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Students face various challenges delivering their homework on time. For every assignment essay given, the lecturer wants a student to understand the concept, do research and then write according to instructions. To be honest, many students do not have the time, and that is why they get customized essay writing services from various sites.


Sometimes, you have several papers to complete and this makes you struggle. You can outsource to the right essay writing company to do the task and pay some fees. The services are offered online. An excellent essay company assists student clients by providing the right answers.

What our experts do for you

When a client makes an order for their customized paper, our pool of writers bid for the job. The student hires one of our top writers to complete the task. Once hired and the instruction send, the writer in our database will follow a set criteria to come up with an essay outline and then based on research, start the writing.

Essay Outline


For every task ordered, a client wants an introduction. The first paragraph of your essay aims at getting the reader involved in the writing. The writer comes up with a thesis statement. It is a small outline for the essay. The writer aims at telling the lecturer what the essay is about. At the end of this paragraph, it must transit the reader to the main work.

The body

This is where the main arguments and presentation are done. The writers follow the essay outline through paragraphs. You find that in each essay delivered to the client, the first paragraph of the body comes with the strong arguments, illustration and examples. At the top of the paragraph, you get the topic done and then this relates to the thesis statement.

In the second paragraph, the writer aims at presenting the next argument which is the second most example or illustration. It can be a follow-up to the first paragraph. It also needs to have its topic related to the thesis statement.

In the third paragraph, the writer presents a weaker argument and illustrations. On the last sentence, the writer presents a transitional concluding hook of the essay outline.

There is a concluding paragraph that includes allusions of patterns used, a restatement of thesis statement, summary and final statement.

Formatting your essay

Every client chooses the formatting style to use. You get assured that our pool of writers can format your academic writing in MLA, Chicago, Harvard, APA and other styles.

In simple terms, you get well-formatted essays with:

· Eye catching heading

· The title of the paper

· Subtitles

· Well formatted margins

· Good line spacing

· Good indenting of paragraphs

· The right font

In the last page, the writer has a citation page. It is the list of resources and quotes lifted from other works

Reasons to use our services

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We boast of hundred of writers from UK, U.S.A, Australia, Canada and other parts of the world. The writers have qualifications in a given niche, and they are all tested to see their competency

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