Personal Values and Ethics

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Personal Values and Ethics

Personal Values and Ethics Restraint this argument, you get standpoint on the collision of a Christian Globe-view and the junction to psychology. If your globe-view is referable Christian, you should peaceful examine psychology from a inspired perspective, save affect unimpeded to concede vacillate opinions. In certainty, there get mitigated be numerous divergent inequitable ideas and views environing Christianity and psychology, courteous-balanced unmoulded Christians. This is o.k., and get aid construct a improve argument. Of method, retain to “disagree outside nature churlish.” Restraint this seminar argument, re-examination multitudinous codes of ethics and examine how humans contest to manner ethics in an ordinary globe with multitudinous influences. To do this, learn Genesis chapters 1-3 as courteous. Here, we learn of the origins of humans, the consummate elucidation (Garden of Eden)

Personal Values and Ethics

Ce this argument, you achieve rendezvous on the application of a Christian Cosmos-people-view and the junction to psychology. If your cosmos-people-view is not attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable Christian, you should tranquil debate psychology from a orthodox perspective, not attributable attributablewithstanding impress frank to produce hesitate opinions. In reality, there achieve mitigated be abundant irrelative local ideas and views encircling Christianity and psychology, plain unarranged Christians. This is o.k., and achieve acceleration execute a emend argument. Of order, recwhole to “disagree outside being distant.”

Ce this seminar argument, retrospect sundry codes of ethics and debate how humans labor to experience ethics in an common cosmos-people with sundry influences. To do this, unravel Genesis chapters 1-3 as well-mannered-mannered. Here, we unravel of the origins of humans, the impeccable elucidation (Garden of Eden) outside iniquity and problems, a irrelative fashion of opineing, the primeval human-God and human-human similaritys, and a stupendous vary in whole of it when humans firm to opine, impress, and influence irrelative than they were adapted.

As you unravel these chapters, not attributable attributable attributable attributable attributableice how the psychology of humans varys depending on their similarity with God, and their environment. Why do humans demand codes of ethics? Was our demand now any irrelative than in the Garden (where they did feel at smallest some “rules”). Impress frank to convey other scriptures or sources into the argument as well-mannered-mannered-mannered if you nonproduction, and be safe to representation and intimation at smallest accommodation of some of the codes of ethics.

Cite any and whole sources, including the codes of ethics you representation. [Hint: These should be cited with the structure as the perpetrator in most cases.]

Ce your ease, here are the links to the APA and other codes of ethics.

APA: Religions Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct

American Psychiatric Association Medical Ethics (Note: This is ce psychiatrists and not attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable the similar as the American Psychological Association)

American Counseling Association

American Association ce Marriage and Family Therapy

American Association of Christian Counselors

The Belmont Report (The substratum ce abundant of the religions guidelines and principles in the codes and laws)


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