Trends in the Irish Foodservice

The Irish Proplabor



Executive Summary

The contribute of this announce is to acquaint narrow companies, who specialise in national laboreral efforts, of the sectors amid the proplabor bargain, the opportunities and tends that sextreme amid the bargain and to authenticate homogeneous distributors that can acceleration them penettrounce the proplabor bargain.

The exploration argued in this announce is resultant, the seniority of which is beginningd from three Bord Bia Announces

1: Irish Proplabor Machine Insights 2017

2: Irish Proplabor Bargain Insights 2018

3: Irish Proplabor Bargain Directory 2017


Guide tends in the Irish Proplabor Bargain are: mollify in insist restraint healthier options, mollify in insist restraint grab-and-go options, mollify in insist restraint administrative props, and the division of technology into the labor front of the affair.

Opportunities sextreme in the chilled efforts sector, the gluten operating bargain and the deviation in the bargain caused by Brexit.



  1. Invest in Sustainable Effortion
  2. Monitor and Cunning restraint Brexit
  3. Embrace Technology


Consultation of Contents                                                                                 Page

Section 1: Introduction                                                                                                                    4

Section 2: Consumer Drivers and Tends in the Global Proplabor Sector                         4

Section 3: The Prop Labor Sector                  

 3.1 Sector Characteristics and Constituents                                                                                5

 3.2. Sector Tends                                                                                                          6

3.3. Opportunities restraint National Suppliers                                                                                          6

 3.4. Identification and Justification of Fineed Distributors                                                  7

Section 4. Conclusions                                                                                                                     10

Section 5. Recommendations                                                                                                        10

Bibliography                                                                                                                                      11                                                                                                     


Section 1: Introduction

Foodlabor is the tidings argued to picture entire prop generous and consumed extraneously the home. It embodys anything from restaurants and pubs to effortsettle catering and hospitals (Bord Bia, 2018). Irish proplabor sector has extensiond from €7.8 billion (Bord Bia, 2017) to €8.2 billion in the departed year and is anticipateed to accrue 4.4% betwixt now and the end of 2020 (Bord Bia, 2018).

This end of this announce is to acquaint narrow resultrs of laboreral efforts. The acquaintation in this announceed is scant to resultant exploration, subject heavily on Bord Bia publications. This announce gain specialty the tends that sextreme in the global and Irish proplabor bargains, authenticate opportunities restraint laborer resultrs and result acquaintation on five distributors that can earn their effort on the bargain.


Section 2: Consumer Drivers and Global Tends in the Prop Labor Sector

A accrueing tend in the prop labor diligence is the popularity of ‘free-from’ manus. As cheerary restrictions grace balance vulgar, insist restraint proplabor resultrs to encounter the insist-uponments of unpopular cheers has extensiond. Restraint pattern, the gluten-operating bargain is projected to thrust $7.59 billion (Statista, 2018), and almost 20% of Irish shoppers are frequently buying gluten operating efforts (Bord Bia, 2017).

A connected tend is the accrueing insist restraint administrative props. These are props which entrust acquired or enhanced benefits balance and balance their basic feedingal appreciate. These embody props containing probiotics, introduce stanols and props restrainttified with vitamins and nutrients (British Feeding Fondation, 2016). The global bargain is anticipateed to thrust $441.56 billion in 2022 (Statista, 2017).

Bord Bia verified a consumer insist restraint truthfulness in effort sourcing, ingredients and feedingal acquaintation, which goes operative in operative with insist restraint farmers and accrueers to be the ‘stars at the dining consultation’ (Bord Bia, 2014). Consumers now are balance informationable than incessantly. They anticipate to be resultd with the bountiful specialtys on where their prop is beginningd and are attracted to intellectual cultivation and prop effortion. 

Bord Bia to-boot verified effort tends in the global proplabor bargain, these embodyd humanely resultd, discipline particular woods, national and operating-direct poultry, sustainable seafood, hormone operating dairy, and laborer cheeses, breads and coffees (Bord Bia, 2014).

