Telenor Group Case Study


1. Unconcealed counsel environing the Telenor Assembly

The Telenor Assembly is the qualitative telecommunications audience in Norform and deal-outicular of the qualitative fickle operators in the globe in stipulations of supply. The audience is too the biggest furnishr of telelonging advantages in the Nordic clime, occasion at the identical bound life give as the fickle operator in some of the steadfasexperiment growing chaffers. Headquarters of the Telenor Assembly are located in Oslo, Norway. The audience is registered on the Oslo Stock Substitute. With the object of the third pity of 2009, the Telenor Assembly has achieved 172 favorite of fickle supplys globespacious and it currently employs delayly 40.000 vulgar in thirty countries.

As it is spaciously frank, Norway, as polite as other Scandinavian countries, is disclosed as extremely familiar technology chaffer in the initiation of the 21st era, achieving some of the pristine sharpness rates restraint fantastic technologies, such as fickle phones and proud – despatch internet. This really reproduce-exhibits a peel of lays of the empire, having in object the occurrence that in 1855 the primitive telegraph sequence has been built, superveneed by the primitive telephpoint netformation connecting the cities of Arendal and Tvederstrand in 1878. Furthermore, Norform was deal-outicular of the primitive globe countries to confer-upon fickle telephpoint method in 1967, which was analogue – grounded and manually operated.

In apaim to apprehobject attention exercises of Telenor, it seems indispensable to establish a narrow unadorned balanceview of the audience’s origins. Initiations of the Telenor Assembly continuance object in 1855 when it was methodic as a recite – operated privilege, deportment the designate Norwegian Telegraph Administration – NTA (too disclosed as Telegrafverket) and assistance the produce of telegraph advantages. In the decisive decade of the 19th era, product of the Norway’s confer-upon telephpoint netformation was managed by retired companies. Norwegian Telegraph Administration, which was in the proprietorship of the recite, fragmentarily took balance the retiredly acknowledgeed companies in the chaffer and gained repress balance the sector. Late then, Telenor gained further than 150 years of telecom experiment. In 1969, the NTA alterable its designate to Televerket, too disclosed as Norwegian Telecommunications. With the lapse of Andebu, the decisive retiredly acknowledgeed audience in the sector of telecommunications in 1974, Televerket accomplished repress of the privilege of the advantages of telephpoint and telecommunications and retained that site pbase the initiation of the decisive decade of the 20th era. By the initiation of the 1990s, the audience pioneered a fantastic stock of fickle telephpoint advantages grounded on the GSM protocol, which was after genuine and instrumented object Europe. GSM advantage was inaugurated in 1993 and was superveneed by the paraphrase of the audience in the room of telelonging genericcasting. This strategic conclusion granted the audience with the unconcealeding to site itself as the dominant furnishr of shadow – grounded genericcasting in the Scandinavian clime.

Late the Norwegian authorities had a commenceiveness to deregulate the telecom sector in the empire, the mode of deregulation commenced in 1994 and decisiveed pbase 1998, with a biased deregulation – sector by sector. Even antecedently the government deregulation began, Televerket enlargeed with the audience restructuresonance which decisiveed restraint lewd years and moderate the alteration of the audience from a recite – acknowledgeed to a political audience, as polite as the alter of the audience designate to Telenor in 1995. Delay, the audience was a theme of biased privatization in 2000, which gave it a stquenched boost of 15.6 billion NOK[1] of fantastic violent and registered it on the Oslo Stock Exalter and NASDAQ. At the initiation of the privatization mode, the Government remained the proprietor of 77.7% of the audience, occasion this percentage was reduced to 53% by 2006. The audience was rankedapex performer bythe Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes in 2007 and 2008.

The ocean advantages which Telenor furnishs to its consumers and companies globespacious grasp the subappended members: repress, grounds, pleased and other advantages.

* In the member of Repress, Telenor furnishs vulgar to talk to each other by using steadsteadfast and reliable networks. This member nucleuses on the chat on the phone, including agricultural – sequence, fickle or IP telephony. Agricultural repress message advantages are granted restraint portraiturers in three countries of the Nordic clime and fickle repress in twelve irrelative countries in Europe and Asia.

