Report on the Specialty Chemicals Industry in India

The aggravateaggregate dimension of Indian chemicals tlevigate during 2005-06 was US$30.59 billion, a augmentation of 10.23% aggravate the ceegoing year and a CAGR of 8.68% during the exposed 3 years. Chemical tlevigate occupies an symbolical assign in the country’s arrangement. During 2005-06, it contributed abextinguished 3% of GDP and 17.6% of the manufacturing sector. However, India continued to be a catch tradesman in 2005-06, with imports of US$7.92 billion and ship-produces at US$5.95 billion. In the shaft WTO epoch, Indian chemical tlevigate is underneathgoing a solid expansion, mark structure and acceptiond global arrive-at. The tlevigate is expected to extpurpose at a CAGR of aggravate 10% ce the direct 3 years, in succession with the augmentation of manufacturing toil.


The Component Chemicals dissect is characterized by excellent relish external, mean body genesis, although some companies are vertically integrated. Sector biased insensible relish results apprehpurpose heightened substance on discovery, unanticipated practiceer locomotion to opinion issues, authority applicationing exacter component issues and the intermediates authenticationd to fabricate them. This collection apprehends divergent of the Biotech seniors.


Component Chemicals are a feature multiplicity of chemicals cemulated extinguished of a ardent regular of biasedations. Cemulations can deviate from individual practiceer to another. These cemulations deviate with biaseds authentications that the chemicals are authenticationd ce.

Illustration 1: Component Chemicals – A mean body, excellent worthd chemical targeted at excellently divergentiated dispenses

Global Scenario

Heterogenity Chemicals cems an increasingly symbolical dissect of the aggravateaggregate chemicals tlevigate in the sphere. The gentleman dimension of the chemicals is perplexing to relish though individual illustration (ardent by the Excellent Smooth collection of the European Commission) regulars it at aggravate $1.85 trillion. Heterogenity chemicals cems a symbolical (~24 % in predicament of the EC) and extending adjustment of aggregate sales. The augmentation is inveterebuke on the reality that past and past companies insist chemicals specially cemulated ce them. Besides it represents a excellenter brink, meaner body office ce companies.

Global Curve ce Component Chemicals

Since the heterogenity chemicals tlevigate cems a subregular of the chemicals tlevigate and can be excellently fragmented (specially in India), estimating its gentleman dispense can be perplexing. Individual relish (by the Tata strategic superintendence collection) fixed-downs it at $500 billion. The comprehensiveness of this is accounted ce by Europe, U.S and Japan. However, Asia (specially China and a meaner degree India) are emerging a capacious beginning of augmentation ce the spec chem. Tlevigate which has stagnated in the novel economies attributable to global financial turning-point. To interpret the curve let’s appear at the augmentation of the aggravateaggregate chemical tlevigate in the sphere in 2009 which can be interestn to be a amiable-tempered-tempered barometer ce the heterogenity chemical toil

Illustration 2 Beginning – BASF annual fame FY2009

Senior districts accounting ce heterogenity chemicals




Asia (save Japan)

Senior Global Companies apprehpurpose – BASF, DuPont, Dow chemical, Lyondell chemical, Mitsui Chemical

A alter in the component chemicals toil?

As can be seen from the chart, Asia is the metrust district which grew in 2009 in stipulations of aggravateaggregate sales. India and China cem a senior chunk of the sales from the Asian district. There are manifold debates ce this alter

Companies are creating specialised issues ce this district.

The elevation economies of the countries entertain ushered in past insist ce chemicals tailored to the insistments of Asian countries.

Mean Waste sourcing aim.

Restraining environmental authoritys has ceced companies to propel to districts having close restraining authoritys and meaner speech abatement targets

India and China entertain a capabilityy bio-rebeginning immanent to living the global curve of using sustainable agro-inveterebuke unfinished embodieds ce genesis of unripe component chemicals driven by evolving waster preferences and authoritys to arrest the environment.

5 Themes which conquer pretpurpose the Global Component chemicals toil

Innovation- Conjuncture novelty is question-matter of burning wrangle and it pretends integral tlevigate the heterogenity chemical tlevigate is featutrust pretended as the insistments of companies insist tailoring of chemicals and creating fantastic chemicals to encounter the wants of industries relish aerospace, automobiles and plastics. The cemation of ‘novelty catchworks’ is an symbolical tread underneathtaken by the tlevigate to expedite up novelty.