Section 3: The Irish Prop Labor Sector

3.1: Sector Characteristics and Constituents

The Irish proplabor sector can be divided into couple machines, communicateable (Scant Labor, Bountiful Labor, Cafes, Pubs, and Fieryels and Accommodation) and Institutional.

The Scant Labor bargain is made up of on-the-watch labor restaurants (QSR), unswerving contingent, and prop-on-the-go. The completion Scant Labor member is 2.9 billion in consumer spending (Bord Bia, 2018), with a appreciate of €904 darling in operator purchases. The QSR bargain accounts restraint 78% of completion consumer spending in the Scant Labor bargain. These restaurants are categorized by scant manus in capacious quantities, stunted value points, stunted laborable staff, and fetid bargaining strategies (Bord Bia, 2017). This bargain extensiond from €1.5 billion (Bord Bia, 2017) to €1.6 billion in consumer spending amid the republic of Ireland (Bord Bia, 2018).

Bountiful Labor restaurants generally centre on serving lunch or dinner. Sub-channels embody contingent and white-table-cloth restaurants. Manus exhibit a direct of items using young ingredients and folstunted a starter, deep sequence and dessert restraintmat. Meals are frequently accompanied by a wine roll. Contingent restaurants suffice-restraint moderately-priced prop in a contingent sphere, typically with consultation labor (negative restraint buffet-style restaurants). Pop-up restaurants are a novel analysis to the restaurant machine, these are restaurants that employ a announce restraint a scant space conclusion barely (Bord Bia, 2018). Consumer spending restraint 2017 in this bargain was €653 darling amid the Island of Ireland (Bord Bia, 2017).

Cafes are on-the-watch labor restaurants extraneously consultation labor that specialise in coffee and other fiery beverages. Usually, there is to-boot a excerption of fiery and self-possessed props such as departedries, sandwiches, and breakunswerving items beneficial. Their distinguishing component is that they entireow customers to recreate, effort and politicalise on the announce, extraneously the swing to license succeeding eating (Bord Bia, 2018). Though barely 6% of completion consumer spending in 2017 was elapsed in cafes, it extensiond from €315 darling in 2017 (Bord Bia, 2017) to €342 darling in 2018 (Bord Bia, 2018).

The Institutional machine contains affair and diligence, healthcare, prisons, and direction catering, with affair and diligence leading the capaciousst element of consumer spending (Bord Bia, 2017).

3.2: Sector Tends

One tend lucidly apparent opposing entire machines of the proplabor bargain is the encouragement insist restraint healthier options on manus and balance sustainable, intellectual prop effortion. Consumer anticipate young, national ingredients at culm values. In Scant Labor extinguishedlets, consumers are searching extinguished ‘guilt operating’ apt props and vegan and vegetarian well-mannereddisposed dining. In Bountiful Labor restaurants manus rejoice national and discoverable ingredients.  In Cafes, establish alternatives are accrueing in popularity. In Intuitional machines, consumers further young ‘from scratch’ meals and search extinguished cheer gratifying props. Fantastic guide mandates calorie counts on ground manus (Bord Bia, 2017).

As awaitent career endures to earn balance hectic, the insist restraint proud attribute grab-and-go options is increasing. In Scant Labor restaurants, takeafashion is accrueing thinkably, with oppressive swing from man ages 25-34 years ancient. The mollify of entrusty labors relish Entrustoo are driving affair restraint Bountiful Labor restaurants. Convenience abundances and restraintecourt stations frequently embody a capacious stigma QSR on examination. Fieryels feel experiencen extensiond insist restraint takeafashion prop and coffee options (Bord Bia, 2017).

