The Credit and Debit Card Market Environment

Barclaycard is a chaffer-promotive collectr of merit and clguard cards among the UK. With 8.4 darling customers, we possess built a considerably tundivided of development and innovativeness redress the years. Ultimately fresh visible and interior consequences in the merit card chaffer possess had weighty good-tempereds on the opportunities and browbeatings preface among Barclaycard.
Life the Chaffering Manager at Barclaycard, I possess conducted a standingal anatomy of the macro rule among the UK, the pliant card impressivity and among Barclaycard as a sodality, in arfile to confirm the greater consequences solemn the sodality, and talllight restraintthheresucceeding strategic libertys that may be divert restraint development.

The subjoined fame coercion-this-reason talllights a standing anatomy of the UK macro environment, industrial anatomy of the merit and clguard card impressivity, and a SWOT anatomy of Barclaycard. The greater consequences solemn the coercionm, as a conclusion of these analyses would be discussed astern, thriveed by immodest greater strategic libertys that could importune the coercionm’s development. An uplimit to the equalt ponder has so been granted in the conclusive chapter, which talllights divert factors that possess occurred gundivided the equalt ponder was written.
The subjoined standing anatomy incloses guide factors that possess been signed using the equalt ponder, as life divert and having a frequented or infrequented pi on the macro rule, reimbursement mannering impressivity and Barclaycard as a sodality.
The merit turn that emanated from the US in 2007, monstrously improbeffectual financial institutions the cosmos-persons redress, and led the UK synod to nationalize Northern Rock, undivided of the nation’s biggest hypothecation granters, and disunite nationalise RBS and Lloyds TSB, span promotive UK banking clusters.
The financial turn conclusioned in restrictions on principal motion, and growed granting criteria, amongst financial institutions, piively solemn economic development. Though the synod may possess hastened the availsinew of merit by bailing extinguished some greater banks, it is incredible that the UK rule would recredress early.
The UK conversant clguard acceptiond to ?1.4 billion in April 2008, though it is in-great-measure as a conclusion of hypothecations and secured granting, it does image the relation of clguard in the usual lives of the middle UK dweller. Life in clguard has behove an certain disunite of prop, especially amongst girlisher singulars who possess embraced the ideology of purchaseing items on merit.
The noncommunicationlustre virtual restraint restraintthheresucceeding repossessy or development among the UK rule, has applicationed on most obliged citizens as 25% of adults possess plans to reward end their clguard in heresucceeding months. These decisions to reward clguard and sever end on spending are so as a conclusion of the increasing require of prop among the UK, and require of levigate.
43% of consumers viewed in-reference-to their referring-to-to gregarious consequences, cited coin as the most referring-to-to consequence. This images the application that the prevalent aver of the rule has on each singular, and their growing collocation towards peculiar finance and capital conduct.
The quantity of merit cards in consequence has so been in equeffectual withdraw, assimilated to the development in clguard cards. This illustrates that consumers are increasingly turning to their savings to produce reimbursements, as unanalogous to using merit cards restraint wagess, hence the development in clguard cards.
The merit card chaffer is so beheresucceeding increasingly fixed with a decrease in switching intentions amongst customers, thereby imageing negatively on the prevalent policy amongst granters to completeure customers by gift completeureive redress remove incentives.
The middle wages made through clguard and merit cards is prevalently tall, thereby establishing an turn to disdaze spending on inferior appraise items. This could acception customer belief on pliant cards, and astern aid acception the sum quantity gone-by on each card.
The rule may benefit-custom hankerer than expected to repossess, which adversely assumes consumer unyielding. Though this may virtually acception application restraint merit, it so acceptions the lavish of customers who are mitigated to defect on advances.
The middle mislaying on merit cards consequenced has grown freshly, with banks life touch with larger inconclusiveness score on consumer merit cards and other akin peculiar advances.
The scanty standing has conclusioned in misbelief among granters, and a later slowness to grant among each other. This is conclusioned in shorter quantity of customeffectual merit restraint these banks to advance to customers.
Fresh legislations by the synod possess extinguishedlawed the sales of reimbursement guard prophylactic, thereby conclusioning in fines restraint different merit card collectrs, and refunds to complete customers that possess hired encouragements restraint the prophylactic.
The FSA administered Prophylactic Conduct of Possession (ICOB) has so released innovating regulations in-reference-to the manner in which financial custom companies detect referableice during sales of prophylactic works, and has so acceptiond the protraction of composure unstudied end, thereby applicationing on merit card companies’ cece to dispose-of prophylactic works to consumers.
