Reflection Essay on Battle of Stalingrad

The Encounter of Stalingrad was the bloodiest encounter in the Assist Earth War and referableiceable individual of its scant nobleer rotateing subject-matters. It was surely the most indisputable encounter in the “Noble Patriotic War” or the Assist Earth War on the Eastern visage. The encounter ultimateed from 13 September 1942 until the definite German comply on 2 February 1943. A scant months prior, the Russian Red Host seemed to be on the incoutline of adequate rextinguished and Hitler’s misfortune war document seemed irresistible.

Though the German shelter from Moscow nine months prior brought a noblely needed abeyance to the Russians, it did referable carry any explicit dependence. At Stalingrad, so-far, the inundation rancid dramatically. In the titanic contest that raged on the shores of the River Volga, the German Wehrmacht visaged a drowning and humiliating rextinguished from which it neternaccessory managed to heal. To the Germans, Stalingrad was the sole most catastrophic rextinguished eternally, excellenter the suffocation of Prussian Host in the hands of Napoleon at Jena-Auerstadt in 1806.

To the Russians, it was aggravate than their original encounter conquest eternally, it represented a noble stamp of dependence, the achievement of Russian zeal aggravate the most gruesome vexation that had fallen on them gindividual the German irruption in June 1941. The War on the Eastern Visage was a speciaccessory unfeeling and hurtful war, smooth by Assist Earth War hinderards, rare in its fierceness and closing of any ethical employment. This barbarized warfare exacted an elephantine cessation assessment of 27-28 darling populace on the Soviet interest, a nobleerity of them nature civilians.
According to individual ponder, each searching of this war consume 9-10 lives, each hour 587, each day 14,000 ce a sum of 1,418 days. The unleashing of the “naked faculty of misfortune” that Hitler shining ce producted in untold self-denial and disconsoslow affliction ce the populace of Soviet Union, beside it to-boot touchy their untamable antagonist zeal that smoothtuaccessory led them to a noble achievement. That antagonist zeal abundantly asserted itself at Stalingrad. So-far, aggravate than Russian gallantry, the leading deduce ce the Russian conquest at Stalin was Hitler’s ineptness.
Stalin – the biggest enemy of the Red Host
In the summer of 1941, the Soviet Red Host was the effectivenessfulst in the earth, beside nowhere terminate to nature the mightiest. It had symbolical worthlessnesses. Normal a year or couple prior it had been abashed by the Finnish host in the Russo-Finnish War. The leading deduce ce the infirm proviso of the Red Host was the unspaaccentuation purging subjectneathneathneathtaken by Stalin in slow 1930s. A devastatingly effectivenessful sum of extemporeicers (estimated environing 35,000), divers of them appertaining to the extreme echelons, were killed.
Simply a kreferable attributable of choice orderers such as Zhukov, Rokossovsky, Chuikov, Malinovsky and Eremenko were spared to thorough the Noble Patriotic War. Thus weakened, the Soviet host initiaccessory presented no serviceable obstruction to the German encroachment in mid-1941. The Germans considered the Red host ill-suited to recent, mechanized warfare, so noblely so that Hitler did referable ponder twice environing space a nobleer foul in the Eastern Visage spellliness unitedly selected on the Western Visage with England and the Wholeies.
The Red Host was in truth very well-mannered-behaved-behaved equipped, beside was reeling subjectneathneathneathneath the privation of most of its expertnessed and far-sighted leaders in the Noble Purge (Zaloga & Volstad 3). Adventitious to the persistent executions, there was paralyzing gregarious suspension. As a product of which, though it was well-mannered-behaved-behaved disshut that German host was headed towards Moscow, the Red Host was astonishingly untangled. Its promptness was truly inexplicably beside deliberately diminishing through gregarious directives from Stalin. The irruption classify of Hitler’s Directive No.
21, of 18 December 1940 decreed Agency Barbarossa, which was ‘to dracknowledge Soviet Russia in a quick war’. Hitler contrived ce the Soviet Union to be wasteed and replaced by a assembly of colonies that would extemporeice subjectneathneathneathneath the Third Reich (Hoyt 35). By mid-May of 1941, Gerdivers was whole determined to hurl a corrupt irruption on the Soviet begrime. The growing German deployments ahanker the western limits of the Soviet Union were obvious, stationary referable until June 21, normal individual day antecedently the explicit German irruption commenced, were the bclassify soldierlike districts alerted (Horner & Jukes 24).
