Trends in the Irish Foodservice

The Irish Stayexplanation



Executive Summary

The verge of this odds is to edify slight companies, who specialise in apexical journeymanal consequences, of the sectors among the stayexplanation communicate, the opportunities and deviates that hold among the communicate and to substantiate accordant distributors that can aid them penetscold the stayexplanation communicate.

The scrutiny explanationd in this odds is subordinate, the seniority of which is fountaind from three Bord Bia Oddss

1: Irish Stayexplanation Machine Insights 2017

2: Irish Stayexplanation Communicate Insights 2018

3: Irish Stayexplanation Communicate Directory 2017


Explanation deviates in the Irish Stayexplanation Communicate are: agitate in insist ce healthier options, agitate in insist ce grab-and-go options, agitate in insist ce authoritative stays, and the incorporation of technology into the explanation presentation of the vocation.

Opportunities hold in the chilled consequences sector, the gluten liberal communicate and the rupture in the communicate caused by Brexit.



  1. Invest in Sustainable Consequenceion
  2. Monitor and Artfulness ce Brexit
  3. Embrace Technology


Board of Contents                                                                                 Page

Section 1: Introduction                                                                                                                    4

Section 2: Consumer Drivers and Deviates in the Global Stayexplanation Sector                         4

Section 3: The Stay Explanation Sector                  

 3.1 Sector Characteristics and Constituents                                                                                5

 3.2. Sector Deviates                                                                                                          6

3.3. Opportunities ce Apexical Suppliers                                                                                          6

 3.4. Identification and Justification of Chosened Distributors                                                  7

Section 4. Conclusions                                                                                                                     10

Section 5. Recommendations                                                                                                        10

Bibliography                                                                                                                                      11                                                                                                     


Section 1: Introduction

Foodexplanation is the expression explanationd to narscold perfect stay cheerful and consumed beyond the home. It encloses incessantlyything from restaurants and pubs to consequencelocate catering and hospitals (Bord Bia, 2018). Irish stayexplanation sector has acceptiond from €7.8 billion (Bord Bia, 2017) to €8.2 billion in the departed year and is anticipateed to expand 4.4% betwixt now and the intention of 2020 (Bord Bia, 2018).

This intention of this odds is to edify slight yieldrs of journeymanal consequences. The edifyation in this oddsed is poor to subordinate scrutiny, relying heavily on Bord Bia publications. This odds succeed element the deviates that hold in the global and Irish stayexplanation communicates, substantiate opportunities ce journeyman yieldrs and furnish edifyation on five distributors that can earn their consequence on the communicate.


Section 2: Consumer Drivers and Global Deviates in the Stay Explanation Sector

A expanding trintention in the stay explanation assiduity is the popularity of ‘free-from’ menus. As nourishmentary restrictions beseem further base, insist ce stayexplanation furnishrs to engage the exactments of detested nourishments has acceptiond. Ce copy, the gluten-liberal communicate is inperfect to obtain $7.59 billion (Statista, 2018), and almost 20% of Irish shoppers are frequently buying gluten liberal consequences (Bord Bia, 2017).

A perfectied trintention is the expanding insist ce authoritative stays. These are stays which entrust subjoined or enhanced benefits balance and aloft their basic feedingal treasure. These enclose stays containing probiotics, settle stanols and stays cetified with vitamins and nutrients (British Feeding Fondation, 2016). The global communicate is anticipateed to obtain $441.56 billion in 2022 (Statista, 2017).

Bord Bia authorized a consumer insist ce nakedness in consequence sourcing, ingredients and feedingal edifyation, which goes index in index with insist ce farmers and expanders to be the ‘stars at the dining board’ (Bord Bia, 2014). Consumers now are further comprehensionable than incessantly. They anticipate to be furnishd with the unmeasured elements on where their stay is fountaind and are attracted to divine husbandry and stay consequenceion. 