There is an increasing part-among in the chaffer amongst merit card representationrs. A monstrous quantity of customers are increasingly diversification their nucleus from conquering merit to unyieldinging unstudied merit card claims, whilst another division of consumers are using merit cards to unyielding unstudied development rents and hypothecations, betwixt rallying unemployment. This could coercion-this-reason conclusion in a standing whereby merit precious singulars are unyieldinging unstudied their merit card claims, age those that do refereffectual possess a commencement of unyielding, work the lavish of beheresucceeding diseased clboon imputeffectual to noncommunication of customeffectual unyielding to custom the merit card bills.
Consumer belief in financial custom collectrs has been seriously improbeffectual imputeffectual to the equalts excluded the merit turn. Consumers are increasingly exhaust of financial custom works imputeffectual to the pi of the merit turn on the promotive banks among UK.
Imputeffectual to the increasing emulation amongst granters, the bargaining energy has shifted towards the consumers. They are increasingly consulting compensation comparison websites to assimilate merit card packages restraint the best negotiate.
Consumers are so drawn to remove their redresss to innovating merit cards, wherein they would refereffectual possess to unyielding benefit-custom on the quantity they borrow restraint hankerer ends of season.
Clguard card representationrs possess behove free in switching, and this has adversely improbeffectual the greater players among the cards impressivity, as the five greater banks possess jointly lost 5ppt of their chaffer portion-out redress the gone-by 12 months.
The competitive opcollocation amongst impressivity disuniteicipants is tall. Prefacely there are five players guiding the merit card chaffer and these are Barclays/Barclaycard (22%), Lloyds TSB (17%), HSBC (12%), Natwest (12%), and Halifax (11%). Lloyds TSB ultimately has the largest chaffer portion-out in the clguard card chaffer, thriveed by NatWest/RBS, Barclays and HSBC.
Ultimately the span largest clguard card companies (Lloyds TSB and RBS/NatWest) are disunitely owned by the UK synod, thereby posing a browbeating to their competitive sustainsinew if the synod continues to require real swing redress their operations. Banks such as Barclays and HSBC are coercion-this-reason at a competitive custom as they can leverage their tundivided and financial anarchy.
The economic mode has conclusioned in multitudinous granters growing criteria on granting modes, coercion-this-reason taller lavish singulars are disqualified to conquer merit cards, age those with good-tempered-tempered merit rating are life fought restraint by different granters, thereby conclusioning in a stigmaish of competitive and modescold compensationd unstudieders.
The ferocious emulation amongst collectrs has led to multitudinous competitive strategies naturalized on very completeureive unstudieders and fidelity purposes restraint customers. Unstudieders such as 0% on wagess and redress removes are life promoted coercionciblely, age other collectrs such as Barclays are gift lifeseason modescold benefit-custom scolds on consumer merit. Collectrs such as Lloyds are promoting Air miles fidelity purpose, age Principal Undivided and Virgin Coin unstudieder hanker promise naught benefit-custom scolds so as to completeure innovating customers. Customers that are sensitiveness the pi of the merit turn are mitigated to stock restraint such negotiates and switch collectrs.
The greater suppliers are Visa and MasterCard, ultimately, they singly collect the divert infrastructure through which reimbursements are mannered, and direct a fee to banks restraint utilising their customs. Their supplier energy is coercion-this-reason large as they are the span greater merit card companies.
Barclaycard is prevalently the biggest collectr of merit cards among the UK, with a chaffer portion-out of 22%, whilst its clguard card portion-out is third singly to Lloyds TSB and NatWest. Barclaycard clboon to possess 8.4 darling merit card customers, and posted solemn avail restraint 2009.
The sodality has invested weightyly in work novelty such as its contactshort technology, which completeows its cardholders to produce wagess inferior than ?10; by tapping them card over a contactshort reader. It has so established the UndividedPulse card that incorporates the Oyster card restraint conveyance purposes.
Barclays’ insinew to constitute real chaffer portion-out in the clguard card chaffer, may conclusion in a mislaying of relishly unyielding if the clguard card development deviate continues to abide.
Barclays has been severely improbeffectual by the merit turn and consumer defect, as it had to transcribe unstudied ?5.4 billion unstudied its asset, as consumers failed to produce reimbursements restraint merit card and other peculiar claims. Rallying unpossession and the prevalent economic standing has led numerous consumers to prodaze faiallurement or lay-claim-to their insinew to produce reimbursements.
