NUR 4636L Patient Genetic and Genomics Interview and Education Part

Unrepining Genetic and Genomics Interobject and Advice Padroitness 1
Medications and supplements somesingle portico sertraline (Zoloft) should avoid
Unrepining Genetic and Genomics Interobject and Advice Padroitness 1
Medications and supplements somesingle portico sertraline (Zoloft) should avoid

Unrepining Genetic and Genomics Interobject and Advice Padroitness 1
Medications and supplements somesingle portico sertraline (Zoloft) should avoid
Unrepining Genetic and Genomics Interobject and Advice Padroitness 1
Medications and supplements somesingle portico sertraline (Zoloft) should avoid

Succession Title: Similarity Soundness Nursing Practicum
Number: NUR 4636L
Schedule: Monday – Friday TBA
Term: Spring 2021 – Semester 2213
Credits: 3 Merits
Preceptor Counsel
Marie Etienne, DNP, APRN, FNP, PNP, PLNC
Benjamin Leon School of Nursing – RN-BSN Program
Office Location: 2309
Telephone: (305) 237-4288 Cell: 305-731-7976
(Students, gladden recperfect to set-on-foot the convey entreat of the 30 merits securityraint NUR 3997
at the object/substance of this succession)
“Attributeffectual to the propose birth, the gratuity procure be machineing separation amelioration orders to perfectow
students to uninterruptedness their clinical trials. A constructive clinical practicum procure prepare amelioration
instrument utilizing straightforward and instraightforward amelioration adroitnessifice trials to extobject aggravateperfect program extrinsics
successfully. These trials learn constructive scenarios in which the learner procure be laageblushing to various
situations to reach acquaintance and the skills to produce multifsenile-antique decisions. Learners in this succession procure so
share in synchronous and incontemporaneous sessions that procure learn written practices, skills inoculation,
skills pretence by learners, and debriefing to evaluate succession competencies.”
Succession Description
This succession nucleuses on the clinical impression of Similarity Soundness Nursing Supposition. Learners procure utilize
the nursing way in the propose of soundnessregard amid the similarity environment. Learners procure assess
the local, nativity, and similarity, enlarge a contrivance of regard, and entrust regard to an local, nativity and
similarity amid a multicultural envi-ronment. Minimum walk of “C” or emobject required. Co-requisite:
NUR 4636. (144 hr. Practicum)
Succession Competencies: Upon substance of the succession, the learner procure be commoditiesual to:
1. Integralot literal and hypothetical concepts to similarity soundness nursing trial by:
a. Fulfilling reprimand reordinary similarity soundness models in a global adjust.
b. Of gregarious soundness concepts to the trial and propose of soundnessregard in the similarity.
c. Conveyring the hypothetical role of the authoritative reprimand to the similarity enhancement.
2. Nucleus on the interdependences betwixt supposition, testimony-domiciled trial, and advice as
they detail to similarity soundness nursing in a global similarity by:
a. Examining epidemiological concepts as they detail to global soundness.
b. Justifying the reprimand’s role as an preceptor, counselor, stayer and veer sovereign in the
c. Integraloting testimony-domiciled principles of to similarity soundness nursing.
3: Convey hypothetical concepts of ethnicity and amelioration in the food of nursing regard in the
similarity enhancement by:
a. Assessing cultural differences by utilizing solid machines.
b. Documenting duty findings.
c. Utilizing duty findings season providing culturally suiteffectual regard.
d. Evaluating the contrivance of regard securityraint virtue in a chosen population.
4. Convey concepts of similarity duty, contrivancening, advice season promoting soundness
and cultivating qualification by:
a. Negotiating with similarity leaders to direct chosen underserved classs in the
b. Educating the consumer on using availeffectual similarity instrument.
c. Benefiting the consumer to stray through the soundness regard regularity.
5. Evaluate virtue, vestibuleibility and tendency of indivisible and population domiciled soundness
regard utilitys by:
a. Locating solid soundness succorment programs amid a chosen similarity.
b. Comparing disadjust wayes and provisions occurring in underserved populations as
specified by Soundnessy Crowd 2020 indicators.
c. Examining the virtue of solid programs in confronting the Soundnessy Crowd 2020
Collegewide Learner Amelioration Quenchedcomes:
Upon substance of a program of con-aggravate at the Medical Campus, graduates from Miami Dade Propaganda
should compete these quenchedcomes. Portioicipants in the similarity soundness practicum procure solder perfect 10 of
these quenchedcomes in their trials season in this succession.
1. Adjoin potently using registerening, symbolical, balbutiation, and letter skills.
2. Portraiture ascititious analytical skills to evaluate and way numerical basis.
3. Solve amounts using nice and supposititious imagineing and philosophical reasoning.
4. Securityraintmulate strategies to fix, evaluate, and integralot counsel.
5. Advise acquaintance of various ameliorations, including global and literal perspectives.
6. Create strategies that can be portraitublushing to dewonder indivisible, oppidan, and gregarious responsibilities.
7. Advise acquaintance of intellectual imagineing and its impression to objects in adjust.
8. Portraiture computer and emerging technologies potently.
9. Advise an sentiment securityraint aesthetics and supposititious activities.
10. Recount how regular regularitys padroitness and hold the touch of humans on the environment.
*We procure disround amelioration quenchedcomes #1, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, and #10 in this succession.
Requiblushing Textbooks:
Constructive Trials from
Clark, M., (2015). Population and similarity soundness nursing (6th ed.). Philadelphia, PA. Pearson
Education, Inc. ISBN-13:978-0133859591
Clark, M. J. (2015). Similarity soundness nursing (Duty integralusion influence) (6 th ed.).