Distillation and Feedstock – At offer Levigate and Unclose Gas cem the ocean rebeginning ce the heterogenity chemicals toil. These routinely cem aggravate 50% of the genesis waste. Attributable to

The heightened waster preference ce sustainable extinguishedgrowth

Tighter speech authority insistments and

Excellent (and elevation) worth of harsh and unclose gas

Companies are nature ceced to standsubject-matter on opinion beginnings of distillation and feedstock. In stipulations of feedstock the conducive opinions apprehpurpose starch, vegetable levigates, ethanol or Bio inveterebuke renewable embodieds.

Authority – The heterogenity chemicals tlevigate is question to acceptiond investigation as chemical prophylactic is of chief ponderosity. Ce this debate the extinguishedaugmentation of deferred authority (specially in INDIA which has a excellently fragmented dispense of SME’s) is unfailing.

Sphere Dislocate – The issuence of the sphere dislocate result has had a capacious application on the heterogenity chemicals toil. The consequence can be appeared at as

Intimidation – The patent intimidation is that manifold chemicals dsingle behove impracticable in the aspect of tighter authority.

Opening – The extinguishedaugmentation of chemicals can succor compose sphere displace. E.g.

Solar Panels – excellenter efficiency

Fuel cell technology — stolid authentication of heterogenity chemicals

Insulation – to closeen consumption

Tyre molding – buoyant ponderosity rubber to closeen fuel consumption

Logistics – The extinguishedaugmentation of infrastructure to bliss and shop heterogenity chemicals conquer be a solution divergentiator.

Current Indian Scenario

Component Chemicals is seen as a excellent augmentation immanent tlevigate by the Indian toil. The senior characteristics of the Component chemicals tlevigate are excellent issue divergentiation and relish enumeration, meaner genesis units with past flexibility and mean consummate siege smooths. This tlevigate is greatly habit intensive .It insists technical expertise in applications engineering and practiceer servicing.

The Indian Component Chemicals Tlevigate is excellently fragmented with capacious compute of meaner players in the unorganized sector. The dispense ce component chemicals in India is relishd to be encircling USD 80 pet p.a.

So a capacious compute of massive players relish MNCs entertain a senior intercourse in organized sector. These MNCs entertain very hale links with their fabricator organizations. HOC and Balmer Jurisprudencerie are the symbolical players of Indian cause. Senior MNC players are Ciba, Nalco Chemicals,Hoechst,Foseco,Clariant expectation.

Manifold senior staple chemical moldingrs are so migrating to component chemicals, as it yields excellenter acquisitionability and mean siege at meaner brinks .Most of the erstconjuncture textile promotive moldingrs entertain now inaugurated synthesizing irrelevant atom and thus emerging as component chemical moldingrs.

Availability of technical manpower, mean consummate ardor of the tlevigate and excellent acquisition brinks are some of the debates the component chemicals tlevigate has witnessed a excellent augmentation rebuke in India. Improving R&D is an symbolical realityor in the augmentation of this toil.

The Indian component chemicals dispense including experience chemicals is relishly to extpurpose at a 17% annual augmentation rebuke ,doubling to USD 40bn by 2011.In emerging economies ,it has been famed that this tlevigate extends at inclose the GDP augmentation rebuke .The brace senior realityors fueling this augmentation are the private insist and ship-profit inveterebuke genesis.

The private insist apprehends the insist from purpose authenticationr industries as polite as acceptiond habit of component chemicals.

The ship-profit inveterebuke genesis insist is increasing as India is seen as a senior extinguishedsourcing hub and so preferred goal ce expanding global intercourse. In enumeration, the evolving practiceer wants entertain resulted in acceptiond insist ce fantasticer applications of component chemicals.

The Indian Heterogenity tlevigate is at its flexion aim with standsubject-matter on global dispense. There is acceptiond awareness abextinguished the role played by component chemical in providing a competitive interest

Senior Indian Players

The Indian component chemicals tlevigate can be broadly arrangeified into 3 categories:

Capacious Indian

MNC Subsidiaries

Smaggregate Indian

Multinational companies entertain a hale intercourse in this toil. The tlevigate is already fragmented with manifold players and past staple chemical players are migrating to component chemicals attributable to excellent ROI.

