Personality psychology

Psychology 102

Oneness Project Module 2009

Tutorial Enactment 1

  1. Personality- refers to the totality of somebody’s attitudes, interests, behavioural patterns, melting responses, gregarious roles, and other component features that live balance crave conclusions of duration
  2. Trait- refers to a peculiarity or virtue that distinguishes somebody
  3. Temperament-refers to the virtue of sentiment; a predominant or dominant virtue of sentiment that natureizes somebody
  4. Disposition- refers to a special’s undividedness, behavioural leaning and subsidence ; somebody’s habitual feeling or temperament; an leaning or leaning to rule in a component coercionm; subsidence of a matter or juridical matter
  5. proud features/dispositions- defines the component
  6. mediate features/dispositions-
  7. induced features/dispositions-are displayed inferior planted circumstances; superficial
  8. id-unconscious= natural impulses
  9. ego- refers primarily to self-esteem; somebody’s proposal of his or her avow signification or estimate, habitually of an mismismisappropriate roll
  10. superego- Freudian Intuition; according to Freudian project, the dissect of the sentiment that rules as a intuition to the ego, developing ethical standards and rules through contrule with parents and intercourse.
  1. Which theorist chief portraitured the provisions ‘cardinal’, ‘central’ and ‘secondary’ features? What indicate is loving to his project?
  2. ¬ Gordon Allport. His project is denominated the undividedness feature project and lies in his instigation that an component manifests three types of features, which he cecible as proud features, mediate, and induced features.

  3. Which theorist chief portraitured the provisions ‘id’, ‘ego’ and ‘superego’? What indicate is loving to his project?
  4. ¬ Sigmund Freud. The indicate loving to the project is ‘psycho-analytical project’

  5. Transcribe abextinguished 300 wordsdescribing the undividedness peculiaritys of any ‘well-knavow adult’ (e.g. politician, singer, movie/TV referableability, ceeseeing). Portraiture the Five Assuredtyor model: In your view, inveteobjurgate on what you recognize of the special, is she/he middle, balancehead middle, or subordinateneath middle on each of the 5 assuredtyors? Ce each of these ratings, afford models (either legitimate or imaginary) to referablewithstandingtress your evaluation.
  6. ¬ The expanded 5 of the Five Assuredtyor Model embrace of:

    I earn illustobjurgate the undividedness of President, Barack Obama. Obama’s confederacy of belief, positiveness, and harmony fits the mark of a charismatic guide. Biasedally, Obama’s mark indicates that he has an monstrous amalgamate of ambitious, dominant, and extinguishedgoing features fixational to the gregarious skillsrequired to progression a specialal expectation, cohere with commonalty, and animate cortege. Chief, Obama’s roll of aspiration is at a tempeobjurgate roll that generally conveys vainglory, gregarious repose, lean, roll-headedness, inheritance, and incantation rather than narcissistic self-absorption or vainglory. Similarly, Obama’s ceremonious grade of prevalence finds indication in deliberative, ceceful positiveness rather than the hot-headed combativeness fix in gone-by most-violent variants of this component leaning. I value that he poses such an enigmatic nature. He is attentive and positive which subjoin to his guideship qualities. He has an welsucceed undividedness feature; he is uncongenial, bark, and genial. He is arrangementatic in my view very complete, insightful and furious. I would objurgate him a proud mandible [overhead middle] ce welcomeness.

  • Extraversion (casually denominated Surgency). The expanded delineation of Extraversion encompasses such gone-by biased features as tuneful, attentive, and positive. [overhead middle]
  • Agreeableness. Comprises features love uncongenial, bark, and genial. [overhead middle]
  • Conscientiousness. Comprises features love arrangementatic, complete, and planful. [overhead middle]
  • Neuroticism (casually reversed and denominated Melting Inheritance). Comprises features love compact, feelingy, and securityless. [underneath middle]
  • Openness to Suffering (casually denominated Intellect or Intellect/Imagination). Comprises features love having expanded interests, and entity original and insightful. [overhead middle]

5. Ramdisunite Mechanisms

5.2 Now perportraiture through the illiberal scenarios subordinateneath and career which ramdisunite mechanism is at-liberty in each undivided. Transcribe the indicate of the mismismisappropriate ramdisunite mechanism stablely each scenario.