Upper Saddle River, N. J.: Pearson/Prentice Hall. ISBN-13:978-0132404006
U. S. Branch of Soundness and Human Utilitys. Soundnessy crowd 2020:
Intellect and decent soundness. Washington, DC: U.S. Branch of Soundness
and Human Utilitys. Behsenile-antique webaspect securityraint your local population info.
Recommended Textbooks:
American Psychological Association. (2010). Gregariousation Manual of the American
Psychological Association (6th ed.). Washington, DC: American Psychological
Anderson, E. T. & McFarlane, J. (2008). Similarity as portioner: Supposition and trial in
nursing (5th ed.). Philadelphia: Wolters-Kluwer/Lippincott Procureiams & Wilkins.
Friis, R. H. & Sellers, T. A. (2009). Epidemiology securityraint gregarious soundness trial (4th ed.).
Sudbury, Massachusetts: Jones and Bartlett.
Lowstein, A. J., Foord-May, L. & Romano, J.C. (2009). Direction strategies securityraint soundness
advice and soundness succorment: Performanceing with unrepinings, families, and communities.
Sudbury, Massacusetts: Jones and Bartlett.
*Note: Recommended texts are on modesty in the Miami Dade Propaganda Medical
Campus 2nd base library.
Succession Requirements
1. Enlarge indivisible amelioration extrinsics securityraint the similarity practicum trial.
2. Portioicipate in the succession discourses.
3. Portioicipate in assigned clinical practicum constructive activities.
4. Written daily lifes of similarity trials. (Behsenile-antique Practicum Zealot securityraint exalt counsel or
5. Enlarge and propose a direction contrivance (s). Cite at smallest 4-6 apt EBP life doctrines as
6. Enlarge a Genetic and Genomic Duty and Direction contrivance.
7. Consummate perfect evaluative documentation, including the Midterm and Latest Self- evaluation.
8. Return on how the succession activities touched your object of the role of the authoritative reprimand in
primary/similarity enhancement.
Grading Criteria:
Provision Provision Percentage
Discussions x 5 10%
Life Entries x 10 30%
Goals and Extrinsics 5%
Genetics and Genomics Padroitness 1 20%
Similarity Soundness Direction contrivance 20%
Genetics and genomics Padroitness 2 10%
Midterm Clinical evaluation 5%
Latest Clinical evaluation 5%
Cogitation Tract 5%
Entirety 100%
Layer Grading:
93-100% A
85-92% B
77-84% C
69-76% D
Under 69% F
In adjust to trackment, learners must obtain a walk of “C” or eminent in consummate nursing succession requiblushing this
Clinical Calendar Proposed Influenceline securityraint Activities/
Discussions or Balbutiation Provisions
1 Mandatory Orientation
Dissequence 1
Introduce yourself and mention me environing coming contrivances
and how enlargeing acquaintance environing population
soundness can succor you object those objects,
Overobject of Succession requirements.
Constructive Practicum Orientation. Reobject of
succession syllabus.
2 The Guard: Windshield Scrutinize-A Similarity
Duty Manoeuvre: Downthold Promise
Dissequence 2 CC2.a
Gladden vestibule the coercionthcoming
Debate how the coercionthcoming ingredients detail
to the truth of neglect in America. Gladden,
write a two to three stipulation discourse,
citing your sources, and corcorrespond to at
smallest single of your classmates with a
meaningful repartee.
1. Subjugation
2. Disadvantaged Areas
3. Performance- and Employment-Related
4. Bankruptcy of Adequate Soundness and Polite-manneredbeing
5. Instrument
6. Stigma & Shame
7. Gregarious Isolation
8. Unrecognized Voice & Portioicipation
9. The Struggle
Life Record #1.CC1.a
(Gladden behsenile-antique straightforwardions in each life entries.
There are local scrutinys securityraint each life
1. Recount the nice attributes that
designate a similarity.
2. Drawingate similarity soundness and objects of
similarity soundness trial.
3. Recount grave, upshotant and
tertiary levels of obstruction.
4. What is the role of the authoritative
reprimand in the similarity enhancement?
3 Constructive Confronting
Constructive Adroitnessifices
The Guard: Nativity as Client: Gregarious Soundness
The Pediatric Unrepining
Behsenile-antique the videos in the succession
Screening securityraint Trauma 1 and 2
Debate your indivisible objects and extrinsics securityraint
the succession.
Life Record #2 CC3.c
Gladden consummate the activities securityraint this week
including the guard and defense the coercionthcoming in
your life?
1. Are some commodities past unnatural by
infringement than others?
2. Can you advise past environing the
interdependence betwixt infringement and
aggressive demeanor?
3. Can you surrender ins on how to
vestibule commodities reputed of abuse?
Constructive Adroitnessifice
The Guard: Intimate Portioner Infringement and
Elder Abuse: Heights Shelter
Simulation: Confabulationing a prey of domestic
Skills Trial: A Settlement Visit Adroitnessifice
This is a adroitnessifice play that promotes the
impression of acquaintance and skills detaild to
establishing a curative reprimand-client
interdependence and completing a moral soundness
assessment. You procure bear the turn to
do the primitive interobject of the prey of
domestic infringement in her settlement. This is an
interactive plight in which you are going to
interact with the prey by search her
questions and the prey procure interact with
you categorically or negatively according to your
choice of scrutinys or comments. The plight
takes approximately 30 minutes, at the object
you are going to consummate a message of your
message abilities gladden preserve the PDF
and fasten the PDF to your weekly returnive
Life Record#3 CC4.b
First, wonder up securityraint the playing adroitnessifice and vestibule
the coercionthcoming plight
Succor : go to the guard and do
The Guard: Intimate Portioner Infringement and
Elder Abuse: Heights Shelter
Defense the coercionthcoming scrutinys:
1. What is the role of the reprimands play
in the similarity enhancement to benefit
women and commodities preys of
abportraiture and infringement?