The prevalent aver of the rule so serves as a large browbeating to Barclaycard as it is increasingly unameneffectual to constitute innovating merit precious customers that would be remunerative and reward end advances.
The emulation amongst real players is singly slated to acception as the calculate of merit cards in circulation decreases, age that of clguard cards acception. The extinguishedstanding redresss may descend, age the benefit-custom made unstudied score and benefit-custom could so subascribeffectual weightyly.
The faint in referable attributable attributable attributable attributeffectual attributableice among the promotive collectrs of merit card could conclusion in a standing whereby other smaller stigmas benefit-custom custom of their noncommunication of resources nearness, and constitute large chaffer portion-out in the manner.
There are opportunities in contactshort technology, which is innovating and revolutionary, and may bask over persons into switching to an innovative collectr or unyieldinging restraint inferior compensationd good-tempereds with their merit and clguard cards.
Barclaycard’s disunitenership with Oyster and O2, could conclusion in innovatinger works that possess the possibility of ensuring that their chaffer portion-out continues to acception on the end of innovativeness.
The economic mode prefaces the proper turn restraint granters that possess been short improbable, such as Barclays, to constitute chaffer portion-out by leveraging its tone. Barclays is undivided of the span greater banks that did refereffectual endeavor synod guard during the merit turn, and that has aided reform its tundivided in the financial chaffers and so amongst the population. Consumers would coercion-this-reason belief the stigma rectify, as unanalogous to those that possess been anteriorly accused of misconduct and lavishy practices
Naturalized on the standingal anatomy conducted over, these are the immodest greater consequences prevalently solemn Barclaycard:
There is a unconcealed withdraw in the representation of merit card restraint transactions. The calculate of merit cards in consequence has withdrawd in fresh years, age that restraint clguard cards has acceptiond. This represents a weighty consequence consequently, as the extinguishedstanding redresss in the granter’s portfolio subdues, so does the fee directeffectual restraint benefit-custom scolds, wherein their benefit-custom is superficial from.
Consumers possess sever end on spending betwixt rallying unpossession and modescold trust abextinguished the UK rule. Consumers severting end on spending, imputeffectual to the rallying unpossession and uncertainty abextinguished the rule, image negatively on the merit card impressivity. Consumers would be short desirous to representation their merit cards restraint wagess or run over claim, and this assumes the benefit-custom attributeffectual to card companies and the calculate of innovating cards consequenced.
The prevalent economic standing has led granters to grow granting modes, in arfile to coercionsake increasing inconclusiveness score. Inconclusiveness score restraint Barclays were ?5.4 billion in 2008, thereby illustrating the increasing browbeating of the rule on Barclaycard’s possession. This acceptions the marrow on managing diseased claims, and conquering merit precious customers that are effectual to custom their merit card claims.
Emulation amongst real players in the merit and clguard card chaffer is on the melt. Smaller companies are constituteing chaffer portion-out, promotive companies are gift workive negotiates, and consumers are looking restraint over completeureive unstudieders. In arfile to cetify it’s chaffer promotive collocation in the merit card chaffer, and constitute real portion-out of clguard cards, Barclaycard needs to cognizance strategies that completeures and retains consumers.
Naturalized on the standing anatomy already conducted and the immodest greater consequences solemn Barclaycard, the subjoined are strategic libertys that possess been exposed naturalized on Porter’s (1980) Exoteric Strategies and the Ansoff’s (1984) Matrix.
i.Strategic Liberty
Introduction of innovating and innovative clguard and merit card works into the chaffer, that folmodescold satellites on the achievement of contactshort technology, and everyow representationrs to annex the card restraint usual multiple manneres.
This could acception Barclays’ chaffer portion-out by increasing the calculate of consumers who switch to its innovative custom, and reform customer proof of pliant cards restraint smaller wagess.
This policy is naturalized on Ansoff’s Matrix: Innovating Works + Real chaffer = Work Development
The quantity of merit cards in consequence is stunted, so this could aid reform applications restraint merit or clguard cards among a disuniteicular stigma.
Consumers do refereffectual truly representation their merit cards restraint inferior appraise wagess.
Contactshort technology and multiple applications in merit cards (Oyster and Mobile Phundivided recharge) could shift the impressivity and completeure over consumers to a disuniteicular stigma.
iv.Marketing Policy
The Work would be a innovating file of innovative cards capeffectual of handling multiple applications such as the already real contactshort technology, and Oyster card. It could so be integrated into other representationful cards relish Teach ID and Gym denomination cards. APR Pricing would be subordinately taller than a usual card imputeffectual to the innovativeness of the work. Promotion restraint the card could be targeted at girlish lay-claim-toionals and students who would relish to representation their cards as a undivided-seal stock restraint ecstasy, merit card, gym denomination and equal teach ID. The work could be chaffered at Universities, through affiliates, and other divert channels.
i.Strategic Liberty
Barclaycard could corroboscold its collocation in the clguard card chaffer by gift completeureive packages that everyurement customers into initiation prevalent recitals among its bank.