* The member of Grounds encompasses of the Internet and genericband advantages. The audience adduces agricultural – sequence grounds advantages approve ADSL and fiber-optic messages in the countries of the Nordic clime, and fickle grounds advantages such as fickle genericband, GPRS, UMTS in 12 countries. From the initiation of 2008, the audience has enlargeed 3G – grounded fickle genericband advantages inseven of its chaffers.

* In the room of Pleased, TV advantages and fickle pleased, Telenor adduces TV advantages via cable, digital mundane and shadow networks in lewd Nordic chaffers. Furthermore, the audience too furnishs fickle pleased advantages in sundry chaffers, such as fickle TV, jokes, resonance tones, silence and movies.

* As remote as otherservices are disturbed, Telenor has a mixed adduce that consists of advantages, which are telecom – fullied, and the advantage portfolio is irrelative from deal-outicular empire to another. Depending on the chaffer, the audience furnishs advantages in the filed of maribound messages, IT consulting, and couragecraft messages advantages. In sundry chaffers the audience furnishs Net-centric advantages, which appeal to the IT assurance restraint deal-outicular consumers and enterprises and utensil – to – utensil (M2M) advantages restraint enterprises.

The ocean dissect of the Telenor`s activities is systematic in three climes and grasps thirteen countries:

– Asia: Bangladesh, Malaysia, Pakistan, Thailand and India.

– Nordic countries: Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland.

– Convenientand Eastern Europe: Hungary, Montenegro, Russia, Serbia and Ukraine.

From the initiation of the 1990s, Telenor begun with its interpolitical paraphrase in the room of fickle messages, discriminating the chaffers of the subappended countries: Russia in 1994, Bangladesh, Greece, Ireland, Gersundry and Austria in 1997, Ukraine in 1998, Malaysia in 1999, Denmark and Thailand in 2000, Hungary in 2002, Montenegro and Pakistan in 2004, Slovakia, Czech Repolitical and Serbia in 2006. Exercises in Greece, Ireland and Gersundry were sold and the currency accomplished from this sale has been re – endueed in the emerging chaffers. Delay, in 2005 Vodafone[2] in Sweden was adscititious by Telenor.

1.1. Mission and Temporization

Telenor’s pristine concrete is to originate influential compute restraint its distributeholders, customers, employees and dissectners, and restraint the companionship in unconcealed. The audience is hapless to life at the restraintefront in creating, simplifying and introducing message and pleased solutions to the chafferplace. In apaim to submit with the loving object, Telenor shamefuls its temporization on its customer oriented desireing, Here to Help, as polite as its nucleus computes, Establish it quiet, Keep promises, Be inspiresonance and Be reverential. Telenor’s ocean temporization is to upgrade the execution of the apexical fickle exercises by combining Assemblys industrialization with apexical despatch and responsiveness, in the climes where it commences its attention exercises: Nordic clime, Eastern and Convenient Europe and Asia. Furthermore, the audience plans to oceantain its qualitative site in the Nordic clime with a mixed portfolio of message advantages. This temporization could be defragmented to the subappended nucleus areas:

  1. Confirmation of the site of the audience as an interpolitical fickle operator. Telenor plans to speed the mode of confirmation its industrialization of the fickle exercises by gaining repress balance clarified fickle companies. Repress is discriminating in apaim to avail from synergies accomplished by cantankerous – bapaim activities, such as lamina in procurement, product of fantastic advantages and instrumentation of best performances, amendment of exerciseal teachableness and the crop of the balancefull progressability. Telenor plans to regulate the stolidity-strategic cannonades as financial cannonades and to egress from interpolitical fickle exercises where the audience canreferable attributable accomplish repress balance bound.
  2. Confirmation of the audience’s site in the Nordic clime.
    Telenor fullure speed to upgrade its advantages in the room of fickle and agricultural telephony in the Nordic clime by using the avails accomplished from economies of lamina and cantankerous-bapaim synergies. The audience heartyly affects that its Nordic nearness fullure mobject establishment to the customers by fit upon its expertise twain fickle and agricultural advantages.
  3. To invent itself at the restraintefront of messages advantages furnishrs in Norway.
    Late the audience is the chief in a generic stroll of advantages in twain the residential and attention chaffers in Norway, Telenor fullure gauge to accomplish rearrange results in the affecting of its progress in the fickle and agricultural rooms of disposition, through the gate of fantastic advantages and through manifold cost-cutting measures.
  4. Maintaining of the site of the chief in room of disposal of TV advantages to consumers in the Nordic clime. Telenor delay insists on inventing fantastic possibilities and solutions which fullure supply to the confirmation of its strategic site as the qualitative distributor of supply grounded telelonging in the Nordic clime. The audience fullure apply its activities to contiguity and regulate fantastic portraiturers and crop proceeds per portraiturer through its regulateive pleased and fantastic intererratic advantages.
  5. Stolidity – strategic companies. Telenor fullure repcourage the compute of those companies, which are referable attributable attributable attributable strategic restraint its ocean attention areas and regulate of full or dissect of its attention in such companies.

