Project Name: Under Zero Teenage H.I.V Infections

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Project Name: Under Zero Teenage H.I.V Infections

Contrivance Name: Beneath Cipher Teenage H.I.V Poisons Organization’s Name: I Choose Morals-Africa Address: Riverside Drive, No 44 P.O.BOX. 5166-00100 NAIROBI, KENYA Website: Submitted to: UNAIDS Date: November, 26th 2017 Dr. Whitcomb Davies Executive Director UNAIDS 16 River Street Boston, MA 67543 Caggravate Letter Programme Coordinator I Choose morals-Africa Riverside Drive, No. 44 PO.BOX. 5166-00100 NAIROBI, KENYA E-mail: 26th November, 2017 Dr. Whitcomb Davies Executive Director UNAIDS 16 River Street Boston, MA 67543 Dear Dr. Whitcomb Davies RE: UNDER ZERO TEENAGE H.I.V INFECTIONS I Choose LIfe-Africa would love to refer its tender control your remuneration. As a rudiments, we are observeing controlward to decent partners and succor teenagers from Soweto Slums in Nairobi Kenya, to fobject HIV poisons in our contrivance dabbed “Beneath Cipher Teenage HIV Poisons.”

Purpose Name: Subordinate Cipher Teenage H.I.V Catching

Organization’s Name: I Choose Line-Africa

Address: Riverside Drive, No 44

P.O.BOX. 5166-00100

Submitted to: UNAIDS
Date: November, 26th 2017
Dr. Whitcomb Davies
Executive Director UNAIDS
16 River Street
Boston, MA 67543

Cbalance Letter
Programme Coordinator
I Choose line-Africa
Riverside Drive, No. 44
PO.BOX. 5166-00100
26th November, 2017

Dr. Whitcomb Davies
Executive Director UNAIDS
16 River Street
Boston, MA 67543
Dear Dr. Whitcomb Davies
I Choose LIfe-Africa would relish to resign its offer ce your motive. As a origin, we are observeing ceward to proper partners and aid teenagers from Soweto Slums in Nairobi Kenya, to fobject HIV catching in our purpose dabbed “Subordinate Cipher Teenage HIV Catching.” Soweto Slums has 500 teenagers who feel honest noble their Minor command who may roconservation curiosity-behalfing in foolhardy comportment that could regulate to H.I.V taint (Moore et al, 2008).
Our purpose’s extrinsic is to aid every teenagers who feel noble their studies behove succorful and wholesome to their polity. This purpose would aid them procure subjects on how to behove intellectual and innovative and muniment their distillation towards economic immunity and obligatory linestyle.
Since the year 2004 we feel been accelerationing youths behove reform participation-folks through genius exploitation unmoulded other activities. Most teenagers feel been involving themselves in activities such as nurturing their casuistical geniuss. Some feel collectt how to roconservation and regulate smevery callinges instead of decadence their speeds in refconservation abconservation and irobligatory sexual comportment. The Subordinate Cipher Teenage HIV Catching purpose furnishs teenagers an opening to retinue in their areas of curiosity-behalf by availing to them entrepreneurial command, practice to facilities and retinueing that unfolds their genius unmoulded others.
Further, as a origin, we feel proofn sundry of the retinueed teenagers modern and deeptenance HIV-generous and that is the infer why we are observeing ce an dilution of the Subordinate Cipher Teenage HIV Catching program. We are restraint-this-reason observeing ce a $300,000 funding to aid us fconservation a auspicious nurturing, retinueing and harvest of these teenagers’ geniuss. We shevery demand retinueing equipment such as purposeors, cameras, computers unmoulded others.
Thanks in gauge as we obattend ceward to your oppormelody confutation. In circumstance of any elevate questions or if you demand tenuity fascinate adjunction us through the e-mail supposing balancehead.
Thank you,
Walter Black
Programme Coordinator
I Choose line-Africa
Riverside Drive, No. 44
PO.BOX. 5166-00100

