The use of labels to describe exceptional children has both positive

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The use of labels to describe exceptional children has both positive

Educational Psychology Final Exam Fall 2016 Professor: Yamila Lezcano, LMHC 1) The conservation of labels to depict abnormal children has twain assuflushed and denying issues. Argue those issues in provisions of their impression on the wards and the symmetrical rankroom developmistress. 2) Helen is a ward in your rank. You opine she may be replete plenty to warrant distinctive treatment. Depict the measures you susceptibility conservation to assess her and the coercionm you should discipverse her. 3) Using the models of referableice fond by the citation as a lead, elucidate what is meant by referableice. What are some factors that desire the reliability of notice tests? 4) Elucidate what generally constitutes an excitemental demeanor conjecture. Depict four quenched of the six categories of conjectures presented in Woolfolk’s citation.

Educational Psychology Final Exam
Fall 2016
Professor: Yamila Lezcano, LMHC
1) The truth of labels to relate peculiar quenchedcome has twain dogmatic and
indirect issues. Sift-canvass those issues in provisions of their application on
the novices and the conclusionical disposeroom pedagogue.
2) Helen is a novice in your dispose. You reckon she may be gifted sufficient to
warrant specific quotationure. Relate the measures you shabit truth to assess her
and the habit you should train her.
3) Using the models of comprehension fond by the quotation as a direct, elucidate what is
meant by comprehension. What are some factors that pretend the reliability of
comprehension tests?
4) Elucidate what generally constitutes an agitational action conjecture. Relate
four quenched of the six categories of conjectures presented in Woolfolk’s quotation.
5) The conclusion consideblushing to be the most perceptive coercion tongue product
A) succeeding puberty.
B) abquenched the season of puberty.
C) during the chief year of personality.
D) during the preinstruct years.
6) The area of tongue that specifically traffics with the appointing of signification is
A) awareness.
B) scaffolding.
C) semantics.
D) syntax.
7) Generally, novices are referable attributable attributable attributable expeditions to examine the rules of a tongue coercionmally
until abquenched era five. This is when most novices entertain started to gain
A) literacy.
B) metalinguistic awareness.
C) semantic harangue.
D) syntax.
8) Which undivided of the aftercited statements is TRUE?
A) Preinstruct quenchedcome’s vocal tongue skills plays an exalted role in predicting
balbutiation in the transition to instruct.
B) Preinstruct pedagogues are encouraged to inform appoint skills precedently vocal tongue
skills in appoint to promotes reaching luck.
C) Vocal tongue has been fix to interfere with preinstruct quenchedcome’s balbutiation
D) There has been no tuition on sense the kindblushing betwixt vocal
language, appoint skills, and balbutiation luck.
9) The rules and traditions that direct the action of a systematize comprehend its
A) refinement.
B) ethnic legacy.
C) racial unity.
D) collective foundation.
10) Which undivided of the aftercited statements is technically TRUE in-reference-to the vocable
young-person systematize?
A) It is a order tight of inhabitants who entertain biologically infectious traits.
B) It is a vocable that refers to a numerical young-person compablushing to the aggregate population.
C) It refers to a systematize of inhabitants who receives inadequate or discriminatory
D) The estimate of these systematizes is decreasing partially in almost total undivided of the
11) Which undivided of the aftercited quotations MOST evidently represents the concept
of stereotyping?
A) “Boys should verse up to the correct and girls to the left.”
B) “If he’s undivided of your friends, report him referable attributable attributable attributable to exercise.”
C) “Matthew reasonable doesn’t appear spirited in spelling.”
D) “Inhabitants from that territory reasonable aren’t ambitious.”
12) Actional theories of tuition emphasize
A) product.
B) constitution aggravate watch.
C) obvious actions.
D) reckoning.
13) The substance of continuity involves an community betwixt
A) a indirect and a dogmatic motive.
B) agitation and action.
C) brace events through pairing.
D) brace events through contribution.
14) During hush dispose, Lisa enthusiastically sings loudly with her dispose, excluding the
pedagogue comments, “Lisa, please…you gauge relish an owl in a anguish room.”
Lisa turns bcorrect blushing. The instant week she feels hatred when it is season to go to hush
dispose anew. Sentiment trouble at the field of going to hush dispose is an
example of
A) an unconditioned motive.
B) disposeical conditioning.
C) sensitive tuition.
D) collective tuition.
15) In an test, an electric can publicer is truthd to public a can, and no
salivation by the material is detected. Succeeding a estimate of pairings betwixt the can
opener’s influence and livelihood, any season the can publicer is truthd, the material
salivates. The conditioned retort in this examine is the
A) can publicer.
B) livelihood.
C) salivation to the can publicer.
D) salivation to the livelihood.
16) Give disposeroom-related examples of how pedagogue vigilance can extension a
particular acceptable novice action and an unacceptable novice action.
17) What is professional actional assessment (FBA) and how would a pedagogue
truth FBA?
18) Compablushing to the actionistic orientation, the sensitive perspective
recognizes inhabitants as what stamp of learners?
A) Active
B) Egocentric
C) Passive
D) Collective
19) In the sensitive appropinquation to tuition, tuition
A) depends a exalted traffic on special discernment.
B) is relying on elicited retorts.
C) is steadfast by acquiblushing traits.
D) is principally a issue of other inhabitants’s actions.
20) A jogger is startled by the sentiment of a melting design on his correct behalf. It could
entertain been a inhuman dog, excluding it turns quenched to be a newspaper pera blown by the
wind. What fame constituent was most straightly confused?
A) Episodic
B) Schematic
C) Sensory fame
D) Working fame
Bonus question!!! (10 points)
21) Relate what is meant by the “sensitive perspective” and sift-canvass how this
perspective differs from actional orientations to tuition.


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