2. Do you imagine reprimands demand past
making-ready on how to benefits these
women and commodities?
3. Gladden prepare in of
strategies that can be portraitublushing to benefit
these women and commodities?
5 Intellectual Demeanor in Nursing
Wait Miss Evers’ Boys @
Indivisible objects & extrinsics attributeffectual (see
syllabus securityraint straightforwardions).
Life record #4 CC2.b
1. Why do you imagine the filmmakers
began the movie with the Florence
Nightingale hypothecate?
2. How did Reprimand Evers sanction or violate
this Using the ANA Code of Ethics,
debate at smallest 2 sections of the Code
and how Reprimand Evers acted amid or
violated those
3. What advice would you propose Reprimand
Evers if she asked how you would bear
handled her birth?
6 Constructive Confronting with zealot
Constructive Adroitnessifice
The reprimand role in the Opioid crisis
In this adroitnessifice, you are going to investigate
the regard of the unrepining experiencing addictions
and the reprimand repartee.
Gladden wait the adroitnessifice in the succession
Read the coercionthcoming:
Unrepining Genetic and Genomics Confabulation
and Advice Padroitness 1 CC5.b
Life record #5 CC4.b
After completing the activities gladden defense
the coercionthcoming in your life:
1. What is the most potent manoeuvre securityraint
matter of OUD unrepinings?
2. Indicate despiceffectual barriers to obtaining
and providing potent OUD matter
3. Quenchedline ways that a collaborative regard
model can emobject unrepining quenchedcomes
and what procure be the role of the reprimand in
the similarity enhancement.
7 Constructive Adroitnessifice
Disturbance Legislation
Turbulent Sky
The Guard: Gregarious Soundness Nursing and PostDisturbance Recovery: Bucolic Flood Zone
Unrepining Genetic and Genomics Confabulation
and Advice Padroitness 2 CC4.c
Life Record #6 CC1.b
The Role of a Reprimand in a Disturbance Event
The similarity soundness reprimand strives to
promote similarity resilience and succors to
prevent the possibility of disorder and injury
during disturbance events.
Obstruction and Desuetude
The roles of a similarity soundness reprimand (CHN)
during the obstruction and desuetude wayes
of Disturbance Legislation are as prospers:
1. Returning on the adroitnessifice, debate
the role of the reprimand in the obstruction
and desuetude of Disturbance legislation.
2. Gladden surrender ins of obstruction and
desuetude in disturbance legislation?
Dissequence 3 CC2.c
Choose any subject in Holistic Medicine which
interests you and would be of reprimand to your
colleagues. Subjects such as herbs,
acupuncture, coining, intermittent fasting,
water fasting, Keto viands, Mongolian tea, urine
therapy, petition governeseeing
Gladden consummate the genetics and genomic
duty and direction. This is adroitness of your
straightforward clinical hours and procure be portraitublushing to
evaluate your clinical competencies in the
midterm evaluation.
Research your holistic/opinion soundness
trial or matter, learn:
1. Drawingate/recount trial
2. What the claims or benefits of the
3. What are the causes or aspect property?
4. Research doctrines on the subject?
5. What is the availability and consume?
6. How can the reprimand portraiture this
9 Direction proposeation tenders attributable.
Constructive Adroitnessifice
The Guard: Plight Legislation: Transitions of
Care: Grave Regard Clinic
(The limits securityraint direction proposeation are to be
discussed with your zealot and classmates)
Life Record#7 CC4.a
Grave regard is the rudiments of our soundness
regard regularity and quantitative to emobject soundness
outcomes, inferior consumes, and soundnessier families
and communities.
It is:
 The primitive guard of regard
 Capacious, discourseing perfect that
contributes to a peculiar’s soundness and
 The regard that prospers a peculiar from
childhood through senile-antique era
 Coordination of regard opposing enhancements and
1. What are the canvasss to reprimands who
are publicly beholdn as having less
authority than doctors in the decisionmaking way detaild to unrepining regard
in grave regard?
2. Does this sight extension unrepining
negative quenchedcomes?
3. Does literal stereotypes that
influence ordinary demeanors?
4. What would resembling firm in an
inter-authoritative team appear affect?
Constructive Adroitnessifice
Communicating with the Unrepining in Crisis
Gladden do the coercionthcoming imulation
Communicating with colleagues
Dissequence 4
This week’s dissequence learns waiting a
near video environing a nursing birth
patent lucid by Montgomery Propaganda at . After
Life Record #8 CC1.c
1. Return on your constructive clinical
2. Advise your unrepining’s medical
3. Recount your interaction with the
4. Was there anything that surprised you
or anything you would do differently?
5. What is your aggravateperfect reaction to
viewing the video using the coercionthcoming
mnemonic to disround the nursing birth:
D – Recount the demeanor
E – Advise the commodities of the demeanor
S – Narreprimand the desiblushing quenchedcome
C – Consequence: assert what procure fintegral if the
demeanor continues
Some authoritatives excellent to memorize the
keywords under at representing this model
becaportraiture it surrenders them a consonant texture to
D When . . .
E I handle . . . because…
S Therefore, I neglect/demand …
C So that …
Now in your dissequence defense the coercionthcoming
questions and defense at smallest single of your
classmate’s posting.
1. What emotions did you experiencing
season waiting the adroitnessifice?
2. Did you price that imbitter?
Frustration? Disappointment? played a
role in the disruptive demeanor?
3. What relation do you imagine led to these
4. What facts do you bear that stay
this relation?
5. Can you remention this relation using the
testimony that you bear?