Gundivided clguard card issuance is naturalized singly on the calculate of prevalent recitals among a bank, Barclaycard could utilise this in growing its chaffer portion-out from third collocation into earliest or promote and cudgel rivals Lloyds TSB/HBOS and RBS/NatWest.
This policy is naturalized on the Ansunstudied Matrix: Real Chaffers + Real Works = Chaffer Penetration.
The prevalent chaffer restraint merit cards is reducing, with a later acception in clguard card issuance, it seems consumers are reducing their belief on merit and nucleusing on using their savings and clguard cards restraint wagess.
Consumer trust has descenden in fresh years; coercion-this-reason Barclays could leverage its unspotted tundivided in constituteing chaffer portion-out over competitors.
Its innovative merit cards could be utilised as an piive completeureant.
iv.Marketing Policy
The Work here would be completeureive prevalent recitals, chaffered with workive benefits and at subdued compensations, in a habit to everyow customers to switch from their prevalent collectrs and determined up with Barclays. Completeureive preparatory unstudieders could be unstudiedered on prevalent recitals, age solemn benefits such as prophylactic and support packages could so be intervening. An significant dispose-ofing top would be the issuance of innovative clguard cards, and a reputeffectual coercionm with justifiable custom. Promotion could be handled through complete customeffectual resources channels, age the target interview would be anyundivided with a prevalent recital, or who has the intentions of initiation undivided.
i.Strategic Liberty
Barclaycard could recollocation itself among the impressivity as a collectr of matchless differentiated clguard and merit cards. These cards would inclose its ample file of innovative technologies, with a subordinately taller APR, encouragement fidelity purposes and would be targeted at ABC1 merit precious singulars.
This strategic liberty is naturalized on Porters exoteric strategies: Broad naturalized impressivity spacious end + Work matchlessness = Differentiation Policy
The prevalent economic standing acceptions the lavish of diseased clguard amongst the bulk population, coercion-this-reason targeting a encouragement custom at merit precious singulars, would go a hanker habit in securing Barclaycard over diseased claim, and aid in completeureing sought succeeding customers.
Beings who already possess merit cards, would be completeureed to switch towards Barclaycard imputeffectual to the file of encouragement customs granted and benefits associated with using the card, thereby eliminating the tcomplete competitiveness amongst real players complete engaging to preface the concluding 0% unstudieder to completeure consumers.
iv.Marketing Policy
The Work would be chaffered as a encouragement custom, encompassing concluding technologies, encouragement packages, and completeureive features such as Air miles, Superchaffer and place-of-business remittance, and a file of VIP benefits. Promotion would be guarded at ABC1 merit precious singulars through divert channels, and the works would be transmitted as a differentiated work, naturalized restraint the deep. APR Pricing would be subordinately taller than usual cards imputeffectual to the benefits, age the works could be sold through complete divert channels abutting the bank’s network.
i.Strategic Liberty
The conclusive liberty would be to annex a require commencement policy, guarded at completeureing as numerous customers as relishly either through innovating customer wages or redress removes.
This pattern is naturalized on Porters exoteric strategies: Broad Impressivity spacious nucleus + Modescold require policy = Require commencement policy.
The purchaseing energy has acceptiond and consumers are increasingly looking to online channels to assimilate and ascertain the inexpensiveest negotiates. If Barclays collects inexpensive negotiates, it has a unspotted accident of increasing its customer worthiest.
Engaging packages such as redress remove and reimbursement unstudieders, coupled with modescold benefit-custom scolds, could go a hanker habit in ensuring that a spacious quantity of other customers switch and set-out using Barclaycard.
Gundivided there is already a unconcealed withdraw in merit card proof, customer wages from competitors by gift inferior compensations and completeureive unstudieders, could go a hanker habit in promoting sustaineffectual competitive custom in the impressivity, and securing already real customers.
iv.Marketing Policy
The Work would be very inexpensive merit card negotiates restraint merit precious customers. Pricing would be naturalized on competitive unstudieders over prevalent competitors. Inferior APRs would be unstudiedered, age redress remove and reimbursement would be unstudiedered at competitive scolds to prospective customers. Promotion would be targeted at the unconcealed exoteric, age the works would be unstudiedered through complete customeffectual channels.
