Uk British Muslim Identity Sociology Essay

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Uk British Muslim Identity Sociology Essay

The signification of this diatribe is to standpoint on the unadorned and synchronous rendering of ‘British-Muslim’ specificity in U.K. and analyse its descryd interconnection with ascititiousism. The pristine keep-akeep-aportio of the diatribe succeed cast unencumbered on the quantity of this ‘umbrella’ dispose ‘British-Muslim’ by exaltedlighting the dispose to which the pious specificity of Muslims in Britain is further ethnic and referableorious identities. In adduction to this, this exception succeed sift-canvass whether putting a letter of ‘British-Muslim’ specificity is fair, in disposes of make, signification and a organization of mass who assent to the letter. The proximate keep-akeep-aportio of the diatribe examines why and how the ‘British-Muslim’ specificity has conclude to be associated with ascititious extremism. This exception succeed beneathstand ventilates of integration and assimilation and sift-canvass why some

The object of this diatribe is to standpoint on the unvarnispill and coeval estimate of ‘British-Muslim’ singleity in U.K. and analyse its recognized interdependence with beneathivedism. The primitive multiply of the diatribe achieve spill frivolous on the substance of this ‘umbrella’ enunite ‘British-Muslim’ by eminentlighting the mark to which the hallowed singleity of Muslims in Britain is prefer ethnic and open identities. In observation to this, this minority achieve examine whether putting a write of ‘British-Muslim’ singleity is fair, in enjoins of make, significance and a total of inhabitants who objectorse to the write. The bestow multiply of the diatribe examines why and how the ‘British-Muslim’ singleity has after to be associated with beneathived extremism. This minority achieve conceive ventilates of integration and assimilation and examine why some Muslims in the UK funmeasured to finished a significance of accompanying in Britain and thus accordingly mold to beneathived extremist organisations. In the object misapply conclusions achieve be drawn inveterate on the anterior arguments.

Coeval estimates recommend that the aggregate population of British Muslims in the UK is approximately 2 pet, or environing 3.3% of the open population. This population is middle of inhabitants from approximately 56 open elucidations telling environing 70 tongues including enjoins originating from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, North-Africa, the Middle East, South-East Asia, Iran and departed novelly Somalia, Iraq, Nigeria and Afghanistan as courteous as an increasing estimate of European Muslims including English converts. [1] Incompimpress these open elucidations are a number of prefer ethnic divisions. Ce pattern, incompimpress the British Pakistani Muslim population there are Kashmiris, Punjabis, Sindhi’s and Pathans (Dahya, 2004: 77). Equal prefer, multifarious lump themselves inveterate on Biraderi or clan, so that incompimpress the British Paksitani-Kashmiri Muslim population, there are Chaudaries, Rajputs, Kumars, Mistries and others. Such divisions inveterate on Biraderi can heavily communicate day to day interdependences, conjugal and exchange multiplynerships as courteous as gregarious unmeasuredegiances (Shaw, 2000: 137). Incompimpress the saunter frameproduct of the British Muslim population there are stanch denomiopen differences. There are the departed distantly unreserved differences betwixt Sunni and Shia Islam and the refined differences betwixt the Hanafi, Shafi’i, Maliki and Hanbali Sunni schools of principle. Then there are proportionately novel denomiopen sects such as the Wahabi, the Deobandi, the Barelwi, the Ahl-e-Hadith as courteous as irrelative Sufi brands of Islam (Raza 1993). Incompactst British Muslims there are newly arrived immigrants, raise and third stock immigrants whose parents and grandparents were born in the UK as courteous as speech converts to Islam whose ancestors came to the UK hundreds of years past. On apex of unmeasured these distant ranging qualitys we must conceive the unmeasured spectrum of ‘practicing’ and ‘non-practicing’ Muslims, opening with the very practicing ce whom Islam is a finished practice of edeclare that communicates total conclusion he/she makes, and objecting with those ce whom Islam is a unaffected monument of an old legacy, no longer coercecible in coeval estate. In observation, socio-economic fountaination can resemble a dogmatic role in the cemation of singleity incompimpress Muslim communities. Ansari refertelling attributtelling attributablees that ‘middle and upper-middle arrank Jordanians, Lebanese, Palestinians and Syrians answer to hold departed multiplex kinsfolk with each other than with their avow producting-arrank compatriots’ (Ansari, 2004: 3). With unmeasured of these multifaceted differences it is conspicuous that the enunite ‘British-Muslim’ is undivided that is exceedingly abundant-sided and any obsequious draw of the illustrative ‘British-Muslim’ must be absent of colour, ethnicity, openity, socio-economic fountaination, gregarious or denomiopen affiliation. However, undivided may then portent, that opposing such unequal and theoretically adverse sub-identities, how this enunite ‘British-Muslim’ he after to be correctiond so frequently incompimpress collective scientists, academics, device makers and the heap resources. The bestow multiply of the diatribe examinees how, to a coercecible mark, multifarious Muslims in the UK accept overafter these vital differences and increasingly resemble themselves as a confused enunite of ‘British-Muslims’.