6. What counsel is damage?
6. Gladden learn the PDF substance
11 The Guard: Settlement Safety and the Aging
Adult: Elderly Client’s Settlement
Life Record#9 CC3.d
Gladden go to
Settlement Safety and the Aging Adult: Elderly
Client’s Settlement
1. Do the aging population bear especial
needs? If so, can you recount single
birth that deserves custody?
2. Procure you fulfill an testimony-based
nursing interposition to disround the
object verified as of deep weight?
3. How would you machine the
12 Constructive Adroitnessifice
Regard of the Transgender Unrepining
Life Record#10 CC5.a
After waiting the video. Gladden return in the
forthcoming scrutinys:
Subject Excellentions securityraint Direction Contrivances/presentations-Suggestions:
Please, appeal to the coercionthcoming documents to fulfill a likely subject securityraint the Direction
1. Behsenile-antique Soundnessy Crowd 2020 register of detaild federal legislation initiative amounts to be remedied securityraint
your era class.
2. Behsenile-antique the JCAHO register of Safety Amounts securityraint this year.
3. Speak with your zealot and portioicularize Tendency Emendment Contrivances beneficial, Incident
Reports securityraint the terminal year.
4. Do a demands scrutinize of your classmates to portioicularize their sight of what they neglect to learn?
1. When caring securityraint unrepinings who are
transgender, the primitive step is securityraint the
healthregard authoritative to self-reflect:
2. “Do I bear a immanent bias inside a
unrepining who is lesbian, gladsome, bisexual, or
3. why Transgender locals may
delay beholdking soundnessregard ?
13 The Guard: Correctional Dexterity Nursing:
Promise Heights Jail
Dissequence 5 CC5.b
These latest scrutinys are an aggravateperfect evaluation
of what you scholarly environing Similarity/Public
Soundness Nursing throughquenched the succession.
1. How has this succession succoblushing you grow
personally and authoritatively?
2. What did you coercionebeware from this succession?
3. How did the succession confront or referable attributeffectual attributeffectual attributeffectual attributeffectual attributeffectual attributeffectual confront
your coercioneseeations?
4. What procure you catch separeprimand with you in
conditions of conducting Genetics and
genomics duty and
advice and preparing a direction
5. Do you handle that you bear strengthened
your skills in preparing a proposeation
to the similarity?
6. If so, how?
7. If referable attributeffectual attributeffectual attributeffectual attributeffectual attributable, how could the succession bear emend
met your demands?
14 Similarity Direction Proposeations CC5.a Returnion Tract Attributeffectual CC5.b
15 Similarity Direction Proposeations CC5.a Succession Latest Evaluation, Constructive confronting with
zealot to evaluate substance of succession
16 Constructive confronting with zealot to evaluate
substance of succession requirements.
Succession Latest Evaluation, Constructive confronting with
zealot to evaluate substance of succession
Note: Your zealot must promote perfect direction subjects precedent to initiating a subject
The coercionthcoming is a register of suggested misapply contrivances/activities:
1. Poster.
2. Plays.
3. Bulletin boards.
4. Videos.
5. Flyers.
Students may collaboreprimand on a direction & amelioration contrivance. Approval of any flexure contrivance procure be at the
discretion of your clinical preceptor. However, each learner must succumb their hold testimony of active
partnership in the making-ready, propose, and evaluation of the contrivance. To consummate merit, learners must be
propose on the day of the proposeation.
The proposeation procure evaluate on creativity, objectment of amelioration extrinsics, coercionm, evaluation,
and conformnce to the season gain perfectowed by your zealot
Guidelines securityraint Clinical Provisions
Assignments-Perfect written provisions securityraint the succession procure be succumbted and walkd by your clinical
instructor. Perfect written documents must be idead double-spaced, in a 12-point, New Seasons Roman font
using the APA securityraintmat. Four to six (4-6) testimonyd-domiciled integralusions must be learnd in direction contrivances
or as per your zealot’s RUBRIC.
Indivisible Objects & Extrinsics-Each learner is requiblushing to succumb at smallest single object and at smallest 3
typewritten indivisible demeanoral extrinsics to his/her clinical gratuity. Precedent to the attributeffectual limit, a drain copy
may be surrendern to your clinical zealot securityraint corrections and/or clarification. Perfect extrinsics must be
finalized by the object of the third week of clinical. Demeanoral extrinsics may be in the sensitive, affective,
and psychomotor domains. Single or past of each is excellentable. Document in latest lifes whether your
goals and extrinsics securityraint the semester were objectd.
The Big Object
To enlarge the Objects and Extrinsics securityraint the Similarity Direction contrivance prospers the coercionthcoming steps:
1. Analyze the amount or the object
2. Find quenched what is causing institution, and tame the object dhold into its rudiments “Patients with
3. Verified the Stakeholders (‘guide players’ or deep stakeholders and canvass them to be padroitness of the
project) “Talk to the Diabetes preceptor,”
4. Comprehobject your tarconsummate class ( a class, securityraint in, immatures with idea I DM)
5. Learn the characteristics of your tarconsummate class “recently diagnosed diabetes unrepining” “Premenopausal women at caverification securityraint diabetes.”
6. Portioicularize the objects and extrinsics
7. Portioicularize the upshot you neglect from your similarity advice contrivance. Drawingate this in conditions of a
goal, adviceal extrinsics, and desiblushing quenchedcomes
8. The object or guard of your contrivance is a expansive declaration of what you neglect to object
Example: My object this semester is to enlarge an adviceal contrivance to benefit newly diagnosed diabetic
patients in managing their sustentation and glucose monitoring.”
Designate your adviceal extrinsics in conditions of the acquaintance, skills, reprimands, beliefs, and trials you
neglect the tarconsummate class to adopt to object the object.
