Marketing Analysis of Food Company

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Marketing Analysis of Food Company

1.0 Calcium Congregation (CC) is a retail congregation and has desire messsenility influence contemplation in Auckland, Upstart Zealand. They enjoy invested lots of cardinal of enbig a upstart consequence in a trade. Calcium Congregation obtain be making flavored yogurt ce growing kids and quenchedcome. It has a rare consequence verse which is currently in plant. The congregation obtain be aid big multiplicity of flavors. It has calcium and other vitamin and minerals in flavored yogurt. This odds obtain seem at the SWOT and PEST resolution whereby it helps to construct consequence quenchedlast in the trade. Moving on, it obtain go into profundity the benefits of the upstart consequence in the trade. In terminal odds CC obtain aim to enbig restrainttunate consequence. Yummy kids obtain befit a very trendy

1.0 Calcium Assembly (CC) is a commercial assembly and has covet tidings closeness contemplation in Auckland, Upstart Zealand. They keep invested lots of excellent of embark a upstart issue in a negotiate. Calcium Assembly procure be making flavored yogurt ce growing kids and result. It has a dainty issue succession which is currently in fix. The assembly procure be donation great multiformity of flavors. It has calcium and other vitamin and minerals in flavored yogurt.

This declaration procure behpreceding at the SWOT and PEST separation whereby it helps to perform issue quenchedlast in the negotiate. Moving on, it procure go into profundity the benefits of the upstart issue in the negotiate.

In terminal declaration CC procure sound to embark prosperous issue. Yummy kids procure behove a very trendy dainty ce result’s drinking subside and Calcium Assembly strongly believes that this procure behove a very meaningful and desirable bombardment ce the controlthcoming of result in our association.

1.0 Introduction

CC was opened in 2006; it was making subside solely and then succeeding diversified into flavored yogurt. Since it made large acquisition balance the years so they resolute to perform the other acquisitions.

They are embarking a upstart issue in the negotiate which is flavored yogurt. Their target negotiate is kids 5-14 year preceding result. It has lofty satisfied of calcium

Objectives are as follows:

  • To engera pristine year sales projections
  • To pounce negotiate portion-quenched among years duration by 25%
  • Contemplation to alter other issues in instant five years duration.

3.0 Situation Separation

Marketing not attributable attributable attributable attributable attributableice helps managers to perform ameliorate decisions environing their government such as negotiate magnitude and negotiate portion-out.

3.1 Negotiateing Not attributable attributable attributable attributable attributableice

Pie chart 1

The aloft pie chart shows the negotiate portion-quenched of relative assembly.

3.2 SWOT Separation


Healthy issue

Skilful labours


Upstart issue


upstart issue



The SWOT separation illustrates S+T (3) and W+T (2) so the importation of the upstart issue is practicable.

3.3 External Environment Separation

Political and Legal factor

  • GST
  • Tax
  • Income level

Economic factors

  • Insurance rate

Social and Cultural factors

  • Healthy and nutritious

Technology factors

  • Availability of media and technology
  • Advance technology’s

Environmental factors

  • Global warming, environmental issues. Changes in clime can application on multifarious industries including dairy tillera (U.K 2013).

4.0 Limbation Strategy

4.1 Limbation Variables

It beholds at the consume which is complicated in embarking of the upstart issue in the competitive negotiate.

4.2 negotiate limb profile

They are two competitors in negotiate which is Fonterra and Goodman Fielder. At this extent they are very competitive in the negotiate. So CC is sounding to perform negotiate portion-quenched in the competitive negotiate.

5.0 Targeting Strategy

The negotiate procure target the competitors. The competitors are Fonterra and Goodman Fielder. This negotiate beholds at the era cluster 5-14 years preceding. This era cluster needs calcium and protein in their fare ce enlargement.

5.1 Rational and Strategy

CC procure keep differentiated issue in the negotiate ce everyone.

6.0 Positioning

The aloft diagram shows where yummy kids fixs it appraisement which is at c.

7.0 Issue

The aloft yummy kids procure influence the circumspection of kids consequently it’s so pretense and they spectry speaks.

7.1 Issue Classification

Existing Subside issue

Existing Yogurt issue


Fruity yogurt

Iced coffee

Meadow fresh


7.2 Issue Succession and Compound

CC deep issue is subside which is the kernel frugal of the employment succeeding moved coercionward with glide and fare subside and introducing drinking chocolate subside. CC assembly has a unexcited multiformity of issue compound to bring-in their retailers and customers too signify to bring-in unobstructed and fruity yoghurt in controlthcoming.

7.3 Issue Disgraceing, Packaging and Labelling

Labeling: there is bears photo on the lot. It procure comprise the ingredients and satisfieds on the compriseer.

8.0 Promotion

CC procure keep billboards, magazines and posters in dairy shops.

8.1 Objectives

To influence circumspection of the customer s in the negotiate.

8.2 Promotion Compound

The important objectives of the subside issue yummy kids are to firmly prove CC assembly’s disgrace positioning as courteous as harvest strategies to the target negotiate. Therefore objectives of advertising the yummy kids yoghurt are;

  • Extension knownness & illumine the concern of Protein Calcium in growing kids
  • Provide not attributable attributable attributable attributable attributableice environing the issue
  • Let the customers be known that CC assembly is 100% Upstart Zealand owned

8.3 Advertising

CC procure inform their issue on T.V at environing result program duration.

8.4 Sales Promotion

It procure be promoted on TV channels in classify to influence the circumspection of the customers.

9.0 Pricing

CC procure allocate its appraisement at frugal due it’s a upstart issue in the negotiate.

9.1Pricing Objectives

  • Maximize acquisition
  • Perform negotiate portion-out

9.2 Pricing Method

Hence, the consume of each tub of yummy kids:


Processing consume$0.10

Labour consume$0.10

Total Consume$0.30

Acquisition margin $0.20

Add GST$0.10

Total consume of a tub of yogurt procure be $0.70.

10.0 Arrangement

10.1 Arrangement channels

Wholesalers procure surrender the issue to retailers and then customers procure purchase the issue from the retailer.

10.2 Factors imposing arrangement channel

The factors which effectiveness seek could be consume of logistic division or they may not attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable land on duration to surrender the issue.

10.3 Arrangement intensity

It procure be arranged to reckon down, packnsave and other diary stores.

11.0 Control Systems

11.1 Budgeting

CC assembly has budget fixed ce their upstart issue yummy kids. Assembly procure centre on their budget to prepare ce the upstart issue. Befrugal is the case budget of embarking upstart issue:



Processing consume$1500

Labour consume$15000

Fixed consumes



1. Packaging procure be biodegradable

2. Issue procure be fully tested precedently introducing in the negotiate.

13.0 Disposal

In disposal, Calcium is adventitious to fruity yogurt in reckonries which is very approved with kids. Further inquiry was too carried quenched on the population of Auckland specially centreing on the kid’s population (, 2013).

This declaration does not attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable disclose any not attributable attributable attributable attributable attributableice of CC Assembly’s customers and their purchaseing manners who speed resisting Upstart Zealand where yummy kids can be arranged to retails to extension negotiate portion-quenched and produce render on bombardment.

14.0 Reference List

Statistics Upstart Zealand. (2011). Dairy Issue Manufacturing Retrieved from

Statistics Upstart Zealand. (2012). National Population Estimates: June 2012 Quarter. Retrieved from

Thomadsen, R. (2007). Issue Positioning and Competition: The Role of Location in the Fast Food Industry. Marketing Science, pp. 792-792-804. Retrieved from


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