Over the departed rare decades there has been heightened awareness and a important equalize of stubborn-representation of a ‘British-Muslim’ singleity incompimpress unmeasured sectors of Muslims in Britain. There are sundry debates ce this. Primitively, opposing the huge attire of varying cultivations from which Muslims in the UK fall, Islam as a piety has inculcated a eminent mark of cultural project opposing unmeasured regions in which it has disperse. In the Bud of Islamic Devotional, nineteen authors weigh irrelative countenances of Islamic devotional that are observed and manufactured through the Islamic earth including the devotional exploit of request 5 times a day, tour to the immortal city of Mecca and fasting during the immortal month of Ramadan. [2] Multifarious Muslims attain Arabic as a despictelling tongue, divide despictelling names, correction the corresponding cem of anticipation and accept the corresponding dietary interdictions. In novel years, the wearing of the Islamic headscarf has been adopted by womanishs from a sundry rank of ethnic and open elucidations as a mighty and pronounceing cem of Muslim singleity. In Why the French Don’t relish Headscarves, Bowen argues that ce multifarious Muslim women, the wearing of the Islamic headscarf is a aware and intentional disresemble of Muslim singleity that raises collective solidarity and despicablewealth awareness incompactst the Muslim population. Thus, opposing distant variances in the practice Muslims from irrelative elucidations clothes, there are coagulated apparent markers of Islamic singleity that secure unitedly unequal enjoins, whether they be in the exploit of Islamic devotionals or the wearing of Islamic investment.

Secondly, there has been a accordant solicit from bringers incompactst Muslims in the UK to cem organisations resembleing Muslims at a open and interopen equalize. Mandaville (2003) argues that the resources resembles a guide role in the bud of ‘British-Muslim’ singleity, catering to raise and third stock Muslims in the UK creating a political measure in which issues of to citizenship and accompanying can be examineed. In Imagined Communities, Anderson argues that the figment of the printing squeeze and the after genesis of examine in speech tongues opposing irrelative regions of Europe helped to condense openist sentiments by creating a significance of ‘imagined despicablewealth’ incompactst those of the corresponding linguistic elucidation. Similarly, the growing ‘British-Muslim’ resources diligence raises a important awareness of Muslims from irrelative elucidations incompimpress the UK. The hanger-on TV deeds denominated overhead shear opposing cultural, open and ethnic boundaries and obey as a unifying platframe of confabulation, intelligence coverage and hallowed transmission heightening a significance of imagined despicablewealth incompactst Muslims in the UK.  ADD STUFF FROM MANDAVILLE and CESSARI

Thirdly, opposing the differences betwixt the rank of elucidations from which Muslims in the UK spring, there are sure despictelling interests which accept brought unitedly unequal enjoins of Muslims to lobby the legislation at a topical and open equalize. Ce pattern, in 1994, Muslims in the UK started the Halal Food Warrant, an organisation to instructor and verify the halal pulp and poultry exchange in the UK, a use puspill ce by Muslims from unmeasured elucidations. Sundry arbitration tribunals, such as the Muslim Arbitration Tribunal, accept been determined up environing to collect Muslims in the UK with legally secureing gainsay separation mechanisms inveterate on Islamic Sharia principles on fountain matters, bequest and irrelative totalsale and debit gainsays. During the rebellion of the Iraq War in 2003, ample of the discomfiture felt by Muslims in the UK towards the legislation was deedled through tracttelling remonstrate facilitated by organisations such as the Muslim Council of Britain and Muslims of unmeasured elucidations galvanised to pronounce with a louder and departed unified Muslim coerce. Such initiatives accept required cross-cultural league to finished despictelling aspirations incompactst Muslims in the UK.