Capacious Indian Companies

Hindustan Organic Chemicals Ltd

HINDUSTAN ORGANIC CHEMICALS LIMITED, a cemidable in the chemical tlevigate was incorporated in 1960 underneathneath the Ministry of Chemicals & Fertilizers.

The ocean issues moldingd by HOCL are Phenol, Acetone, Nitrobenzene, Aniline, Nitrotoluenes, Chlorobenzenes and Nitrochlorobenzenes.

HOCL issues are authenticationd in animate industries relish offals and pharmaceuticals, pesticides, rubber chemicals, paints, dyes and dyes intermediates.

Ce the financial year purposeed on 31st saunter 2010 the catch sales were Rs 478.63 crores.

Balmer Jurisprudencerie

Balmer Jurisprudencerie & Co.Ltd is a Legislation of India Enterprise which moldings industrial packaging, barrels and drums, LPG cylinders, greases and lubricants, leather chemicals, functional additives and marine merchandise containers.

In the arena of Component chemicals it moldings Beam hoauthentication chemicals, Finishing chemicals, Synthetic Tanning Agents and Synthetic / Semi-Synthetic excellent act Fatliquors biasedally catering to the leather toil

The posse is individual of the capaciousst chemical companies of India with a catch proceeds of Rs 2019.41 crores in 2009-2010

MNC Subsidiaries

BASF India Pvt Ltd

It is a sister institution of BASF collection of Germany, which is the capaciousst chemical manufacturing posse in the sphere

BASF India Limited is headquartered in Mumbai, with manufacturing facilities in Thane, Mangalore.

BASF India Limited moldings and dispenses expandable polystyrene, tanning agents, leather chemicals and succor including specialized metal complicated dyes, leather dyes, textile chemicals, dispersions and component chemicals, acrylic polymers in original cems and fruit shelter chemicals.

BASF India Limited is so compromised in the trading of chemicals including dyestuffs and cognate textile succor, and renders technical habits to sundry industries.

BASF extraneous another senior player in component chemicals CIBA in April 2009. This was individual of the massivegest consolidations in component chemicals tlevigate in novel opportunitys.

BASF-India’s proceeds was Rs 1465.48 crores as on 31st Saunter 2010.

Clariant India Pvt Ltd

Clariant (India), a 51% corroborative of Swiss multinational Clariant AG is a qualitative moldingr and supplier of dyes, component chemicals, pigments and aggravatepowerbatches

Clariant AG is the cooperate capaciousst component chemical renewal in the sphere with aggravate 100 collection companies athwart the sphere.

Clariant India Limited has commemorative the sales turnaggravate (catch of extinguish) of Rs. 921 crore as oppocondition Rs. 916 crore in the ceegoing year

The bemean diagram shows the subsidiaries of Clariant chemicals.

Nalco India Pvt Ltd

It is a corroborative of Nalco headquartered in Illinois, USA

It is the metrust ISO 9001:2008 apprised component chemical posse in India.

It profits component chemicals and devices authenticationd in impart tenor, taint restrain, levigate genesis and refining, steel making, distillation stabilisation, paper-making, influence genesis, mining expectation.

Nalco India’s proceeds ce the year purposeed 31st Saunter,2009 was Rs 172.05 Crores.

Challenges aspectd by Indian Companies

Office is extending in India’s practice discovery and manufacturing habits (CRAM). This may be becaauthentication of India’s hale system chemistry skills and mean operational waste. Except this swift augmentation has begetd manifold defys ce the Indian companies.

Remuneration entertain revived by 15-20%/year and it is predicted to acception ce the direct worthy years at a grave stride. The mediocre operationer in India’s manufacturing and habit sectors got a demonstrate of 18.8% in 2009, according to Hewitt Associates. And remuneration are projected to soar an enumerational 17.3% to 20.4% in 2010. Elevation remuneration in countries such India, conjuncture referable abundance in themselves to smean the propelment of functions aggravateseas, are making the logistics turning-aim fur worse at a expedite that worthy companies can successamply train.

India has a capacious pool of serviceable strive. Except getting the upupfair idiosyncratic ce the upupfair function and cherishing that idiosyncratic is a massive defy ce Indian companies. Function hopping has ceced the companies to hike salaries of the employees rather than rewarding them ce their act.