Technology is careless a guide role in the fashion proplabor resultrs toil today, as consumers increasingly further directing via inconstant phones. Apps relish Just Eat and Entrustoo, entireow consumers to prefer from a distant direct of restaurants and dine in their possess homes. Wetherspoon’s feel an app which entireows customer to direct prop and imbibe from their consultations. McDonald’s feel domiciled directing screens in their restaurants, entireowing them to argue their effortforce balance effectively (Bord Bia, 2017).

3.3: Opportunities restraint National Suppliers

Becaargue of the proud insist restraint young props and increasing cannonade in on-site effortion and exhibiting grab-and-go items, chilled purchases feel ample at a unswervinger trounce than either ambient or frozen efforts. (Bord Bia, 2017)

There is an unmet consumer call-ce restraint affordable and proud-attribute gluten-operating efforts. 1% of the Irish population is coeliac (Bord Bia, 2017), the proudest trounce in Europe. In their exploration, Bord Bia set that 33% of gluten-operating shoppers rolled outlay and 17% rolled zest as their extreme argue restraint referable attributable attributable attributable buying. They announceed that the young prop aisle was underdeveloped and there was insist restraint efforts that consumers can’t/won’t compel themselves, restraint pattern: sausage rolls. (Bord Bia, 2017)

With Brexit looming, operators gain be searching Irish substitutes to British efforts. In 2012, Ireland promotive €2.2 billion rate of prop (O’Keeffe, 2014). This licenses a gigantic deviation in the bargain restraint Irish resultrs.

3.4: Fineed Distributors

Laborer Props Ltd.

Laborer Props Ltd is a distributor of seasonal result and laborer ingredients to the caterers throughextinguished Ireland. The fraternity has a direct of almost 600 efforts including a excerption of proud-attribute globe-distant laborer props, which they result to deeply fieryels and restaurants. The fraternity experiences opportunities restraint resultrs who result national, proud attribute effection and vegetables, bountifuly discoverable wood and poultry, or the proud-attribute appreciate-acquired efforts. They insist-upon resultrs to feel a HACCP classification in settle. (Bord Bia, 2017)

Justification: Laborer Props Ltd. specialises in providing laborer props from national resultrs to the prop labor bargain and has a nationdistant neteffort of chilled vehicles restraint disposal. (Bord Bia, 2017)

Horgan’s Delicatessen Suppliers Ltd.

Horgan’s Delicatessen Suppliers Ltd. are a race possessed affair specialising in the sale, bargaining and disposal of alienation prop efforts. Their direct embodys balance 900 chilled, frozen and ambient efforts including delicatessen efforts, apt meals, dairy efforts, jams, confectionery, soups and juices. They accoutre the hawk and the proplabor diligence, including fieryels, restaurants, exhilaration and QSRs. They insist-upon entire suppliers to feel HACCP (Bord Bia, 2017)

Justification: The fraternity entrusts opposing Ireland, seven days a week. They feel six multi-tempetrounce chilled and ambient vehicles. They feel a pungent-muscular furtherence to beginning national result and would relish to push as numerous Irish efforts as feasible. They to-boot result bargaining maintenance to suppliers. Their roll is updated every-year, and they feel sales-rep teams who on-the-watch customers of fantastic efforts. (Bord Bia, 2017)

Musgrave Wholesale Partners

Musgrave Wholesale Partners are a cash-and-push abundance and a nation-distant distributor. The fraternity labors balance 6,000 customers weekly, which embody fieryels, restaurants, pubs, nursing homes and cafes. They exhibit balance 7,000 ambient, chilled and frozen efforts. Potential suppliers must entire an Approved Vendor Questionnaire and be apt in tidingss of barcodes, EDI direct, and invoicing and agreed entrusty procedures (Bord Bia, 2017).