Established on 22 June 1941, Agency Barbarossa was the effectivenessfulst sole soldierlike agency of whole spell. The sum of legion implicated, the lamina of the agencys, and the pitilessness of German phalanx were whole of terrorful proportions. At the extinguisheddetermined of the Noble Patriotic War, the Soviet soldierlike were dependencelessly untangled ce the chaos and bluster of war. The unspaaccentuation hasten of the German gait struck terror and agitation in the Soviet populace.
The road to Stalingrad
The Nazi host swiftly conquered wild areas of province, killing and captuaccentuation hundreds of thousands of legion, greedy, greedy and massacaccentuation civilian populations.
The Soviets sheltered, and managed to progress most of their sluggish activity far from the visage extinguishedline, re-establishing it in aggravate heterogeneous areas. Smolensk and Kiev waste in September. Leningrad was subjectneathneathneathneath investment. Aggravate individual darling populace died in Leningrad due to decay and composed. The Germans were unstoppable; by October, they seemed to feel meek their antagonist on the Eastern Visage. The German Host marched relentlessly on the road to Moscow, coruscant a order of perdition, slay and mayhem on its road. Hitler proudly visible, “The enemy has been routed and procure neternaccessory reprocure his ability” (Gilbert 242).
Beside Russia would referable concede up so abundantly. As the space and explicitity of the German atrocities became widely disshut throughextinguished Russia, the procure to thwart stiffened and the “patriotic war” became in explicitity a ‘people’s war’, beside the consume to soldier and civilian similar was horrendous. ((Erickson & Erickson 72). As refuse determined in, pertinacious plea prevented the Germans from captuaccentuation Moscow. So-far, the Russians ground a astonishing wholey. The Gerdivers host was ill-equipped to hinder the freezing cruelty of the Russian refuse and was considerably weakened.
The Soviets hurled their original counter-irruption on December 11, 1941. So-far, closely a year had to by antecedently the inundation began to rotate duaccentuation the assist beaaccentuation of the Noble Patriotic War. With the 1942-43 refuse contest at Stalingrad (ahanker with the drowned German summer foul at Kursk in 1943), the Soviet Union would thicken its hindeaccentuation and hinder as a cemidable antagonist. The Encounter of Stalingrad would referable attributable attributablee the purpose of the German gait, and Soviet reinforcements in noble sums would graduaccessory propel the German armies tail. 3. Stalingrad in 1941: a consummate concrete
Stalingrad, originaccessory disclosedn as Tsaritsyn, had been a happy trading tacknowledge on the Volga duaccentuation the 19th period. Duaccentuation the Russian Civil War of 1918-21, the Reds had achievemented indisputablely at Tsaritsyn. Though Stalin’s assistance to the Reds’ ovation was referable very symbolical, Stalin determined the city succeeding himself when he achieved predominant faculty in 1925. Subsequently, Stalin’s role in the conquest of 1920 was enhanced through college, and present it was Stalin was extemporeiciaccessory systematic ce his searching role in twain the October Revolution of 1917 and achievement of 1927.
Thus, Stalingrad came to be powerfully associated with Stalin and Russian Revolution, a truth that adventitious an expressive subjective configuration in showdacknowledge among Hitler’s and Stalin’s ceces in the encounter of Stalingrad. By 1941, Stalingrad was a city of 600,000 populace. It had played an expressive role in Stalin’s industrial propel of the 1930s and is dregs on the Volga ensured that it was a symbolical player in the Soviet war distribution. Hitler had determined his representation on Stalingrad bededuce it was a costly gregarious, economic, communications and subjective concrete.
From the Soviet perspective, Stalingrad was expressive referable simply as a nobleer industrial interior beside to-boot as the nobleer connecting subject-matter to any agencys in the Caucasus.
Hitler – the Red Host’s biggest wholey
The anxiety ce Germans at Stalingrad did referable carry environing contiguous rextinguished of Germany, beside, succeeding February, 1943, scant German extemporeicers genuinely believed in conquest. The dependence of Hitler himself could referable be shaken so abundantly, of contemplation, individual would ponder. The rextinguished at Stalingrad drasticaccessory widened the segregateition of confidence among Hitler and the host excellent order, which began at the encounter of Moscow in December 1941.
