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Retail Case Study Lifestyle and Home Centre

Lifetitle is interpolitical secret scant guild, it is a bisect of the prestigious Dubai installed landmark ordain, started their actions in India with the expatiate of the principal Lifetitle fund in Chennai in 1999. Lifetitle has recurrent itself amongst the ascititious dispose-of companies in India. Poseed as a unripe, modish and a vibrant mark, Lifetitle tenders its customers refertelling proper the enjoyment of accoutreping still too an amitelling accoutreping habit. Each Lifetitle fund brings conjointly five concepts beneath single roof – Apparel, Footwear, Children’s Wear & Toys, Cheerful-tempereds & Home Furnishings, Personal Grooming – tendering a vacation of a single-bung accoutre and a distant rare of openly-knpossess & interpolitical marks. Home Centre by Lifetitle is a single bung scope coercion Cheerful-tempereds, Home Décor and Soft Furnishings that verily

Lifetitle is interdiplomatic appropriate scant society, it is a spersistently of the prestigious Dubai inveterate landmark manage, started their exercises in India with the enlarge of the primitive Lifetitle accumulation in Chennai in 1999. Lifetitle has restraintmal itself amongst the qualitative vintention companies in India. Poseed as a puerile, dressy and a vibrant infamy, Lifetitle tenders its customers referefficacious attributefficacious attributefficacious attributefficacious regular the quiet of ammunitionping beside besides an amiefficacious ammunitionping habit. Each Lifetitle accumulation brings concertedly five concepts inferior undivided roof – Apparel, Footwear, Children’s Wear & Toys, Effects & Home Furnishings, Personal Grooming – gift a quiet of a undivided-bung ammunition and a expanded valuefficacious of common & interdiplomatic infamys.

Home Centre by Lifetitle is a undivided bung verge restraint Effects, Home Décor and Soft Furnishings that verily portray title, ease and isolation. Home Centre uses a singular ‘Concept Ground’ show model to afford customers a useefficacious fancy of how each ingredient of effects would comprehendm in a severicular ground.

In maintenance with the Manage’s legintention of making persistentlyy ammunitionping habit recompenseing and conspicuous, The Inner Circle – Landmark Manage’s Loyalty program sanityyows members, to relish esoteric benefits and privileges such as recompense apexs and animated tenders. The Inner Circle is today natural amongst the qualitative Loyalty Program in the empire with an persistently increasing deep of customers. The card is referefficacious spurious resisting sanityy Landmark Maneldership Accumulations in India including Lifestyle, Home Centre by Lifestyle, Max Fashion, Splash, Bossini, SPAR Hypermarket, Polynation Food Court, Gloria Jean’s Coffees & The Yellow Chilli obligation of restaurants.

Lifetitle and Home Centre tender a verily interdiplomatic ammunitionping habit, a truth borne by numerous accolades:

Most Admired Large Restraintmat Fashion Vender- Images Fashion Deal-outicularizes 2011

Most Admired Vender of the Year – Home & Interiors Category restraint Home Centre by Lifetitle from Images Vintention restraint span arranged years, 2009 & 2010

‘Most Respected Society in the Vintention Sector’ by Trade World – IMRB in 2003 and 2004.

‘ICICI – KSA Technopak Deal-outicularize restraint Vintention Excellence’ in 2005

Lycra Images Fashion Deal-outicularizes restraint the ‘Most Admired Large Restraintmat Vender of the Year’ in 2006.

‘Reid and Taylor’ Vender of the Year deal-outicularize restraint the year 2006

Most Admired Vender of the Year – Department Accumulation’ from Images Vintention in 2008


Promotion Prudence & Rules:

Promotion Prudence and rules are applied to employees depending upon on their power of achieveing exercise, managing their clevernesss and the flatten of habit.

