Validity And Reliability Of The Likert Scale Psychology Essay

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Validity And Reliability Of The Likert Scale Psychology Essay

Dishonorable determination coercion delineation is the manner of determining the concretion of a appraise, coercion sample elongation, temperature, or body. This concretion is personateed by a ace of delineation, such as a meter, Celsius or a kilogram. On the other index, delineation is too public as a system coercion signing symbols, permitters, or aggregate to tentative properties of inconstants. Eventually, in elimination, delineation is defined as the manner of observing and recording the referable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributableices that are composed as sever of a elimination trial ( The “levels of delineation”, or too public as flakes of appraise are the promise that normally completeude to the scheme of flake which was instituteed and exposed by the psychologist Stanley Smith Stevens

Vulgar specification restraint concretion is the manner of determining the bulk of a appraise, restraint illustration prolixity, sphere, or concretion. This bulk is enacted by a ace of concretion, such as a meter, Celsius or a kilogram. On the other index, concretion is to-boot referable attributable attributableorious as a progress restraint wholeegeing symbols, learning, or quantity to experimental properties of capriciouss. So-far, in elaboration, concretion is defined as the manner of observing and recording the comments that are cool as segregate of a elaboration exertion ( The “levels of concretion”, or to-boot referable attributable attributableorious as layers of appraise are the account that normally advert to the scheme of layer which was endowed and exposed by the psychologist Stanley Smith Stevens in 1946. ( His scheme in an condition denominated “On the scheme of layers of concretion”, Stevens incomplete that or-lawsally, integral concretion can be classified into impure contrariant archetypes of layers namely “nominal”, “ordinal”, “interval” and “ratio”.

The concretion layer was chief acquired from the scene of psychology with measuring the position. Position concretion differs from scholars to another. Earlier position concretion is championed shapelessst others by Louis Leon Thurstundivided in 1928, Louis H. Guttman in 1916, and Rensis Likert in 1932. Their concretion techniques are referable attributable attributableorious as Thurstundivided Layer, Guttman layer, and Likert layer respectively.

In psychology scene, Thurstundivided was the chief to clear the concretion restraint measuring an position and it was the chief restraintmal technique applied during which to appraise positions of those fellow-creatures towards their sanctity. This layer was implemented using the offsprings that bear been translated into proposition which posses numerical esteem. This numerical esteem would be authenticationd by these fellow-creatures to declare their discrimination of either partial or unfavorable. So-far, Thurstundivided layer of position concretion is normally be authenticationd with experimental behaviors of suit-dissuit confutations. It is alike-appearing interspaces fictitious from a pompous pool of propositions or offsprings touching an position that are ranging from strongly disclaiming via impartial to strongly definitive. Besides life undivided of the chief, Thurstundivided was the most celebrated causative scaling theorist. He had artful three illustrious contrariant systems referable attributable attributableorious as the system of alike-appearing interspaces, successive interspaces, and the paired comparisons. These systems are authenticationd to clear a unidimensional layer.

On contrariant referable attributable attributablees, Guttman appraises position contrariantly from Thurstone. Guttman layer gist on the priestly prescribe of the entitys appraised. This hierarchy of an specific appraised normally implies the mitigated unison with entitys beneath it and is fictitious with the scalogram dissection system. This system analyses a big pool of positions propositions appearance that are administered by a bunch of respondents. These respondents get referable attributable attributablee the entitys that they suit, which behind the regular of the confutations get be moulded into a hierarchy. Their unisons with undivided segregateicular specific get to-boot suit with inferior class-prescribe entitys of that segregateicular specific. The Guttman layer applies to succession of entitys that bear binary emanations such as an luck trial. Referable attributable attributableorious as cumulative scalling or scalogram dissection, Guttman layer establishes a undivided-dimensional continuum that is authenticationd mainly on lacking questionnaires guile with constructs that priestly and exceedingly structured such as the inspect on interdependence hierarchies.

Notwithstanding the aloft, undivided general concretion that has been authenticationd widely by multifarious elaborationers is Likert Layer. It was chief introduced to appraise positions and was accounted as “A technique restraint the Concretion of Positions”. This technique portrays a regular of position propositions or offsprings. Explicitly, it is generally authenticationd layer in questionnaires and in inspect elaboration. Since the standpoint of this gather is on Likert layer, we get contend environing it advance in the behindcited sections.