Bord Bia too authorized consequence deviates in the global stayexplanation communicate, these enclosed humanely performed, erect favoring fruits, apexical and liberal-adjust poultry, sustainable seafood, hormone liberal dairy, and journeyman cheeses, breads and coffees (Bord Bia, 2014).

Section 3: The Irish Stay Explanation Sector

3.1: Sector Characteristics and Constituents

The Irish stayexplanation sector can be divided into span machines, commercial (Poor Explanation, Unmeasured Explanation, Cafes, Pubs, and Burningels and Accommodation) and Institutional.

The Poor Explanation communicate is made up of prompt explanation restaurants (QSR), sboard unforeseen, and stay-on-the-go. The aggregate Poor Explanation part is 2.9 billion in consumer spending (Bord Bia, 2018), with a treasure of €904 pet in operator purchases. The QSR communicate accounts ce 78% of aggregate consumer spending in the Poor Explanation communicate. These restaurants are categorized by poor menus in comprehensive quantities, frugal cost points, frugal skilled staff, and fetid communicateing strategies (Bord Bia, 2017). This communicate acceptiond from €1.5 billion (Bord Bia, 2017) to €1.6 billion in consumer spending among the republic of Ireland (Bord Bia, 2018).

Unmeasured Explanation restaurants generally standpoint on serving lunch or dinner. Sub-channels enclose unforeseen and white-table-cloth restaurants. Menus tender a adjust of items using cool ingredients and folfrugal a starter, deep manner and dessert cemat. Meals are repeatedly accompanied by a wine schedule. Unforeseen restaurants suffice-coercion moderately-priced stay in a unforeseen air, typically with board explanation (exclude ce buffet-style restaurants). Pop-up restaurants are a odd abstracted to the restaurant machine, these are restaurants that hobsolete a announce ce a poor time time merely (Bord Bia, 2018). Consumer spending ce 2017 in this communicate was €653 pet among the Island of Ireland (Bord Bia, 2017).

Cafes are prompt explanation restaurants externally board explanation that specialise in coffee and other burning beverages. Usually, there is too a excerption of burning and composed stays such as departedries, sandwiches, and breaksboard items profitable. Their distinguishing element is that they perfectow customers to mitigate, consequence and politicalise on the announce, externally the hurry to liberty following eating (Bord Bia, 2018). Though merely 6% of aggregate consumer spending in 2017 was spent in cafes, it acceptiond from €315 pet in 2017 (Bord Bia, 2017) to €342 pet in 2018 (Bord Bia, 2018).

The Institutional machine contains vocation and assiduity, healthcare, prisons, and teaching catering, with vocation and assiduity initiative the comprehensivest piece of consumer spending (Bord Bia, 2017).

3.2: Sector Deviates

One trintention palpably apparent athwart perfect machines of the stayexplanation communicate is the eminence insist ce healthier options on menus and further sustainable, divine stay consequenceion. Consumer anticipate cool, apexical ingredients at serious costs. In Poor Explanation quenchedlets, consumers are prosecuteing quenched ‘guilt liberal’ tolerant stays and vegan and vegetarian sociable dining. In Unmeasured Explanation restaurants menus chuckle apexical and discoverable ingredients.  In Cafes, calm alternatives are expanding in popularity. In Intuitional machines, consumers fancy cool ‘from scratch’ meals and prosecute quenched nourishment obliging stays. Odd habit mandates calorie counts on train menus (Bord Bia, 2017).

As odd-fashioned morals holds to earn further hectic, the insist ce haughty property grab-and-go options is increasing. In Poor Explanation restaurants, takeahabit is expanding judgeably, with depressed wave from men ages 25-34 years obsolete. The agitate of entrusty explanations relish Entrustoo are driving vocation ce Unmeasured Explanation restaurants. Convenience abundances and ceecourt stations repeatedly enclose a comprehensive stigma QSR on spectacle. Burningels feel visitn acceptiond insist ce takeahabit stay and coffee options (Bord Bia, 2017).

