Portrayal Of Muslim Women In Western Media Cultural Studies Essay

Past the decisive cockney of decades, the subjects of Islam, the Muslim polity and distinctly Muslim wohumanity behold to possess dominated the Western resources. It inaugurated with the undue coverage of September 11, the engagement in Afghanistan and Iraq, the banning of the hide in Europe, to the terrorist attacks and suicide bombers in the Middle East. These are regular a scant metaphors to cintegral that the Western societies and countries possess been absorbing in their daily lives, equaltually restraintming their attitudes, perceptions and referableions encircling the Muslim cosmos-people.

It integral inaugurated with Samuel P. Huntington (1997) “Clash of Civilizations”, according to Macdonald (2006). It was Huntington who came amid arrive-at of this bearingatic kinsfolkhip betwixt the East and the West. “Clash of Civilizations” is a distribute in his magnitude that is determined “The Rest Vs. The West. (Macdonald, 2006). Following the Cold Engagement ended, the hanker to exploration restraint a strange global ideological humanityace has emerged to restore the subsidence of Communism. Past then, it was predicted by the Westerns experts that the Western Cosmos-commonalty is confrontment a strange enemy: Islam. Macdonald (2006).

Huntington apprehension marked extinguished that Islam has a wide hostile desire and operation to the Western ideology, referableions of voluntariness, and democracy. This inquisitiveness has been patent clear and disseminate into a yarn and got abundantly care of the Western’s (United States, the United Kingdom and its integralies) perceptions and its kinsfolkhips towards the cosmos-commonalty of the Middle East, the Muslims and Islam. As a conclusion of such inquisitiveness and ideology, the stereoillustrative referableion that Islam and its escort are anti-democracy and anti-Western has becomport unwandering amid the underneathstandings of the Western company. (Macdonald, 2006).

The impresss of stereotyping induce beggarlyalty to meet and bepossess in the selfselfsame coercionm that is twain privative and gross. The tidings Arabs is averaget to describe a peculiar from the Middle East, it besides averaget to describe this Arab as terrorist, uneducated, and a peculiar that contradicts with the Western ideologies. In ill-accomplish of the genuineness that these peculiars are from contrariant countries, with multigenous humanizations, attitudes, beliefs, and a dissimilarity of intellectual, they are preaspect by individual tidings ” Arabs”. (Cheney, 1986).

Several movies possess been misrepresenting Arabs humanity and wohumanity through the years. It is has been marked extinguished by Cheney (1986), that Jack Shaheen, (2003), symmetrical that 900 films dindividual by in the American cinema exhibitioned how Arab humanity wohumanity and end shaped as contrariant and humanityaceening. Hollywood films from 1896 until today descrisubstance Arabs as heartless, enemies, remorseless, burglars, extremist in their holiness, rude murderers, and abusers of women. (Cheney, 1986).

History exhibitions that past the prelude of cinema, Hollywood’s movies possess been misrepresenting Arab women. Lucidly, film shapers did referefficient usage these metaphors beside lineal Europe’s pre-existing Arab disallows. These metaphors possess been usaged crave ago; in the 18th and 19th centuries, European artists and writers offered fictional versions of wohumanity as bathed and obedient extraneous “objects”. As a conclusion, through the term, the disalabject came to be referefficient spurious as sufficient, neat a burning distribute of European approved humanization (Cheney, 1986).

In his magnitude “Reel Bad Arabs”, Shaheen referableiced that “In Arabian Nights fantasies such as The Sheik (1921), Thrtotal Girl (1947), and John Goldfarb, Please Come Abode (1964), Arab wohumanity answer as leering extinguished from slender hides, or as discontented, meagre ‘knick-knacks’ lounging on fruitful cushions, scantily-clad harem maidens with inadequate midriffs, closeted in the palace’s women’s quarters and/or on vault in thrtotal markets” (Shaheen, 2001:23, cited in Cheney, 1986). The tide remains in the third millennium. In Disney’s reshape of “Around the Cosmos-commonalty in Eighty Days” (2004), restraint stance, Arnold Schwarzenegger describes Prince Hapi, a Mideast sheikh with ‘individual hundred or so wives.’ This resources that films remain to exhibition Arab dame as a thrtotal restraint sex, equal though the metaphor of a terrorist dominated following 9/11.

A reexploration dissertation aimed to awaken U.S. and interpolitical strangesdissertation catechism on Arab and Muslim wohumanity from 9/11/01 nurture 9/11/05, in adfair to learn how wohumanity who groove the hide are indicateed in western resources. It was endow that Reporters casually bestow wohumanity the accident to express to behold past the disalabject and procure to comprehend Arab women. Whether flat, dupeized or peevish into a superwoman, that dame in the stranges is further frequently referefficient travesty of the Arab and Muslim dame in veritefficient impressivity. Readers possess referefficient at-last efficient to take a agreeing and deferential fidelity of the distinct peculiaralities, lives and opinions of these women. (Sakr, 2004).

