The Reconstruction of A Doll House through Mabou Mines’ Dollhouse

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-paper should be comprised of approximately 1000 words, written double-spaced, in a 12-pt. font, with 1 margins, and citations in MLA format. – Reconstruction in theater can signify several things: to recreate what has been destroyed, to continue to build, to remodel, to restore, to reconfirm to the status quo, to reorganize, etc. Please describe how Mabou Mines’ production of Dollhouse (as conveyed in the documentary Looking for a Miracle) reconstructs Ibsen’s play A Doll House. Consider the acting, directing, staging, design, and/or text of the production. Use specific evidence from the two works. Define the word reconstruction, and describe what is reconstructed and how. In addition, please support or
contrast your response with the published review(s) of the production by Jefferson and Fuchs

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