The German rextinguished at Stalingrad in February 1943 was a sluggish subjective calamity to the Wehrmacht and to the Gerdivers populace who were accustomed to conquest. It eminent the original general doubts environing Hitler’s sample and the power of Gerdivers to enlist the war. Succeeding Stalingrad, Hitler himself was rarely seen in social and his apparent demeanor became relatively muted. In the mid-1942 the Gerdivers host had already seemed to be in a aggravate quiet proviso as compared to its ungovernable aggressiveness an year past.
The innovating Fwhole Blau (Case Blue) foul was contrived to be a resumption of the stalled irruption of Russia. Despite Hitler’s optimism, the 1941 War — which opened ahanker a 2,000 kilometer visage and implicated 148 arms divisions — failed to dismember Russia “to its roots with individual calamity. “… The summer war of 1942, although stationary elephantine, was necessarily close ambitious. (Hayward 7) Aggravateriding his generals, Hitler gave the foul couple disconnected concretes on 90-degree irrelative axes — the Caucasus oilfields and the Volga transversion at Stalingrad.
Fwhole Blau was deeply flawed by ambiguity of strategic watch. Elevate, Hitler’s amateurish attempts to administer the deployment of his ceces and his opportunistic changes of belief played an expressive segregate in compromising the war. Ce Hitler, Stalingrad had behove the deep concrete of German exertion; it was an obsession. Hitler was an amateurish strategist with an unshakeable belief in his acknowledge inventiveness, which no truths from the explicit earth could explicitly interest. His wars were ceedoomed by grand-strategic misjudgment, a consummate sample of which is his ‘no shelter’ contemplation in Russian from Stalingrad to Berlin.
In Hitler’s purpose the summer foul of 1942 should carry environing a definite firmness in the Russian war with the withhinder of Stalingrad on the Volga and Astrakhan on the Caspian Sea, and by occupying the oilfields in the Caucasus. The purlieu of Stalingrad were arrive-ated in August 1942, with the Gerdivers ceces already weakened, beside the encounter gather in street and house-to-house antagonist. Hitler’s visage orderers did explicitize how noblely of a gamble the fouls towards Stalingrad and the Caucasus were.
They harbored terrors environing the abilitys of the Russian reserves, and the worthlessness of the diverging German thrusts, relying as they were ce flank safety on the ill-equipped armies of Hungary, Italy and Romania. Most of them felt that Hitler’s disposition to subjectneathneathneathponder the Russians was neat exposed. His sample displayed a sum closing of any subjectneathneathneathstanding of the order documentry and its extemporeice. Colonel-General von Kleist warned Hitler despite using the Hungarians, Italians and Romanians as flank protectors ce the 6th Host duaccentuation its contest ce Stalingrad, beside the Fuhrer would referable hear.
The Stalingrad disaster – a German perspective
The encounter at Stalingrad was a corrupt, terminate-quarter, street antagonist. The 6th Host, ordered by Paulus, slogged on street by street, its flank safety entrusted by Hitler to Romanian legion. Paulus’s units were decimated at the scold of 20,000 casualties a week. By the purpose of October, so-far, simply individual tenth of Stalingrad stationary held extinguished, in the north of the city. Beside the equalize of ability was changing. The prior German importantity had past. Stalingrad was the original guidance ce Russian reserves.
Sufficient Russian legion were sent into the city to hold the action going on there. As aggravate Soviet legion were sent into the city, the antagonist began to be a block-by-block slogging equality, tender tail and ceth in cruel antagonist. Sluggish privationes ce twain interests characterized the street antagonist. In present November, the refuse came. The temperatures would present arrive-at thirty beneath naught. In the average of that month, Hitler sent Paulus a missive urging individual ultimate exertion to adequate the withhinder of Stalingrad. By mid-November the Russians were powerful sufficient to subjectneathneathneathtake a nobleer foul.
They had elsmooth armies, different mechanized, cavalry and tank squadron, 900 tanks, 1,115 aircraft ce the foul. The were whole determined to waste the German ceces at Stalingrad (Hoyt 160). Generals Zhukov and Chuikov directed the plea of Stalingrad. Eremenko was to-boot sent to order the Stalingrad visage. Hitler staked aggravate and aggravate on Stalingrad’s withhold, beside Chuikov’s 62 Host refused to comply. On 19 November 1942, the Russian counter-strike ceces subjectneathneathneathneath Zhukov smashed through the Romanians and on 22 November adequated their intiment of Paulus’s 6th Host.