Educational extrinsics:
At the object of the contrivance, portioicipants procure:
1. verbalized extensiond acquaintance and intellect of the diabetes disadjust way.
2. be commoditiesual to fulfill the wonders and symptoms of hyper and hypoglycemia.
3. be commoditiesual to fulfill solutions to the environmoral touchs
4. enlarge an sentiment securityraint glycemic viands and the weight of monitoring dignity glucose.
5. portraiture of the American Diabetes Association influencelines securityraint dignity glucose coerce.
Dewonder your adviceal contrivance (domiciled on testimony)
1. Produce an action contrivance and machine it
2. Evaluate the extrinsics by testing or scrutinizeing the acquaintance and positions of the portioicipants
concerning the objects.
Consider This:
1. Local: Unobstructedly narreprimand the object, the tarconsummate class, the season and attribute of the temper.
2. Measurable: Be unobstructed in the extrinsic of what procure be veerd and by how greatly. Enhancement this
clearly at the set-on-foot produces it easier to evaluate: In of a measureffectual object “amid the direct six
weeks, I procure enlarge a soundness literacy program securityraint at-caverification of discorporation diabetic unrepinings in the
community. I procure scrutinize at the object of the program, 80% of portioicipants procure defense at smallest five
questions truly in the scrutinize.”
3. Achievable: Be realistic environing what the contrivance objects in conditions of the layer/scope of what is
being executed, season, and instrument beneficial.
4. Apt: Extrinsics demand to detail to and be apt to the objects. Recperfect extrinsics are the
erection blocks/steps inside confronting the objects
5. Season Local: Be unobstructed in the extrinsics environing the seasongain in which the program/activities, as
well-manneblushing as coercioneseeed veers, procure catch attribute
Recperfect that the security of the succession procure be portraitublushing to shape your object by having a unobstructed object.
1. Object declarations “identify” the local tarconsummate class and prepare the “what” counsel as distinct
from the “how” the object procure be objectd or when it procure after environing.
2. Extrinsics are the erection blocks or steps insides achieving a program’s objects. Extrinsics are
local and expressive declarations that narreprimand who procure produce what veer, by how greatly, where, and
by when.
Identifies the tarconsummate class
States the upshot (change)
Specifies the stage of veer in measureffectual conditions (degree)
Identifies when the procure fintegral (time)
Cogitation Lifes-Students are requiblushing to deeptain a written life of their activities amid the
constructive clinical area. The life should learn confronting twain the succession and your indivisible object (s) and
Daily Life securityraintmat: Gladden prosper the securityraintmat and grading rubric securityraint each returnion life. Each
life is singular, and the object is to nicely imagine environing objects that are pivotal in the role of the
similarity soundness reprimand. Returnions must advise a elevated stage of nice imagineing in integraloting,
analyzing, and evaluating guide succession concepts and theories from balbutiations, lectures, media, discourses
activities, and/or provisions. Recognitionful and apt joinions are made through contextual
explanations, inferences, and ins. Opinionfulness is advised by conveying brawny testimony of
cogitation on hold performance with a indivisible repartee to the self-duty scrutinys posed. Advises
significant indivisible augmentation and awareness of deeper signification through inferences made ins, polite-mannered
patent lucid recognitions, and tangible profundity in sights and canvasss. Synthesizes ordinary trial
into coming implications.
1 guard 2 guard 3 guards
Rudimentary and imperfect. No
partition or recognition is displayed.
Tangible counsel
(describes) except bankruptcys either the
recognition or divorceition.
Rich in satisfied. Ful of opinion,
insight, and divorceition.
Dissequence Board Provision
Class portioicipation is an grave coercioneseeation of this succession. Learners are coercioneseeed to propose comments,
questions, and replies to the dissequence scrutiny that has been posed as polite-mannered-manneblushing as to classmate postings.
Students are coercioneseeed to actively portioicipate in EACH dissequence throughquenched the semester.
Evaluation of Provision:
Postings procure be evaluated on the tendency of the postings and the stage that the postings promote
dissequence with classmates. Portioicipation on 5 securityraintums is and postings procure be evaluated per securityraintum on the
under layer. Learners can obtain the 5 subjoined guards by showing amiable exertion to engera classmates in
dissequence comparing activities dsingle on other walkd provisions. PA influencelines and integralusions are a
requirement. The dissequence provision procure be price a entirety of 2 guards.
0 guards 1 guard 2 guards
Minimal repartee to the
question. No integralusions or
meaningful repartee to
Post repartee to the scrutinys.
Except does referable attributeffectual attributeffectual attributeffectual attributeffectual attributeffectual attributeffectual comprehobject integralusions
or the repartee to classmate is
Posting largely discoursees the
module scrutiny and stimulates
at smallest single tangible prosperup posting. APA and integralusions
are propose.
The coercionthcoming is a register from which a subject may be chosen securityraint your proposeation(s). These are only
suggestions, you may bear another area that you may neglect to investigate ; these proposeations procure be
incontemporaneous in the securityraintm of Blackboard video, zoom, skype, or any other separation amelioration technique:
 Global adjust
 Cultural competence
 Soundness succorment-exercise, sustentation, disadjust obstruction, immunizations, polite-manneredness, affinity, Breast
& cervical cancer screening; moral soundness
 Environmoral safety
 Similarity qualification
 Regard of families
 Regard of populations-soundness disparities
 Child and immature demands
 Soundness demands of men or women-sexual and reproductive soundness
 Soundness demands of senile-antiqueer adults
 Confronting the demands of the settlementless
 Settlement regard
 School client regard
 Performance enhancement client regard
 Correctional client regard
 Communiceffectual disorders-TB, STD’s, HIV/AIDS
 Substance Abuse-Alcohol, tobacco, drugs, governeseeing.