1.2. Climeal nearness

Even though Telenor is give in the three dominant climes of the globe, the Nordic clime is the deal-outicular where Telenor assembly has been give late 1855, and the audience has held a hearty site in the Scandinavian clime always late. The Nordic clime is the deal-outicular from which the oceanity of Telenor`s sumowance supervenes from. As it is demonstrationn in diagrams 1 and 2, in the primitive pity of 2009, 41% of in audience proceedss came from this clime, as polite as 37% of EBITDA[3] disposal.


The three chaffers quenched of which the Nordic clime is secure of, in occurrence regive deal-outicular chaffers with singular separations. Restraint issue, although Sweden spbase has a proud portraiture of agricultural – sequence telephony, it invents itself at the restraintefront of the fickle genericband advantages. Denmark is the chaffer whose customers are the keenest portraiturers of SMS and are most attentioned in pleased advantages. Finally, Norwegian customers demonstration growing attention in digital silence advantages and Telenor Assembly has a proud distribute on this chaffer. The Nordic clime is too speaking late Telenor concatenates give and coming technologies in the telecom room. As a addition to bulky adduces, Telenor furnishs fantastic genericband technologies, such as Fibre – to – the – Home (FTH) and Desire Term Evolution (LTE), the 4th stock fickle genericband flag. The hearty separation unmoulded agricultural and fickle telephony is reluctantly vanishing in these chaffers. According to the grounds accomplished from…..there is an unconcealed transition from agricultural to fickle networks. The grounds associate that the fickle distribute of repress commerce has cropd from 20% in 2003 to 60% in 2008. This is deal-outicular of the reasons why Telenor adscititious Vodafpoint in Sweden in 2006. Furthermore, the audience now has 4G indulges in Norform and Sweden. In apaim to construct networks and distribute spectrum of fickle message, Telenor has appended Tele2[4] in a junction throw. The plan is to enextensive the LTE – grounded genericband advantages by the object of 2010. This resuscitation fullure site Telenor as the chief of the 4G product globewide. The identical design is calculated restraint Norway, with the separation that it fullure boundical-on-foot in 2011.

The Telenor Assembly has penetrated the Asian clime in 1996, through the cannonade in Grameenphone[5] in Bangladesh. From the very initiation of its exercises in Asia, the chaffer has been the cornerstpoint of the product of the Telenor Assembly, enabling opportunities restraint crop in deal-outicular of the most employed and steadfasexperiment growing chaffers in the globe. Delay, fickle exercises in Asia bear a speaking supply to the in proceedss and EBITDA of the Assembly. Grounds accomplished in the primitive pity of 2009 demonstration that the clime generated 30% of the proceedss, 28% of the Assembly’s EBITDA, and a in of 67 favorite fickle subscribers of the clime. The audience has accepted sundry determines restraint novelfangledness and advantages in the late ten years and has been the driving restraintce in the netformation product of Asia. Delay, it has speakingly cropd the volume of the climeal netformation and granted shelterage, connecting favorites of vulgar in fantastic areas, who were controlegoingly uncompromised. Balance the late scant years the Asian fickle chaffer has been growing speakingly. The crop is delay stimulated by uniarrange novelfanglednesss and fantastic advantages granted by the audience. The Assembly is erratic in the chaffers of Pakistan, Malaysia, Thailand and Bangladesh, and the audience holds 3G indulge in Malaysia. Another influential stalk of Telenor was the compensation of Unitech Wireless[6] in India, through which the audience penetrated deal-outicular of the globe’s extensivest and steadfasexperiment growing chaffers.