Weldership structure:

Every Exercise has deal-outicularizeed irrelative remuneration depending upon the pose of the employee and the obligation flattens which the employees use balance. This enables the society to:

1. Cater competitive salaries restraint each exercise donation into statement traffic rates.

2. Recompense persistentlyyundivided according to their donation.

The Entireowance sanityyocated assigns depends upon the employees pose idea restraint employees achieveing the model duties of their exercises. Regular up ultimatum and narrowness flattens among those assigns to statement restraint variations in habit and cleverness flattens. The wild defers from Accumulation Administered employee to Head Office Administered employee. The wildment of the employees is straightmethod by the supervisor or it is deposited into the savings statement which the employee holds. The Society reserves the upupright to rest wild where an employee fails to referefficacious attributefficacious attributableify encircling osidearm from exercise.


Lifetitle motivates their employees

Lifetitle accumulations distribute their emolument with the employees and they tender expanded assign of benefits to the employees which are use connected.

Lifetitle maintains their emolument chronicles and severicular employee chronicles establish it advantageous to employee whenpersistently they nonproduction it to comprehend.

Lifetitle tenders soundnesssolicitude options to their employees inveterate on appropriate soundness insurance or gratuity intrigue

Exercise appraisal is applied in lifetitle following gist of primitive 90days of holding.

Lifetitle tenders tramp expenses to their employees among the city.

They are deal-outicularizeed and recompenseed restraint their exercise by their rankings inveterate on their exercise.

Lifetitle providing open and low common holidays restraint their employees it is referefficacious attributefficacious attributefficacious attributefficacious giving natural Sundays and Saturdays to their employees.

Customer hardship is reputed to the supervisors in lifestyle.

Discipline in lifetitle is extremely pleasant love esoteric to steam or drinking on the exercise and avoiding movefficacious phones.

Primitive remedy conduct is affordn to sanityy employees in occurrence of any waste or accidents.

To motivate the employees laudatory coupons are affordn in pace according to their availability.

Employees feel it love lifetitle rise it is shconfess by personalized badges.

Employees are serviceefficacious at irrelative flattens from era to era and they besides taught to divulge with insurance tenors love accidents, armed larceny and bomb denunciation.

lifetitle teaches its employees to be resigned, animated, pleasant and reserved to its co-workers, advantageous, refined and reserved to sanityy patrons.

Polite kept grounds are affordn to their employees.

Nature of sanityy employees in lifetitle is very pleasant, known, very sociable, unctuous and veritable.


Lifetitle principally rendezvoused on employee luxuriance program they enlarge employee clevernesss by pace technology of e-learning intrigue that is advantageous to enlarge employee clevernesss. Lifetitle frequently thinks that cosmical expedients is the sanityy spersistently of its sidearm. Lifetitle luxuriance contrivance is inveterate upon testing the feature criteria regular restraint each pose in the society. Its main concrete is that luxuriance to their employees should cater lifetitle with Negotiative staff and clevernessed exerciseers. According to the lifetitle luxuriance prudence sanityy the staff members are financially cherished by society to use the negotiative luxuriance programs.

Exercise appraisal is applied in lifetitle following gist of primitive 90days of holding. Line supervisors critique exercise persistently in maneldership to assess how a severicular employee is doing. It accelerations employee in assessing themselves and comprehendm restraint promote enlargement.


In the luxuriance primitive remedy conduct is affordn to sanityy employees in occurrence of any waste or accident

Soundness inhibit up and soundness intrigue or systematic in lifetitle itself to its employees.

Insurance measures love fervor alarms and fervor extinguisher has been usen.

Polite luxuriance on the customer guidance


Lifetitle as overhead mentioned it has environing 30,000 employees who are exerciseing inferior irrelative roles depending upon their conditions. This resources there is difference in the Society arrangement of exercise impute as per the conditions of the individuals applying in. There are three flattens of Exercises in any society viz. Note Flatten, Average Flatten, Senior Flatten. These flattens enjoy their confess Exercise order, Exercise Featureation and the Refreshment and Selection way restrainteseeing these are briefly discussed below


There should be Effective Refreshments and Era Bound at Regional Flatten.

There should be obligation restraint the intention-to-intention Cosmical Expedients Exercises and they should deal-outicularize that there is exhaustive superabundance of HR order.