 Moral Soundness client demands
 Societal infringement
 Substantial soundness amounts
 Urban and bucolic regard
 Disturbance regard
 Similarity instrument
Similarity Soundness Direction Contrivance
This provision procure be succumbted in 2 portios. The learner procure quenchedline a Similarity Soundness Contrivance and
Soundness Advice Lesson Contrivance securityraint his/her similarity and machine this in his/her similarity.
Students procure portraiture the coercionthcoming steps to securityraintmulate a similarity soundness nursing contrivance.
First, the learner procure succumb a two-pera tender that prospers APA integralusion securityraintmat.
The steps are quenchedlined under:
1. Duty: Assess a targeted population in your similarity to behsenile-antique what demands to exist. This is dsingle by
researching soundness basis securityraint your population. Produce real you excellent and drawingate your similarity by referable attributeffectual attributeffectual attributeffectual attributeffectual attributableing
the hirelation of your similarity.
2. Capture a represent of your chosen similarity. What are the paramount statistics of your similarity? Imagine
environing socioeconomic statistics. What are the vital causes of fall? What disorderes or disorders are
propose in your similarity? Do citizens in your similarity bear comfortable vestibule to grave regard? What are
the most ordinary soundness amounts in your similarity?
3. Securityraintmulate a similarity soundness nursing diagnosis detaild to this soundness demand, domiciled on this basis, what are
the strengths and demands of your similarity?
4. Contrivance similarity interposition. Ask yourself if this procure bear a real soundness touch in the drawingated
population? How do you comprehend?
5. Machineation. Create an adviceal proposeation that procure disround the most grave demands of your
population. The proposeation must be crystallized with your preceptor. The preceptor procure attobject your
gift constructively or in peculiar.
6. Evaluation: How would you evaluate your interposition
Examples securityraint the contrivance: Soundness screening, soundness advice, consummateting a aspectwalk or gym or rec. center
built, prepare car seats securityraint commodities in neglect areas, dewonder and after-school-program securityraint at caverification learners,
prepare inoculation to inmates or correctional dexterity staff on contamination coerce, constitute a settlement visitation
restraint at-caverification teen moms, direction sustentational cooking to moms receiving WIC, slip in a communicable
disadjust quenchedtame birth, enlarge a disturbance contrivance, STD/HIV diminution reprimand program in a local
population, extension immunization reprimands in school-era commodities, Safety (texting season driving)(car
seats)(firearm)(summer), hollow screening of propaganda learners, assessing client atonement with
gregarious soundness utilitys, fleshiness obstruction, sustentation programs, substantial affinity programs, marketing
prenatal regard, CHIP (similarity soundness emendment contrivance), direction parents opinion discipline
methods, tobacco intermission, governeseeing.
Rating Criteria Amiable 10 guards Proficient 15 guards Distinguished 20
How the chosen
demonstrates they bear
deficient acquaintance
regarding the subject.
Performs demands
assessment. Establishes
barriers to successful
Performs demands
assessment. Portioially
identifies misapply demands.
Partially portioicularizes
amelioration fashion.
Identifies barriers to
successful amelioration.
Performs demands
assessment. Fulfill
misapply demands.
Determines excellentred
amelioration fashion.
Establishes knack to
What is the amount or
needs of the chosen
Shows that the deep
amount is referable attributeffectual attributeffectual attributeffectual attributeffectual attributable
The deep amount is
verified except divorceition
is referable attributeffectual attributeffectual attributeffectual attributeffectual attributeffectual attributeffectual largely enlargeed.
Partition is largely
develop. It shows with
testimony the
weight of the deep
verified objects.
Always: the portioicipant
Object securityraint direction is
Object securityraint direction is
identified. Extrinsics
are recurrent.
Object securityraint direction is
verified with unobstructed
and measureffectual objects.
Contrivance Order
How you procure advise the
population, rationale is
philosophical testimony that
this counsel was
taken from a reliable
source and procure advise
why direction this procure
succor succor
Determines order of
presentation. Fulfill
requiblushing embodieds.
Reflects on direction
needs of the unrepining.
Fulfill where direction
procure catch attribute. Fulfill
requiblushing embodieds.
Synthesizes unrepining
needs and chosen
order of proposeation.
Fulfill required
materials. Fulfill
where direction procure
catch attribute.
Create real amelioration
lesson/direction contrivance
supported by philosophical
Local Satisfied: the
embodied you procure advise
the class or population.
Identifies minimal
direction demands of the
Identifies perfect likely
direction guards.
Considers most
potent vestibule securityraint
the class.
Manages a real
amelioration environment.
Lesson/direction contrivance is
supported by philosophical
Direction is drawinged to
object desired
How the unrepining
understood each padroitness of
the satisfied. how you
realized the class
understood. (Example:
class members
regarding _____)
virtue of
direction contrivance.
virtue of
direction contrivance with
patient-centeblushing nucleus.
virtue of
direction contrivance with
patient-centeblushing nucleus.
Revise contrivance as demanded.
The proposeation
includes visual aids that
are irrelevant,
disorganized, and with
very trivial appealing.
Visual machines are portraitured
except there are rare and
encourera minimal
Visual machines are
supposititious and succor
Oral Proposeation Minimal portioicipation
read the PowerPoint,
monotonous. Bankruptcys
organization, does referable attributeffectual attributeffectual attributeffectual attributeffectual attributable
encourera veer.
Appears imperilled and
conveys bankruptcy of caring.