Late the initiation of the 1990s, the fickle chaffers of Convenient and Eastern Europe and Russia became a dissect of Telenor`s attention exercises. The ocean distinctiveity of these chaffers is the crop unconcealeding, making it speaking dissect of the Telenor`s temporization in the years to supervene. Even though the chaffers of Convenient and Eastern Europe are challenging economic environment imputable to the mode of transition, which these countries bear lowergpoint or are spbase lowergoing, fickle exercises of the Assembly hand strong financial executions. The primitive pity of 2009 demonstrations that Telenor generated 17% of Assembly’s in proceedss and 32% of EBITDA. The clime too generated 93 favorite of fickle subscribers. Too, the clime of Convenient and Eastern Europe and Russia has achieved flying crop in fickle supply twain in consumer, as polite as attention chaffers. The audience is currently concerned in cannonades in the 3G netformation in Hungary, Russia, Serbia and Montenegro. The control is loving to the fantastic technological and eco – favorable solutions, approve the curve and light powered shameful stations in Hungary, and experimenting of the fantastic stock wireless genericband in Montenegro.

2. Telenor in Serbia

Telenor`s nearness in the Balkan clime enlargeed at the initiation of 1990s when the audience inaugurated its exercises in Hungary in 2002 by gratuitous Pannon[7], superveneed by activities in Montenegro through Promonte[8] and finally, Serbia in 2006.

Telenor penetrated the Serbian chaffer through the lapse of the Serbian audience Mobi 63, Serbia’s prevent extensivest fickle operator and this really reproduce-exhibits the extensivest privatization transresuscitation in the convenient and eastern Europe in 2006, as reputed by the audit audience PriceWaterHouseCoopers. Telenor Assembly quenchedtell span other narrow registered competitors at the auction (Mobilkom from Austria and Orascom Telecom from Egypt), assistance a tell of 1.513 billion euros. Telenor took balance the audience on 31st of July 2006, upon the in of full lawful requirements and the signing of the Sales Bargain. The sum auction was genericcasted speed on the Serbian unconcealed telelonging and was animated by the pristine recite reproduce-exhibitatives. Mobi 63, restraintmerly disclosed as Mobtel, was restraintmed by the Government of Serbia in the month of April of 2006, upon the abrogation of the operator’s fickle indulge, which occurred imputable to the illawful dealings of the audience’s controlegoing proprietors, who were reputed to bear sold the operator’s indulge in Kosovo to Mobikos, withquenched requesting sufferance from the authoritative authorities of Serbia. The Government then proclaimed that the sale was a browbeating to the unconcealed assurance.

The compensation of Mobi 63 made by Telenor grasps a ten – year indulge restraint GSM 900/1800 and 3G exercise restraint the audience, which is renewable restraint a successive bound of ten years upon collision. Delay, the audience too accomplished Mobi 63`s bulky amiables, which moderate the shameful of delayly 2.5 favorite customers (in the object of 2005).

In exact three months upon its show to the Serbian chaffer, Telenor endueed delayly 15.3 favorite euros in the equipment of the pristine technology, indispensable to coalesce the requirements of the calculated netformation paraphrase on the region of Serbia. Restraint this object, Telenor verified coexercise bargain with Erickson. Delay, another abbreviate with the Erickson Audience price 40 favorite euros restraint the object of netformation amendment was verified by the object of 2006. The ocean concrete of these cannonades was to upgrade the description and the volume of the bulky network, which accordingly brings subadditional description and advantages to its portraiturers. The trodden avail restraint the portraiturers of the Telenor netformation is its ample shelterage and amiable description. Boundical-on-footing restraintm March 1st 2007, the audience empowerd the portraiture of commercial advantages in Serbia, granted by the 3G fickle genericband technology, which accordingly furnishs its portraiturers with the possibility to gain easier and steadfaster mode to the pleaseds on the internet, such as movies, silence videos or TV program.

2.1. Kinsmenhip towards the employees

When Telenor adscititious Mobi 63 in August 2006, the audience had 926 employees. The fantasticly apkeen apex regulatement reached a strategic conclusion to grasp balance the sum infrastructure of the audience, as polite as its personnel, purport that there fullure referable attributable attributable attributable be any contraction in the enumerate of employees. In occurrence, completely the irreconcilable romance occurred in the proximate three years: the enumerate of employees fragmentarily enlargeed growing. In the object of 2007 there had been delayly 1000 employees. By the object of 2008, this enumerate grew to 1100, and finally on December 31st 2009, Telenor had a in of 1207 employees.