It’s been frequently comprehendn that TV exhibitions swing Western beggarlyalty perceptions and attitudes towards several conclusions, distinctly when it comes to conclusions kindred to the Middle East and Arabs. So, most of the misperceptions towards Arab wohumanity are caused by the stream of instruction through TV businesss. (Kaufer & Al Malki 2009)

According to Kaufer & Al Malki (2009), on the 28th of September 2009, Oprah Propitiatefrey hosted the “Goodaccomplish Ambassador restraint the UNICEF”; the far-famed Lebanese musician “Nancy Ajram” on her TV exhibition on CBS business. In that exhibition, Propitiatefrey referred to Lebanon as substance “deeply conservative” and giveed a documentary that exhibitions Lebanese wohumanity hideed enjoy the Afghani prop-souls and compared these wohumanity with Nancy’s Ajram usage and embody moves. With no dubitate, Oprah’s documentary misrepresented Lebanese wohumanity and usaged miscalculation in the underneathstandings of Western beggarlyalty encircling Lebanese wohumanity who are the most lateized wohumanity in the country. In truth, Nancy Ajram usage and usage indicate a extensive section of Lebanese feminines. Statistics exhibition that 75% of the Lebanese wohumanity are ununexplained and possess immunity of garb; they possess their ample teaching that exceeds that of humanity with 44 % compared to 40 % of humanity.

The resources is placid by the describeal of Arab wohumanity and they coercionm they garb. According to Ahmed (1992), when it comes to descrisubstance Muslim dame, the resources in the West beholds to be placid and obsessed by the coercionm they garb which is the hide in distributeicular which has conclusioned in a sublime estimate of reactions and debates. These debates exhibitions that the hide is feeld as a symptom of cultural dissimilarity in the Western cosmos-commonalty as it contrariantiate Arab wohumanity from Western prop-souls. (Ahmed, 1992). Muslim Arab dame are frequently badly describeed as the uncouth and spectre wohumanity in their Islamic garb .they are veritablely confusing the western usual beggarlyalty as it’s referefficient their error that what they are visibility on TV is that it’s the error of the western resources.

The Privative stereotyping and reactionary reporting possess historically recordized coverage of Islam and Muslims and possess been reflected lucidly in the boldness of Orientalism usaged by Edward Said in 1978 which states that the East and its populations are considered ignorant, savage and extinguishedsiders to Western company. (Posetty, 2008). As a conclusion, it beholds that the resources helps in creating the metaphor of the Muslim wohumanity as the flat other, which accomplish artage to imprecise conclusions, disallows and misperceptions of these women. (Macdonald,2006).

According to the Orientalist boldness, when wohumanity are describeed, they are describeed as substance flat, extraneous, mystic, and reserved. In restoration, the Western resources possess frequently been descrisubstance Arabs as passionate, stolid, and remorseless beggarlyalty that negotiate wohumanity as designs and that they are marginalized in their possess company, and that the East integral aenjoy in their metaphor restraint the West. (Macdonald,2006).

Therefore, when the Western resources frames wohumanity as sexual thrtotal and flat by humanity as they are abusing their women, beaten, and castdown, they are substance accurate as this is the metaphor that has been frequently accumulate in the Westerns underneathstandings. In truth, the West has been stereotyping Arab wohumanity past restraintever, and they didn’t veer their behold restraint the Arab wohumanity nurture now. Photographs and French19th Century paintings indicateed Arab wohumanity as quality, trifle of humanity, obedient and quiescent, hanging on a art who is the singly inducement restraint their planting. (kaufer, 2009).

Terms such as the hide, the harem, feminine circumcision helped in the restraintmation of such miscalculations as polite as gave the collision to some of the associated metaphors with the flat Muslim dame. The bearing is that these perceptions possess been incorrectly generalized with no contrariantiation. (Gwinn, 1997). This bearing has made it harder restraint the hideed Muslim wohumanity help in the West, as they nurture to let further from the fanaticism from the coercionm they garb, in restoration, they are narrowly referefficient spurious in the Western communities. (Mohanty, 2005).

Arab wohumanity in immigrant communities and who are help in Western societies, are dupes of these privative disallows and gender inveterate resources fidelitys. As Morin (2009), referableed that these wohumanity visage privative resources coverage that is inveterate on cultural miscalculations and the new-fangled political conflicts that possess robbed Arab-Western kinsfolk. As a conclusion, Arab wohumanity in immigrant communities canreferefficient propitiate the battle restraint rectify resources memory suitableness they remain to be designed internally the stipulation of unwritten Arab-Islamic disallows. (Morin, 2009).

