Pre TANIC Self-Assessment and Reflection

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Pre TANIC Self-Assessment and Reflection

Week 2: Pre TANIC Self-Duty and Reflecting Post Purpose The self-duty is totald using the TIGER-based Duty of Nursing Informatics Competencies (TANIC) implement. TIGER refers to the Technology Informatics Guiding Education Reform Initiative which signed a inventory of the insufficiency informatics competencies ce whole nurses and scientists graduating from pre- and post-licdetermine programs. The graded self-evaluation of your informatics competencies is insist-upond in arrange to extension single’s acconversance u nderstanding of competencies in nursing informatics which accomplish strengthen the contrivancening of strategies to repair conversance and skills. Activity Gleaning Quenchedcomes Through this provision, the scientist accomplish conduct the power to: Apply conversance of nursing informatics and non-nursing investigation (CO 1 and 2) Assess nursing informatics competencies (CO2) Evaluate proceeding in enhancing nursing informatics competencies (CO4) Foster negotiative and

Week 2: Pre TANIC Self-Tribute and Thought Post


The self-tribute is accomplishedd using the TIGER-based Tribute of Nursing Informatics Competencies (TANIC) cat's-paw. TIGER refers to the Technology Informatics Guiding Education Reform Initiative which authorized a schedule of the minimum informatics competencies ce whole nurses and schoolmans graduating from pre- and post-licsecure programs. The graded self-evaluation of your informatics competencies is exactd in command to extension single’s possess u nderstanding of competencies in nursing informatics which obtain strengthen the projectning of strategies to repair recognition and skills.

Activity Imbibeing Quenchedcomes

Through this confirmment, the schoolman obtain teach the coercionce to:

Apply recognition of nursing informatics and non-nursing investigation (CO 1 and 2)
Assess nursing informatics competencies (CO2)
Evaluate proficiency in enhancing nursing informatics competencies (CO4)
Foster functional and singular crop with projectning strategies to repair these competencies (CO4)
Examine immaterial determination making in appurtenancy to these competencies (CO3)

Ascribable Date:

This confirmment is ascribable no posterior than the Sunday, 11:59 p.m. MT at the purpose of Week 2.

Total Points Possible: 75


In command to qualify ce this confirmment, recognize the instructions as courteous-behaved-behaved as the assigned recognizeings BEFORE attempting the self-assessment.
Content authentication the restraintthcoming hyperlink to advent and accomplished the superintend: Week 2 Pre-TANIC Self-Tribute Superhint (Links to an exterior place.)
Following completing the superintend, stray to the Week 2 Module in Canvas and accord to EACH of the q uestion s ce your Thought Post.
The Thought Posts DOES NOT exact cross-posting to a comrade or grant .
Knowing beginnings: Only knowing beginnings are sportive ce extract and regard in this race. These enclose comrade reviewed openations, legislation reports, or beginnings written by a functional or schoolman in the arena. Your textbook and instruction are referable considered to be an withquenched knowing beginning. Ce the discussions and thought posts, honorable internet beginnings such as structuresites by legislation agencies (URL purposes in .gov) and respected structures (repeatedly purposes in .org) can be counted as knowing beginnings. The best withquenched knowing beginning to authentication is a comrade-reviewed nursing register. You are encouraged to authentication the Chamberlain library and quest single of the available facts bases ce a comrade-reviewed register name. The restraintthcoming beginnings should referable be authenticationd: Wikipedia, Wikis, or blogs. These structure places are referable considered knowing as anysingle can supplement to these. Content be sensible that .com structuresites can deviate in schoolmanship and capacity. Ce issue, the American Heart Association is a .com place with schoolmanship and capacity. It is the calling of the schoolman to denote the schoolmanship and capacity of any .com place. Ask your educator precedently using any place if you are unsure. Points obtain be deducted from the rubric if the place does referable teach schoolmanship or capacity. Popular withquenched knowing beginnings must be published with the latest 5 years. Educator endurance must be obtained BEFORE the confirmment is ascribable if using a beginning that is older than 5 years.

ATTENTION: Schoolmans obtain referable admit results restraintthcoming height of this superintend. Ce the thought questions, content recwhole how you rated your proficiency/accommodation with the skills on the superintend.

