Ryanair Case Analysis Report Management Essay

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Ryanair Case Analysis Report Management Essay

This description succeed cater a strategic separation of Ryandisaspect by looking at the congregation’s floating strategic unpremeditatedice, effort an interior and quencheder environmental separation, providing an in profundity separation of unundenipotent strategic options, and equaltually providing a warning coercion the coming manoeuvre of Ryanair. Ryan disaspect was the violentrial budget dispositionline in Europe; Ryandisaspect is the World’s favourite dispositionline with 37 bases and 950+ subsided punishment marchs balance 26 countries, connecting 150 tops. Ryandisaspect operates a hasty of 210 odd Boeing 737-800 dispositioncraft with attached instruction coercion a aid 102 odd dispositioncraft (anteriorly portico recital of planned disposals), which succeed be transmited balance the straightpresumptuous 2.5 years. Ryandisaspect floatingly employs a team of aggravate than 7,000 mob and expects to propel closely 66 favorite wayfarers in the floating

This declaration shape produce a strategic resolution of Ryanapparition by looking at the fraternity’s beloved strategic collocation, enterprise an within and palptelling environmental resolution, providing an in profundity resolution of sundry strategic options, and so-remote providing a recommendation coercion the advenient temporization of Ryanair.

Ryan apparition was the chief budget apparitionline in Europe; Ryanapparition is the World’s favourite apparitionline with 37 bases and 950+ uncostly remotee straightforwardions opposing 26 countries, connecting 150 consignments. Ryanapparition operates a adroit of 210 strange Boeing 737-800 apparitioncraft with attached straightforwards coercion a raise 102 strange apparitioncraft (antecedently preliminary representation of adapted disposals), which shape be give-uped aggravate the next 2.5 years. Ryanapparition belovedly employs a team of past than 7,000 inhabitants and expects to heave almost 66 pet itinerants in the beloved fiscal year.

Palptelling Resolution

The palptelling environment consists of expansive environmental constituents that application to a momentous or hitherer space on almost perfect organisations.

The PESTEL framework can be authenticationd to fulfill how advenient trends in the collective, economic, collective, technological, environmental and lawful environments command place on restraintm. The PESTEL resolution produces the expansive reason from which to fulfill guide drivers of substitute. These guide drivers can be authenticationd to build scenarios of potential advenients. Scenarios regard how strategies command call-restraint to substitute consisting on the contrariant restraintms in which the transaction environment command substitute

PESTEL Resolution

The PESTEL framework produces a pregnant list of influences on the potential prosperity or deficiency of top strategies. PESTEL stands coercion collective, economic, collective, technological, environmental and lawful. Collective eminentlights the role of synods.

Porters 5 coercionces Resolution

Porters five coercionces framework compose an activity’s constituency. The activity constituency resolution with the five coercionces framework can be of appreciate to organisations. It can produce a suited initiateing top coercion strategic resolution level where improvement criteria may refertelling apply: in most accommodation of the general sector, each of the five coercionces has its equivalents. As courteous-behaved-behaved as assessing the interestingness of an activity or sector, the five coercionces can succor potent an agenda coercion actions on the sundry ‘pinch-points’ they fulfill. Porter’s ascititious communication is that where these five coercionces are eminent, then industries are refertelling interesting to contpurpose in. there shape be so fur emulation and so fur constraining, to aluncostly culm improvements.

Beuncostly we can comprehpurpose the porter’s five coercionces resolution entity conducted coercion Ryanapparition in straightpresumptuous to reweigh chaffer activity interestingness.

Intimidation of strange entrants

Eminent excellent boarding call-ford

Labour and fuel intensive activity

Restricted slots

Departure authorization call-ford

Intimidation of substitutes

Uncostly infamy everyegiance of customers

Uncostly switching consumes coercion customers

Availability of other modes of transport; car, course anticipation.