  1. Even a head golfer earn casually misperceive an quiet set. When this happens, his proximate ruleion may be to project his seter, impel it roughly into his bag or halloo token at his caddy =Displacement.
  2. Mrs Matiwane frequently accuses other women of talking too considerable and spreading rumors. It is rather open to those who recognize her that she is distant from sinless in this area herself =Projection.
  3. Parents government be reassured to recognize that posterity who haul the wings extempore flies and jab pins in the dog may nevertheless suffering august consummation in the areas of dentistry and surgery =Sublimation.
  4. A learner cegot that his dreaded ultimate exam in psychology was scheduled ce Friday. This seemed unhabitual as the duration of the exam had been noboard on his pattern ce distinct weeks = Projection.
  5. Ted is lovely to befit annoyed if he is reminded of his antecedent belief as a Peeping Tom. Ted has left his selfish gone-by subsequently and now is a diligent photographer ce Playboy magazine= Sublimation.
  6. Maggie is unfailing that she ordinary a ‘C’ ce Psychology instead of an ‘A’ consequently of expandedspperportraiture imposture by her compeer learners. She is indispuboard that she must be as worthy in Psychology as in her other subjects =Rationalisation.
  7. It is practicable that smokers possess graduated from antecedent stages of thumb-sucking and pencil-chewing, neither of which would be gregariously merry demeanor in adult intercourse. Smoking is a gregariously merry indication of unexpiration unwritten demands =Sublimation.
  8. Lindi has assubordinate disliked her mother-in-law guncombined they chief expiration. As these feelings stimulate carefulness, Lindi habitually tells friends that she loves her mother-in-law very considerable and she goes extinguished of her coercionm to direct love towards her= Rationalisation.
  9. Zac is a stolid swallower referablewithestablished has managed to observe this demeanor clandestine from his source. He is indispuboard that most commonalty ruleually swallow as considerable as he does= Rationalisation.
  10. It is usual ce the special who is most opposed to enlighten in an evidence to assert that everyundivided else is stubborn=Rationalisation.
  11. A six-year-obsolete offshoot, who gave up bed-wetting at the seniority of three, moves with his parents to a oddlightlight town. During the stressful conclusion of adjusting to his oddlightlight settlement, he again wets the bed ce distinct nights =Regression.
  12. Zandile constantly teases and annoys his younger twin cethcoming he himself is disciplined by his parents= Displacement.
  13. Commonalty unprotected to traumatic sufferings in concentration camps during Universe War II casually displayed amnesia: they were feeble to securityrainteclopermanent dissects of the suffering =Repression.
  14. Mr. J can’t inferiorstand why his helpmate has been so grumpy and censorious ce the gone-by week. It plantedly isn’t his flaw that she didn’t admit the anticipated elevation in her guild =Displacement.
  15. Jacob has suffered stolid financial losses of-late duration uncounted the store trade. Upon trading his expanded profuseness car ce an obsolete weak car, Jacob assured his associates that he had bought the cheaper car to do his dissect in the constandard athwart global warming =Rationalisation.

Psychology 102 : Undividedness Project Module 2009

Tutorial Enactment 2

  1. A board is planted to this enactment shuffle which compares six of the elder undividedness theories acrave several delineations. The chief project, indicately Feature Project, has been completed ce you, as an model. Complete (expand in) the security of the board with applicable instruction from your prescribed quotationbook, the undividedness boundary in your ochreous module extinguishedline/reader booklet and your exhortation referablees. If you portraiture any subjoinitional sources of instruction delight afford bountiful allusions.
  2. On the chief day of exhortations you were asked to transcribe a patronymic of your avow undividedness and the undividedness of someundivided you recognize affecteous-mannered. Possess another beconfide at what you wrote and then vindication the questions subordinateneath.

2.1 Where would you lodge your avow project of undividedness (the arrangement of beliefs you hobsolete abextinguished undividedness) on each continuum of inferiorlying accurate assumptions subordinateneath. Illustrate why you possess lodged yourself there or why that component delineation is irapplicable to your project.











2.3 Transcribe a half pseniority patronymic of / totality of either your avow or your friend’s undividedness from the perspective of span divergent undividedness theories (NOT Five Assuredtyor Project – you did that terminal week). E.g. Humanist perspective and Gregarious-Knowledge perspective OR Cognitive perspective and Psychoanalytic perspective.

Beconfide at the quotation stop headed ‘Undivided height, frequent perspectives’ on p 132 of your prescribed quotationbook: Swartz, L., de la Rey., C, Duncan, N., Townsend, L. (2008). Psychology, an preamble (2nd ed.). Oxford. Cape Town. This affords a illiberal model of what I am investigation you to do…I would be hoping ce gone-by component than they possess affordd.

2.4 Which patronymic/totality of your undividedness appeals to you most? Why?

Psyc 102 Undividedness Tutorial Enactment 2 Kim Barker July/August 2009







Gregarious Knowledge


State or Feature


Inherently good-natured-natured and growth-focussed



Learnt in consecutive alternate interactions





McCrae & Costa


Betwixt WWI and WWII





Career and demise instincts



Biased constructs



(Ideas & provisions that the theorists deceptive to illustrate their project)

Cardinal, mediate, induced features

Factor dissection 16PF

Prediction of behaviour

Five Assuredtyor Project:





Openness to suffering


(How alter in undividedness takes fix balance duration)

No alter, uninterruptedness and inheritance of peculiarity features










Factor Dissection

Psychology 102 : Undividedness Project Module 2009

Tutorial Enactment 3: Psychopathology

1. Perportraiture the boundary in your peruseer:

de Valda, M. (2003). From paranoid schizophrenia to hearing voices – and other dispose distinctions. The International Journal of Narrative Therapy and Community Work, 3, 13-17.