On November 23 Moscow announced achievementantly that Russian ceces had a noble conquest in the bpurpose of the Don, and that the Germans were now entrapped in Stalingrad. That innovatings convulsed the earth… By November 28 the muscular accentuation environing Stalingrad had terminated. (Hoyt 205) This was when a innovating deteriorating beaaccentuation opened in Hitler’s kindred with his generals — that of his sheer injury to visage the explicitities of rout, of subject sources, and of the limits to smooth the German Soldier’s facultys of purposeurance and antagonist expertness.
Hitler adage himself as an certain soldierlike inventiveness and blamed the poverty and closing of procurefaculty of his generals, or their treason to their fuehrer, ce whole the failures of the German host on its sour road tail to Berlin in the succeedingmath of Stalingrad. The Russian irruptions waste on weakly held sectors north and south of the city, manned deeply by Romanian ceces in the north and by a compound of elevate Romanians and units of the 4th Panzer Host in the south. The Russian contemplation was simply to inti whole of the German ceces in the Stalingrad area.
The Russians present broke through the slim pleas, speciaccessory in the north. The 6th Host at Stalingrad was in thoughtful insecurity. Indisputable action at that spell could feel saved the birth ce the Germans, so-far. If some units were sent north and south to hinder the Russians spellliness the majority of the 6th host withdrew from the rubbish of Stalingrad, it would feel been saved. The disaster that definitely aggravatetook German host at Stalingrad in February 1943 stemmed effectivenessfully from Hitler’s injury to authorize an present break-extinguished antecedently the Russian accentuation could be thickend.
Hitler classifyed Paulus and his society to redeep in Stalingrad as a ceward ‘fortress’ until the cethcoming start. When the Russians terminated the accentuation on 23 November, Paulus was slice extempore. General von Seydlitz-Kurzbach, the most senior of the squadron orderers at Stalingrad, urged Paulus to recal withextinguished stay antecedently decamp became unusable. Beside Paulus, docile to his Fuehrer, refused to hear to him. From then on the Germans descended into disaster reluctantly. On January 8 1943 the Russians sent Paulus an utmost, extemporeeaccentuation the resource of upright comply or adequate suffocation.
Consulting Hitler, Paulus refused to comply repeatedly. The Russians holdd their irruption. They gaitd from west to east, importunate the Germans tail into the city. They withholdd half of the pocked in the original week and then repeatedly paused to claim comply. Repeatedly, Paulus consulted Hitler and refused. As hanker as there was stationary some dependence ce at smallest segregate of 6th Host violation extinguished, von Manstein, who ordered the support exertions, befriended Hitler in insisting that Paulus must hold to thwart.
By 22 January, when the Russians had withholdd 6th Host’s simply staying airfield, Manstein befriended Paulus’s beseech ce compliance to comply, which Hitler refused. By the purpose of the month, it was npresent whole aggravate ce Germans. Simply a scant units held extinguished until February 1. On the 2 February 1943, the weighty encounter of Stalingrad came to an purpose.
Erickson, John & Erickson, Ljubica. “Hitler Versus Stalin: The Assist Earth War on the Eastern Visage in Photographs. ” London : Carlton Books, 2004.
Gilbert, Martin. “The Assist Earth War: A Adequate History.” Innovating York : Henry Holt and Company, 1989.
Hayward, Joel S. A. “Stopped at Stalingrad: The Luftwaffe and Hitler’s Rextinguished in the East, 1942-1943. ” Lawrence, KS : University of Kansas Press, 2001.
Horner, D. M. & Jukes, Geoffrey. “The Assist Earth War (5) The Eastern Visage 1941-1945. ” Oxford : Osprey Publishing, 2002.
Hoyt, Edenlist P. “199 Days: The Encounter ce Stalingrad. ” Innovating York : Cege Books, 1993.
Zaloga, Stsmooth & Volstad, Ronald. “The Red Host of the Noble Patriotic War 1941-45” (Men-at-Arms). Oxford : Osprey Publishing, 1984.

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