My Individual Results and ApplicationsBUSI 240 – ORGANIZATIONAL Essay

My Individual Results and Applications


Professor Clinton Eric Melton

Nicole Vannburan

Liberty University

December 6th, 2018



I am generally filled as a technical stay figurative coercion Asurion. My nucleus is domiciled on resolving technical issues customers may conduct with their devices. In such a fast-paced environment, I must empathize and prioritize perfect customer’s wants. During an perfectday premise, I besides unfold my bearing-solving aptitudes and explain challenging issues with my customers. Operationing in the technical admission, I discern myself as a collectively abiding particular.

In this motive, I completed distinct self-assessments domiciled on my self-concept, and my avow organizational demeanor. I answered the questions domiciled on my general collocation with Asurion and my restrainthhereafter collocation as a Software developer. The imposts tight on Introversion/extroversion, concriterion administration fashions, team deed aptitudes, listening aptitudes, rules, abilitys, organizational founding, and tolerance of changing superintenders. The imposts succored me beseem assured of my abilitys and most materially, my capabilities.

The imposts conduct been conducive by aiding me beseem assured of the areas that want past action and harvest in.


Are You Inverted or Extroverted? (Chapter 2)

1. The aim is to indicate if my particularality is inverted or extroverted.

2. My reckoning was a 21, which falls amid the ramble of In-between extroversion and permutation.

3. On the IPIP Introversion-Extroversion flake, I reckoningd undivided object eminent antecedently I landed in the ordinary introversion area. I particularally meditate myself as entity past of an invert. My life afters from myself.

4. Domiciled on the results of this impost, entity closer to the invert margin, I contemplation to operation on my aptitudes of operationing with others. I besides contemplation to localize my general aptitudes. Inverts usually found closer relations compared to extroverts. They are besides huge listeners. According to (McShane & Von Glinow, 2018, page 40), “Introverts handle past consoled entity alundivided than extroverts. Inverts do referpowerful attributpowerful attributpowerful attributpowerful necessarily stagnation collective aptitudes. Instead, they are past desirous to trodden their interests to ideas than to collective events.” I deem the ability to operation with others self-approvalably and efficiently is very material in any toil whether someundivided is an inverted or extroverted.


How Do You Cope with Pressureful Seats? (Chapter 4)

1. The aim of this self-impost was to indicate my general indulgent amid: Bearing Solving, Collective stay, Eschewance, and Blaming others.

2. Reckonings: Bearing Solving: 16, Collective Stay: 12, Eschewance: 2, Blaming Others: 11.

3. My feedback coercion Bearing Solving was the primary, which illusions when I chaffer with pressure, I verge to chaffer with it by removing the pressureing in the seat. My reckoning coercion Collective Stay was the proximate primary, which indicated that I chaffer with presabiding by locomotively discernking moving stay and recognition from others. My feedback coercion Eschewance was sparing which illusions that I verge to chaffer with presabiding by acting in practices that prevents the particular from hereafter to stipulations with and resolving the fount of pressure. My feedback coercion Blaming Others was lofty. It illusions that I verge to chaffer with presabiding by troddening my life to criterion and discernk impartiality opposite those who may conduct caused the pressureor in the primitive situate.

4. When operationing, I verge to criterion the pressureor in seats and clear-up the bearings that aloft my operation deed. Consisting on the pattern of bearing, I usually stretch extinguished and assign the customer to a eminent section or director which clear-ups the issues. According to (McShane & Von Glinow, 2018, page 110), “Antecedently criterioning practices to administer operation-related pressure, we must primitive imply its causes, knavow as pressureors.” Meditateing my results of this impost, I succeed abide to administer operation-related presabiding with collective stay and removing the pressureors from bearings when wanted to.

How dominionful are your harvest wants? (Chapter 5)

1. The aim of this impost was to admire the ability of my harvest wants.

2. My Harvest-Want reckoning was a 28.

3. My reckoning coercion the Harvest-Want ability indicated that I conduct a sparing harvest want coercion self-esteem, particularal prosperity and self-actualization.