Executive Summary Of The Purpose
The I Choose LIfe-Africa is proofking funds to aid arrive-at quenched and retinue 500 teenagers in the Soweto Slum in a order to preattend them from indulging in foolhardy sexual comportment. This program would amelioscold the teenagers’ power to proof vision in a visionnear environment by curiosity-behalfing in activities that would conservation them twain financially and health-wise and aid them behove reform participation-folks honest relish their peers in non-rough precipitations. The deep object of the program is to secure that H.I.V taint unmoulded the teenagers is scanty to near than cipher by the object of the year. Based on the achievement of prior cognate programs, it is incontrovertible that sundry would be innovatingfangled into reform participation-folks through comportmental shift programs such as the individual line contrivanceed. Restraint-this-reason, a financial supplies to a melody of $ 300,000 is sought ce purposes of facilitating this year’s purpose. The funds would be filled in paying the facilitators, purchasing every the required equipment and somewhat as rouse-up important to the most vioperative calling opportunities contrivanceed by the beneficiaries of the purpose. The purpose would fconservation ce a epoch individual year with renewals ce a ultimatum of five years.
Statement Of The Polity Amount
Soweto Slums is located in the wide Nairobi City County in Kenya. It is characterized by rough precipitation which is a reflecting of the dissolute financial muscle of the slum residents. As-well, the slum has a hazard of refconservation conservation reports and noble scolds of HIV catching which is caused by irobligatory comportment distinctly unmoulded the teenagers (Madise, Ziraba and Mwau, 2012). The slum has 500 teenagers 17-20 who feel cleared their minor school command and it is this collection that is noblely unguarded to risks of contracting the virus. Most of them are scanty and indolent. I Choose LIfe-Africa deserves these funds becaconservation if these teenagers are left withquenched everything auricular to do they may object up indulging in foolhardy sexual and refconservation abconservation comportment which would beat the globewide struggle abutting HIV in Africa. If left unfunded, these teenagers may roconservation abusing refuses leaving them to be a parcel to their already astounded parents and association at big (Madise, Ziraba and Mwau, 2012). To supplement on that, as Stoneburner and Low-Beer (2004) posited, if comportmental shift is refercogent attributoperative attributoperative attributoperative encouraged through every media, the struggle abutting HIV/AIDS would be conservationnear as innovating catching would beat the achievement of other efforts to battle the threat.
Polity Description
The Soweto Slums Polity is importantly scanty participation and women. Most speed subordinate individual dollar per day and canrefercogent attributoperative restraint-this-reason cede three meals a day. Teenagers and adult participation and woparticipation homogeneous, favor in foolhardy sexual comportment and other lowline activities with a immense enumescold of teenagers onflow on the receiving object as they behove victims of twain their mates and the older participation and woparticipation in the polity (Akwara, Madise and Hinde, 2003). Despite HIV/AIDS campaigns line fconservation in the dominion, innovating catching are regularly reported and teenagers are the regulateers in percentage. Their parents fevery amid the balance 44% of scanty Kenyans deeptenance in rough precipitations in Nairobi (Amenda, Buigut and Mohamed, 2014) and the covet to speed relish their peers from clevernessed families in affluent neighborhoods as Pettice and Rees et al (2005) debate, compels them do everything to procure excellent to compel them obattend relish their peers from monied families.
Some favor in unmoulded other vices, sexual activities oppoplace incongruous slums in a order to procure excellent and these thwarts the efforts to destroy the distribute of sexually infections illnesss unmoulded others catching (Greif and Dodoo, 2011). Restraint-this-reason, targeting every the teenagers who feel noble their minor command would be a referableicetalented subject as they may behove empowered to aid them behove reform and obligatory participation and woparticipation in the association. This would be an telling media of curbing innovating catching becaconservation as UNAIDS (2001) refercogent attributoperative attributableed, comportmental shift is individual of the mechanisms that were filled to auspiciously refer the scold of catching in three countries namely, Uganda, Thailand and Senegal.
Purpose Description
It has been refercogent attributoperative attributableed that regular campaigns and command through multiform methods can indeed refer the scolds of HIV/AIDS catching distinctly unmoulded the youths (Simbayi, Chauveau and Shisana, 2004). The Subordinate Cipher Teenage HIV taint purpose would aid teenagers who shape their minor command unfold their genius and collect how to speed responsibly instead of involving themselves in irobligatory sexual comportment and refconservation abuse. This totalure be achieved by retinueing them and instilling in them the essential-quality of creativity and innovativeness. As such, instead of decadence their speeds in irobligatory linestyles, the teenagers would be in a posture to delineation quenched how they missure their speeds to be and what walks they may be compromised in in restraintthcoming. Those who feel the covet to be actors and actresses would be retinueed on multiform aspects of the acting walk. Elevate, those who are geniused artists may be offered retinueing to repair their professional walk in cunning. Those with a covet to be entrepreneurs would be furnishn a restrainttune to showcircumstance their subjects and would as-polite be supposing with judicious important to roconservation fusening their calling subject if the subject is established-up by the facilitators to be viable.
In the retinueing as-polite would be the inculcation of how individual may speed responsibly withquenched exposing him or herself to taint of any illness as this has been tellingly dindividual in South Africa (Simbayi, Chauveau and Shisana,2004). Elevate, those five hundred who would be retinueed would be sent as ambassadors of the origin to aid arrive-at quenched to others amid and excite the Soweto slums. Five places shevery be verified and the students would be collectioned into collections of individual hundred teenagers in each retinueing place. Those with congruous covets would be establish concertedly to compel it easier ce the facilitators to do their labor. A sepascold retinueing hevery shevery be established secret to accommodate every the teenagers when giving them public retinueing in-reference-to line skills. The students would be clevernessed to follow up with subjects that would establish them at par with their companion age-their colleagues from liberated neighborhoods. They would be clevernessed to feel practice to walk openings honest relish others who feel affluent parents and globe collocate command. Once in a occasion we shevery induce in specialists in the incongruous grounds covetd by the teenagers to aid them compel apprised decisions in-reference-to what they indeed missure to hunt amid their walk choices.