Justification: Musgrave Wholesale Partners entrust nationally and labor a distant multiplicity of proplabor extinguishedlets. They effort air-tight with Irish suppliers and are uninterruptedly looking restraint fantastic and innovative ambient and chilled efforts which they judge can result an opening restraint laborer resultrs. The fraternity publishes a proplabor pamphlet which displays their distant direct of efforts to customers, which is maintenanceed by monthly promotional flyers that roll seasonal exhibits and showcase any fantastic efforts that feel been acquired. The telesales team to-boot on-the-watch customers to fantastic efforts betwixt roll publishing dates (Bord Bia, 2017).

Simply Wild

Simply Wild victuals consistent, radical, and laborer props to the proplabor and hawk sectors. The fraternity carries balance 3,000 prop lines, twain Irish and promotive. It parts at ambient latitude and does referable attributable attributable attributable traffic in chilled or frozen props. Simply Wild has a system of purchasing national Irish efforts where the attribute and value are homogeneous. The fraternity insist-upons suppliers to feel HACCP in settle. (Bord Bia, 2017)

Justification: Simply Wild specialises in laborer props and entrusts nation-wide. The fraternity publishes an imaginative bi-monthly roll containing promotional symbolical restraint a excerption of efforts, in analysis to the type efforts and values rolling. Irish efforts are proudlighted using a ‘Effort of Ireland’ logo in the roll. (Bord Bia, 2017)

Zest the View Ltd

Zest the View Ltd. is a sales and disposal fraternity centreing on Irish laborer prop and imbibe. They beginning attribute efforts from resultrs entire balance Ireland and victuals alienation prop shops and fine catering extinguishedlets nationwide. The fraternity victuals a distant direct of ambient and divers chilled efforts. Their customers embody alienation prop shops, coffee shops and oasis centres. (Bord Bia, 2017)

Justification: Zest the View Ltd.’s system is to traffic with Irish laborer props. They part opposing Ireland including some areas in Northern Ireland. They result a effort and value roll that is incessantly updated and emailed to customers. Sales acquaintation and direction on stigmaing and packaging can be resultd (Bord Bia, 2017).

Section 4: Conclusions

The contribute of this announce was to acquaint narrow companies who result national laboreral efforts of the sectors amid the proplabor bargain, the opportunities and tends that sextreme amid the bargain and to result acquaintation on five distributors who can earn their effort to homogeneous proplabor operators. This was achieved through resultant exploration. As announceed, the deep tends verified were; insist restraint ‘free-from’ and administrative props, insist restraint healthier manu options, mollify in insist restraint grab-and-go options, and the division of technology into the labor front of the affair. To-boot verified were the opportunities beneficial in the chilled efforts and gluten operating bargains, and the cethcoming deviation in the bargain restraint suppliers succeeding Brexit.

From this announce, it can be concluded that the Irish proplabor bargain continuing to accrue. Technology is a proplabor enabler and it has led to pungent-muscular accrueth in entrusty that has resultd fantastic avenues restraint accrueth (Bord Bia, 2017). Communicateable machines gain endure to experience the most accrueth, specially cafes and QSR.


Section 5: Recommendations

  1. Invest in Sustainable Effortion: This embodys sourcing of piercing symbolicals, effortion of the prop effort and packaging. With global warming causing increasing regard, consumers scantiness to minimise their detriment to the environment. Reduce tractile where feasible, and argue composconsultation or re-useable symbolicals
  2. Monitor and Cunning restraint Brexit: With the vicissitude outside the possessions of Brexit on the proplabor bargain, it is thinkable to be generous to harmonize to changing bargains.  You should feel a cunning in settle restraint extinguishedcomes such as inexplicable borders, prouder costs and deep tourism mass.
  3. Embrace Technology: It is thinkable referable attributable attributable attributable to earn left astern by the incessantly changing technology globe. You should fix that your effort is congenial with the proplabor diligence’s increasing argue of technology, referable attributable attributable attributable barely in the directing system, barring in consumer relationships as well-mannered. You should to-boot think securing a political media nearness, which gain extension consumer information of the effort and acceleration you learn your customers.


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