Having in object that the room of telecommunications is unprotected to alwaysyday alters, Telenor`s employees are expected to blaim to them, boundical their acknowledge concretes in their member of restraintmation, as polite as to grasp on fantastic responsibilities and discbalance their fantastic compatability. In 2007, 2008 and 2009, the audience systematic a enumerate of trainings, seminars and restraintmationshops restraint its personnel. Through these resuscitations, Telenor tends to furnish uniarrange authoritative crop and expertise opportunities. Some of the most influential deal-outiculars are:

  • Trainings restraint coming chiefs
  • Welfolbase trainings
  • Codes of commence
  • Rational contrivance regulatement
  • Message skills trainings

Telenor`s Code of Commence is deal-outicular of the clew principles upon which the activities of the audience are grounded. This muniment grasps a boundical of employee policies that cbalance holy and lawful performances restraint nconfer-upon alwaysy exposure of the attention. It nucleuses on the singular function and each employee has to commence attention lawfully and holyly. Too, it defines holy rules of action restraint the audience’s attention dissectners, as polite as portraiturers. Urbane ethics is very influential in the audience. The principles of urbane ethics are convenient to full members of the audience, including the members of the managing table and apex regulatement and full other employees, who regive Telenor on any occasions. Furthermore, the audience inaugurated the so named HIT Design, which was encouraged by the telelonging reportage made on deal-outicular of Telenor`s subcontractors in Bangladesh, who was an unconcealed issue of a audience which supplys to diseased restraintmation provisions, dirt of the environment and offshoot labor. The design nucleuses on lewd elements: heartiness, prophylactic, assurance and environment, and its ocean concrete is restraint Telenor to emphasize to its attention dissectners the significance of in-reference-to labor and rational hues laws. Therefore, Telenor supervenes the activities of its suppliers in the room and debris in continuous move with them.

Furthermore, rational contrivance regulatement commences the employee satisfresuscitation review on a yconfer-upon account in apaim to gain a heal object from the employees environing the raze of their content, as polite as the issues that could be mendd and alterable amid the audience. In 2009, the review was commenceed restraint the third enjoinly year and a in percentage of employees which dissecticipated was 96.3%. The review is commenceed unmoulded full employees in the object of alwaysy restraintmationing year, and concentrates on sundry influential areas of employee content: satisfresuscitation with lesson site and restraintmation provisions, message and intersingular kinsmen amid the audience, chiefship, douceur methods and walk opportunities. Results accomplished from the review restraintward as the establishment restraint temporization planning restraint the upcoming years. This aim is of dissecticular significance in apaim to grasp the impression of the staff in the mode of coming temporization defining and conclusion – making, so that alwaysypoint can affect that they are a dissect of it.

2.2. Kinsmenhip with clients

Apex regulatement of the audience tends to concatenate its interpolitical experiment and the apexical likely of the empire where it operates. In the primitive year of its activities in the Serbian chaffer, Telenor confer-upond a extensive enumerate of speaking novelfanglednesss and fantastic advantages influential restraint the subscribers. Some of the most innovative products and advantages adduceed to the Serbian portraiturers are:

  • Fantastic prepaid telephpoint enumerates and fantastic resources of sale Telenor Trodden.
  • Fickle e – mail advantage.
  • The primitive internet precincts in Serbia.
  • Cheaper locomotive prices restraint Telenor portraiturers in Hungary and Montenegro

Telenor trodden is the resources of trodden sales to customers, which has desire and happy lays in other chaffers where the audience commences its activities. The fantastic prepaid enumerates were confer-upond in full fantasticstract stands in Serbia, beside could too be lapsed through the Telenor Trodden resources of sale. Delayly twenty five trodden sales teams are traveling throughquenched Serbia with chiefly deverified sales stands. In this restraintm the audience tries to bear trodden contiguity with the customers, to be delayr and further benefitable to them, as polite as to adduce fantastic and innovative sales possibilities and amiable description advantages. Delay, fantastic prepaid enumerates are adduceed at a greatly inferior rate than controlegoingly applied, and each load has prouder compute than the ostensible compute of the load. Persons, who career to lapse a further valuable load, gain stoutly further frank chat minutes, as polite as frank citation messages, than the deal-outiculars who lapse a cheaper load.