2. Alikeizes of concretion

In elaboration, alikeize of concretion adverts to the interdependence shapeless integral the esteems of the capricious which interconnect through manifestations of that capricious. These esteems that enacting those manifestations are normally been wholeegeed with calculate. Restraint exemplification, wholeow assumes ground membership as the capricious and the manifestations restraint this capricious are English, Mathematics, Physics, and Geography membership. Restraint the point of analyzing the end of this capricious, we then wholeege those manifestations with the numerical esteem of 1, 2, 3, and 4. As a emanation, alikeize of concretion relates the interdependence shapeless these impure esteems can be depicted as in illustration 1 beneath:

Illustration 1, interdependence shapeless capricious, manifestations andvalues




ValuesSchool’s Membership

English Membership


Mathematics Membership

Physics Membership

Geography Membership





In statistic, layers of concretion advert to habits in which capriciouss/quantity are defined and categorized with undoubtful properties. These properties indicate which statistical dissection would be authenticationd ( In other message, the correctness of applying undoubtful statistical analyses relies on these properties. Typically, there are impure layers of concretion namely ostensible, ordinal, interspace, and narration layers of concretion.

2.1. Ostensible layer

This archearchemold of scaling is said to be the most basic concretion. It is a independent layer with its basic applied government of contrariant entities hold contrariant esteem (Meyer, Gamst & Guarino, n.d). This archearchemold of layer is frequently authenticationd to appraise entitys that adnormal entitys, firms, brands, emanation or any other entities into categories where prescribe is referable attributable attributable attributable momentous ( Restraint this contend ostensible layer has been referable attributable attributableorious as a independent layer, ascribable to its creation of measuring entities in a bunch.

Taking illustration 1 as an illustration, the quantity are solely enacting the esteems of integral the manifestations. It canreferable attributable be conducive that preferable numerical esteem settle enacting undoubtful manifestation would balance “more” of bigwig or inadequately. Restraint exemplification, in ostensible layer calculate 3 which enacts Geography membership does referable attributable attributable attributable bear preferable explicit esteem than calculate 2 that enacts Mathematics. In ostensible layer, the quantity bear no arithmetic properties, instead they normal narrowly influence as the labels ( There is neither suggestive redundant configuration implied in this archearchemold of scaling nor the contortion that undivided entity is in any habit “more” than another (Meyer, Gamst & Guarino, n.d). To solidity up, each of the comment belongs to its avow predicament and such an an comment does referable attributable attributable attributable enact “more” or “less” than another comment.

Upon sample of the questionnaires, each specific confutation get be analysed or in undoubtful cases soliditymated in prescribe to get the mandible. Specific Likert entitys could be considered as interspace alikeize postulates, ordinal postulates, or in some cases as ostensible postulates. Such cast would insist on the course of the specific Likert entitys. When using Likert entitys of solely five alikeizes, elaborationer canreferable attributable coercionm boldness that respondents see integral the neighboring alikeizes as life in alike far, thus revere specific as an ordinal postulates ( This proposition is in unison with Jamieson (2004) that Likert layers fintegral incompact the ordinal alikeize of concretion consequently confutation categories bear the class prescribe, so-far, the interspace shapeless esteems canreferable attributable be presumed alike. On the other index, frequently (referring to the illustration aloft) the messageing of confutation alikeizes environing a average predicament palpably implies harmony of confutation alikeizes, future, such an specific would fintegral shapeless ordinal-equalize and interspace-equalize concretion. Thus, by treating it as narrowly ordinal would be impertinent as the advice would be past ( The utility of treating this specific Likert entitys as ordinal postulates is that Likert confutations can be portrayed into various statistical charts including suppress charts. To-boot restraint ordinal postulates, the median or the rule can be populated as the appraise of mediate conductiveness (Clegg 1998). This is consequently the regard restraint the balance and the rule discontinuance are impertinent restraint ordinal postulates (Blaikie 2003) as the quantity authenticationd to enact the postulates are generally the oral propositions (Jamieson 2004).

Treating ordinal layers as interspace layers has desire been controversial. Confutations to various Likert questions may be soliditymed, granted that integral the questions authentication the corresponding Likert layer and the layer is an advent to an interspace layer ( Recently, Santina (2003) and Hren (2004) had published their papers which had authenticationd Likert layer to relate postulates using balances and rule discontinuance. They had conducive Likert-archemold postulates to be appraised as an interspace-equalize concretion. The controversial in this offspring has attracted multifarious elaborationers to contend environing the permissibility of treating ordinal layers as interspace layers. Jamieson (2004) is shapeless elaborationer who was across this boldness. In adduction, postulates from Likert layers are casually lowly to the ostensible alikeize by combining integral “agree” and “disagree” confutations into couple categories of “accept” and “reject”. The chi-square, Cochran Q, or McNemar trial is vulgar statistical progresss authenticationd behind this intercharge (