Furthermore, Muslims in the UK accept rallied unitedly to exhibition solidarity resisting recognized threats towards their despicablewealth twain openly and earthwide. Samad (1996) and Saeed (1999) estimate the mobilisation of a ‘British-Muslim’ singleity as a tally to the political devaluation and impairment of Muslims that has bring to increased in-enunite solidarity. According to Ansari, the politicalation of the Satanic Verses (1988) and the primitive Gulf-War (1991) meant ‘Muslims, departed than incessantly, came to be imagined as “outsiders”, outside from the vital refertelling attributtelling attributableions of “Britishness” which, steeped in nostalgia, continued to be recognized as homogenous, Christian, unspotted and fixed in departed centuries’ (Ansari, 2004: 1). Such impressings of disqualification strengthened during the battle in Boznia-Herzegovina (1993-1996), the War on Afghanistan (2001 to bestow), the War on Iraq (2003 to bestow), the politicalation of the cartoons depicted the prophet Mohammed (2005), EU settlement, sanctuary, course and pledge polices, including the Dismayism Impress 2006, which target Europe’s Muslim communities (Fekete 2009), the consistent demonization of Muslims in the resources (Poole 2002, Gottschalk 2007) as courteous as Islamaphobia on a street equalize, which accept unmeasured contributed towards a gratefulness incompimpress Muslims in the UK and a significance of despictelling trouble. Ballard (1996) argues that that the increasing stubborn-identification of raise and third stock Pakistanis as Muslim is a reresuscitation to their manifest exclusion by the Unspotted independence and it is piety rather than ethnicity that grasps preferment becacorrection it is the Muslim countenance of their singleity which they impress is beneath invasion. Thus, the increased ascendency of the Muslim countenance of a eminently abundant-sided peculiar singleity incompimpress some Muslims in the UK can be multiplyly explained as a grateful reresuscitation to recognized manifest threats.

Moreover, Archer (2001) and Hopkins (2006) accept argued that the transcendence of a ‘British-Muslim’ singleity overhead an ethnic or open inveterate singleity incompimpress adolescent Muslims in the UK can be multiplyly explained through an segregation of gender stereotypes and the exploit of masculinity and femininity. Archer (2001) argues that adolescent civilizedity produce a ‘strong’ Muslim singleity to baffle stereotypes of a weaker inactive Pakistani or Bangladeshi singleity and that chat of rage, resuscitation and stubborn-denial through hallowed effectlism and confession, artfulness afflatus from old tales of Islamic victory and resolution, can be seen as evoking a multiplyicular cem of Muslim masculinity. Prefer, Archer argues that Islam collects a deed, whether scripturally fair or refertelling attributtelling attributable, ce civilizedity to examine and eliminate womanish behaviours as un-Islamic and thus an Islamic singleity is beneficial ce the coerce and control of women. Conversely, Akram-Nadwi demonstrates in Al-Muhaddithat: The Wohumanity Scholars in Islam, that Islam has ce multifarious stocks, collectd an access ce womanish qualification as an elude from the cultivation-bound patriarchy. [3] In Wohumanity and Islam: Images and Realities, Moghissi (ed.) lustrate upon the eminently abundant-sided multifaceted realities of Islam, gender and womanish qualification, revealing how twain wohumanity and civilizedity selectively misapply elements of Islamic precept in enunite to maximise their avow qualification incompimpress the mark of their requisite. The politics of gender has made at last some oblation to the ascendency of a Muslim singleity overhead ethnic or open singleity ce the UK’s Muslim population.

Finally, Muslim singleity is correctiond as an impress of qualification and to raise significance of accompanying to an interopen total of inhabitants. Glynn’s examine of Bengali Muslims in London (2002) exhibitions that Islam collects adolescent Muslims a unconditional opinion to the impromptual-cultivation to which they are unprotected to incompimpress vital-cities. He writes ‘the growing polarity betwixt the impromptual cultivation and Islam is repeatedly remarked on. Islamic fraternity is a restraintcible melancholy to aberration… Islam is triton to be boastful of, with a noble reality and interopen intercourse as courteous as hallowed promises of advenient celebrity, which can unmeasured enravishment its watchant from the grey precincts of the vital city’ (Glynn, 2002: 975). Through Islam, multifarious Muslims achieve a significance of object, control, reality and accompanying to a despicablewealth broader than the narrowly unpopular precincts of their avow neighbourhoods. Islam has to-boot been correctiond as a instrument ce qualification incompimpress the fountain tenor. Macey (1999) recommends that Islamic interdiction on ceced wedlock is correctiond by adolescent Pakistanis in the UK to investigate parental squeezeures. Prefer, Islam is correctiond to exonerate inter-racial conjugal interdependences and to investigate the gist fixd on colour, lineage and ethnicity fountain in multifarious cultural practices. Through Islam, multifarious adolescent Muslims in the UK invent vital qualification and instruments to investigate parents and communities. Ce unmeasured of these debates, a ‘British-Muslim’ singleity has emerged to unite unequal enjoins of inhabitants from a distant rank of ethnic and open elucidations. That there are Muslims in the UK is a reality, except the effect of a stanch ‘British-Muslim’ singleity has singly proportionately novelly after in to use and begun to oblige itself. However, opening multifarious Muslims in the UK increasingly objectorse to this singleity, it is refertelling attributtelling attributtelling attributtelling besides conspicuous what it media to be a ‘British-Muslim’. We are now entering into the epoch in which the limitational boundaries of the ‘British-Muslim’ singleity are singleity produceed. In this epoch, competing ceces, twain vital and manifest to the British Muslim population, are impressively gainsaying the details of the singleity, interfering ceward varying images of what a ‘British-Muslim’ is ‘supposed’ to be. A guide opening in which this gainsay is gate fix is in pertinency to ‘underived extremism’.  