Bargaining faculty of suborners

Buyers are ‘consume sensitive’

Uncostly switching consumes to other apparitionlines

Transparency on consume and utilitys produced

Customers are refertelling suborning capacious volumes

Bargaining faculty of suppliers

Solely 2 a/c manufacturers – Boeing/Airbus

Switching consumes are eminent (mechanics/pilots would feel to be retained)

Consume of aviation fuel straightform cognate to grease consumes

Competitive rivalry

Consume habits can be copied

Uncostly contrariantiation constituents; chieremove consumes

Poor straightforwardion availability

Eminent intimidation of substitutes

Threats to activity improvementability

Competitive coercionce




Intimidation of substitutes

Intimidation of strange entrants

Competitive rivalry

Bargaining faculty of suppliers

Bargaining faculty of suborners

Unhither they are telling to invent some restraintm of changing this nationality, this looks enjoy a very stanch activity to quenchedlast in. Maybe they’ll call-restraint to specialize in a sector of the chaffer that’s armed from some of these coercionces, or invent a cognate transaction that’s in a stancher collocation.

Critical Prosperity Constituents

Threshold Features

On space departure departures

Availtelling stabilitates coercion perfect itinerants

Appropriate protection measures

Minimum staffing levels met

Ensure baggage agencyling

Uncostly apparition remotees


Livelihood and absorb provision

Stabilitate arrangement

After sale utilitys

Amipowerful customer utility

Entertainment on board

Extra legroom

Reclining stabilitates

Allegiance utilitys schemes

Within Resolution

To amplify a prosperityful temporization, the within strategic capabilities of Ryanapparition must to-boot be understood. This individuality shape nucleus on fulfilling the guide within strengths and weaknesses (from SWOT). This shape be achieved by examining the media and contendncies coercion Ryanair, applying the VRIO pattern to these media and looking at the work of sundry transaction functions unmoulded the organisation.

An organisation’s media can be Physical, Reputation, Organisational, Financial, Intellectual and Technological (Johnson et al, 2004), the ttelling beuncostly shows the liberal space of Ryanair’s media and capabilities and solely the guide constituents shape be drawn upon here.

VRIO Resolution

Grounded on the balance media can Ryanapparition amplify its nucleus contendnce, on which a competitive habit is potential. In straightpresumptuous to restraintm quenched whether the balance media can be translated into competitive habits coercion Ryanair, the VRIO pattern can be deployed.

V-value. This emphasizes that whether the media are entity telling to be deployed to confront the call-fors and expectations of customers. Combining the synod subsidies, apparitionport impute contractions and its uncostly-consume transaction pattern, Ryanapparition is telling to give-up the uncostlyest consume, which entices pets of customers.

R-rareness. In the short-haul budget apparitionline transaction, solely Ryanapparition has synod subsidies and apparitionport impute contraction. Other competitors, chieremove its stanchest and most straightpresumptuous competitor: ManageableJet, do refertelling feel that expedients. This effects Ryanair’s synod subsidies and apparitionport impute contraction consumely and consumely. On the other agency, the synod subsidies and apparitionport impute contraction are fond to Ryanapparition is owing its minor straightforwardions and ability to entice customers. Thus, it succors minor apparitionports amplify straightway and procure fur past tourists and waste coercion national synod. Consequently, the expedients is barely catching.

I-imitability. Apparently, it can be comprehendn through the predicament that Ryanair, compared with apparitionlines withquenched the expedients mentioned balance, owns a wide consume habit. And this expedients, as mentioned in the prior article, is barely catching or imitated.

O-organization. Grounded on the predicament, Ryanapparition effects amipowerful authentication of its sundry media and capabilities to give-up the uncostlyest consume and uncostlyest consume prosperityfully. The stanch treatment team and cogent CEO, its cogent unimpeded temporization and chaffering temporization perfect effect the deployment of its media prosperityful, on which its competitive habit is built up.

In falsification, Ryanapparition document its media and capabilities prosperityamply to retain the consume leadership and produce the uncostlyest consume to customers, which is to-boot its competitive habit.




Exploited by restraintm?

Competitive twist?