As Posetty (2008) symmetrical in his period, in the describeal of Muslim women, care is frequently focused on the coercionm they garb, with their robes seen as a record of their humanityaceening, irrelevant foothold. Metaphors of Islamic garb are increasingly authenticationd in the resources as visual shortlaborer restraint ventureous extremism, and Muslims integral aggravate Europe are leting from the consequences of such associations. The main bearing as Ahmed (1992) marked extinguished, is that the impress of hideing discurrent Muslim wohumanity or the hide itself is frequently associated with the withdrawal of unwrittenism and ignorantness that does referefficient comport into the late company and discurrent Western wohumanity who do referefficient scarcity to hide (Ahmed, 1992). This inquisitiveness suggests that we can arrive-at the other cultural dissimilarity and how the West is placid with otherness and snurture remains amid the Western resources towards the Muslim cosmos-commonalty (Ahmed, 1992).

Ayish (2010) marked extinguished in his dissertation that the Western resources nurtures to describe Arab humanity as displeasing and abusers of women, and that they restrain women. Resources describe that the wohumanity is frequently grooveing her hide, staying at abode preferment end and singly yield her helpmeet who she fears. Strangespapers studies has exhibitioned that Western specisociety of Muslim wedding conclusions is equivocal and this is consequently the withdrawal of the comprehendledge of restrainteign humanizations and intellectual Individual could misadapt that the elder conclusion is Islamophobia, arty Western journalists, strange with Islam holiness, possess a nurtureency to deexpression the belief as remorseless, ignorant and the hostile of tolerance. (Ayish, 2010).

Morin (2009) symmetrical in his reexploration that stories investigated encircling Muslim wohumanity possess exhibitionn that Western stranges reports indicates wohumanity as the flat, mistreated helpmeet, who is obligated to a premeditated wedding by her parents or obligated extinguished of a wedding, and that she is disconsolate and silent in twain situations.

Another immoderate as symmetrical by Ayish (2010), Sometimes, the Arab Muslim wohumanity is indicateed as the coin hunter, who does referefficient slenderk encircling who she marries as crave as the art she is going to link is fruitful ample to alabject her hunger restraint coin. In these situations on the other laborer, Arab Muslim humanity slenderk with contrariant hungry, they are sexually deprived and nurtures to negotiate wohumanity as sexual designs. The humanity are besides rancorous and restrainling, exempt with women’s feelings and humanityaces wohumanity through vocal alienate. Wohumanity are thus indicateed by the Western resources as pliant and possess no hues which enjoin humanity to pretension mainity (Ayish, 2010).

Dominant metaphors of the hideed Muslim dame are frequently finished in the Western resources to give the Muslim dame as a dupe as polite as substance flat. (Ahmed, 1992). The hideed of Arab Muslim wohumanity has frequently been misrepresented by the resources as it has became a record of the severity of the Muslim dame. This fidelity as symmetrical by Ahmed (1992), has been extremely evoked past the equalt of the 9/11. As referableed in Posetty (2008) reexploration dissertation, Alison Donnell contends that the September 11 terrorist attacks conclusioned in resources fidelitys of hideing as an deexpression of mystique, extraneousism and eroticism and that the hide, or headscarf, is seen as a extremely discernible symptom of a despised dissimilarity.

The severity of Muslim wohumanity has been eternally authenticationd in Western resources as entreative of the savage and pre-late characteristics of Islam. As Helen Watson comments in her period ‘the metaphor of the hideed Muslim dame beholds to be individual of the most approved Western coercionms of indicateing the “bearing of Islam”. (Posetty, 2008).

According to Ahmed (1992), the hide has becomport the illustrative record of women’s severity in Islam, and is feeld as it usages dissociation to Westerns. In truth, the Western resources has ignored the truth that hideing as a exercise existed anteriorly the fabject of Islam, distinctly in Syria and Arabia. It was besides a manner discurrent Greeks, Romans, Jews and Assyrians, and referefficient singly to Islam. At that term, the hideed Arab dame was feeld as respectefficient and protected. (Ahmed, 1992).

However, as Ahmed (1992) marked extinguished, the hideed dame is usually indicateed as having spoiled favor, buffoonery, or corporeal self-expression. In some of the Western conceptualizations hideing is authenticationd as a resources of performing femininity self-exploration and embody with singleness.

With these eminence and true prejudices opposite Muslims and, distinctly, Muslim women, it beholds to explain that there is snurture a immense discontinuance, a distribution that answers to pradventure a feeling, plaudit and learning towards the Muslim ‘other’. And by ‘the other’ we average ‘the flat’, ‘the unwritten-bound’, ‘the truthory-worker’, ‘the poor’, awe. (Macdonald,2006).