The proposeer speaks
clearly except fails to portraiture
eyes touch or
Presenter is adroitnessiculate
and acquaintanceable
Gift deep
points are unobstructed and
well-manneblushing enlargeed,
counsel is
thoughtful, constituted,
and encourera the
participant to
contemplate demeanoral
Unrepining Genetic and Genomics Interobject and Advice Padroitness 1
To assess a unrepining’s genetic cause, you must learn the interdependence of genetics and genomics to
health, obstruction, screening, matter, and monitoring. E This is a two-padroitness provision whose object
is to succor you enlarge your abilities to integralot genetics and genomic counsel season providing unrepining
Purpose: Portraiture a deceptive genetic descent from serene nativity hirelation counsel to fulfill a cause
profile and enlarge a contrivance of regard, including unrepining advice and appealral.
Before you set-on-foot this contrivance go and register securityraint the G3C (Global Genetics and Genomics Similarity)
amelioration entrance The aspect is playing and has interactive plights that
advise how genetic and genomics embody to soundness and disorder. Throughquenched each unrepining scenario, there
are embodys to instrument and supplemoral adviceal activities to open upon genetic/genomic amelioration
concepts. At the object of each unrepining face, learners are prompted to produce a instruction to their
“patient” and are assessed opposing multiple domains such as caverification duty, nativity narrative, and unrepining
medical narrative. There are 17 plights, and you can consummate CEs securityraint the activities.
Padroitness 1:
a. Choose single plight in the and consummate the temper, gladden succumb the
message surrendern at the object of the temper.
b. Excellent a unrepining that you can interobject constructively. Set up a season and hush season, go aggravate with the unrepining
environing confidentiality, and advise that no identifieffectual counsel procure be portraitublushing in this provision.
c. Go to the Center securityraint Disadjust Coerce “My Nativity Soundness Portrait: A machine from the Surgeon Public
d. Collect a client’s indivisible and three-generation nativity soundness hirelation to assess securityraint genomic ingredients that
touch the client’s soundness ( Preserve the created Nativity Soundness Narrative, gladden, portraiture imaginary indicates, except keep
the security of the counsel servile).
e. Fulfill genetic and genomic ingredients amid serene hirelation and that conduce to disorder and/or soundness
f. Fulfill objects in this unrepining-connected to each of the coercionthcoming: Financial/Socioeconomics, Cultural,
Religious, and Lifestyle.
g. Fulfill intellectual/legal concepts detaild to this unrepining. Learn concepts Genetics/Genomics Nursing
h. Fulfill the deep canvass with this unrepining and verified likely strategies to aggravateafter this canvass
i. Message your findings in a three-pera message including the three-generation Map using APA influencelines
Grading Rubric
Rating Criteria Demands Emendment
10 guards
15 guards
20 guards
Descent Construction Learner learnd most
basis from nativity members
except is damera basis from
some locals. Trait of
intesecurity is unobstructedly
diagramed in the
Learner learnd 3 or
past generations using
standardized symbols
and terminology OR the
U.S. Surgeon Public’s
My Nativity Soundness Portrait
Learner learnd 3 or
past generations using
standardized symbols
and terminology OR the
U.S. Surgeon Public’s
My Nativity Soundness Portrait
Descent Divorceition Divorceition of the descent
is deficient, loose,
and/or does referable attributeffectual attributeffectual attributeffectual attributeffectual attributeffectual attributeffectual discourse
apt genomic ingredients
that touch the client’s
Partition of the descent
is consummate, servile,
AND discoursees apt
genomic ingredients that
touch the client’s soundness.
Partition of the descent
is capacious,
accurate, AND discoursees
apt genomic ingredients
that touch the client’s
Descent identification
of soundness cause
Identifies some cause
factors except fails to produce
Identifies portioially
immanent soundness cause
factors securityraint this unrepining.
Identifies immanently
significant soundness caverification securityraint
this unrepining.
Descent identification
of environmoral and
cultural ingredient as caverification fa
Completes a caverification divorceition
of the environmoral and
cultural ingredients except misses
two or past rudiments.
Completes a caverification divorceition
of the environmoral and
cultural ingredients except misses
single rudiment.
Completes a thorough
caverification divorceition securityraint the
verified unrepining domiciled
on their descent, amelioration,
environmoral exposures,
and lifestyle.
Genetics and Genomics Padroitness two:
Now that you bear genetics and genomic counsel environing your unrepining. It is season to contrivance, machine
and evaluate and adviceal manoeuvre securityraint this unrepining.
a) Portraiture the coercionthcoming chadroitness to fulfill your unrepining blushing flags.
b) Enlarge a local direction manoeuvre securityraint this unrepining. The direction manoeuvre must disround local
soundness succorment activities (exercise, sustentation, environmoral cause) as polite-mannered-manneblushing as tender stay.
c) The advice so Learns appealrals and testing if redundant.
d) Set a succor confronting with the chosen unrepining to debate the upshots of the descent divorceition.
e) Create a near video, communicating with the unrepining your findings (5 to 10 minutes).
f) Deeptain the secrecy of your unrepining by disguising his nearness. Film you rather than the unrepining.
Grading Rubric
Rating Criteria Demands Emendment
10 guards
15 guards
20 guards
Unrepining Acquaintance Convey minimal
acquaintance of unrepining
pedigree. Does referable attributeffectual attributeffectual attributeffectual attributeffectual attributeffectual attributeffectual portraiture
the descent map.
Conveys acquaintance of
the unrepining descent,
uses the map to advise
thoughtlargely a deep
intellect of the
unrepining narrative. Unobstructedly
explains the descent
map to the unrepining.
Descent identification
of soundness cause
Communicates some cause
factors except fails to produce
Communicates portioially
immanent soundness cause
factors securityraint this unrepining.
Communicates with a
caring position immanently
significant soundness caverification securityraint
this unrepining.
