.


Reviewed Literature has involved the examples skilled at the exchange repress capitals in contemplate to the surfeit repress arrangementes and the junction of using instruction classifications to discourse the examples. The consequence of making authentication of consolidated instruction classifications in renderings and how they are edifice authenticationd as an action coercion simplifying arrangementes and secure reliability and honesty of postulates assemblage and decomsituation has been involved as polite. The Republic of South Africa can so good from instruction classifications technologies on the struggle across laborious deportment surfeiting and progress of weighbridge arrangementes. The disclaiming collision of surfeited laborious deportments has been lucidly involved by coercionegoing examination dindividual by sundry examinationers in the political engineering coercion.

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