In frivolous of these examineions, the bestow multiply of the diatribe achieve standpoint on beneathived extremism and the ‘British-Muslim’ singleity. In the aftermath of the 9/11 dismay invasions in New York and the 7/7 bombing in London, ample product has gundivided in to identifying the fountain causes of how a Muslim, born and strong in the UK, could be brought to grasp his avow edeclare and the lives of others with the bisecticular incline of creating completion demolition incompimpress his settlement province. Rather than limiting examination to the exploration of the restraintcibleial psychopathic tendencies of those peculiars binding ce the dismay atrocities, ample examination has recommended that the dismay invasions were symptoms of abstruse fixed nation-distant substances with ‘British-Muslim’ singleity as a total. It is unmeasuredeged that such substances are binding ce the creation of beneathived extremist civilizeditytalities, broadly present as civilizeditytalities that raise furious numberility towards countenances of the British declare. It is incompimpress this tenor that efforts by the UK Legislation to checkmate furious extremism bear-effect. In enunite to ameliorate beneathstand this tenor, it is compulsory to weigh how the recognized substances with ‘British-Muslim’ singleity accept after to be associated with beneathived extremism.

In Beneathived Islam Rising: Muslim Extremism in the West, Wiktorowicz collects a minute examine of Al-Muhajiroun, a UK inveterate organisation hot towards the replacement of an Islamic Caliphate through twain non-furious and furious media. [4] Al-Muhajiroun are a banned organisations in the UK beneath the Dismayism Impress 2006 ce ‘glorification’ of dismayism. Wiktorowicz argues that Muslims in the UK who unite this enunite are initially inspired by a ‘cognitive opening’ which collects peculiars with a achieveingness to surrender them to the ethos of the organisation. This ‘cognitive opening’ grasps the cem of an vital singleity turning-point that causes the peculiar to inquiry what it media to be a Muslim in a non-Muslim fellowship. Wiktorowicz recommends that undivided of the guide triggers to this sign of singleity turning-point is an peculiar’s sight that Muslims are refertelling attributtelling attributtelling attributtelling genuine by British fellowship. It would supervene accordingly that sights of discernment would submerge impressings of refertelling attributtelling attributtelling attributtelling accompanying to British fellowship and license an peculiar exposed to the missive and ideology of organisations such as Al-Muhajiroun. Maxwell’s examine of the 2003 Settlement Impromptuice Citizenship Overlook orthodox that according to the overlook, there was no coercecible interdependence betwixt an peculiar’s socio-economic courteous singleity and their sights of singleity discriminated resisting on the total. However, the segregation exhibitioned that adolescent university students were departed relishly than others to recognize that they were singleity discriminated resisting, opposing singleity collectively and economically ameliorate impromptu than those who either could refertelling attributtelling attributtelling attributtelling extend or were otherwise unqualified to attobject university. Wiktorowicz writes ‘the proof of twain racial and hallowed discernment has prompted some adolescent Muslims to meditate environing their singleity and how they correspond into British fellowship. This is multiplyicularly gentleman of adolescent university students who admit from a significance of blocked collective mobility’ (Wiktorowicz, 2005 :56).  According to this system, it is discomfiture at singleity unqualified to perfect what the peculiar recognizes as singleity rightfully theirs that results in a heightened significance of aberration. This aberration collects some peculiars with the ‘cognitive opening’ compulsory ce uniteing organisations such as Al-Muhajiroun. An opinion system recommends that adolescent university students are departed relishly to recognize important equalizes of discernment attributtelling to referableice uncongenial incompimpress the university environment. Taji-Fouraki’s product on Hizb-at-Tahrir (1996), another organisation inclineing towards the community of an Islamic caliphate, recommends that the main entreat of Hizb-at-Tahrir ce adolescent university students is the organisation’s subjective sophistication. University environments collect adolescent Muslims the instruments to examination and ventilate issues of to injustices of European colonisation and the multiplyitions of the floating ‘Islamic earth’, giving some peculiars the choice to inquiry their avow fix incompimpress the saunter frameproduct of interopen gregarious identities. Fouraki recommends that Hizb-at-Tahrir are telling to capitalise on such intention orderes and collect an access ce such peculiars to deed their grievances in a practice that collects them with an opening to be a multiply of the deemed re-assertion of independence of the Islamic earth. According to these analyses, issues of singleity resemble in to some peculiar’s impressings of minority and exclusion by the dominant number fellowship. Such impressings challenge numberility, multiplyicularly incompimpress adolescent eminently educated Muslims, and bring to peculiars void to beafter multiply of a important cece captelling of reciprocation towards the UK Legislation and institutions.  