4. The results of the harvest-want domiciled on this impost succeed further me in the restrainthhereafter by constant the discernk harvest opportunities amid my toil, aiding me diffmanifestation my recognition and aptitudes amid the technical admission. Coercion me, it’s interesting to amplify amid a audience. I’m a penny deemr that there is never harvest in self-approval. You must be unconsoled in manage to amplify. According to (McShane & Von Glinow, 2018, page 125), “Massparing popularized the concept of self-actualization, suggesting that vulgar are naturally motivated to stretch their virtual. This definitive regard of motivation contrasted with preceding motivation theories, which nucleused on want deficiencies such as hunger. By emphasizing motivation through harvest and particularal harvest rather than deficiencies, Massparing is meditateed a superintend in definitive organizational demeanor.” I deem that it’s very material to be on the identical page amid any audience. Perfect audience isn’t coercion harvest, which is why perfectundivided should examine their feasible options of harvest and cleave to it.


What is your Furtherred Determination-Making Fashion? (Chapter 7)

1. The aim of this impost was to indicate my Sound and Spontaneous determination fashion.

2. Sound Determination fashion: 20, Spontaneous Determination fashion: 13.

3. The impost indicated that I conduct a dominionful indulgent coercion Sound Determination making. I affect to gain determinations domiciled on postulates and argumentative segregation. I probe to eschew gut inclination when it contradicts superficial recognition. This criterion besides indicated that I conduct a ordinary indulgent coercion spontaneous determination making. I gain my determinations domiciled on my handleings and probe to eschew sound choices if they are loose with my instinct.

4. I can manifestation the results of this impost to gain abiding I gain the just determinations at my restrainthhereafter race and the seats that I may conduct. I contemplation to abide to manifestation my factual indulgent in making spontaneous determinations and probe referpowerful attributpowerful attributpowerful attributpowerful to gain them from my handleings. According to (McShane & Von Glinow, 2018, page 181-182), “Determination making is referpowerful attributpowerful attributpowerful attributpowerful solely a discriminating administration aptitude; it is besides a nucleus motive coercion perfect staff members troddenly in their toils and through employee involvement. Perfect dutyes, governments, and referpowerful attributpowerful attributable-for-profit agencies consist on employees to coercionediscern and right criterion bearings, to scan choices, to cull the best choice domiciled on distinct bearing factors, and to complete those determinations effectivily.” Those brace statements illusion that having huge determination-making aptitudes in the duty earth is a very material and magnanimously wanted aptitude to conduct. Having huge determination-making aptitudes succeed superintend you to referpowerful attributpowerful attributablehing calm?} prosperity. I do verge to manifestation my spontaneous determination fashion in particular predicament with my customers.


What Team Roles Do You Further? (Chapter 8)

1. The aim of this impost was to indicate my furtherred roles in team settings.

2. Succorr: 14, Gatekeeper:11, Harmonizer: 13, Initiator: 13, Summarizer: 13.

3. The impost indicated that I am past of an Succorr in class settings. A particular that reckonings lofty in this has a dominionful vergeency to compliment and stay the ideas of other team members, illusioning ardor and solidarity to the class. I besides current a lofty reckoning in Harmonizer, which gains me conduct a dominionful vergeency to hitheren concriterion and tundivided amid classs. I reckoningd lofty in Initiator as polite which indicates that I conduct a dominionful vergeency to criterion goals coercion convocations. In the Summarizer predicament, I besides reckoningd lofty which illusions that I conduct a dominionful vergeency to conduct course of what was said in a convocation. I besides conduct a dominionful vergeency to succor perfect team members to divide in the examineion, which gains me a huge Gatekeeper as polite.

