Networking Technologies – Assignment

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Networking Technologies – Assignment

Netagoing Technologies – Ordinance 1 Marks: Worth 30% of the whole ace marks Attributable Occasion: Refer to Black Board Ace Schedule Objectives The palpable of this ordinance is to assess your construction of essential netagoing constituency and netproduct sketch concepts, and your ability to exercise them to skilled exercises using a implement (Packet Tracer). Learning Outcomes On problem of this ordinance novices should be effectual to: • ULO 2: Analyse and evaluate netproduct technologies and services using a layered adit and netproduct standards. • ULO 3: Restraintmuadvanced and analyse a netproduct sketch restraint feeble average deed networks. Preparation 1) This ordinance requires novices to fruit a Panopto video established on function instructions underneath. This ordinance requires video recording equipment such as a referableebook equipped with a camera, as

Netestablished Technologies – Ordinance 1
Marks: Worth 30% of the aggregate item marks Ascribable Era: Refer to Black Board Item Schedule
The conspicuous of this ordinance is to assess your construction of indispensconducive netestablished erection and netperformance pur-pose concepts, and your power to devote them to senseful exercises using a dupe (Packet Tracer).
Learning Outcomes
On tenor of this ordinance tyros should be conducive to:
• ULO 2: Analyse and evaluate netperformance technologies and services using a layered advance and netperformance standards.
• ULO 3: Restraintmutardy and analyse a netperformance pur-pose restraint feeble average execution networks.
1) This ordinance requires tyros to consequence a Panopto video installed on undertaking instructions under. This ordinance requires video recording equipment such as a referableebook equipped with a camera, as courteous as the software Panopto (in Blackboard). If required, you can hypothecate a laptop from the library.
2) You should be common with Panopto in Blackboard and Packet Tracer restraint this ordinance. It is recommended that you careamply ensue the Panopto instructions when surrenderting your performance. It is your function to surrender a video and a Packet Tracer (pkt) improve properly according to the instructions. Make strong you meritorious the ‘Panopto Tyro Video Meekness’ liberty as likenessn under. Otherwise, it gain referable be successamply surrenderted.
IMPORTANT: If you surrender your video via the evil-doing liberty it may stay the marking of your tribute and/or transfer to tardy penalties. It is the function of tyros to referable attributable attributablee these video instructions and to ensue them corkly. You can edit your meekness multiple ends preceding to the ascribable era.
3) Practice recording a lacking ends to retain amid the end time, and sense the rubric as a manage, as it gain be sensed restraint grading. Check here to gather how cohere videos if expedient. Visit the Panopto restraint Tyros intranet predicament restraint over media, and referable attributable attributablee the video in the meekness folder paying feature study to the direct Mashup dupe restraint meekness.
Note this video antecedently surrenderting your ordinance
You gain want to likeness footage of yourself completing each undertaking, as courteous as footage of the yourself indicative to the camera encircling each undertaking.
School of Science 1
Figure 1 Netperformance topology.
Undertaking 1 Netperformance Pur-pose and Plan
Pur-pose and fashion routers and assemblages in the netperformance by totalocating each IP haranguees in an divert and minimal refine (to maximise the frugal refines restraint coming sense) as likenessn in Figure 1 using Packet Tracer, and fulfill the connectivity amply performances counter the network.
Undertaking 2 Layer 2 Implementation and Resolution
In Subnet A, tabulate VLAN10 and VLAN 20 restraint 2 assemblages by totalocating each IP haranguees in an divert refine. Check connectivity amid the identical and unanalogous VLANs. Sense ‘Realtime’ edict in Packet Tracer to likeness the connectivity with ‘pinging’ using GUI with the router interfaces entity enabled and disabled. Analyse the results and expound why it was a ‘success’ or ‘failure’.
Undertaking 3 Layer 3 Evaluation
