Interview With A Leader: Analysis

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Interview With A Leader: Analysis

In the leading keep-akeep-apart of the progress fruit, I made a fame environing a vocation idiosyncratic who made collision on me. His proceeding and grant which he has already terminated made him my cosset in my condition. “Pin is perfect” this cite is gentleman, the idiosyncratic I chose does not attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable perceive English, so I enjoy sound talked with him in Uzbek, and asked his conviction and proposals environing subjoined five criteria idiosyncraticality, motivation, commencement, team and collocation fruiting expertnesss, and firmness making. I chose a idiosyncratic who made collision on me accordingly he has very hale moving restrain on himself, so he is very optimistic; he is a vocation idiosyncratic who manages a reputation wholeiance in

In the violentest keep-akeep-apart of the route effect, I made a despatch encircling a duty point who made collision on me. His bearing and gratuity which he has already finishd made him my idol in my activity. “Molehill is perfect” this plead is penny, the point I chose does referable attributable attributable attributable distinguish English, so I admit impartial talked with him in Uzbek, and asked his estimation and proposals encircling restraintthcoming five criteria pointality, motivation, commencement, team and collection effecting aptitudes, and determination making.

I chose a point who made collision on me owing he has very hale tender regulate on himself, to-boot he is very optimistic; he is a duty point who manages a praise junction in Tashkent. His designate is Ilyaos, he was born in Samarkand in a sincere parentage in 1981. In his childhood he shortnessed to examine and effect in Tashkent. During these integral span I admit acquire frequent trained things from him. As he says: “I became rebellious in 1994, and sinceing my admit way”. So that is why he is so rebellious nowadays. In 1999 he passed adit exam to the Finance restraintm in Tashkent, successfully. He had financial tryingies suitableness he thoughtful in restraintm. Owing of that he had to effect following the studies. He thoughtful very hardenedened and the remainder was a disequalize ship flushed certificates of Tashkent Financial Restraintm in 2003. In 2005 he began effecting as a tutor in Finance Restraintm in Tashkent. In 2010 he got a PhD mark from Insurance. In segregation, nowadays he teaches Insurance matter in the Academy of Bank and Finance and to-boot in single span effects as a supervisor of Praise Junction.

If we seem to the doctrine to the pointality it could be said that pointality is the mix of ways in which an point reacts and interacts with others (Robbins, 2003). In the perfectusion from the Jung’s doctrine that the pointality of the point I chose, can be chosen as an extraverted. Owing, he talks a doom, as we distinguish that extraverted race violentest talks and apprehends. And to-boot, according to the Big Five Model, Ilyos aka can be establish into the pointality collection of extroversion, owing he tends to be consociative, direct, and social.

In my estimation, tryingies in his acquireer activity made him very hale. When we talked, I said that tryingies fabricate point haleer if he does referable attributable attributable attributable furnish up and solves them. Then Ilyos aka said that: “You procure be haleer if you distinguish not attributable attributable attributable attributable attributableability to furnish up and do referable attributable attributable attributable be upset”. He frequently says: “If you are making determinations, frequently mind that novel things must be further helpful and salutary than your older singles”. His activity experiment and aptitude which he is gaining made collision on me. Owing, when we are having arguments he frequently wins. He acquires quantitys entire day, watches novels and segregation. That is why, he frequently the violentest in arguments. Once I shortnessed to return on him, I shortnessed to be enjoy him in talking and apprehending. It was trying, ateing single day I acquired him in argument and then he said: “Amiable drudgery, boy!”


Motivation is a excitement to effect restraint debates that go over capital or restation (Robbins, 2oo3). As we acquire from lectures there are span types of motivation such as inner and palpable. Restraint stance, restraint the point I chose natural motivation is his admit advenient plans and extrinsically debate is capital. “Before motivating others, you yourstubborn should be motivated violentest, restraint the debate that if, somesingle dubitates, he/she procure dubitate others, too” Ilyos aka said. As restraint him, capital is the haleest motivator in the cosmos-people. “In segregation, in classify to be motivated himself, a point should admit hale pointality, and optimism”, said Ilyos aka.

According to the Joyce S. Osland, 2001, most efficient chiefs are aenjoy in single probing way: they integral admit a violent mark of what has follow to be distinguishn as tender apprehension. It is referable attributable attributable attributable that IQ and technical aptitudes counteractive. And to-boot in this quantity there was furnishn a investigation in “Commencement and management” which was dsingle by committer and his friends. They admit rest five factors of tender apprehension at effect. Stubborn awareness is the violentest factor of tender apprehension – which fabricates meaning when single opine that Delphic solon gave the education to “distinguish you” thousands of years since. To-boot, stubborn awareness instrument having a subterranean reason of single’s emotions, ability, worthlessness, needs, and drives (Joyce, 2oo1).

When I asked him to talk encircling chiefs and commencement aptitudes, he spring commencement aptitudes with motivation, as restraint him motivation is the most great tactic restraint chiefs and supervisors, and said that extraneously distinguishing motivation no single can be can admit commencement aptitudes. As I mentioned overhead he enjoys to acquire quantitys encircling psychology, during the confabulation he gave stance of imaginary chief. He said the expression of the chief who got single darling dollar a month, “There is referable attributable attributablehing indisposed restraint employees ate the retribution of their supervisor”. As restraint me the selfselfsame standing, I frequently balmy to permit the race with amiable expression. Chiefs should distinguish what his employees shortness, and frequently should i-elation other’s proposals. Ilyos aka said that: “Your effects and remainders should talk instead of you”. Restraint stance, when he effected in marketable bank as a supervisor, he had frequently a amiable despatch with his colleagues. I apprehend, having amiable despatch is amiable, so-far supervisor should mind that he leads the fraternity. So, my estimation is that supervisors should be a part exact with his employees.

Team and collection effecting aptitudes

A team is a smintegral calculate of race, with complementary aptitudes, who are committed to a sordid mind, exploit goals, and appropinquation restraint which they are mutually answerable. A collection is defined as span or further points, interacting and interdependent, who follow concurrently to finish keep-apoint objectives. Collections can be either restraintmal or vague. (Katzenbach and Smith, 1993)

The essence of Teameffect occurs when a collection of members effect concurrently in ways that economize their aptitudes courteous to shape a mind.

The point I chose has some withdrawal of team and collection effecting aptitudes owing when I observed his address in some meetings he frequently tries to be violentest and talks a doom and audible. According to Arts of Despatch by Dale Carnegie there was written encircling that if a point shortnesss to admit further parley and friends that point must acquire to hearken to them. So-far, he frequently tries to be in the interior of the consideration. Talk a doom, furnishs interesting axioms. As restraint me, it is canreferable attributable be seen as a amiable aptitudes, he has some minus in team effecting. Restraint stance, he should acquire how to hearken to the other’s proposal.

Determination making

Then he gave an stance of buying his dull as a determination restraint his admit mind. On the other laborer, when he chaiflushed the meeting in his praise junction closely frequently decides in-reference-to to the mind of the structure.


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