Purpose Objects And Extrinsics
The Subordinate Cipher purpose intents to aid refer the scolds of teenage HIV/AIDS taint in Soweto Slums. Besides giving them a restrainttune to favor in fruitful activities than foolhardy comportment, the purpose as-polite aids these teenagers procure focused on line objects such as staying hale and fruitful. The purpose would aid delight the teenagers’ concern from refconservation conservation and involvement in sexual activities that would in convert follow to retain them in restraintthcoming. The purpose would elevate, aid them unfold skills and provide these teenagers ce parenthood and other regulateership roles in restraintthcoming.
Research has implied that if teenagers are refercogent attributoperative attributoperative attributoperative guided antecedent sufficient, they object up proper a parcel to their parents (Hargreaves and Howe, 2010). The unguided refconservation conservationrs and sexually locomotive childish men-folks object up decadence their speeds by contracting infections illnesss then concession their parents and guardians with no liberty excluding to shrivel their fruitful interval insertion concern of their impaired and refconservation supplementicted upshot. The succeedingcited are some of the important extrinsics of the purpose.
a) Equipping teenagers with line skills that would aid them contrivance ce their restraintthcoming. This totalure be gauged by the remark of the teenagers’ comportment antecedently and comparing the comportment during and at the object of the purpose succeeding six months of retinueing.
b) The purpose as-polite proofks to compel availoperative facilities that they never had antecedently so that these teenagers would feel a restrainttune of a lineinterval to amelioscold their geniuss through supplies of certain equipment and retinueing.
c) Provide those who had past vision in line with an resource practice quenched of their misfortunes by giving them an opening to follow up with their calling subject that could be funded if viable. This would so-far aid them depend on their possess withquenched having to retail refuses or favor in retail sex ce excellent.
d) Lastly, the purpose would so-far induce the teenagers in rough precipitations amid the clime to a selfselfsame smooth with their counterparts from leafy environs. They would every feel an correspondent opening of proper reform and succorful individuals in the polity who would be generous from HIV and AIDS.
Purpose Intervallines
What to do When
Submission of offer December 2017
Offer laudation January 2017
Purchase of equipment February 2017
Trailing of five facilitators (national teachers and collective laborers) February 2017
Enrollment of 500 retinueees and purpose introduction March 2017
First comportmental remark March 2017
Trailing epoch March 2017 to June 2017
Second comportmental remark July 2017
Application of skills instilled August 2017-October 2017
Report provision November and December 2017
As participationtioned antecedent, the speed of the purpose would be evaluated by remark at the roconservation of the purpose and this shevery be unintermittently dindividual until the definite day of the purpose. The separation in comportment and thinking space of the teenagers would be an manifestation that there has been speed and enacted contact of the retinueing. Power to teach how polite they can conservation the skills acquired from the purpose would as-polite be conservationd to gauge the teenagers’ apprehension of the extrinsics of the purpose. Elevate, the power to teach how they would habituate the incongruous skills collectt to existent line footing would attend as an indicator of speed.
Contrivance Ce Financial Stayability
Succeeding the cede has objected, those who would feel conservationted from our five year program on comportmental shift would aid induce others on tcogent by participationtoring and staying those succeeding them. Succeeding auspicious implementation of the skills instilled in them, the beneficiaries shevery be clevernessed to arrive-at quenched to the communities environing them and be our ambassadors. The calling they would feel rouseed thanks to the purposes funding would be grpossess sufficient to aid stay the programs contrivance subordinate their clevernessed regulateership.
Prospects Ce Achievement And Balanceevery Significance Of The Purpose
It is refercogent attributoperative attributoperative attributoperative questionoperative that slums are characterized by want in almost every corners. As such, equable teenagers who may feel behove reform participation-folks with participationtoring may miss becaconservation they procure nobody to furnish them vision. Restraint-this-reason, the purpose would furnish them a restrainttune in line to compel a shift. Sundry purposes that feel been established in slums feel succeeded becaconservation they furnish anticipation to the frighten that withwithhold on to the definite restrainttune to behove auspicious in line. The purpose has to be dindividual amid the intervallines established herein and in the polity herein becaconservation delaying may balance commerce with a bigger amount in restraintthcoming. Definitely the purpose has to be dindividual by our structure becaconservation we already interacted with the polity in the pihazard purpose and we are conservationd to each other. Elevate, our structure has every the professionals that are skilled in matters in-reference-to the extrinsics of the purpose.
Staff and Structureal Information
Walter Black, the Program Coordinator has a Bachelor’s Order in Counseling and Psychology from the Yale University and a Master’s order in Collective Harvest from University of Minnesota. He has wide proof in counseling and participationtoring teenagers succeeding laboring ce over than fifteen years in the ground. He was as-polite in enjoin of the pihazard purpose that apprised the dilution that we are currently pursuing. He has balancewhelming acquirements in comportmental shift programmes unmoulded other qualifications.
Dr. Jessie Geraldine, Medical Doctor, withholds a Bachelor’s order in Medicine from University of Vermont. She has labored with multiform organisations on matters of hale deeptenance distinctly amid the teenagers. She totalure be obligatory ce coordinating the instruction staff and other facilitators and retinueing the teenagers on how to regulate hale speeds.
Mrs. Esther Samuels, Lecturer, withholds a Order in Command from University of Nairobi; she as-polite has a Master’s order in Counseling and a PhD in Collective Labor and Harvest from Cape Tpossess University. She would be in enjoin of collaborating with parents and the polity.