Fickle e-mail is a advantage hapless primitively to those who are attention portraiturers, with the ocean object to expedite their activities when they invent themselves quenchedside the employment and deficiency next mode to their computers. Furthermore, this advantage empowers its portraiturers to mode and manage their e-mails, pattern and phonebook. The advantage is consonant to the programs portraitured on their pristine computers, and can be portraitured by downloading a distinctive software from the Telenor website.

From December 1st 2006, Telenor portraiturers bear the possibility to unyielding inferior prices restraint locomotive advantages in Hungary and Montenegro, thanks to Telenor network. At the identical bound, these prices are the last prices in commonity to other fickle operators in Serbia. On mediocre, with this advantage, Telenor portraiturers in the Montenegro` s netformation Promonte are abounding 15% less restraint their repress calls. Delay, incoming calls from any aim are frank of admonish restraint postpaid portraiturers in this network. As remote as the Hungarian Panstolidity fickle operator is disturbed, prices of quenchedgoing calls are delayly 60% inferior, calls made to apexical fickle and agricultural telephpoint enumerates are 25% cheaper, including incoming calls. Calls made to other aims are 40% cheaper. Delay, Telenor subscribers bear the unconcealeding to exalter MMS messages with vulgar in ten irrelative countries. The primitive countries and operators which methodic this peel of advantage with Telenor in Serbia are: 02 in Germany, Panstolidity in Hungary, Telenor in Pakistan, Telefonica 02 in Checz Republic, Sonofon in Denmark, Sunrun in Switzerland, ONE in Austria, Globul in Bulgaria, Telenor in Norform and DIGI in Malaysia.

In June 2008, Telenor unconcealeded the primitive internet precinct in Belgrade, which at the identical bound reproduce-exhibits the primitive precinct of this peel in Serbia. Vulgar can bear frank mode to the internet and connecting of their movable computers to the internet netformation is likely either through the wireless concatenation, or via USB modems, which are located in irrelative places in the precinct. In the primitive three months, citizens of Belgrade, as polite as other visitors, had the unconcealeding to experiment full possibilities of the Internet netformation frank of admonish, occasion enjoying the unconcealed courage at the identical bound. Instructions restraint the concatenation to the netformation are displayed on conspicuous places in the precinct and adduce weak explanations through sundry quiet stalks. In exact sundry months upon the unconcealeding of the primitive internet precinct in Belgrade, common concept was instrumented in other Serbian cities: Nis, Novi Sad, Kragujevac and Kraljevo. In this restraintm, citizens of these cities bear the possibility to curb their e-mails or pursuit the internet sites restraint manifold pleaseds.

2.3. Urbane function, infantine and politically jeopardized categories.

Fickle messages supply to the political integration, having in object the occurrence that vulgar can be in move no substance where they invent themselves. However, restraint a speaking enumerate of vulgar globewide, message advantages spbase regive a epicurism and are referable attributable attributable attributable benefitable to them. Mode to this kind of advantages, in a restraintm, reproduce-exhibits the resources to contest want, empiricism and diseased heartiness provisions, as polite as to empower vulgar to mobject their excepttress site. Deal-outicular of the ocean concretes of Telenor is to try towards invention of compute in novel companionship by assistance the possibility of message advantages to as sundry vulgar as likely.

In 2007, the auditing audience Deloit did a powerful decomstanding of Telenor`s chaffers in Thailand, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Pakistan, Ukraine and Serbia which aimed to a very delay concatenation unmoulded fickle telephony sharpness and the crop of the GDP exists. The decomstanding aimed quenched to the occurrence that the crop of 10% in fickle messages could carry to the GDP run of delayly 1.2%. Furthermore, the con-over demonstrationed that attention exercises of Telenor bear unconditional supply to the upgrading of the productivity raze, economic success, amendments in heartiness and counsel methods, amendment of provisions in agricultural areas and political assemblys with base sumowances.

Besides the nucleus on its attention exercises, Telenor too troddens its activities towards the function towards the apexical class in which it operates. An declaration to establishment this demand is the occurrence that Telenor Assembly is registered in the primitive site unmoulded twenty lewd qualitative fickle operators in the globe on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index register, which ranks companies according to the criteria of their balancefull financial, political and ecological application on the environment.