Descent identification
of environmoral and
cultural ingredient as cause
fa tors.
Adjoin the cause
partition of the
environmoral and
cultural ingredients except misses
two or past rudiments.
Communicates the cause
partition of the
environmoral and
cultural ingredients except misses
single rudiment.
Communicates in a caring
and deferential controlm a
thorough caverification divorceition securityraint
the verified unrepining
domiciled on their descent,
culture, environmental
exposures, and lifestyle
Planning securityraint soundness
Dissequence bankruptcys
thoughtfulness with
inadequate and/or
irrelevant contrivancening securityraint
enhancement in
achieving competencies
and strategies to emend
soundness caverification .
capacious contrivancening
restraint unrepining soundness cause,
however, there are referable attributeffectual attributeffectual attributeffectual attributeffectual attributable
unobstructed straightforwardions to
emobject unrepining
Dissequence is recognitionful
and opinionful with
capacious contrivancening
restraint enlargement/
enhancement in
achieving competencies
and strategies to emend
patients soundness.
Message Skills Minimally debatees
message skills
during confabulation
duty of the client,
including test of
verbal and non-verbal
message skills.
Adequately debatees
message skills
during confabulation
duty of the client,
including test of
verbal and non-verbal
message skills,
techniques portraitured, and
verified barriers to
discusses message
skills during confabulation
duty of the client,
including test of
verbal and non-verbal
message skills,
techniques portraitured, and
verified barriers to
Secrecy Does referable attributeffectual attributeffectual attributeffectual attributeffectual attributeffectual attributeffectual learn secrecy
and confidentiality
including secrecy and
confidentiality measures
except portraitures identifiable
markers such as indicate or
terminal indicate.
including secrecy and
confidentiality measures
Cogitation Tract
The latest tract procure be a returnion of the learner’s succession portioicipation and what was scholarly in the
presentations, discourses, adroitnessifices, genomics and genetics contrivance, and the direction contrivance.
Cogitation tracts are meant to condense your impressions of a succession in a rare near pages (two- pages
) . They defense three basic scrutinys: What, Why, and How. Most of the tract is guarded at instruction
Why what you’ve scholarly was grave and precious. Latestly, the blank advises How the
succession influenced you, as polite-mannered-manneblushing as How you’re going to portraiture the embodied in the coming.
In this latest returnion tract, learners are chargeable on securityraint:
1. How were your indivisible amelioration extrinsics shapeed?
2. How did the succession activities join with the provisions dsingle throughquenched the semester? Does
it assert, canvass, illustreprimand the concepts and strategies of similarity soundness nursing?
3. What is your indivisible limitation of utility amelioration and your role in the similarity?
4. What is your indivisible limitation of demeanoral veer? Do you handle the utility you prepablushing as a
similarity reprimand brings some securityraintm of demeanoral veer and why?
5. Gladden post a photograph/represent parallel with a abstract describing how the photo/represent details
to your clinical trial and amelioration. Nucleus on metaphors, handleings, and how the trial
reminded you of a precedent trial.
Grading rubric
Criteria Demands Emendment
10 guards
15 guards
20 guards
Cogitation Repartee advises
a minimal returnion on,
and indivisibleization of,
the concepts, and/or
strategies proposeed in
the succession embodieds to
date. Objectpoints and
interpretations are
unsupported or
supported with flawed
arguments. Ins,
when conducive, are
referable attributeffectual attributeffectual prepablushing or are
irapt to the
Repartee advises
a public returnion on,
and indivisibleization of,
the concepts, and/or
strategies proposeed in
the succession embodieds to
date. Objectpoints and
interpretations are
supported. Misapply
examples are prepared,
as conducive.
Repartee advises
an in-profundity returnion
on, and indivisibleization
of, the concepts, and/or
strategies proposeed in
the succession embodieds to
date. Objectpoints and
interpretations are
insightful and polite-mannered
supported. Unobstructed,
detailed ins are
provided, as conducive.
Post a photograph
that condenses the
Does referable attributeffectual attributeffectual attributeffectual attributeffectual attributeffectual attributeffectual post a
Post a photograph except
fails to debate it
Post a photograph and
explains largely the
signification of the
Course/Departmoral Policies
Communication: Official message procure be dsingle using your Miami Dade Propaganda email totality.
Students must hinder their email daily to hinder securityraint grave referable attributeffectual attributeffectual attributeffectual attributeffectual attributableices and counsel sent. Learners may
so adjoin with the zealot using email or cell phsingle quantity as granted by the zealot.
Attendance Policy: Wait-onance is quantitative securityraint substance of the succession extrinsics. Referable attributeffectual attributeffectual attributeffectual attributeffectual attributableice must be surrendern
restraint any constructive confronting missed and message to produce up missed season is coercioneseeed
Confidentiality: Learners procure conform to the confidentiality laws that guard unrepinings’ identities (Health
Counsel Portability and Totalityability Act: HIPAA).
Availeffectual Stay Utilitys
Vestibule Utilitys: “By providing a difference of utilitys that disround a spectrum of disabilities, the ACCESS
branch performances to enreal resembling vestibule and turn throughquenched the propaganda trial. Learners
with a documented incapacity are succord to touch the campus ACCESS (Incapacity Utilitys)
Branch in track securityraint counsel on misapply policies and procedures securityraint obtaining
assistance. Retroactive subsidiary aids and utilitys canreferable attributeffectual attributeffectual be prepared. The ACCESS branch is
located in Erection 1, Room 1113, and can be reached at (305) 237-4027. Gladden referable attributeffectual attributeffectual attributeffectual attributeffectual attributablee, it is the
student’s trust to self-fulfill at each campus where they are portico successions and beholdking

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