3.4. Sinew and reliability

According to Thanasegaran (2009), reliforce is the stage to which appraises are unhindered from mistake and restraint-this-debate accede accordant emanations. In the nutshell, reliforce is the compound of a concretion progress on a measuring medium. The concretion is considered reliable if the trial progress accordantly accedes the corresponding emanation or mandible. Restraint-this-reason, the elaborationer can look-restraint compound or firm discontinuance end throughquenched trialing scenarios on the corresponding trialing mediums. On the repugnant, Gregory (1992) defined sinew as “the removal to which (a trial) appraises what it claims to appraise”. This palpably explains that if a appraise is measuring what it is deemed to appraise, then a appraise is sound. In or-laws account, sinew adverts to the stage to which sign and scheme buttress the interpretations of trial mandibles. In elegant concretion scheme observed mandible includes gentleman mandible and observed mandible. Gentleman mandible remain restraint the concept life appraised and casually manifest. Relatively an observed mandible would endure of gentleman mandible plus mistake mandible and it is an explicit observed mandible. According to Bidin (2010), mistake mandible endures of system mistake and touch mistake and it is acquired from the destruction shapeless observed and gentleman mandible, inasmuch-as gentleman mandible is acquired from consummate reflecting of gentleman esteem restraint specific and is to-boot referable attributable attributableorious as presumptive mandible. System mistake happens when there are offsprings in trialing site or unfavourable characteristics of the trial. On the other index, offsprings in specific characteristics would mitigated administer to touch mistake. Future, restraint an conducive elaboration, concretion mistakes can exceedingly affects the coercionce to pursuit restraint look-fored emanations in undivided’s postulates as courteous as exceedingly injury the interpretforce of emanationant mandible deduce from the trialing medium. Restraint this contend the reliforce and sinew of the concretion is very probing in elaboration.

Mistake of concretion has desire been referable attributable attributableorious as a main aggregate in collective psychological elaboration. It has been detected as coming as Liket layer’s span by his creator (Bardo, Yeager, & Klingsporn (1982). Their elaboration endow that postulates restraint 4-, 5-, and 7-position Likert restraintmats biblical regular mistake divers shapeless restraintmats that are mediate conductiveness mistakes are mitigated to acception with increasing quantity of categories. The offspring in Likert layer is the layer reliability. Suppressdo, Yeager, & Klingsporn (1982) referable attributable attributableed that the layer reliforce decreases as the calculate of choice-points exceeds couple. This is buttressed by Lissits and Green (1975) that Likert layer reliforce acceptiond from 2 to 5. In adduction, according to Gliem and Gliem (2003), uncompounded specific layer is exploded as compared to multi specific layer. Likewise, restraint sinew appraise, con-over by Chang (1994) declares that 4 points and 6 points restraintmat are alikely sound. According to Jacoby and Matell (1971), sinew scarcity referable attributable attributable attributable be considered when determining the calculate of steps in a Likert layer ascribable to no accordant interdependence with the calculate of layer steps economize. Dawes (2008) referable attributable attributableed, that twain airs and experimental studies bear concurred that reliforce and sinew reformd by using 5- to 7-point layers instead of using fewer layer points. So-far, it is referable attributable attributableed that past finely graded layers do referable attributable attributable attributable advance reform layers reliforce and sinew.

4. Conclusion

Concretion is very momentous in conducting elaboration and it is authenticationd widely in statistics restraint what is accounted as layers of concretion. Layer of concretion telling quenched habits the capriciouss and/or quantity are categorized and defined with each layer has its avow properties that indicate which statistical dissection would be mismisappropriate to authentication. It has been stated by Stevens, the endower of the scheme of layers archearchemold or “levels of concretion” that the layers of concretion are ostensible, ordinal, interspace, and narration and this is according to hierarchy prescribe. The meanest in hierarchy, ostensible, has fewer unpoetical properties than those in preferable hierarchy. Ostensible gives postulates on categories, ordinal on sequences, interspace reveals the bulk shapeless points on the layer, and narration relates twain prescribe and the independent removal shapeless any couple points on the layer. Likert layer is a unidimensional scaling system frequently referable attributable attributableorious as a “summative confutation layer”. It is frequently authenticationd in questionnaires and widely authenticationd in inspect elaboration. It is vulgar to misrepresent shapeless Likert layer with Likert specific. Likert layer is normal the aggregate solidity of confutations of Likert entitys on Likert layer. Likert enacted by a insipid succession named a visual analogue layer in which the respondent declares his confutation by circling or tick-note the specific. Normally the layer is moulded by 5-equalize prescribeed confutation. Nevertheless, there are to-boot 7-level, and 10-equalize prescribeed confutation are authenticationd. Revereless of the alikeizes the entitys showed alike balances, difference, skewness, and kurtosis when intercharge was applied. The layer reliforce decreases as the calculate of choice-points exceeds couple and when determining the calculate of steps in a Likerts layer rating restraintmat. On the repugnant, sinew offspring scarcitys referable attributable attributable attributable be considered when determining the calculate of steps in a Likert layer ascribable to no accordant interdependence with the calculate of layer steps economize. In adduction, past finely graded layers do referable attributable attributable attributable advance reform layers reliforce and sinew


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