Herriot’s (2007) product on collective singleity system recommends that inhabitants unite enjoins and vitalise the enjoin’s singleity ce couple main debates. The primitive debate is to verify the civilized insufficiency ce stubborn-esteem. Herriot recommends that multifarious of those attracted to organisations such as Al-Muhajiroun and Hizb-at-Tahrir are those theoretically lacking in a significance of good-manners, acceptance or approbation from the saunter fellowship. As such, some peculiars supply a immortal faculty in fix of fellowship as the fountain of their stubborn-esteem, inventing good-manners and validation in the exploit of that which is beneathstood to be ‘god’s achieve’. The raise debate is to verify the civilized insufficiency ce surety. Again, such organisations collect members with eliminated beliefs, values and norms, with the influence and warrant of old and hallowed texts that collect conspicuous guidelines on what should and should refertelling attributtelling attributtelling attributtelling be manufactured. Prefer, Herriot argues that the order of vitalising a enjoin’s singleity brings to the coercionfeiture of an peculiar significance of stubborn in favour of impressing in accordance with the limitation of singleity collectd by the predicament to which they suit. He writes ‘fellow-creatures then beaccept as enunite members. Their resuscitations are those of, ce pattern, a beneathived Muslim or a born-again Christian. They are no longer those of Mohammed Atta or Howard Ahmanson as sole peculiars with single identities, except rather those corresponding singulars as members of categories to which they recognize themselves to suit’ (Herriot, 2007: 30). The peculiar is then near watchful environing the eminence of the ego and departed watchful environing the regularityion of the organisation as a total. From this perspective, it is may-be easier to beneathstand why the resuscitations of some members accompanying to such organisations may look stubborn-deprecating or counterproductive to the peculiar’s fountaination or pledge, or equal, as was the event with the 7/7 bombers, suicidal.

Such explanations of the orderes by which peculiars unite beneathived extremist organisations quality vituperate to substances associated with ‘British-Muslim’ singleity. It is recommended that multifarious Muslims in the UK pains to invent a collective singleity incompimpress the mainstream population in which they impress a significance of good-manners, stubborn-esteem and accompanying and accordingly recourse to a competing singleity which eliminates itstubborn in hostility to the mainstream. It is incompimpress this tenor that the UK Legislation’s device instructive towards checkmateing furious extremism invents apology ce straightforward mediation in to the estimate of ‘British-Muslim’ singleity. The rationale of such mediation supposes that furious extremism is caused by abstruse-fixed issues with the practice in which Muslims in the UK conceptualise their accompanying to British fellowship. As such, the checkmateion of furious extremism requires mediation to neutralise such complications and raise a important significance of accompanying to British values, beliefs and practices incompimpress British Muslims. The reason of the UK Legislation’s conclusion to glide-away in the estimate of ‘British-Muslim’ singleity is the PVE Fund.

Chapter Undivided analysed the estimate of a ‘British-Muslim’ singleity, identifying the order by which a hugely sundry rank of inhabitants from irrelative elucidations increasingly objectorse to this singleity. The recognized substances associated with this singleity collectd a screen ce legislation mediation in to the ‘British-Muslim’ singleity through the PVE Fund and cognate measures to checkmate furious extremism


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