Sustaintelling competitive habit






Competitive parity






Sustaintelling competitive habit






Competitive parity






Sustaintelling competitive habit






Competitive parity

Guide Contendncies:

Amipowerful infamy awareness – Michael O’ Leary has a stanch hinderness in the general conjecture which has extensions awareness of Ryanapparition opposing Europe, “O’Leary’s generality comprehendking antics earned him a eminent profile” (O’Higgins, 2004:13). Although some of the weigh has been denying towards Michael O’Leary, he has obviously turned abquenched the apparitionline and is orderly as having a amipowerful leadership mode.

Organisational constituency ‐ using regional and minor apparitionports perfectows coercion favourtelling fee

negotiations, sharp turnabquenched spaces, uncostly stoppage/cancellation statistics. HR potent up perfectows coercion

flexible staff contracts, repeatedly to economize space and contract Ryanair’s betray to disputes.

Standardisation of apparitioncraft perfectows coercion poor compute of engineers, sharp turnabquenched spaces,

and managepowerful arrival to list, perfect of which contract consumes.

• Financial Stability ‐ undivided of lacking apparitionlines with a eminent entgloze latitude of 28.4% in 2003, compared to 8% coercion Aer Lingus and 3% coercion ManageableJet, chaffer excellentisation had developed from €397pet (1997) to €4.74billion (2004), eminent coin and fluid reserves of £1,060,218,000.

• Stanch treatment team – Michael O’Leary inextricably linked with the prosperity of Ryanapparition and is repeatedly credited as turning the apparitionline abquenched sole agencyedly. Voted undivided of the “Top 25 Transaction Stars by the Financial Spaces in 2004” (O’Higgins, 2004) and apparitionline has acquired sundry awards, including Best Managed Apparitionline.

Ansoff’s Matrix

The Ansoff’s Augmentation matrix is a sol that succors transactiones mention their result and chaffer augmentation temporization.

Ansoff’s result/chaffer augmentation matrix suggests that a transaction’ attempts to become consist on whether it chaffers strange or sizey results in strange or sizey chaffers.

Bulky Results Strange




Shifting may be of span kinds: cognate and refercogent attributpowerful attributpowerful attributpowerful wholeied. Cognate shifting divides into clumsy, coercionward and even integration:

· Clumsy integration is a propel towards supplier and piercing esthetic in the corresponding aggravateperfect transaction

· Coercionward integration is a propel towards the chafferplace and customer

· Even integration is a propel into a hinderly cognate transaction (Ansoff, 1965)

a) Present Result – Present Chaffer Call-for

1st Option: Cancellation of apparitioncraft straightforwards with Boeing – this would entelling Ryanapparition to optimise its knead of owned and leased a/c – rather than suborning, the fraternity could authentication the boardings to lease

2nd Option: Deeper discrimination of the EU chaffer -through perfectiances / mergers (e.g. Apparition Lingus), Ryanapparition could extension slot availability and shape arrival to chief apparitionports / straightforwardions

b) Strange Result – Present Chaffer Call-for

1st Option: “Ryanapparition Executive” – transaction collocate solely departures on sizey straightforwardions comprehendms interesting as the transaction voyageler reprimand extensions; finally, consume coercion utilitys shape extension; leveltually guide plan to initiate on undoubtful criterion – straightforwardions

2nd Option: “Season tickets” / “Family Card” -> customer everyegiance / extensiond impute constituent & avoid

overvolume by ensure booking

c) Present Result – Strange Chaffer Call-for

1st Option: US uncostly consume chaffer register – effect comprehendms interesting, finally, it would call-restraint a constructive transaction predicament resolution. As the emulation unmoulded uncostly-consume consigners in America is very-ample eminent, it would be suittelling coercion Ryan apparition to nucleus on the SouthAmerican / Latin American regions space up a hub coercion continental American departures.

d) Strange Result – Strange Chaffer Call-for

1st Option: “Ryan Public-house” – operated on “low-utility / uncostly consume” bases; can be booked online aggravate

Ryan apparition’s website; no admission – guides shape be availtelling at the apparitionport; public-homanifestation situated hinder to the apparitionport

2nd Option: Intercontinental departure between EU and US and thereby entering the strange US chaffer – Apparition

Lingus Acquisition (?); would call-restraint contrariant strategic nucleus (long-haul & frills – consume intensive)

SWOT Resolution

A reconnoitre of the within and palptelling environment is an momentous divorce of the strategic planning mode. Environmental constituents within to the attached customaryly can be collocateified as strengths (S) or weaknesses (W) and those palptelling to the attached can be collocateified as opportunities (O) or intimidations (T). such an resolution of the strategic environment is referred to as a SWOT resolution.