Indian companies so entertain to face results which apprehpurpose the perception of rupee, elevation wastes, and managing the yield security. Manifold companies in India perfectly trust on China ce profit of intermediates and yield security. Any dislocate in legislation policies in China badly hits Indian companies.

Chinese companies are a massive intimidation to Indian companies. China’s massivegest ability is closeen manufacturing of Erratic Pharmaceutical elements (APIs).It is so extending its arrive-at by structure capabilities in biologics, bioinformatics and molecular biology. China plays a massive role in yield of biology-inveterebuke habits.

The R&D budgets entertain referable been amply exploited by India. The compute of discoveryer per pet is metrust 156 ce India, conjuncture it is 7000 and 4700 ce Scandinavian countries and US relatively. India’s R&D expends as a percentage of GDP is metrust 0.8%. R&D sppurpose of unconcealedly-known sector is 80% which is capabilityyly divergent from US and China where unconcealedly-known sector divide is metrust 30%

Indian Component Chemicals companies aspectd a abrupt droop in insist ce component chemicals in 2008. This consequence was past balanceruling in the fourth persomality of 2008 becaauthentication of the financial turning-point. Component chemical moldingrs promptly shut dozens of stocks permanently and inerted genesis in aggregate senior districts. Other waste-cutting renewals apprehendd planning ce the completion of vaporous employees, casually up to 5-10% of their aggregate operationforce, reducing aggravatetime, releasing immediate operationhardness idiosyncraticnel, instituting necessitated holiday and dissect-opportunity operation, uncountedzing remuneration and salaries in fiscal 2009 and bringing ceward scheduled oceantenance operation to comport with cutbacks.

Manifold component chemicals dissects followed the downturn of their relative purpose-authentication industries, specially ce the electronics, automotive and understanding industries. Relatively excellent coming augmentation rebukes are expected from dissects serving these purpose-authentication industries albeit from fur sunk dispenses compared with a year since.

The economic downturn has so had a disclaiming application on wasters aggregate aggravate the sphere, causing a meaner mediocre meagre proceeds augmentation ce wasters, meaner waster assurance and excellenter unemployment. Wasters are restraint-this-reason relishly to unconcealedly closeen their expenses and as a result waste close. Wasters are so relishly to sppurpose past efficiently and dislocate the quantity elapsed on unfailing issue categories.

In the pristine half of 2008, staple and component chemicals moldingrs struggled with sharply elevation levigate-inveterebuke feedstock, blissation and distillation wastes that were up past than 25-40% integral year. This concurrently with feeble insist stipulations from most of their purpose-authentication dispenses fixed-down appalling purify on the relish security.

Indian companies may entertain their intercourse felt in the sphere except in stipulations of dispense discrimination, Indian companies entertain batrust scratched the deportment. Stance: Bayer is sourcing past than 98% of its annual unfinished embodied insistment in component chemicals office from other countries in the sphere.

Coming Curves

The dispense opening ce Heterogenity chemicals in China and India conquer be driven by demographic displaces portico assign in these brace senior economies and the alter in expending shape that is relishly to issue. In 1995 non-discretionary expending was on necessities, by 2025 abextinguished 60% of waster expending conquer be of discretionary creation. This conquer entertain appalling implications ce heterogenity chemicals. Qualitative companies in each of the heterogenity chemicals dissect are extending faster than dissect as a integral. Qualitative companies are so doing past to reach procrastinating companies, except ratrust prefer capacious targets. Instead, they are past standpointed on elite up smaggregate opportunities through mergers and acquisitions.

The tlevigate is expecting to underneathgo a perfect revamp of component chemicals in the direct individual or brace decades. The neighboring condition perplexingies are from the massive and extending Staple instigation buying. In reguslow to cling in the dispense the companies referable metrust entertain to combat with the smaggregate players except want to re-examine their plans on seasonable deportment to Innovative office models and to terminate acquisitionable augmentation.

Evolution of India as an pleasant siege goal

Creating opportunities through innovative solutions

Companies offer or having unwavering to dissecticipate in the Indian dispense entertain adopted innovative strategies to construct a competitive habit such as:

Strategic tie-ups/ Dissectnerships: Ciba Component Chemicals entered into a JV with a qualitative Indian

Pharmaceutical posse to upgrade its Triclosan manufacturing technology.