Upon its show to the Serbian chaffer, the apex regulatement of the audience nextly enlargeed to expand irrelative strategies about the initiation of the restraintmation in the room of urbane function. Restraint that object, Telenor methodic its acknowledge Establishment in March 2007, and in this restraintm the audience speedd to endue in the product of Serbia’s political likelys.

“The ocean concrete of the Establishment is to prepare and establishment irrelative kinds of designs and to expand portraitureful and sustainable solutions which are quiet to instrument on the region of the sum empire. This is the nucleus concept upon which the urbane function of the audience is grounded and which is life instrumented globe spacious. Members of the Establishment’s Managing Table were clarified upon the criteria of their expertise in irrelative rooms and this empowerd restraint the activities of the Establishment to be guided referable attributable attributable attributable merely by the audience’s attention plans, beside too to adequately rejoin to the necessities of the Serbian companionship, its crop and product. Delay, members of the apex and intermediate regulatement are troddenly concerned in the designs of the Establishment and folbase their manner. Employees are too invited to dissecticipate and to boundical an issue by their involvement, tend restraintmation and deal-outicular efforts.”

Superiority of the activities and designs which the Establishment commences are troddened towards the infantine population, their counsel and authoritative expertise, politically jeopardized categories, as polite as the product of cultural restraintmation and readiness.

Telenor`s Establishment accomplishes boundical concretes through manifold restraintms of initiatives:

  • Coexercise with stolidity – governmental sector, political and retired institutions in irrelative kinds of designs.
  • Programs of exalter of experts in the room of truth and readiness, as polite as providing opportunities restraint authoritative internships and scholarships.
  • Exalter of counsel.
  • Establishing the performance of spherical tables, seminars, contraventions and other events which are in any restraintm linked to the activities of Telenor.
  • Organizing of tenders through which irrelative kinds of trainings and repursuit are adduceed.

Point pith is establish on the infantine stock and telling vulgar and politically jeopardized categories.

2.3.1. Activities of Telenor troddened towards infantine population

Establishment enlargees distinctive programs, seminars lectures, classes and adduces scholarships to those who are perceived as infantine experts in the rooms which are appropriate restraint Telenor`s activities.

In 2007, Telenor confer-upond the determine “Confessor Ilija Stojanović” in remembrance of confessor Ilija Stojanovic, who was delayly conadditional to the audience and dissecticipated in its activities from the very initiation of its exercises in Serbia. Alwaysy year the determine of 1500 euros is loving to infantine tyros, scientists and inquiryers restraint their achievements in the room of telecommunications, in three categories:

  • Best tract / design in the room of telecommunications clarified from the Contravention restraint electronics, telecommunications, informatics, automatics and nuclear technique, held on a yconfer-upon account.
  • Best tract / design clarified from the Telflor (yconfer-upon contravention), held on a yconfer-upon account.
  • Best tyro of the Graduate Instruct of Electro-technique (manner telecommunications).

The Establishment was unmoulded the primitive initiators restraint the cleaning of neglected areas of Belgrade. Dissecticipants of the war “Recycling of landscapes: Be intellectual and recover the city” were pupils of Belgrade proud – instructs and manifold readinessists and the sum design was commenceed on ten city locations: unconcealed cinemas in Vracar[9] and Zvezdara[10] municipality, summer extent and Pioneer city in Kosutnjak, yard filed of hapless occurrenceory, Zvezdani gaj and other locations. The war was decisiveed throughquenched 2009 and in this bound the locations bear been cleaned, painted and decorated with readiness restraintmations. There had been delayly 1000 dissecticipants in the war and they had the unconcealeding to gain conversant with the intellectual readiness mode. Product of the environment awareness was deal-outicular of the clew priorities of the design, which was realized in coexercise with the Belgrade City Assembly and Secretariat restraint joke and lad. The design became the dissect of the qualitative environmental design in Serbia “Let`s revive Serbia up”, lower the influence of the Minisgauge restraint the Environment Protection. ,

In coexercise with the Unconcealed Telelonging of Serbia, Telenor appended the war “Skola je Skul (Instruct is Cool)”, which promotes instruct ghost, reproduce-exhibiting the most erratic instructs that portraiture intellectual methods

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Editing Support

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Revision Support

If you think your paper could be improved, you can request a review. In this case, your paper will be checked by the writer or assigned to an editor. You can use this option as many times as you see fit. This is free because we want you to be completely satisfied with the service offered.

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