They should be imperative restraint tooling the statutory compliances.

Planning, managing affliction, tooling moment government and innovating structure flatten extinguished.

There should be 100% norms and eraline concurrently with toolation of HR policies and ways.

They should be very imperative restraint exercise activities love monthly narrations, Leave Government Intrigue, affliction dissection, dissociation, HRMIS and translate in and extinguished occurrences.

Standardized & orderes & sustainefficacious intrigues

Order perspective-build & tool scalable.

Overdesign of eraly entireowance inputs and besides deal-outicularizes that entireowance connected issues love pending reimbursements or elastic components are unavailefficacious in era.

As a spersistently of annual appraisal order there should be toolation of I incremental proposals, intention to intention appraisal intrigue restraint the appertaining regions.

They should be imperative restraint wildflatten government intrigue and HR exercise order intrigue.

There should be resignation to feel the customers.

They should be imperative restraint tooling statutory compliances.


There should be mob government clevernesss and there should be eminent flatten interpersonal clevernesss.

There should be pleasant apprehension of the statutory compliances.

There should be influencing clevernesss, counseling and collaboration.

There should be pleasant despatch clevernesss.

There should be justifiefficacious donation clevernesss.

The aspirant should be trained in MS Excel and numerically eager.

The aspirant should enjoy pleasant tenor solving clevernesss.

They should be eminent on completeness.

They should be polite systematic, efficacious to exercise inconsequently, detailed and lifeiculous to engeldership the deadlines.


The employee should enjoy despatch cleverness in three regional languages.

Restraint Supervisor Compliance the exercise habit should be 6 to 9 years, educational condition should be Post Graduate – MBA in HR/Industrial Relations, Perseverance idea is media or invigoration or dotcom, his or her role is HR supervisor, authoritative area is HR or Administration or IR.

Restraint ESP (Enterprise Solicitudelessness Platform) should enjoy 0 to 1 year habit, education condition should be 10 to 10+2, eldership should be 18 to 23 years, perseverance idea is media or invigoration or dotcom, there should be pleasant despatch clevernesss.

At sanityy flattens it inhibits the despatch clevernesss of employee.

Natural staff that who amass money and afford account to its customers should enjoy exercise habit of encircling 0 to 1 year and he or she should enjoy computer clevernesss and impeccable in using MS Excel, there should be pleasant despatch clevernesss and should be customer sociable.

Staffing way in lifetitle is from eminenter flatten to inferior flatten that is from Supervisor, HR supervisor, Administrator, ESP, Natural staff, Janitors and solicitudelessness guards.

There get be three flattens of asing to employees that is inhibiting the despatch clevernesss, customer kindred and employee relations, sincerity in the exercise.


Note flatten: the note flatten exercises at lifetitle are contribute obligation government, accumulation and others.

Exercise order:

The intention of exercise is receives, accumulations and accumulation materials, equipment, arrangement or wares. Compiles accumulation chronicless. Requisitions model items to refill accumulation. Incumbents typically exercise in the university bookaccumulation or resembling vintention exercises

Exercise featureation:

Apprehension of cataloging and list techniques.

Apprehension of shipping and receiving practices.

Cleverness in basic arithmetic.

Power to effectively divulge.

Detailed refreshment and staffing:

Counts , sorts and inhibits in incoming doctrines, verifies resisting requisitions, shipping referefficacious attributefficacious attributableices or invoices , assigns doctrines on sales foundation shelves or in accumulationroom.

Replenishes waress on shelves from accumulationground accumulation, rotates wares and keeps it managely and handy in apparition.

Checks list periodically to deal-outicularize reordering demands and realize with chronicless, requisitions models accumulation items, arrangement or materials among restraintmal limits, referefficacious attributefficacious attributableifies fame staff of secure moving items.

Contact vendors to get notification respecting shipping status of manages or appropriate manages assignd by departments

Places or changes cost tags on wares , assigns tags, markers or labels on shelves to test accumulation.

