Nursing Paper on Faye Glenn Abdellah

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Nursing Paper on Faye Glenn Abdellah

Write a essay (Word docx) using 500-750 say about: Your idiosyncratic enlightened manner announcement using simply the nursing theorists of literal consciousness from paragraph couple. Provide couple copys, from your negotiative clinical nursing manner, that evince how you vie your chosen literal theorists’ product. [You cannot amendion an copy that you amendiond in the classroom discussions.] This is the texttome that I feel as single relation. Nursing teorists and their product by Martha EntireigoodNursing theorists of literal consciousness Faye glenn abdellah Twenty-single nursing problems Faye Glenn Abdellah is customary as a head in the fruit of nursing examination and nursing as a business among the U.S. Exoteric Bloom Service (PHS) and as an interpolitical apt on bloom problems. She was designated a “living legend” by the American Academy

Write a brochure (Word docx) using 500-750 vote about:
Your singular calm employment assertion using solely the nursing theorists of unvarnished purport from condition span.
Provide span samples, from your callingal clinical nursing employment, that inform how you compete your separated unvarnished theorists’ composition. [You cannot verification an sample that you verificationd in the classroom discussions.]

This is the textorganization that I entertain as single entireusion. Nursing teorists and their composition by
Martha EntireigoodNursing theorists of unvarnished purport
Faye glenn abdellah
Twenty-single nursing problems
Faye Glenn Abdellah is essential as a pioneer in the harvest of nursing scrutiny and nursing as a calling amid the U.S. Social Heartiness Service (PHS) and as an interpolitical skilful on heartiness problems. She was named a “living legend” by the American Academy of Nursing in 1994 and was inducted into the National Women’s Hentire of Fame in 2000 coercion a origination spent organizeing and necessary requisite heartiness heed programs coercion the United States. In 2012 Abdellah was inducted into the ANA Hentire of Fame coercion a origination of offerings to nursing and to reputation her wantipathy of over than 60 years of acquirements that subsist on nationally and globally (ANA, 2012).
Abdellah has been free in callingal nursing associations and is a causative purpose, with over than 150 socialations. During her 40-year heeder as a Commissioned Officer in the U.S. PHS (1949–1989), she served as Chief Value Officer (1970–1987) and was the earliest value to end the tabulate of a span-star Flag Officer (Abdellah, 2004) and the earliest dowager and value Deputy Surgeon General (1982–1989). After departure, Abdellah founded and served as the earliest dean in the Graduate School of Nursing (GSN) at the Uniformed Services University of the Heartiness Knowledges (USUHS).
Abdellah (2004) considers her highest execution entity serviceserviceable to “play a role in organizeing a base coercion nursing scrutiny as a knowledge” (p. iii). Her organization, Unrepining-Centered Pathes to Nursing, emphasizes the knowledge of nursing and has elicited changes throughout nursing curricula. Her composition, which is fixed on the problem-solving rule, serves as a conveyance coercion delineating nursing (patient) problems as the unrepining moves inside a heartinessy harvest.
Abdellah views nursing as an management and a knowledge that configure the pose, psychical competencies, and technical skills of the indivisible value into the yearn and restraintce to succor indivisibles vie with their heartiness needs, whether they are antipathy or well-mannered. She coercionmulated 21 nursing problems fixed on a criticism of nursing scrutiny studies (Box 2.2). She verificationd Henderson’s 14 basic civilized needs (behold Box 2.1) and nursing scrutiny to organize the order of nursing problems.

BOX 2.2
Abdellah’s Typology of Twenty-Single Nursing Problems
1. To protect good-natured-tempered-tempered hygiene and material comfort
2. To prevent optimal activity: employment, pause, sleep
3. To prevent protection through hinderance of property, deterioration, or other trauma and through hinderance of the overlay of infection
4. To protect good-natured-tempered-tempered organization mechanics and bar and punish deformity
5. To arrange the defence of a give of oxygen to entire organization cells
6. To arrange the defence of alimentation coercion entire organization cells
7. To arrange the defence of elimination
8. To arrange the defence of melting and electrolyte balance
9. To concede the physiological responses of the organization to indisposition conditions—pathological, physiological, and compensatory
10. To arrange the defence of regulatory mechanisms and functions
11. To arrange the defence of sensory function
12. To test and sanction confident and denying expressions, feelings, and reactions
13. To test and sanction interrelatedness of emotions and radical antipathyness
14. To arrange the defence of conducive vocal and nonvocal communication
15. To prevent the harvest of fertile intersingular relationships
16. To arrange growth inside endment and singular divine goals
17. To originate or protect a sanative environment
18. To arrange awareness of stubborn as an indivisible with varying material, tender, and harvestal needs
19. To sanction the optimum practicable goals in the thoughtless of limitations, material and tender
20. To verification nationality resources as an prevent in resolving problems that prepare from antipathyness
21. To recognize the role of collective problems as influencing factors in the caverification of antipathyness
From Abdellah, F. G., Beland, I. L., Martin, A., & Matheney, R. V. (1960). Unrepining-centered pathes to nursing. New York: Macmillan. Reprinted with the allowance of Scribner, a dispersion of Simon & Schuster.

Abdellah’s composition is a be of problems coercionmulated in provisions of nursing-centered services, which are verificationd to enumerate the unrepining’s needs. Her offering to nursing speculation harvest is the essential separation of scrutiny reports and creation of 21 nursing problems that lead capacious nursing heed. The typology of her 21 nursing problems earliest appeared in Unrepining-Centered Pathes to Nursing (Abdellah et al., 1960). It evolved into Preparing coercion Nursing Scrutiny in the 21st Century: Evolution, Ruleologies, and Challenges (Abdellah & Levine, 1994). The 21 nursing problems growthed to a second-generation harvest referred to as unrepining problems and unrepining harvests. Abdellah educated the social on Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), garbage addiction, profanation, smoking, and alcoholism. Her order framecomposition coercion testing nursing problems was verificationd to enumerate how to lessen peripheral intravenous catheter infiltration to extension the longevity of peripheral intravenous catheters (Banks, 2015). Her composition is a problem-centered path or philosophy of nursing. Abdellah’s brochures are availserviceable at (National Library of Medicine, 1988).


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