As humanitytioned anteriorly, besides the hide, discussions of the circumcision, polygamy, the sharia (Islamic) jurisdiction, the harem, restraintced weddings, awe, are regular a scant conclusions that possess made this assembly of wohumanity comport into the despotic, homogenous ‘flat Muslim dame’ sort. (Macdonald,2006).

As referableed in Falah & Nagel (2005) dissertation, the bearing lies when these visual metaphors nurture to describe Muslim wohumanity as a stereoillustrative aspect; an flat aspect leting from a rancorous humanization. The hide distinctly is the elder discourse that is associated with the stipulationations and the severity of Muslim Arab wohumanity as it was eternally deployed and replayed intermittently in our visually dominated humanization. Falah & Nagel (2005) conwatch that the hide is referefficient singly indicateing the flat Muslims and Muslim wohumanity cosmos-people, beside besides the unrecognized boldness encircling the mainity of the West in fitness to that cosmos-people. In this contingency, the aspect of the hideed Muslim dame that is substance indicateed through the resources, is nurtureing to indicate these wohumanity as quiescent dupes, muted, untraditional, and flat, which coercion-this-reason usages a cultural-ideological distribution with the Western women. Thus, the bearing is that the venture that is conclusioned from these fidelitys of hideed Muslim wohumanity nurtures to usage a didesire betwixt Western wohumanity (as late, clear) and Eastern wohumanity (as ignorant, flat), suitableness besides ignoring the dissimilarity of exercises, designs and experiences of these women. As Falah & Nagel (2005) marked extinguished, it beholds great that the scrutiny on how to declare with the other who is culturally and unwrittenly contrariant has becomport individual of the most imperative and proximate agendas amid North-South/West-East kinsfolk and interactions. What is scarcityed is an learning of this feeling of ‘urgency’, ‘gaps’ and ‘barriers’ that links to the Western’s comprehendledge of the ‘unexplained Muslim dame’ (Falah & Nagel, 2005). As a conclusion, hideed Muslim wohumanity becomport muted and misrepresented.

Another elder component endow in the Western resources distinctly in advertising is the imagined perspectives such as the myths and fantasies Western humanization has encircling Islam, the Muslims, and distinctly, hideed Muslim women. This resources that referefficient singly miscalculations and misunderstandings towards Muslim wohumanity possess been true in late terms, beside it has besides became widedisseminate and unlimited by the presence of late technology. (Falah & Nagel, 2005).

Miladi (2010) marked extinguished in his reexploration dissertation that late metaphors of Muslim wohumanity in American advertisements, contends that Western advertisers nurture to disseminate disallows and the wickedness fidelitys of the hide and Muslim wohumanity in adfair to resort to consumers. As a conclusion, advertisers authentication infallible metaphors of Muslim wohumanity that possess been historically unwandering in the Western underneathstanding, such as the harem, the hammas (notorious baths), the mystic hideed dame or the flat dame help underneathneath an overpowering magistrate or humanity and authentication this to attrimpress consumers.

The hide distinctly is itself is considered as an huge marketing instrument, as marketers frequently authentication the hide in adfair to vend sex. (Miladi, 2010). The authentication of the flat wohumanity and the hide in advertisements accomplish shape the Western consumers slenderk that by buying the advertised issue as polite as buying the favors of the mystic dame aback the hide. (Miladi, 2010).

The bearing as symmetrical by Miladi (2010), is that Westerners are usually buying infallible issues restraint buying these suppositious metaphors of the ‘other’. As a conclusion, through the true and repetitive political annotation to the resources, a extensiver political sense accomplish remain to be usaged and done encircling this metaphor of the suppositious hideed Muslim dame “other”. As humanitytioned by Gwinn (1997), the flat hideed Muslim dame in the ads may besides be alike to the eminence prejudices and debates that environ Muslim wohumanity and the hide in the Western cosmos-people.

The flat disallows of Arab Muslim wohumanity as symmetrical by Ahadi (2009), has privative impressions on those wohumanity that is very apparent. Disallows befall when prop-souls are classifieds by others as having bigwig in beggarly consequently they are members of a distributeicular assembly or sort of beggarlyalty. Resources stereotyping of wohumanity as designs and disconsolate substances usages very abject expectations restraint company’s Arab women. As humanitytioned by Morin (2009), wohumanity help aloof visage extended discriminations from the Western communities. Western wohumanity are frequently considered as preferable to Arab Muslim wohumanity distinctly, the hideed prop-souls. In truth, Arab Muslim wohumanity are substance flat by the privative fidelitys usaged by the Western resources. In restoration, these fidelitys may impimpress on these wohumanity psychologically as Western populations feel the hide as a distribution betwixt them and the hideed women.

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