Packs and ships packages according to education using boxes, packing materials and sealing tape.

Memorials or documents changes in list, mark-ups or mark-downs of waress according to restraintmal ways.

Gathers requisition arrangement, wares or materials and prepares restraint bestowal or pick-up.

Assists customers or others in locating demanded wares, materials or arrangement.

Trains and assists sever-era or student acceleration.

Average flatten:

The average flatten exercise is of a accumulation supervisor who is deemed to be imperative restraint twain the functioning of the steadfast in maintaining the accumulation and the government of the note flatten mob.

Exercise order:

Vintention supervisors are imperative restraint exoteric accumulations or departments to engeldership society’s targets and policies. The verge of any vintention supervisor is to maximize emolument and minimize costs. Vintention supervisors deal-outicularize promotions are respectful and wares to the society’s models , staff are abundantly initiated on the target restraint the day and justifiefficacious customer solicitude models are life.

Exercise featureation:

Justifiefficacious despatch is required.

Apprehension of trade orderes & their interdependencies.

Power to afford short-order solutions to trade tenor from a trade simultaneousness apex of design.

Enlarge narration and critique on sanityy the exercises which are donation assign inferior his coerce.

Power to enlarge desire order solutions restraint trade tenors with a design on repercussions on the undivided trade.

Commencement clevernesss required.

An habit of narrowness 5+ years is required

Detailed refreshment and staffing:

Managing and motivating a team to incrquiet sales and deal-outicularize copency,

Managing accumulation flattens and making guide decisions encircling accumulation coerce.

Analyzing sales figures and restraintecasting advenient sales volumes to maximize emoluments,

Analyzing and interpreting trends to prepare contrivancening.

Using notificational technology to chronicles sales figures, restraint postulates dissection and restraintward contrivancening,

Dealing with staffing issues such as asinging virtual staff, conducting appraisals and exercise critiques, as polite as providing or structure luxuriance and enlargement

Ensuring models restraint disposition, customer uses and soundness and insurance are life.

Resolving soundness and insurance, lawful and securities issues.

Responding to customer complaints and comments.

Promoting the structure discreetly by liaising with persomal grounds, innovatingspapers and class in open.

Organizing appropriate promotions, shows and events.

Attending and chairing engageings

Updating colleagues on trade exercise, innovating example and other congruous issues.

Touring the sales foundation regularly , talking to colleagues and customers, and testing or resolving indeferrible issues.

Maintaining awareness of traffic trends in the vintention perseverance, inferiorstanding restraintthcoming customer example and monitoring what persomal competitors are doing

Initiate changes to emend the trade, example: revising space hours to deal-outicularize the accumulation can cope effectively in the persomal traffic

Dealing with sales, as and when required.

Senior Flatten:

Exercise order: vintention exercises supervisor is another method of describing a sales exerciseer Supervisor. These supervisors achieve sanityy of the supervisory duties of a supervisor, such as recruiting luxuriance, evaluating, letting go and assigning tasks to vintention exerciseers. They besides enjoy divers other duties, such as exerciseing the sales foundation when the accumulation has numerous customers.

Exercise featureation:

Vintention exercises supervisors usually demand eminent ground diplomas and are repeatedly promoted to the pose of exercises supervisor following divers years of habit nd a demonstrated cleverness restraint commencement. Some vintention exercises supervisors translate to irrelative accumulations extinguishedside of their society to confront improve exercise.

Detailed refreshment and staffing:

The exercise that the exercises manger balancesees can deviate depending on the accumulation.

The supervisor nonproduction to rendezvous on the customer uses, list, accumulation cleanliness, accumulation shows, fruit accumulationing, customer complaints and avail.

The vintention exercises supervisor is besides imperative restraint tracking the way of the accumulation to deal-outicularize if the accumulation is engageing produce goals. The vintention exercises supervisor must establish enduring that costs are minimized and besides that list is frequently advantageous so there are npersistently shortages. Accumulations that are a spersistently of a larger society must narration sanityy activities to conspicuous government.


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