The SWOT resolution produces refercogent attributpowerful attributableification that is succorful in matching the attacheds media and capabilities to the competitive environment in which it operates. As such it is instrumental in temporization coercionmulation and preoption.

The aftercited diagram shows how a SWOT resolution befits into an environmental reconnoitre:

SWOT Resolution Framework



Stanch infamy collocation and infamy share

Stanch improvementability

Uncostly consume strengthpurpose by synod subsidies and apparitionport discounts

Cogent CEO, treatment team and chairman

Cogent production temporization

Chief maggravate habit

No customer everyegiance

Poor anthropological expedients treatment policy

Minor straightforwardions caauthentication molest coercion customers

Weak employee relationship

Dependence on third invoke utility producers



Advances consume contractions

Established chaffer share

Stanch general infamying

Ancillary produce income

Authentication opinion fuel

Technology application on cabin utility and system

Acquire rivals to expand

Diversify into car rental and public-homanifestation treatment

Synod canon imputes

Strange emulation

Possibility of entity obtain?}n aggravate

Increased emulation

Trade unions

Currency fluctuations

Increasing grease consumes

Environment imputes

Strategic Exquisites

There are solid constituents that feel contributed to Ryanair’s improvementability:

Ryanair’s objectives, as potent coercionth in its 2004 annual declaration, include:

– Increasing itinerant commerce by 20% each year – Reducing remotees by 5% each year

– Reducing consumes by 5% each year

– Realizing a improvement latitude of 20% or past

To era, there are solid constituents that feel contributed to the fraternity’s improvementability, including the aftercited:

1. Slice-consume deals.

Ryanapparition shape certainly hawk a capacious compute of stabilitates in gait coercion a ostensible fee, coercion sample, €1.00 or hither. Indeed, belovedly almost 25% of itinerant tickets are bounteous, and Mr. O’Leary has a aim of leveltually procureing this restraintm to 50°o by 2010. This entices monstrous generality as customers babel to log in and acquisition stabilitates. Coercion each stabilitate acquisitiond, duty and duties must to-boot be deputationd, which typically sum to €3040. The tickets are sold on a nonrefundtelling reason. Owing they are so uncostly, numerous suborn multiple stabilitates to shape flexibility, and the “no show” reprimand is accordingly fur eminenter coercion these ideas of tickets. Average remotees animadvert these slice-consume deals as courteous-behaved-behaved as eminenter remotees that voyageers fixed to ensure stabilitates on straightforwardions in eminenter call-for.

2. Top-to-top departures.

Each straightforwardion is a mini-transaction item. Volume is customized to bebefit call-restraint according to computer-simulated patterns. If a straightforwardion is futile, it can merely be slice from the register. Itinerants may refertelling suborn connecting departures so must reweigh in coercion each Ryanapparition departure individually. This contracts the attached’s burden in the levelt of a stoppage and contracts instances of lost baggage.

3. Departures to minor apparitionports.

By avoiding the capacious hubs, Ryanapparition is telling to pass contractd planting imputes. There is the added benebefit of uncostlyer accumulation at such apparitionports. This perfectows the apparitioncraft to accomplished the tour in the shorcriterion potential space. The downside to itinerants is that rarely these apparitionports are located in locations remote from the purposed consignment. Coercion sample, the fraternity flies to Frankfurt-Hahn, refertelling Frankfurt, which is 100 kilometers far. Asy states, “Coercion the consume-sensitive customers, remoteness is no entirety.”‘

4. Sharp turnaround.

Ryanapparition apparitioncraft are expected to plant and obtain?} impromptu ashape from an apparitionport within 25 minutes. This is solely potential owing they remove into minor apparitionports. This perfectows the attached to maximize the compute of departures per day.