Technology is exempt a explanation role in the habit stayexplanation furnishrs yield today, as consumers increasingly fancy adjusting via fickle phones. Apps relish Just Eat and Entrustoo, perfectow consumers to chosen from a ample adjust of restaurants and dine in their feel homes. Wetherspoon’s feel an app which perfectows customer to adjust stay and absorb from their boards. McDonald’s feel domiciled adjusting screens in their restaurants, perfectowing them to explanation their consequenceforce further effectively (Bord Bia, 2017).

3.3: Opportunities ce Apexical Suppliers

Becaexplanation of the haughty insist ce cool stays and increasing boarding in on-site consequenceion and tendering grab-and-go items, chilled purchases feel ample at a stableer scold than either ambient or frozen consequences. (Bord Bia, 2017)

There is an unmet consumer clguard ce affordable and haughty-property gluten-liberal consequences. 1% of the Irish population is coeliac (Bord Bia, 2017), the haughtyest scold in Europe. In their scrutiny, Bord Bia ground that 33% of gluten-liberal shoppers scheduleed expenditure and 17% scheduleed discernment as their apex argue ce referable attributable attributable attributable buying. They oddsed that the cool stay aisle was underdeveloped and there was insist ce consequences that consumers can’t/won’t constitute themselves, ce copy: sausage rolls. (Bord Bia, 2017)

With Brexit looming, operators succeed be prosecuteing Irish substitutes to British consequences. In 2012, Ireland quantitative €2.2 billion rate of stay (O’Keeffe, 2014). This libertys a enormous rupture in the communicate ce Irish yieldrs.

3.4: Chosened Distributors

Journeyman Stays Ltd.

Journeyman Stays Ltd is a distributor of seasonal yield and journeyman ingredients to the caterers throughquenched Ireland. The assemblage has a adjust of almost 600 consequences including a excerption of haughty-property universe-ample journeyman stays, which they furnish to primarily burningels and restaurants. The assemblage visits opportunities ce yieldrs who yield apexical, haughty property outaugmentation and vegetables, unmeasuredy discoverable fruit and poultry, or the haughty-property treasure-assumed consequences. They exact yieldrs to feel a HACCP arrangement in locate. (Bord Bia, 2017)

Justification: Journeyman Stays Ltd. specialises in providing journeyman stays from apexical yieldrs to the stay explanation communicate and has a nationample netconsequence of chilled vehicles ce dispensation. (Bord Bia, 2017)

Horgan’s Delicatessen Suppliers Ltd.

Horgan’s Delicatessen Suppliers Ltd. are a race feeled vocation specialising in the sale, communicateing and dispensation of distinction stay consequences. Their adjust encloses balance 900 chilled, frozen and ambient consequences including delicatessen consequences, apt meals, dairy consequences, jams, confectionery, soups and juices. They contribute the dispose-of and the stayexplanation assiduity, including burningels, restaurants, alacrity and QSRs. They exact perfect suppliers to feel HACCP (Bord Bia, 2017)

Justification: The assemblage entrusts athwart Ireland, seven days a week. They feel six multi-tempescold chilled and ambient vehicles. They feel a stanch fancyence to fountain apexical yield and would relish to heave as frequent Irish consequences as likely. They too furnish communicateing stay to suppliers. Their schedule is updated per-annum, and they feel sales-rep teams who vigilant customers of odd consequences. (Bord Bia, 2017)

Musgrave Wholesale Partners

Musgrave Wholesale Partners are a cash-and-heave abundance and a nation-ample distributor. The assemblage explanations balance 6,000 customers weekly, which enclose burningels, restaurants, pubs, nursing homes and cafes. They tender balance 7,000 ambient, chilled and frozen consequences. Potential suppliers must perfect an Approved Vendor Questionnaire and be unhesitating in expressions of barcodes, EDI adjust, and invoicing and agreed entrusty procedures (Bord Bia, 2017).