Thought Questions:

Reflect upon your popular or most innovating-fangled clinical performance and response the restraintthcoming:

How is informatics authenticationd?
Regarding the Pre-TANIC Self-Tribute ce this week, how did your perceived accommodation raze coercionegoing to the self-tribute compared to following the self-assessment? Explain in point.
What TWO competencies do you authentication in your popular clinical role? Procure issues.
Demonstrate TWO media to lay-open a strategic project to repair your accommodation skills.
Which media are available to your scarcitys and why?
How do you intpurpose to confirm this progress project?

Free oration illustration, Pamphlet congruity issue

Pre TANIC Self-Tribute and Thought

Student’s Name
Institutional Affiliation
Professor’s Name

Pre TANIC Self-Tribute and Thought
The role of informatics in bloomsolicitude is to procure solicitude procurers with the momentous notification they can divide with unrepinings to boost their raze of solicitude. It helps in seemly clinical policies, procure grafting, lessen medical errors, and align the best performances with clinical workflows. Informatics is so authenticationd to amend staffing, workflow as courteous-behaved-behaved as message. It so strengthens the nurses to demonstrate the areas they can amend the raze of solicitude they are providing. Informatics is thus an adit to amend the capacity of solicitude and good-fortune of nurses.
My perceived accommodation raze was divergent precedently and following the self-assessment. The debate is that the tribute progressive my apprehension of the scarcity to amend in multitudinous areas. I so authorized some of the areas that I was ignoring. Ce occurrence, the tribute telling quenched clinical administration, computer skills, and notification literacy. The skills are weighty in the purposeeavor to procure capacity solicitude to unrepinings. Following the tribute, my perceived accommodation raze progressive drastically. Today, I possess a innovating apprehension that focuses on the points of solicitude and the strategies that bloomsolicitude practitioners can economize to procure capacity solicitude to unrepinings.
The brace competencies I economized in my popular momentous role enclose computer literacy and clinical notification administration. Computer literacy was weighty in boosting the coercionce to amass, irritate, and visualize the patterns in facts. Facts administration is single of the roles that nurses own-a-share in through the amassion of notification from unrepinings. On the other artisan, clinical notification administration was requisite in seemly the capacity of documentation. Ce occurrence, I economized the skills to amend electronic bloom archives. The brace skills were weighty specially since the bloom address implicated computerized systems requisite in facts amassion and segregation.
The brace media needful ce the crop of a strategic project enclose megatrends and structureal goals. Megatrends are requisite to procure insights into how the negotiate is changing. Ce issue, the calculate of the old unrepining is increasing still they confer-upon with multiple conditions. It is the role of nurses to secure they win the needful skills to catch solicitude of such a population. On the other artisan, structureal goals are weighty in lay-opening a strategic project. The goals obtain denote the tendency that an structure wants to catch or the raze it scarcitys to get in the next scant years. The brace media procure momentous facts momentous occasion cemulating a strategic project.
Megatrends are best available ce my scarcitys since they denote the call-restraint in the open. Understanding the megatrends is requisite in boosting the capacity of skills in the long-term. The debate is that it teachs the gaps in popular bloomsolicitude performances. Ce issue, in the crop of skills ce the advenient, I can demonstrate the scarcity to amend computer skills. Computer skills are needful to transcribe a pamphlet repair telemedicine ascribable to a spike in the calculate of unrepinings seeking tenor. Telemedicine is a answer to congested hospitals, still some unrepinings exact basic consultation or order of drugs.
I project to confirm the progress project by considering materials on coercionmer studies and registers on telemedicine and the megatrends in bloomcare. I so project to conference conversant functionals who possess slow skills to secure I imbibe from them. It is so weighty to consider the dynamics of open bloom and how they are changing. The confirmment obtain so envelop initiative a race in computer literacy and telemedicine to amend my coercionce to entrust solicitude to unrepinings. I obtain so originate in multitudinous positions to secure I possess the artisan-on skills that obtain boost my skills ce the advenient. The confirmment project obtain so amend my analytical skills to repair facts administration.


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