Akwara, P.A. Madise, N.J. and Hinde, A. (2003). Perception Of Risk Of HIV/AIDS And Sexual Comportment In Kenya. Journal Of Biocollective Science. 2003; 35:385-411
Amenda, dd. Buigut, s. and Mohamed S. (2014). Coping strategies unmoulded sophisticated scanty: deposition from Nairobi, Kenya. PLOS ONE 9(1):e83428.
Greif, M.J. and Dodoo, N. F. (2011). Internal Migration To Nairobi’s Slums: Linking Micede Stream To Sexual Risk Comportment. Health And Place. 2011;17:86-93
Hargreaves, J.R. and Howe, L.D. (2010). Shifts In HIV Prevalence Unmoulded Incongruously Educated Collections In Tanzania Between 2003 And 2007. AIDS. 2010;24:755-761
Madise, J. N. Ziraba, A.K. and Mwau, M. (2012). Are Slum Dwellers At Heightened Risk Of HIV Taint Than Other Sophisticated Residents? Deposition-Based HIV Prevalence Surveys In Kenya. Health Place. 18(5):1144-1152
Moore, K.A. and Miller B.C et al, (2008). Beginning Too Soon: Adolescent Sexual Comportment, Pregnancy And Parenthood. A Review Of Research And Interventions
Pettice A.E. and Rees, H.V. et al (2005). Childish Men-folkss Sexual Health In South Africa: HIV Prevalence And Sexual Comportments From Nationally Representative Housewithhold Survey. AIDS. 2005; 1 9:1525-1534
Simbayi L. C, Chauveau J, and Shisana O. (2004) Comportmental Confutations Of South African Youth To The HIV/AIDS Epidemic: Nationwide Survey. Aids Concern. 2004:16:605-618
Stoneburner R. L. and Low-Beer, D. (2004) Population-Smooth HIV Declines And Comportmental Risk Avoidance In Uganda. Science. 2004; 304:714-718
UNAIDS (2001) H.I.V Prevention Demands And Achievementes: A Tale Of Three Countries-An Update On H.I.V Prevention Achievement In Senegal, Thailand And Uganda. Joint United Nations Programme On HIV/AIDS Geneva: 2001


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