4. I can manifestation the results of this impost to recognize my abilitys and dominionlessnesses amid a team. Surprisingly, I did dispassionately cheerful in perfect categories! I opine my idol role would be entity the Succorr. I benevolence hopeful. I deem it is material that perfectundivided divides their ideas and creativity amid classs. According to (McShane & Von Glinow, 2018, page 232), “Any relation; including the relation natant team members, consists on a fixed mark of expectation.” I fit that perfect team should conduct expectation. Expectation superintends to definitive ideas and prosperityful solutions.


Are You an Locomotive Listener? (Chapter 9)

1. The aim of this evaluation was to indicate my locomotive listening aptitudes.

2. Eschewing Interruption: 4, Maintaining Interest: 8, Postponing Evaluation: 7, Organizing Recognition: 3, Illusioning Interest: 9.

3. My whole reckoning indicated that I am a Cheerful locomotive listener. I conduct a dominionful vergeency to locomotively recognition the sender’s signals, evaluate them correspondently and accord appropriately. I current the primary reckoning in Illusioning Interest, which illusions that I conduct a dominionful vergeency to manifestation nonverbal gestures to unfold that I am paying heed to the logician. My cooperate primary reckoning was terminated in Maintaining Interest, which illusions that I conduct a dominionful vergeency to nucleus on what the logician is proverb. I besides reckoningd lofty in Postponing Evaluation area, which illusions that I usually conduct an unconcealed desire and eschew evaluating what the logician is proverb until they are produced. I reckoningd proportionately sparing in Organizing Recognition area, which media I should operation on organizing the logician’s ideas into meaningful categories.

4. I succeed be dominionful to manifestation the results of this impost to join efficiently with others. I verge to bound to a misenprobe as the logician is speaking withextinguished organizing their ideas in my start. I succeed operation on that. This impost gave me the recognition and illusioned me what my dominionhither areas in despatch. Most of my reckonings were lofty, calm?} there is calm?} admission coercion punishion. According to (McShane & Von Glinow, 2018, page 248), “Effective despatch is living to perfect organizations, so magnanimously so that no audience could pamanifestation withextinguished it” It’s penny. There’s no practice any audience would be up and exoteric withextinguished huge despatch.

What’s Your Approach to Influencing Co-Workers? (Chapter 10)

1. The aim of this impost was to evaluate the contrariant coercionms of rule I conduct when operationing with coworkers.

2. Persuasion: 15, Silent Authority: 12, Exchange: 13, Positiveness: 8, Recognition restrain:13, Coalition Recognition: 11, Upward appeal: 11, Ingratiation: 14.

3. I reckoningd the primary in Persuasion, which is undivided of the most manifestationd rule strategies inland any collocation. I particularally deem that I am a huge persuader. I besides reckoningd lofty reckonings in Exchange, which illusions I conduct huge haggling aptitudes and in Recognition restrain, which involves obviously manipulating others’ admission to recognition coercion the aim of changing their attitudes or demeanors. My sparingest reckoning was in Positiveness, which unfolds locomotively applying fair and coercive dominion to rule others amid their determinations. My whole reckoning was a 97, which indicated with the primary reckoning entity 120 objects.

4. Taking this impost succored me beseem past assured of the contrariant techniques I conduct when influencing others. With my primary reckoning entity Persuasion, I fit that I’m past of a persuader when it afters to influencing others. This impost has besides illusioned me the areas where I’m dominionhither in, which is Positiveness. I do contemplation to operation on my Positiveness and beseem past positive when it’s wanted. According to (McShane & Von Glinow, 2018, page 220), “The team’s superintendership besides plays an material role, such as staying teamoperation rather than “star” living-souls and by valuing the team’s disagreement.”


What’s Your Furtherred Concriterion Handling Fashion? (Chapter 11)

1. The aim of this impost was to criterion my Concriterion Administration Fashion.

2. Yielding: 11, Compromising: 20, Coercioncing: 15, Bearing Solving: 20, Eschewing:4.

3. My reckonings indicated that I am a Bearing Clear-upr and Composer, which has the primary reckoning feasible in those brace areas. The proximate best concriterion solving tactic coercion me was Coercioncing, which illusions that I conduct unfeeling rule tactics/assertiveness to attain my avow practice. I reckoningd ordinary in the Yielding area, which media I usually don’t furnish in to others and their wishes. In Eschewing, I reckoningd sparing, which meant I usually never probe eschewing a concriterion seat.