5. No aggravatenighting of staff.

By removeing top to top, a Ryanapparition roll purposes the day where it initiateed. This resources that swarm can produce to their homes, and dear public-homanifestation bills and per diems are avoided.

6. Interentgloze bookings.

The attached hawks aggravate 97% of its tickets via the Interentgloze at its website, ryanair.com, which is now the most beloved European voyage standing. This slices quenched voyage deputy errand consumes (averaging almost 10% of the ticket consume) and gives the apparitionline apex guide aggravate scheduling and volume. Pastover, it funnels customers towards other utilitys such as car deputation and reprove tickets, coercion which Ryanapparition collects a errand itself. O’Leary is refertelling shy abquenched this corporeal spring of consume savings and produces, having orderly, “Sswarm the voyage deputy. Obtain?} the [agents] quenched and offspring them. What feel they dundivided coercion itinerants aggravate the years?”‘

7. Undivided collocate.

Ryanapparition does refertelling impromptuer itinerants the exquisite of transaction and arrangement collocate, eliminating the call-forment coercion livelihood to be give-uped to the apparitioncraft when it plants, thus facilitating uncostly turnabquenched spaces. Pastover, impromptuering solely undivided collocate of utility raises the aim of providing uncostly remotees, which the fraternity believes is the final in customer utility. According to its itinerant utility and uncostlyest remotees charter, “Ryanapparition believes that any itinerant utility commitment must implicate a commitment on pricing and alacrity, and should refertelling be intolerant to hither momentous aspects of ‘service’ which is the customary excauthentication the eminent remotee apparitionlines authentication coercion charging eminent apparition remotees.”‘

8. Undivided apparitioncraft idea.

The fraternity flies Boeing 737 rolls exclusively. This contracts means-of-support courseing consumes and perfectows coercion size suborning of ill-conditioned accommodation. The stanch financial collocation of the fraternity perfectowed it to acquisition numerous of the apparitioncraft that had been canceled by obligatory apparitionlines. These strange apparitionplanes are past fuel fruitful and feel a eminenter itinerant volume. As of the purpose of fiscal 2004, the fraternity had liberaly hedged fuel consumes through September 2004, beside were capaciously unhedged thereafter. Subsequently, the fraternity hedged its fuel through the purpose of fiscal 2006 at US$49 per barrel, time chaffer appreciates topped US$70 per barrel. Additionally, the fraternity has straightforwarded winglets that shape be retrofitted on perfect apparitioncraft, which shape contract fuel incinerate by almost 2.5%, which translates into savings of almost US$10,000-14,000 per apparitioncraft per month.

9. Personnel consumes and incentives.

Owing the apparitioncraft that Ryanapparition guides remove are strange, the attached claims that their guides’ knowledge is of appreciate to the emulation. Accordingly, it imputes guides coercion courseing, the consume of which is earned end by the guides through years of utility. Guides feel financial incentives coercion mitigate plantings, refertelling so fur coercion itinerant self-satisfaction beside coercion contractd means-of-support consumes. Additionally, the apparitionline does refertelling produce livelihood or beverages coercion bounteous beside does impromptuer items coercion sale on each departure. Departure attendants are deputationd a errand grounded on the entirety of beverage and other sales in departure.

Monitoring of the Plan

Monitoring shape succor us mention which of our chaffering strategies are worktelling and which are referable. Monitoring shape basically implicate;

Tracking and evaluating customers.

Surveying and interviewing certain authenticationrs coercion comments abquenched why they invent our utilitys momentous.


Ryan Apparition has emerged in the late years as the stanchest uncostly remotee consigner in Europe. The declaration has authorized the constituents necessary to Ryan Apparitions prosperity incident until 2003, finally, it to-boot describes advenient challenges on the apparitionline activity and how Ryan apparition shape be telling – by adjusting its transaction temporization- to stay its competitive collocation.


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