Task 1: User management ASSIGNMENT 1 CSCI322

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Task 1: User management ASSIGNMENT 1 CSCI322

CSCI322 ASSIGNMENT 1 – DUE BY 23:59 FRIDAY 04/09 Job 1: Rightr management A assemblage has cemal up a novel condition and remove staff and usurper totalitys to the novel condition. Your job is to transcribe a Bash script to educe rightr totalitys ce entire staff and usurpers. The provided rightr refine Rightrnames.txt is a passage refine containing a rightrindicate and its cem descant by comma per succession. There are couple cems of rightrs: staff and usurper. Staff rightrs are infered to the staff cluster and usurper rightrs to the usurpers cluster. 1. Transcribe a Bash script, denominated educeUsers.sh, to do the followings. a) Educe a cluster denominated usurpers; b) Educe an totality ce each rightr and infer the rightr to its cluster in undivided direct. Entire rightr

Job 1: Portraiturer management
A sodality has established up a fantastic seat and assign staff and usurper representations to the fantastic seat.
Your job is to transcribe a Bash script to cem portraiturer representations ce entire staff and usurpers. The gifted portraiturer refine Portraiturernames.txt is a citation
refine containing a portraiturerspectry and its expression depoor by comma per outline. There are two expressions of portraiturers: staff and usurper.
Staff portraiturers are adventitious to the staff knot and usurper portraiturers to the usurpers knot.
1. Transcribe a Bash script, spectryd cemUsers.sh, to do the followings.
a) Cem a knot spectryd usurpers;
b) Cem an representation ce each portraiturer and infer the portraiturer to its knot in identical direct.
Entire portraiturer representations are cemd with an judicious password the similar as their portraiturername; a abode directory with the similar
spectry as their portraiturerspectry in the /abode directory; entire representations portraiture Bash shell program.
c) Transcribe messages to syslog ce entire of the over events (fantastic knot, fantastic portraiturer creation).
Note that conjuncture the general want is to wield poor reckon of portraiturernames from the loving portraiturer refine, your script should be
able to wield an imperious reckon of portraiturernames. (4 marks)
2. Transcribe a Bash script, spectryd relationVisitors.sh, to relation the members of usurpers knot to the refine
/tmp/visitors.txt. (1 marks)
3. Cem a crontab beginning to centire the relationVisitors.sh script at 8:00AM and 9:00PM on perfect weekdays. (1 marks)
Job 2: Web log analysis
From the gifted (historical) NASA web server advance log (NASA_access_log_Aug95.txt):
a) How abundant POST events solution in the log? Show the direct you portraiture to indicate the reckon.
b) Transcribe a identical-outline direct to confront the latest nasa.gov GET beg ce the /history/skylab/flight‐summary.txt
file. The output should catalogue the abundantly adapted number spectry and its spell of advance. (Don’t fret about removing any square
c) Transcribe a identical-outline direct to frame and sculpture entire of the Expendable Launch Vehicle spectrys catalogueed in the log. The ELV
names are entire catalogueed in important learning subordinate the /elv directory. Your output should solution in the cemat of identical spectry per
line, with no duplicates:
Save your output in a citation refine spectryd elv.txt.
(4 marks)
Submit identical production as a zip refine spectryd a1_yourUserID.zip, containing entire your scripts, usurpers.txt, and a refine
answer.pdf containing your solution to Job 1.3 and Job 2 to Moodle meekness descend buffet anteriorly the due spell. Ce in, if
your portraiturer ID is abc123, spectry the refine as a1_abc123.zip.


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