4. I can manifestation this impost as a superintend to excite which concriterion administration fashion others and myself are using in fixed seats when there is a contest. I deem when there’s any contest, it’s best to compose the seat and to referpowerful attributpowerful attributpowerful attributpowerful probe eschewing it. Eschewing it solely gains it worse, calm?} there are calm?} benefits to that fashion that may be beneficial in fixed seats I may after over. According to (McShane & Von Glinow, 2018, page 313), “The concriterion eschewance fashion is repeatedly undignified becamanifestation it doesn’t explain the concriterion and may extension the other party’s exposure. However, eschewing may be the best skill where concriterion has beseem movingly steed or where concriterion conversion would absorb past than its benefits.” I handle that it is very material to recognize these fashions. Entity entirely assured of my concriterion resolving fashions is very material in any superintendership collocation.?

Do Superintenders Gain a Disagreement? (Chapter 12)

1. The aim of this impost was to succor me assess my beliefs abextinguished the rule if superintenders.

2. Whole reckoning: 47.

3. The flake rambles from 38-50. The feedback coercion my reckoning certain my reckoning was aloft medium. Vulgar with a lofty novel of superintendership deem that superintenders gain a disagreement in the organizations’’ prosperity. Vulgar with a lofty novel of superintendership reckoning deems the causes of organizational events magnanimously past to its superintenders and magnanimously hither to the husbanding, race and other factors over the superintender’s short-term restrain.

4. This impost has shavow me that I conduct a huge implying of the dominion of superintendership. According to (McShane & Von Glinow, 2018, page 336), “Leaders are enablers. They perfectocate resources, substitute operation relations, minimize superficial disruptions, and prove other operation environment changes that gain it easier coercion employees to terminate organizational superficials.” Withextinguished superintenders, perfectthing would be unorganized and unfeelinger coercion the employees. Having a dominionful, abiding superintender is very material as they sapex perfect the pieces contemporaneously coercion perfectone. I contemplation to manifestation the results of this impost, making abiding my restrainthhereafter race has a huge coercionm of superintendership. I succeed besides manifestation the results to abide fit my superintendership aptitudes and recognition.


What Organizational Founding Do You Further? (Chapter 13)

1. The aim of this impost was to succor admire the pattern of organizational founding in which I passign domiciled on my particularal wants and values.

2. My whole reckoning was a 40. Tperfect hierarchy: 14, Coercionmalization: 15, Centralization: 11.

3. My primary reckoning was in Coercionmalization, which indicated that I affect to operation in organizations’ where toils are evidently defined with poor wish. My proximate best reckoning was in Tperfect hierarchy, which illusions that I passign to operation in organizations with a sparing employee to supervisor narration. My last reckoning was in Centralization, which was medium, and it indicated that I passign to operation in organizations’ where determination making occurs principally natant apex administration, rather than unfurl extinguished to the sparinger flatten staff.

4. I contemplation to manifestation the results of this impost to gain rectify determinations. While I do deem that apex administration should gain most determinations, I do besides deem that the sparinger flatten staff should forge with the eminent-flatten staff, having brainstorming convocations perfect now and then and divide their input abextinguished the determinations entity made. Most of the times, making determinations as a team are best. As certain in (McShane & Von Glinow, 2018, page 239), “Brainstorming rules are reputed to succor irrelative opineing while minimizing evaluation instinct and other team dynamics bearings.” I deem if perfectundivided brainstorms and operation contemporaneously in making the punish determination in referpowerful attributpowerful attributpowerful attributpowerful perfect, calm?} most seats, perfectthing succeed conduct a neutralize. ?


McShane, S., & Von Glinow, M. (2018). Organizational demeanor (8th ed.). Boston, MA: McGraw-Hill.

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