In any business organization, ranging from multinationals, banks, hospitals, government institutions, online shops and so forth depend on effective working information systems to succeed. Where the information systems are not functioning well the smooth operations of the business operations get crippled. Business information systemsfocuses on how the various business operations of an organization can be enhanced through deployment of information, communication and technology (ICT). This simply implies that the concepts of business management and its operations and the organization’s data are synchronized through use ofICT. This serves to smoothen the various processes of the businesses making them more efficient, effective and less costly. Some of the key business activities supported by business information system include chain networks which looks at how an organization produces its goods and services, delivers them across its market networks in a very efficient, effective, competitive and less construct ICT platforms.

In designing the business information systems, the key focus is on understanding the specificinformation needs of the organization, the generation process of the needed information and how the same information is consumed.A sharp focus need to be paid on the nature of data that is needed as input in terms of its structure, ownership, persistence, amount and so forth. Thereafter, a thorough understanding of the technologies available should be done in order to create effective system of information that can support and improve the performance of the various business operations. Nevertheless, in coming up with a business information systems, the technical evaluations should be done to ensure they accrue maximum benefit to the business operations of the organization while being economical as well.

In a nutshell, the changing environments in the business operations such as globalization requires an apt adoption of the modern technology so as to smoothen processes, improve adaptability and competitiveness of the business entities.

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