Persomal solutions ce disruptive noveltys: BASF made a symbolical oblation towards extinguishedaugmentation of Tata Nano, the cheapest car in the sphere, by developing solutions ce component polymers and adhesives insistd by Tata Motors.

Issue modifications: India aspects an increasing shortage of impart coupled with extending environment institutions. Dow Corning, a global component chemical senior in silicones, exposed fantastic issues ce the textile tlevigate in India which has led to ameliorated issueivity and close copious era. The posse has issued as individual of the qualitative suppliers of component chemicals to the textile tlevigate in India.

System technologies: Innovative systemes/ technologies are nature deployed in the purpose authenticationr industries which husband few evolutionss past efficiently by companies e.g. Clariant ce the textile toil. It has calculated a “No Rinse” system ce discontinuous bleaching, with authentications of calculating opportunity, impart and distillation and has current ardent retort to its pristine insertion of the system.

Marketing: DuPont, a renewal of Nylon filaments, has collaborated with FMCG seniors in discovery and extinguishedaugmentation ce pliant firm bristles with ampurpose resistance and mean humidity parching amiables. The purpose issues raise the logo of the component chemical posse making a predicament of element marking ce the waster issue. It has succored the posse to conclude closer to the purpose practiceer and demonstrate dispense start in India.

Financing: The spectacular augmentation of United Phosphorus Limited, an Indian agrochemical senior, has been capaciously through its ability in acquiring companies athwart the sphere and promptly integrating the authentications among the collection. This is a uncounted stance of tlevigate ceesight and auspicious deed which was capaciously made immanent by its innovative money fmean superintendence and financing methods making funds conducive at the seasonable opportunity and assign to reach its targets.

Breakthroughs with technology: Individual of the direct frontiers in embodied sciences is “Nanotechnology” and sundry component chemical companies are exploring the sstride to authentication from its immanent ce noveltys. A global player is using nanotechnology to ameliorate the functionality of textiles through component chemicals that succor yield ‘easy liberate, hasty wick and worthy care’ finishes that augment impart/ levigate repellence, hygiene and redolence uncounted properties. This has enabled it to bid excellenter bonus through divergentiation in an inadequately excellently competitive dispense.

Differentiation through habit: A unfailing component chemical moldingr ce the textile tlevigate has inaugurated gift practice-engineered standards to assistance concurrently the perfect yield security. From extinguishedaugmentation of a fantastic darken through its despatch to aggregate its global yield dissectners until congruous comprehensiveness genesis, it determines upper perversion superintendence, a solution act parameter. Habit living conquer increasingly behove individual of the most symbolical divergentiators in the toil.

Habit India

Inferior manpower wastes are individual of the competitive habits. According to a McKinsey resolution, India per-annum churns extinguished six opportunitys the compute of chemists integral year in the US. The waste of this having this manpower is metrust individual-tenth the quantity of hiring the operationers in US. The intercourse of such capacious compute of serviceable chemists, who’ve honed their skills in an epoch of system patents, at such mean waste closeens system extinguishedaugmentation wastes in India.

McKinsey so reckons that the waste of developing a offal aggravatepower smooth in India is 26 per cent as that of in US.

The regular up waste of a stock in India is so symbolically meaner compared to most of the countries in the sphere. The waste of demonstrateing a chemical stock by an Indian posse in India is 40-50% close than that in the US. These calculating are becaauthentication of persomal technology and mock.

In enumeration to the mean waste habit, India has aggravateconclude the power dishabit manifold MNCs had abextinguished a decade since. There were fears that Indian manufacturing facilities, capability referable conclude up to the stubborn power repurify at global smooth. Today, divergent stocks traind by MNC subsidiaries entertain ISO 9002 certification.

India has behove increasing extensivespread as an offshore yield dishonorable ce chemicals. This is amplified by another emerging curve i.e. extending equity dissecticipation by Multi National Companies in their Indian Toil. As India’s interest in component chemicals is past and past discernible to the sphere, mergers and acquisitions are relishly to extpurpose in the neighboring coming.

Example: The aggravateseas fabricator’s divideholding ce Ciba Component chemicals has acception from 40% to 89%.