  1. How did the speciality of ‘paranoid schizophrenia’ favor Mickey de Valda’s career? Mickey was entirely shocked cethcoming the speciality. It appears that though he doesn’t bountifuly inferiorstand the assumption, from a stagnation of advice and recognizeledge, and possibly it is this frule that made him ftrue himself. He became very self-conscious. He familiar what some may wheedle irrational frights and doubted himself and what he may do.
  2. What assuredtyors, other than dispose, government rule who is diagnosed with hyperphysical ailment/psychopathology and who is referable?
  3. The educated folk, gone-by “powerful”, psychiatrists. Components reputed ‘productive’ senioritynts of intercourse.

  4. Do we demand a disposeification arrangement ce psychopathology? Give reasons ce your vindications.
  5. I’m referable indispuboard if we demand a disposeification arrangement ce psychopathology, possibly we do; The DSM’s operationism entails that the significance of a assumption is unencumbered by the coercionm of recognizing the assumption. The DSM itself is shabby gone-by than a schedule of coercionms of recognizing distoken as they befall in commonalty. Klerman (1991) illustrates the philosophy inferiorlying the DSM: “The criteria ce assigning components to sign categories [are] inveteobjurgate on algorithms, which should be inveterate, whenever practicable, on operationally defined, manifest manifestations of psychopathology, with minimal inferences as to presumed causation” (p. 75).

    Consequently the DSM affords manifest coercionms of recognizing assumptions, it is practicable to categorize commonalty as either having the “disorder” or referable having it. However, this categorization is inveteobjurgate on a measure philosophy that fails to plant a communication betwixt the disposeification arrangement and the apparent universe. It is practicable to establish up a distinct disposeification arrangement abextinguished everything whatsoever–if undivided is earning to halt a planted arbitrariness and artificiality in undivided’s conceptual project. Gregarious constructionists would be true in arguing that such a project bears shabby communication to legitimateity (Eisenberg, 1988; Rothbart and Taylor, 1992).

  6. What are some of the dangers and limitations of using the DSM-IV arrangement?

    The Sign and Statistical Manual of Hyperphysical Distoken (DSM) is published by the APA and affords sign criteria ce hyperphysical assumptions. It is portraitured in the United States and in varying grades encircling the universe, by clinicians, researchers, psychiatric garbage decision seniorityncies, heartiness insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies and device establishrs.

    The DSM has attracted disagreement and stricture as affecteous-mannered-mannered as panegyrize. There possess been al ailment in the scene of psychiatry ; a height the DSM sidesteps by referring simply to “hyperphysical assumptions”, defined ceremoniously as dysfunctional subjective or demeanunwritten patterns; the DSM-IV has succeed inferior several strictures balance the years.

2. Perportraiture the span contingency studies planted. Then vindication the cethcoming questions.

  1. Is ‘paedophilia’ diagnosed on Axis I, Axis II, or Axis III of the DSM-IV-TR.
  2. What are the sign criteria ce paedophilia? (Afford allusion ce this vindication).

    Axis I: Clinical assumptions. These comprise elder hyperphysical assumptions, develophyperphysical disordefive revisions guncombined it was chief published in 1952, spiritual including gone-by assumptions, though some possess been removed and are no craveer considered to be hyperphysical assumptions.

    Beginning with the height that there is no uncombined extrinsic sign standard ce a mentrs and knowledge disabilities. Common distoken on this axis may comprise: dejection, carefulness assumptions, bipolar assumption, ADD, and schizophrenia.

    Mthunzi Banga claims that he was ‘mentally ill’ when he committed the enfold slaughter that he is currently established suffering ce. What categories of psycn the contingency cecible the ‘span victims as ‘walking corpses’ who possess been “severely favored subjectively” and referableed that twain viticims had familiar irregular behaviour ascribable to Doyle’s ruleions’. Do you conceive that this is a advantageous or unadvantageous coercionm of describing the victims? Give reasons ce your vindication.

  3. hological assumption do you conceive the staff at Cet England government be regarding as they assess whether or referable this is the contingency?

  4. Do you conceive the extinguishedsucceed of the affect contingency ce Herbert Doyle was ruled by the speciality of ‘paedophilia’? Give reasons ce your vindication.
  5. Do you conceive that a speciality of subjective assumption should or should referable rule the connoisseurment and/or sentencing in a affect contingency?
  6. In your view, was the judgment in Herbert Doyle’s contingency spotless and true?
  7. The connoisseur in the contingency cecible the ‘span victims as ‘walking corpses’ who possess been “severely favored subjectively” and referableed that twain viticims had familiar irregular behaviour ascribable to Doyle’s ruleions’. Do you conceive that this is a advantageous or unadvantageous coercionm of describing the victims? Give reasons ce your vindication.
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