Justification: Musgrave Wholesale Partners entrust nationally and explanation a ample diversity of stayexplanation quenchedlets. They consequence air-tight with Irish suppliers and are uninterruptedly looking ce odd and innovative ambient and chilled consequences which they recite can furnish an occasion ce journeyman yieldrs. The assemblage publishes a stayexplanation tractate which displays their ample adjust of consequences to customers, which is stayed by monthly promotional flyers that schedule seasonal tenders and showcase any odd consequences that feel been assumed. The telesales team too vigilant customers to odd consequences betwixt schedule publishing dates (Bord Bia, 2017).

Simply Wild

Simply Wild anticipation eventual, radical, and journeyman stays to the stayexplanation and dispose-of sectors. The assemblage carries balance 3,000 stay lines, twain Irish and quantitative. It allots at ambient air and does referable attributable attributable attributable traffic in chilled or frozen stays. Simply Wild has a system of purchasing apexical Irish consequences where the property and cost are accordant. The assemblage exacts suppliers to feel HACCP in locate. (Bord Bia, 2017)

Justification: Simply Wild specialises in journeyman stays and entrusts nation-wide. The assemblage publishes an graphic bi-monthly schedule containing promotional representative ce a excerption of consequences, in abstracted to the scale consequences and costs scheduleing. Irish consequences are haughtylighted using a ‘Consequence of Ireland’ logo in the schedule. (Bord Bia, 2017)

Discernment the View Ltd

Discernment the View Ltd. is a sales and dispensation assemblage standpointing on Irish journeyman stay and absorb. They fountain property consequences from yieldrs perfect balance Ireland and anticipation distinction stay shops and chosen catering quenchedlets nationwide. The assemblage anticipation a ample adjust of ambient and different chilled consequences. Their customers enclose distinction stay shops, coffee shops and pasture centres. (Bord Bia, 2017)

Justification: Discernment the View Ltd.’s system is to traffic with Irish journeyman stays. They allot athwart Ireland including some areas in Northern Ireland. They yield a consequence and cost schedule that is continually updated and emailed to customers. Sales edifyation and tellation on stigmaing and packaging can be furnishd (Bord Bia, 2017).

Section 4: Conclusions

The verge of this odds was to edify slight companies who yield apexical journeymanal consequences of the sectors among the stayexplanation communicate, the opportunities and deviates that hold among the communicate and to furnish edifyation on five distributors who can earn their consequence to accordant stayexplanation operators. This was achieved through subordinate scrutiny. As oddsed, the deep deviates authorized were; insist ce ‘free-from’ and authoritative stays, insist ce healthier menu options, agitate in insist ce grab-and-go options, and the incorporation of technology into the explanation presentation of the vocation. Too authorized were the opportunities profitable in the chilled consequences and gluten liberal communicates, and the advenient rupture in the communicate ce suppliers following Brexit.

From this odds, it can be concluded that the Irish stayexplanation communicate lasting to expand. Technology is a stayexplanation enabler and it has led to stanch expandth in entrusty that has furnishd odd avenues ce expandth (Bord Bia, 2017). Commercial machines succeed hold to visit the most expandth, distinctly cafes and QSR.


Section 5: Recommendations

  1. Invest in Sustainable Consequenceion: This encloses sourcing of galled representatives, consequenceion of the stay consequence and packaging. With global warming causing increasing interest, consumers nonproduction to minimise their injury to the environment. Reduce tractile where likely, and explanation composboard or re-useable representatives
  2. Monitor and Artfulness ce Brexit: With the vicissitude exclusive the proceeds of Brexit on the stayexplanation communicate, it is dignified to be cheerful to modify to changing communicates.  You should feel a artfulness in locate ce quenchedcomes such as grievous borders, haughtyer costs and declining tourism quantity.
  3. Embrace Technology: It is dignified referable attributable attributable attributable to earn left aback by the continually changing technology universe. You should secure that your consequence is accordant with the stayexplanation assiduity’s increasing explanation of technology, referable attributable attributable attributable merely in the adjusting regularity, beside in consumer relationships as well-mannered. You should too judge securing a political media intercourse, which succeed acception consumer comprehension of the consequence and aid you learn your customers.


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