Though the chaffer mode may talllight different divert consequences that prevalently daze opportunities and browbeatings to Barclaycard, there is no proper or crime strategic liberty. I possess coercion-this-reason unhesitating immodest strategic libertys that could be interpreted naturalized on our prevalent strengths and competitive competency, and utilised with the guard of ensuring coercionmal development and neat portion-outholder lucre.
The UK rule emerged from its recession in the 4th pity promotive up to December 2009 as GDP acceptiond subordinately by 0.3%, fuelling restraintecasts that the rule would proof in later months (Office restraint National Statistics, 2010)
Unpossession scolds among the UK waste by 0.3% in January 2010, and the calculate of persons in ample season possession among the UK waste by 54,000 (Office restraint National Statistics, 2010)
The Nationspacious view on UK consumer trust fameedly touch a span year tcomplete in March 2010, as the UK fameed a GDP development of 0.3%. Increasing consumer trust images on the unconcealed gregarious collocation of consumers, and their views on the economic environment among UK (BBC Innovatings, 2010)
The UK Department restraint Possession Novelty and Skills has established a exoteric board on the card impressivity, which guards to ponder the prevalent completeocation of reimbursements, rereimbursement policies, name acceptions and clguard re-pricing, amongst merit card companies. These policies are mitigated to be spaciousspread and assume the impressivity and its customers, and it may guide to policies that shift operations among the impressivity (Datamonitor, 2009).
Identity stealing wrong has been increasing accordingly with the acception in ecommerce, as pliant cards do refereffectual necessarily possess to be preface restraint such wagess. Thereby increasing the referring-to require of IT deposit to checkmate such occurrences (Mintel, 2009)
Poulter (2010) predicts that merit card collectrs that had anteriorly sold Reimbursement Guard Prophylactic would possess to consequence refunds of up to ?4 billion to consumers that possess bought it.
Mintel (2009) fames that the calculate of merit cards in consequence has subdued by 5.4% from its tcomplete of 70 darling in 2004, to 66.2 darling in 2009, age the calculate of clguard cards in consequence has acceptiond in 19.8% among that selfselfsame end.
Mintel so fames that the calculate of consumers that reward their redresss in ample each month has acceptiond by 3.9% gundivided 2004, imageing the unconcealed deviate in the impressivity, and consumer’s increasing collocation towards rereimbursement of claim.
Reimbursement regularitys such as UnyieldingPal unstudieder a over timely and safer regularity restraint consumers desirous to purchase works on disuniteicular websites, and could impress as a timely exchange to clguard and merit card transactions.
Barclaycard unyielding grew by 26% in 2009, age middle customer asdetermined so acceptiond by 19% to ?28.1billion, imageing coercioncible development abutting the sodality (Barclays, 2010).
Avail restraint Barclaycard decreased by 4% in 2009 as a conclusion of inconclusiveness score, which acceptiond by 64%. These inconclusiveness score are imputeffectual to customers among the UK that possess defected on their merit reimbursements or proposed faiallurement (Barclays, 2010).
Wallop (2010) so fames that the synod could scantling the prevalent 0% stigmaish of unstudieders on redress removes and wagess, and could so restraintce granters to seal anterior practices, which intransferable charging customers restraint the inexpensiveer merit earliest.
Word Count: 3,660
Ansoff, H I (1984) Implanting Strategic Conduct, Prentice-Hall: NJ, 455pp
Barclays (2010) 2009 Annual Fame,, accessed: 20/03/10
BBC Innovatings (2010) UK consumer trust ‘hits span-year tall’,, accessed: 25/03/10
Datamonitor (2009) UK crackdown is mitigated to guide to fees and taller benefit-custom scolds, ChafferWatch: Financial Customs – Impressivity Comment,, accessed: 21/03/10
Mintel (2009) Merit and Clguard Cards – UK – July 2009,, accessed: 20/03/10
Office restraint National Statistics (2010) Possession: Possession scold descends to 72.2%,, accessed: 25/03/10
Porter, M.E. (1980) “Competitive Policy”, The Free Press, Innovating York
Poulter, S. (2010) Banks may be restraintced to unyielding end ?4bn in mis-sold prophylactic scam,, March 09 2010,, accessed: 20/03/10
Wallop, H. (2010) Merit card reforms: 0pc merit cards could be scantlingped,, limit accessed: 22/03/10

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