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Custom essay writing has become an integral part of student evaluation. It’s not just about describing a certain event in given words. Through  essay writing, overall ability of a student to comprehend a certain situation is examined. That’s the prime reason why colleges and universities ask for academic level essays which forms the basis for granting or denying admission to an applicant.

You might get perplexed as to what an essay has to do with comprehensive performance of a student. The answer is that the way an essay is written lays bare the soul of the writer. Various factors are considered while grading an essay such as the facts taken into account while writing, writing style, grammatical errors, knowledge of current events, and ability of the writer to connect the dots. 

Writing an excellent essay is like painting on a canvas with words. A complete understanding of a concept and it’s various aspects is what makes for a good essay. Therefore, a multidimensional approach is needed while structuring your essay paper. A well written essay is like a mirror which reflects a student’s analytical abilities, writing skills, expressiveness, cognizance and awareness.

Essays differ from each other according to what they convey. This differentiating criteria results in three distinct forms of writing, expository writing, narrative writing, and provocative writing. Expository writing is used in writing informative essays such as ones written for thesis. Informative essays are distinctively divided into an introduction, a body explaining the findings and a conclusion giving the final statement or result. Narrative writing is when you describe a personal story or an event. You can let your thoughts flow freely on the paper. Narrative writing is more imaginative and creative.

Provocative writing is employed in the kind of essays that hold the power to change people’s mind. These essays make us question the way things are working, the way we are living or anything that grabs attention of the reader right away. Such essays need a powerful style of writing. These are also the most complex and unconventional to write. Moreover, referencing and citation is an important aspect of essay writing. It is vital to cite the sources properly, whether APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago or Turabian.

Now the question is, how to write an essay When writing an essay, inconclusiveness should be out of your mind. Write without an ounce of doubt. First of all, be crystal clear of your stand on the topic. Do thorough research as a well researched essay is always preferred. Research also gives you an added perspective and you can identify various facets of a given problem. You can analyze more clearly and write more sharply. If you have a weak grip over language, work on it. Practice, practice and then practice some more. That’s the key to building your writing skills.


Custom Essay Writing Service

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