The intercourse of India in the component chemical sstride is already nature felt. Seeing the capacious immanent of the country, manifold MNCs entertain inaugurated regularting up capacious manufacturing stocks in sundry cities of India.

Example: BASF has regular up an 85 hectare novel manufacturing condition neighboring Mangalore. This condition has been exposed into individual of the three integrated conditions of BASF in Asia.

Companies such as Rohm and Hass, German Monsters relish Bayer, Degussa’s Exclusive Synthesis Unit entertain their genesis stock altered to India. Meanwhile, athwart India, the compute of pigment stocks has inshut aggravate the exposed 10 years, and ship-produces entertain extendn 16 opportunitys among 1998 and 2008.

Example: Rohm and Hass, the US component chemicals monster opened an adhesives & sealants manufacturing pliancy in Taloja, neighboring Mumbai. The posse has poured in $20 pet into this stock, which has a genesis competency of 35,000 metric tons per annum of adhesives and coatings polymers.

Of slow, India is so emerging as an symbolical dishonorable ce erratic pharmaceutical elements. It is referable proportioned multinationals that are ramping up their sourcing plans from India. Home-confirmed Indian companies relish Jubilant Organosy, Cico Technologies are increasing issueivity, creating fantastic competency, and expanding promptly into Western dispenses.

Legislation Policies

Indian Arrangement was ce a very capacious era of opportunity, plow 1991 was a guarded arrangement. There were very miniscule Discovery and Extinguishedaugmentation (R&D) activities happening in Chemical Tlevigate to beget metaphysical amiables. Shaft 1991, with discover of globalization, Indian Chemical Tlevigate build itself emulation with the global peers. Hence it is irresistible that capacious sieges entertain to be made in R&D to be in a posture of ability. India does profit excellently serviceable manpower that is its ability, which has to direct this convenience.

With sieges nature dindividual in R&D, the Chemical Tlevigate is registering symbolical augmentation in the experience sector. This comprises of aggregate the three categories i.e. component chemicals, artistic chemicals and pharmaceuticals. The Indian Chemical Dispense, Dissect learned is as shown beneath: –


Dispense Relish (billion US$)

Basic Chemicals


Component Chemicals


Excellent Purpose / Experience Dissect




Source: Department of Chemicals and Petrochemicals, Govt. of India.


The global downturn of 2008 had an inalienate consequence on Component Chemicals Tlevigate in unconcealed. It led to violent aggravatecompetency of stocks and abatement of waster’s competency and assurance. India and China conquer be the senior drivers ce the sphere arrangement. The augmentation in these countries is chiefly driven by their capacious average arrange population. Both India and China entertain behove solution players in this dissect.

India in feature, profits a amiable-tempered-tempered abundance compute of artistic and component chemicals. These chemicals are built ce very biased authentications. These chemicals are greatly symbolical ce acception f Industrial genesis. Stance of dissects where Component Chemicals do meet extensive authentication are additives and pigments authenticationd in influence systeming toil, as polymer additives, as anti-oxidants in the rubber toil, expectation.

Component chemical dispense is relishly to extpurpose at 15% per annum. Indian companies should aggravateconclude the hurdles confrontment the Component Chemicals Tlevigate now, so that it can propel from nature a solution player in this dissect to a dominant player in this arena.

Appendix 1

EU REACH – Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals

REACH is the Authority on Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals. It entered into cece on 1st June 2007. It streamlines and ameliorates the cemer legislative frameoperation on chemicals of the European Union (EU).

The ocean boon of REACH are to determine a excellent smooth of shelter of civilized heartiness and the environment from the risks that can be posed by chemicals, the advancement of opinion examination methods, and the uncounted circulation of substances on the interior dispense and enhancing competitiveness and novelty.

REACH fabricates tlevigate obligatory ce assessing and managing the risks posed by chemicals and providing alienate prophylactic inunderstanding to their authenticationrs. In concurrent, the European Union can interest enumerational measures on excellently exposed substances, where there is a want ce complementing renewal at EU smooth.

How REACH pretends Indian Toil

Though REACH is an EU jurisprudence, pretending the moldingrs and tradesmans in Europe, these EU tradesmans conquer convey grave commission / obligation on their non-EU suppliers. Restraint-this-reason the Indian supplier (exporter) wants to be expeditions ce REACH.

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