In Subnet B, absolved the ARP tconducive of contrivances, and ping from a assemblage in Subnet B to a assemblage in Subnet A. Evaluate and analyse how Layer 2 and Layer 3 haranguees (fountain and consignment) are tabulated in each network’s ingress and outlet interfaces. Restraint model, what harangue is radical at the router interfaces with Subnet A and B? Expound why.
Meekness Instructions
1) Surrender a unmarried video improve using Panopto. Only videos surrenderted via the Panopto Tyro Video Meekness gain be remarkable.
2) Attach your Packet Tracer (pkt) improve with amply fashiond and connectivity tested.
3) Upload the video improve to the Panopto tyro meekness coalesce in the Blackboard ordinances indivisibleity. Enstrong to ensue the Panopto tyro meeknesss steps careamply restraint auspicious and endly meekness.
4) The video wants to effect the tyro’s say and aspect over the shoulders. The tyro must to-boot hinder their tyro card up cork to the camera (so it is amply viewconducive to the marker) at the start of the recording to fulfill their indivisibley. If tyros accept inequitable issues with this death capacity, full continuity the item coordinator to argue this capacity.
5) Do referable sense stationary images or hideshots restraint semblance. Mosense change-of-place should be likenessn in the semblance using Packet Tracer.
6) Video prolixity must be 10 minutes or strikeher. No full more 10 minutes gain be remarkable 7) Referable attributable attributablee the video preceding to uploading to fulfill agreeable audio and video character.
If there are any points which are unclear, enstrong you continuity your lecturer preceding to the ordinance ascribable era.
Academic Integrity
Full enstrong that you accept completed the Academic Integrity Module in Blackboard and that you imply the expectations of the university in stipulations of citing conspicuous fountains and ensuring total indiconspicuous performance is yours and yours queer. It is constantly conjectured that uniformly you strike the Surrender pin on your ordinance, you imply and accept abided by total university expectations encircling Academic Integrity. Your ordinance is remarkable as such.
Rubric (Aggregate 30 marks)
Criteria Meritorious Very Good Good Fair Poor
9-10 7-8 5-6 3-4 0-2
Undertaking 1 Total planning and pur-pose capacitys accept been inhalation and/or exceeded. Nearly total planning and pur-pose aspects of capacitys accept been inhalation. A estimate of planning and pur-pose aspects of capacitys accept been inhalation.
Full advice of contrivances including Contrivance spectry, IP haranguees and interfaces has been displayed on the hide of Packet Tracer.
Topology amply authoritative. Planning and pur-pose capacitys accept been implemented to a basic roll.
Some advice referable conspicuous to the viewer. Lacking if any of the planning or pur-pose capacitys accept been attempted or implemented in a authoritative deportment. No contrivance or interaspect spectrys accept been likenessn on the hide. Topology referable performanceing.
Undertaking 2 Total VLAN connectivity has been auspicious with meritorious resolution. Inter and intra VLAN connectivity has been amply demonstrated including how L2 & L3 performance unanalogously. Connectivity amply authoritative with lacking issues in the resolution and semblance. L2 & L3 differences accept been amply demonstrated. Partial connectivity performances restraint Layer 3 interaspect with complimentary advice displayed and analysed. Simulation messages likenessn. Topology performances with short resolution and connectivity demonstrated. Simulation connectivity messages referable likenessn. Connectivity referable performanceing restraint the subnet. Short form.
Undertaking 3 Meritorious evaluation has been demonstrated counter total aspects of the capacitys. Layer 2 & 3 haranguees of fountain and consignment accept been demonstrated and evaluated in total networks. A very drastic evaluation has been demonstrated counter most of the capacitys. Comprehensive sense of Layer 2&3 haranguees at some netperformance interfaces. A generally probe evaluation has been conducted counter a estimate of the capacitys. Layer 2&3 haranguees referable analysed. A very basic evaluation has been presented counter some of the capacitys. No Simulation messages (ARP & ICMP) accept been likenessn. Lacking if any of the evaluation capacitys accept been attempted or demonstrated. Connectivity referable performanceing among the subnets.
School of Science 3


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